Where in the world- Wednesday!


  Where in the world did I go to this weekend?  Do you know where this picture was taken?  If so leave a comment, when someone guesses it right I'll share a post about it with you.  
{It's been a favorite place for Miss Mace & I since she was teeny tiny!} 

Hope you play along.  



blog n' tell said...

Bun'n Basket bakery at the rock loft?? That would be my guess from the cute cookies! Yummy!

blog n' tell said...

Oops! Bun Basket n' Bakery! That is my guess...ha!

Shareen said...

We love the Bun Basket! I can never resist those cookies. They are so yummy!

Anonymous said...

what are you WEARING today missy?
lol its wed!
and i have no idea where you went but i wish i went with you....YUM!!! lol

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

Well it's not Shaffer House Bakery in Logan cause there is no picture of the yummiest maples bars in the world!

Honeybee said...

Christa & Shareen- you're right!! Hahaha {A}nnie, you make me laugh. Wish I could look as cute & fashionable as you do every day of the week!! :)