Brave Souls


  Just want to stop in to say Hi &  THaNKS to all of the brave souls who "shared" last week on the Hollyhocks & Honeybees Facebook page for my 1st SHaRE day.  It was a delight to look at & read your blog posts.  I learned something from each one of them. 
-So glad they shared-   
-An H&H frame that I used for Teacher Appreciation Week with a simple message hidden among the ABC's- 
Here's a few highlights of what I learned from each blog that I wanted to share w/ you all: 

-how cute & inquisitive an 8 year old can be {} 
- I wish I would have checked out this blog for a chance to run w/ this cute blogger & get splattered with paint  
{P.s. I don't even run but this race looked fun enough to take up running... maybe next year Staci P. {}      
 - I can attempt to dye my own pants into colorful fashionable ones {} 
- How easy it is to update & turn your entry way into something cute & sassy {}
- Who knew plain old paint sticks could make so many things? {}
- Darling Chevron dresses in so many colors 
- The whole creative process from start to finish.  Loved the sketch drawings made into reality, so cute! {} 
- always something positive & uplifting to read about on this blog. A girl after my own heart- enjoy some good music today, love it! {}  

Yeah- so many new wonderful connections made this weekend.  Thanks again for sharing.  You guys are all fantastic!  We'll have to do another H&H FB share again soon & see if I hear from more of you out there.  
{If you really want to share you don't have to wait until it's an "official" share day just hop on over to the H&H FB page & leave a link.} 

Here's to a fabulous week ahead- savor & enjoy everyone! 




  One of the reasons I enjoy having this blog is the opportunity to share so many different things with you.
{I hope you enjoy it too} 
 Sometimes it might not be anything big or too worthwhile or it might be something that I've created, been inspired by, what I am up to for the day, my family life & my business. 

-A pic from my Cultivate planning luncheon yesterday. Oh..... so many fabulous ideas were discussed & shared- LoVE it!  Can't wait for the Swap- it's going to be a party.  Thanks Sheryl for the scrumptious coconut cupcake- 

So it got me thinking that I can't be the only one with a business or a blog to share.  I know many of you but would LOVE to follow  your blogs & see what you are up too + I would love to share & hightight it with all of my H&H followers & likers on FaceBook too.  
{Making NeW connections are really the best thing ever!} 

So hop on over to the H&H FaceBook page & share a link to your blog, website or business. I will be happy to take a peek & leave a comment or 2. 
{trust me, I'm not afraid ;) }
Plus, I'd be happy to like your business, if you tell me about it, on FaceBook {if you have a page}
**Just because this post is a couple of days old you can STiLL go over & share a link to your blog or business- don't be shy.  THaNKS to everyone who has shared, so fun!**

I'm sure you all have something wonderful to share & something that will teach, inspire or encourage me. 
-I can't wait to see all the new places I'll get to go- 

As always thanks for always stopping by. 
I'm off to straighten, clean out & organize my craft room today so I can have a clean slate to start creating some things for my next H&H show
{yep, you heard it here first!  Coming soon in June}
-More info. to come- 



What I'm wearing {& doing} Wednesday


  Wow, 2 weeks in a row for a what I'm wearing post.  I'm doing good or just excited that I have something fun to look forward to. I'm off to lunch with the Cultivate girls to start planning the next 365 Swap
{Giddy!! More details on how you can be part of the Swap coming soon.} 

-A stripe-y shirt, something new for me since I usually don't wear a lot of prints. NiCE, I guess I should have taken off the pony tail holder around my wrist before I took the picture.  Do any of you walk around all day with one of those @ your wrist, just in case it's a bad hair day? I Do!- 

I'm ready to get my creative juices flowing 
{with the other 5 Cultivate girls}
& dreaming up all the great goodness for the Swap. Not to mention getting to eat some tasty Mexican food.  
{Cinnamon pork burrito, Yum!} 
It's going to be fabulous day, I'm sure!! 



Two for Tuesday


  Came across this picture & it's just too cute not to share.  
{My oldest daughter & the youngest Quigley in the house, 
Mr. Olly} 

Not only do I love this picture but I also LoVE the 1st song on my play list, it holds a special place in my heart. 

It reminds me of holding Mace when she was a baby on my hip & swinging, twirling & dancing to this song.  It was her favorite!  I think it is the sweetest song.  It makes me want to go pop some popcorn & put in 
You've Got Mail into the DVR player but I know if I do that I'll wish I was in New York City.  That movie makes me wish I lived there & could walk the streets, be among the hustle & bustle, feel the energy of the City & buy flowers at a street market.  
{One of my top 5 movies of all time! Plus, it had the greatest movie soundtrack too, all the songs are fabulous} 

Who knew all those years ago dancing around the living room {in our apartment} in the middle of the afternoon would come true so many years later. 

-If only I could have a puppy, I'd call myself so very lucky!- 
{I am pretty lucky to have such a cute little friend at my side to keep me company all day while the girls are in school} 



Domestic Diva Day

This is an H&H frame I took & displayed in the Teachers Lounge last week but I'm thinking it's going to be 
my motto for the day!! 

