One of my favorite ways to decorate.....


  And they just happened to be for SaLE during the Fall Show & there are still some left today from 10- NooN
{How lucky is that!} 

I wanted to show you these fabulous, glittery, adorable Holiday decorations that just happen to double as a vintage-y postcard- if you would like to send one some body's way just to say Hello
{You know I LOVE mail.... I have been known to send a few myself}

- I just love the vintage prints & style of these + the glitter- so cute! - 
-Each Big Postcard comes with a custom envelope perfect for mailing & the ribbons these come with are gorgeous!- 

But more than sending them to a friend in the mail I love to hang them up here & there all around my house for some festive Holiday Decor.  

The big greeting card size {$18} are perfect to- 
1- Tie up with a wreath 

2- Hang from a Shelf knob
3- Or just set up on the mantle- they're big enough to see. 

The dainty little ones {$12} are just too cute! 
Hang them- 

1- on a closet door

2- from a dresser knob 
3- or on the towel rack in your guest bathroom {like I do} I have quite a collection & I always change it each month. 

-So many possibilities with these cute things!- 

Just wanted to share one of my favorite {super easy} ways to decorate for the Holidays & add a little bling & sparkle. 
{That's always good right?} 

Have a wonderful day!
Maybe I'll see you today from 10- NooN.  There is still lots of pumpkins, candy, cake plates, Halloween themed bottles, frames & other cuteness for sale! 


**If you live out of state & can't come to my show- leave me a comment & I'll draw one lucky person to send one of these fabulous postcards your way- just for FuN!! 
{be sure to tell me which state you are commenting from} 


Sneak Peeks

 I'm back just for a bit to show a couple quick pics of the H&H Fall Show
all set up & ready to go
{I'm even showered & ready by 2:00- that rarely happens on a show day!  I'm just waiting until it dawns on me something I have forgotten to do} 

I love getting to stage & set up my island with wonderful things {cake stands, Halloween bottles, candy & pumpkins} 
& of coarse hanging some festive garlands too. 

SPooKY & Sweet It's always time for a TReaT! 
{at least that's what I always say...} 
Especially when it is Gourmet candy that I have shipped in from out of state- this stuff is GooD!! 

Ok, I simply love, love, love the orange & white frame! 
So super cute, I can't wait to put a picture of my girls dressed up for Halloween in there & set it on the mantle.

Some fun Thanksgiving Day decor- the Turkeys are back by popular demand. Gobble-Gobble! 

Ok, just a couple of pics to show you.  Off to do last minute little touches & something that I just remembered that I had forgotten to do- I knew it! 
-Front porch all decked out ready to welcome everyone to the Show!- 


I looked out my window & what did I see......

{lots & Lots of Pumpkins}

-the view from the friends & family door- 
For SaLE tonight during the H&H Fall Show 
6:00-8:00 tonight 
& 10:00- NooN tomorrow
{4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green} 

A great variety of pumpkins to choose from - Fat Jacks, Warties, all shapes & sizes & all with fantastic stems.  You're sure to find something perfect to spruce up your porch for the Autumn season. 

Hope to see you there- I'll be back to post a few sneak peeks later today- cute stuff!! 
{If I say so myself} 



And the CaRRoT CaKE {& 20.00 smack-a-roos} goes to.......


 Drum roll, please...... The lucky winner is- 
who said..... 
Thanks for a super fun evening. The SWAP was over the top!!! I can't even begin to imagine all of the time, talent and effort that you and the gals put in for us to have a fun night. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!! Looking forward to your show!!!

You're welcome friend- thanks for the comment!

Enjoy your $20.00 Gift Certificate to Taggart's!! 

 Eat a piece of Carrot Cake for me & PLeaSE send me a picture of you enjoying your dinner & treat. I would love to see it! 