I think it can even apply to small everyday things as well.... so today I'm excited to:

-clean out the fridge {1/2 way done}
- washing & folding loads of laundry {started}
-going grocery shopping
-cleaning out the utensil drawer 
- putting away all the stuff that's been accumulating at the top of the stairs that needs to be put away in storage

It's all how you look at it right? I'm excited to get to stay home today {for the most part} & get some things accomplished around here. Hoping you have a productive day too.  


-P.S. What's on your list today?- 


A glorious day


  Just wanted to show you what is bursting forth in our family room today- that's right PoPCorn PoPPing right before our eyes. We have 2 pear trees in our yard that have needed a prune for quite some time so this weekend it was nice enough to go out & get some yard work done.  The trees were just about to blossom so I grabbed some of the branches, put them in a vase & sat them {proud & center} on our sofa table in the family room. 

Oh, they just brighten up the whole space, I love it!! 
I also love a couple of the treasures I picked up at the Queen Bee Market this weekend.  
{Just had to go check it out- because I loved the name ;) } 

I bought an old metal price tag, didn't really know where I would place it  {I picked #5 for the #of people in my family}but I thought right in among all the branches would be a cute little spot.

I also saw & snatched up this letter Y. 
It was just to perfect to pass up. I'm a sucker for anything vintage with cracked paint, anything nostalgic & was once a part of an old sign.  Can't wait for Football season to start this Fall so I can proudly display it in our family room.
-Goooo Cougars!- 

Today is a Bee.U.Ti.FUl day. The ski is blue & not a cloud in the sky.  The girls & I walked to & from church & it was so delightful. Love feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, seeing colorful tulips & things starting to sprout & green up. Hope you are having a wonderful day too. 
{wherever you may be}  



Week wrap-up


  Whew... it's been a fabulous crazy busy week.  
But all so worth it!  
I loved getting to be a part of showing the teacher's at my daughter's Middle School just how important, amazing & special that they are. Teachers are incredible people!!  
I have definitely been In- N-Out of the Middle School plenty of times this week but it's been a privilege to serve, interact & mingle with the faculty & staff. 

I know I told you a little about 
Teacher Appreciation Week 
already but today this was what was for lunch..... 

Yes, that's right In -N- Out Burgers & fries for lunch.   
{How cool is that!}  
All the teachers loved it & my friend & commented on how quiet it was during lunch hours today. We think it's because they were all so happy chowing down on the great food.  

-The fries were so good & dipped in fry sauce, even better!- 

It's been so fun to serve them this whole week- it started out serving them & their families drinks & popcorn at Movie night Monday, Breakfast on Tues, Candy & Snacks galore on Wednesday, Ice cream Sundaes on Thursday & then to give them lunch today was a BLaST!  
-We set out the Cheeseburgers all in a row in the infamous antique chicken feeder {Remember this?}  I lined it with ripped out book pages & parchment paper.  Don't you just want one of these?  Well don't worry I'm going to make some & sell them at my next H&H Show- Yippee!! -
{Who wants to place their order now? ;)}

We couldn't have done all that we did without this little girls help- she was always there each day helping her Mom, talking to the teachers & just smiling away.  

-Thanks Miss Maggie!- 

Yes, I even got to wear a hat too {along with my friend}  as I served the faculty lunch.  One of the highlights of the day. 
{I really felt official!} 



What I saw Wednesday...

4.18.12- {Round 2} 

  This is a new spin on the "What I did Wednesday..."
{Maybe I'll have to do it more often} 

What I saw today...... 
-The station set up before the school's lunch hours- we couldn't keep enough cards out on the table when the students arrived. As soon as we would put them out, they were gone!- 
-appreciation galore being expressed today 
- 3, 7th grade students writing out 10 Thank You cards each!
 - there was so many students wanting to write cards that they had to use the floor as a hard surface to write on

-a whole stack of colorful, cute cards be used up in an hour & a 1/2!
{wouldn't you love to get a bunch of those in the mail?} 
-students coming back to write one card after the other!

-a contagious atmosphere of gratitude at the Middle School 
-more than 300+ thank you be written on cards 
-not enough time during the lunch hours to write enough Thank You's! They were asking if we would be there tomorrow to write more.  So great! 
-students using the wall to write on 

-students working together to write a thank you & taking up every single space inside the card, so sweet! 
-when students are given the opportunity they will take full advantage of it & tell a teacher THANKS for all they do! 
-a basket being filled to the brim of addressed cards for teachers, we need to bring a bigger basket tomorrow to fit them all. 
-This is what the table & area around it looked the whole time during lunch- such great kids! It was an awesome thing to be a part of. I loved talking to each one of them as they turned in their card, telling them thanks & to have a great rest of the day. Totally loved being there today-


What I wore Wednesday


  I haven't done one of these kinds of posts in a long time, it feels good to do it again & to have somewhere fun to go & a reason to get all ready for the day. 