Thanks to everyone you entered & for all your comments- I loved reading each & every one. 
{Keep them coming- hint, hint!} 

Ok, now I'm back to work- cleaning, pricing, setting up & getting ready for the 

H&H Fall Show tomorrow night from 6-8 

& Friday morning 10-Noon

*Thanks to everyone who left a comment about the NeW
Stripey frames- 

I listened to you & whipped up some adorable orange & white
 ones last night- bring on Halloween! 


Have a great day- hope to see you the next couple of days- 



? Honeybee wants to know.......

 Do you know that I just ADoRE Autumn & the Fall Season?  There are so many things to love & enjoy this time of year- 
{Here are a few of my Favs} 

1- Cool evenings 
2- Colorful clumps of Mums 
3- Changing colors on the mountain side
{If you are coming to my show Thurs. & Friday you are in for a treat- the drive is getting pretty to look at} 
4- Pumpkins!! 
{Giant 994 lbs+ & smaller unique ones w/ fantastic stems. Don't worry you can purchase one for your front porch on Thurs. or Fri.}
 -Check out those fabulous stems!  I always say the best pumpkins have to have great stems- it makes the pumpkin! All pumpkins from the McQuigley pumpkin patch.

5- Football games 
-Miss Mace & I- 
6- Getting to make yummy warm soups for dinner 
7- Halloween Decorations to set out 
8- Getting ready to wear comfy warm sweaters, cardigans & Boots- Hooray! 
9- Peaches, Pears & Apples to munch on- yum! 
and of coarse.... 
10- Hollyhocks & Honeybees 
Fall Show 
This Thursday 6-8 p.m. & Friday 10-Noon
@ my home in Mt. Green- 4011 Lilac Lane 

So Honeybee wants to know---
What do you love about the Fall
Here's another chance to leave a comment to be entered into the GiVEAWAY that ends tonight at Midnight.  
{Remember... you can leave me 1, 2 or 3 of your favorite things for more entries} 
PLUS- the WiNNER of the $20.00 gift certificate will be able to enjoy #1 & 2 on my list when you dine on the outdoor patio at Taggarts.  It has an AMAZING view of the mountain side- 
it's gorgeous! 
I can't wait to hear what you adore too about my favorite season. 

Happy Fall!


Show & Tell- something NeW!!

  So excited to show you the NeWeST addition to the 
Hollyhocks & Honeybees collection. 
I just love being inspired & thinking {& doing} something outside of the box. Stretching myself a little to new possibilities & ideas. 

{I need a name for this style- any ideas?}

-Aren't they cute?
I'm kicking myself for not painting the stripes orange- shoot!  Maybe I'll just have to make another one- 

5x7 size 

-8x10 size- 

I hope you like the look of them as much as I do. 
{I think they ever are cuter in person!} 
*Be sure to leave me a comment & tell me what you think of them or what colors you would like to see.  
{Remember... you get a entry for the GiVEAWAY every time you leave a comment!} 

ALSO... check out those AWeSOME pumpkins featured in the pictures too. These beauties will be for SaLE too on Thursday & Friday at the H&H Fall Show.
We are going to go harvest some tonight out of the FaMOUS McQuigley Pumpkin Patch!!  If you want to read why it's famous go {Here} & {Here
We have had a great fun weekend! 


-Oh, one more exciting news to share- today I got my 200th follower on Pinterest- thanks to who ever you are! 
{P double S- I like followers on my blog too! wink,wink;) }




 Does anyone else out there have a losing your mind moment? Or am I the only one?- I hope not!  
ANYWAY-  I meant to write that the GiVEAWAY is for a $20.00 gift certificate to Taggart's not $10.  
{Oops- fixed it though!}  So YiPPee- another 10 bucks to buy a cup of Chicken Artichoke soup, a hearty Roast Beef Sandwich, fresh Salad, Raspberry Cheesecake whatever you would like! 
{I would still HiGHLY recommend the Carrot Cake-YuM! I meant just look at that.} 

Plus, this is another opportunity to leave a comment & get an entry for the GiVEAWAY  Hint...Hint! 

Happy Saturday!


Last night, the next thing & a GiVEAWAY!


  What a Fa.B.U.LOUS night last night- it was The365 Swap.
{This gets bigger & better every time- it's so fun!} 
If you haven't come before you ReaLLy need to plan to purchase a ticket to come to our next one that will be next year sometime.  

-I hauled our vintage typewriter down to The Swap to welcome everyone to the Name tag Station- so cute!-

-The name tags I created this year, each Cultivate girl makes name tags to bring so that they are each unique,  I made mine out of corrugated cardboard, old poker chips, a bottle cap & a paint chip. Easy!! 

Anyway such a creative, inspirational place to be last night. The "famous" chalkboard was used in a different way this time around, lots of bright orange pumpkins galore lying around, hay bales wrapped with fabric, quilts & burlap to sit on, homemade root beer brewing away to quench your thirst & a wide array of delectable sweets to choose from & not to mention the AMAZING collection of goods to Swap.  
{It was great this year- all the Swapp-ettes all brought some great treasures to Swap} 
Here is what I walked away with last night- 

-Don't know what I'll store in the metal file box yet, love the red clock & I think the springs are going to make great candle holders. Thanks whoever brought these!-
I'll post more pictures soon about the Swap so check back later. 

Ok... now for the next BiG thing on my calender-
{hopefully on yours too- wink, wink} 
Hollyhocks & Honeybees 
Fall Show 2011 
Thursday the 29th from 6-8 p.m.
Friday the 30th from 10 a.m.- NooN
{My home- 4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green} 

Since I adore the Fall season so much & hosting an H&H show to celebrate the Fall holidays coming up I've decided to have a GiVEAWAY. 
I'm giving a $20.00 gift certificate to Taggart's Grill.
{Taggart's is a great restaurant up the Canyon just past Morgan- 14 miles from my house} 

 I want you to go enjoy a piece of their delicious Carrot Cake {I'm always talking about} while you are up this way already. 
The artichoke chicken soup & pita bread is a must try too- so come hungry! 

--So all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on my blog ANYTIME until Tuesday {the 27th} night at MidNiGHT. 
**The more comments you leave the BeTTeR- you'll get a entry everytime you leave a comment. 
{Trust me - the Carrot Cake is worth it!!} 
-GooD LuCK to you all- 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend- I'm off to take my kids down to the McQuigley pumpkin patch to have a GiaNT pumpkin picking party.  Good Luck to my husband Ty & neighbor Matt as they go to the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers way-off tomorrow at Thanksgiving Point.  
-Grow BiG or go Home!!-



What I wore Wednesday

I look forward to posting this every Wednesday & I like having a reason to get up & dressed in the mornings 
{I go HERE each Wednesday} 
But... I do need to work on doing my hair- each week it's pulled back into a pony or bun. I'll work on it.  I get up on Wednesday mornings at 5:30 to go to Zumba at 6:00. 
{Bright & Early- I Know! } 
You'd think getting up & doing this I could be put together by 10:00 right?  When I get home from the gym there are kids to wake up, breakfast to make, lunches to put into brown paper bags or vintage lunch boxes {I'll post a picture someday} & get everyone dressed & out the door to catch the bus not to mention getting myself ready- augh, one of these days I'll be on top of everything.  
I love a white shirt!! It goes with anything & a great necklace- a perfect combo!