Today I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt & sweater coat today because it's a bit chilly outside{drizzling rain & cold} I guess April showers right?  I'm just glad I didn't pay to get my windows washed the other day, I would have been mad about that. 
-Love me a long white shirt & riding boots. Oh, I also have on my Super Bowl ring too, my favorite!- 
I'm also off to the Middle School today to help out with the Apprecitation Station.  This is a chance for all the students at the school to write a thank-you card to a teacher. We did it last year & it was AMAZING to watch as the students all caught the spirit of what we were trying to do. They would write a card & then come right back & say, "Oh, I forgot I have to write another one" or "Is it ok if I write more than one?" Love it! 
  Last year we received about 1,000 cards from the 500 students. The teachers loved recieving their bundle of thanks in the mail a week later.  I'm excited to be a part of it again today & see the excitement & be around such amazing kids.  
-Found these fun thank you cards at Micheals yesterday for only $1.50. Thought they were so cool. I'm taking them with me to have the students write their thoughts & thanks on-
Gratitude & expressing it is one of the most wonderful things.  It really does make you feel better. 
I saw this quote on Pinterest today & it really is true.
I think I've learned the secret to all the amazing people that I want to be more like because they truly do so much for others constantly.

So go out & be happy-  
{I've missed hearing from you lately, don't be afraid to leave a comment- I love reading them.} 



Brag for a Bit {My 3}

Oh, I'm just bursting with pride as a Mom today!  
{Don't you love those days & just want to cherish them!} 
I had one of those moments last night where you see how fantastic your kids are & that they really do listen 
{sometimes you never know} 
& learn what you try & teach them each & every day.  

My husband & I were able to go to the Jazz Basketball game last night.  It went into TRiPLE overtime so needless to say we got home A LoT later than we were planning on.  We had left the girls at home & just figured they would fall asleep on their own & we'd tuck them in when we got home.  

On the drive home from Salt Lake City I realized that with all the commotion & busy stuff I had to help out with for Teacher Appreciation yesterday I had only gotten 1/2 of our laundry done.  Our bed was completely covered with folded clothes that I would have to put away when I got home. 
{Don't you hate that?}  

When we walked in the door this is what I saw- my 3 cute girls all snuggled up fast asleep in our bed.  
- I love that the 3 pillow is right by them, so perfect! A memory I always want to remember- 
They had 
{all by themselves, I might add} 
washed & folded the rest of the remaining laundry, matched the socks, put their clothes away in the laundry baskets, cleared off our bed, crawled in & fell fast asleep.  
-How amazing is that?!?- 
{Maybe this happens at your home on a regular basis, if so count yourself LuCKY!} 

I was so happy to see that they saw something that needed to be done, did it {without being asked by me} & worked together to accomplish it. Oh, it made me so happy!! 

Thanks for letting me share my joy!


Inspired.. & Banner Tutorial!


  I have been seeing these fun banners popping up here & there lately & absolutely adore them. 
{but not necessarily the price though- 12 tassels for $130, what??}  

So I wanted to see if I could make one myself for a little bit cheaper.  I knew we had Teacher Appreciation Week coming up & thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try to make this festive & hip banner.  

So here is my version that I made on a Saturday afternoon.....  

-Isn't it cute??- 
To start - {with cheaper in mind} I headed down to the Dollar Store to see what I could round up that just might work. I walked down the aisles & come up with a lot of great goodies. 
{all for a $ of coarse} 
  I spend $7 total at the store & left with :  a green St. Patrick's day wig, 2- Graduation gold windsocks, a Pink sparkly birthday banner & 2- plastic table clothes {blue & white, I already had a yellow at home I was going to use too}
I knew I wanted at least 5 different colors to work with. 

I brought them all home, laid them out & just started ripping into the packaging to get started.  

The first thing I did was take off the gold sparkly dangling streamers from the Graduation windsock & tied them together to make a bunch 
{I did the same with the green wig & pink sparkly b-day banner} 

Then I folded the table clothes & simply cut into strips with some scissors 
{I didn't really worry about having them all the perfect size since you wouldn't really be able to tell when they were bunched together} 

-This was about how many strips I cut up to make 4 tassles- 
I unwrapped the strips & then cut the long strip in half & then half again.  So I got 4 tassels out of each long bunch of strips 
{you can make them as big or small as you want- but I think the bigger the bunch for each tassel the better!} 

I tied a knot in the middle of each bundle of plastic or sparkly strips & then formed a loop at the top of each bunch, again tying it with twine, to form a tassle look 
 {I used bakers twine to wrap around the bunch} 

Then lay out all your tassels how you would like to string them on your rope or twine, grab the center of your banner, & simply start in the middle working outwards tying the tassels to your banner. 

 I also wanted to give some dimension & variety to the banner so I snipped off a few inches from some of the tassels just so they weren't all the same length as they hung down. 

 Wah-Lah you have a fabulous banner to string up for any celebration or festive occasion.  I love how it turned out!  It's got me thinking about making one for every holiday 
{red, white & blue for the 4th of July, Birthday parties, Halloween.... the list goes on & on!} 

Hope this may have inspired you to head down to the Dollar Store & see what you can rip into & whip into a festive banner of your own- have fun! 
*-Be sure to check out the post below to see where it is hanging up to add a bit of excitement this week-* 


*Oh, & thanks to my sister, V, for being the photographer 
for the day.