So long story short I look forward to Wednesday's for many reasons- 
1-Up bright & Early to see all the stars still out- it was GORGEOUS this morning! 
2- Getting dressed up for the day 
{usually it's sweats, shorts or my favorite old jeans} 
3- Going to the Sisters in the Scriptures class & leaving it each week feeling re-newed, empowered & grateful for all the blessings that I enjoy each day & having the 
4- Getting to take a picture of myself in the mirror & sharing it with you all. 
5-  & today having yummy leftovers to eat for lunch
{which usually never happens} 
Taco soup 
-Must be Fall because we got out the Little Pumpkin bowls to eat our soup in last night.  It's always fun to get these out in Sept. & use them until Thanksgiving- 
& an amazing, tasty, scrumptious Apple Crisp that Miss Mace made last night for our family. 
{I LoVE having a 13 yr. old around who enjoys cooking & baking so much - ahhhh!} 


Now off to go on a walk around the block with my friend & then home to finish a bunch of last minute details for the 365 Swap Round 3 being held tomorrow night- I can't wait!  
[Don't worry I'll post pictures later or you can go here to see some too} 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 




Spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon in my great little home-town of Lewiston yesterday.  I love going up there! We decided to haul up our bikes this time & ride from my parents home to my Grandma's house , which is a little over 2 miles.
{my 3 girls, my Schmoopie, Brother Jake, nephew Davis & I} 

-Starting off at Grandma & Grandpa's house- Em, Audj, Mace & Davis-
It was fun & it made me recall all the many {many} times I did that growing up.  Lewiston is a wide-open space with lots of farmland, friendly faces & cows.  My girls love going up & spending time at Grandma & Grandpa's house, I'm glad we were able to go up & enjoy one last almost Summertime day.

this is something I did almost every Sunday in the summertime.  Sunday evenings were always spent at my Grandparent's house. Playing football outside in the back yard with my cousins, climbing in her trees, eating watermelon while we sat on blankets outside & just playing & being together with our family. 
- We made it- Great Grandma's house! {Yes, that's me sporting the nice Farmer's Tan-appropriate for Lewiston} -
I also made this frame to put in A&E's room. This just happens to be one of my All-TiME favorite picture of the 2 of them together.  I saw this paper one day with the sayings on it & just knew I had to make a frame to put in their room.  Love all the colors! 
{2 peas in a pod for sure!} 
-A&E taken in 2007 when they were 5 years old- 

I hope I'm helping make memories for them that they will look back on with joy & share with their children someday- yesterday was a Sunday well spent! 
**Honeybee wants to know- what memories did you create or remember yesterday?



GR8 Weekend- ahead!

I have lots of fun things planned with my family this weekend. It's going to be busy but great! 

1st up- Audrey's Soccer game at 9:00 a.m
{must be the Fall when there is a soccer game every Sat. Morning} 
-She scored a goal last week in their win
hope she can do it again- 

2nd-  Off to see Mary Poppins in SLC with my 3 girls, sisters, Mom & Sis in Law
{I adore this movie!!-it is one of my all time favorites} 
I'm excited to see this with my girls this time around.  I first saw it in NYC with my Schmoopie 3 years ago.  My girls & I love to sing a long to the sound track & they think it's fun that they know how to spell- 

-New York, New York- Broadway!! - 
-I was so excited to buy a Mary Poppins umbrella at the show & thanks to a moment of weakness {letting my girls play with it one day} I get to buy a new one tomorrow!- 
Then.... jumping in the car right after the play & heading down  for the 3rd thing-  

LaVell Edwards Stadium & the BiG BYU/ Utah game.  
I can't wait- I love Football games in the Fall & I'm excited that this one won't be freezing like in past years. I'm looking forward to enjoying the crisp night air, nachos & cheering on the Cougs! Miss Mace gets to go to this game & she is super excited.  
{Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah Rah.....Go COUGARS!! }
-Ty & I on the field in 2009 before the game- Cougars beat the Utes 26-23 in OT- 

I love going down to the BYU games each year- this has been something I have done { & looked forward} to most of my life.  My Dad played Football at the Y & has had season tickets for as long as I can remember.  We would always do the long drive down to Provo {2 1/2 hours from our house} & back home after the game most Saturdays in the Fall.
{I LOVE it!}  
That's the reason we get to go down on the field prior to games is because of my Dad being a former player- it's so fun!  Can't wait to Rise & SHouT tomorrow night.

Hope you all have something wonderful to look forward to this weekend.