The Glitter Revival - Giveaway!!


  Happy Monday everyone!  Kicking off this week in a fabulous way. 
{I have lots of things on slate for this week, be sure to check back almost each & every day}  
Wow, I feel like I've had a burst of energy & inspiration & can't wait to share it all with you. 

Who doesn't love jewelry?  And even better than that UNIQUE one of a kind jewelry.  Will I do & so does my daughter Macey.  So when I saw these cool necklaces on Instagram I just had to find out more.  

You read right, interchangeable jewelry.  How awesome is that?  It's like getting 6 pieces of jewelry in one! Graphic & colorful little badges snap right into place to the necklace. They are magnetic so easy to change in & out to go with anything that you're wearing.  So fun! 
 This amazing company is owned by the sweet, Amy Jazwinski    who lives in sunny Arizona, lucky girl!  She just launched her brand new, crisp & clean beautiful website, 
-Ummm. HELLO!  How cute are these little magnetic badges & that sweet hello- adorable!- 
Miss Mace & I hopped on the website, selected the flair necklace type we wanted {choose silver or antique brass} & then selected 6 different badges to go along with it.  

 There are tons of flair badges to choose from in a rainbow of colors & prints.  You can either select your own or buy a collection that are already put together for you. I LOVE that you can custom select the ones that you want, Mace & I had fun looking at all the great designs.  If necklaces are you're thing they also have bracelets too.  

Since receiving our order Mace has rocked the necklace everyday, changing it up of coarse.  This look she wore to the Women's Conference we attended on Saturday night, she wore an aztec print to church yesterday & then wore the hello to school today.  
{Wish I would have taken a pic each day not thinking clearly at 6:15 when she leaves for school}

Who wouldn't love one of these necklaces with 2, 3 4, or 10 badges to go along with it.  Endless combinations & looks to create with The Glitter Revival jewelry.  Be sure to head over to Amy's website to take a look, tell her the Honeybee sent you.  She is graciously giving H&H blog readers a 15% off coupon code when you order. 
 Just enter HOLLYBEE  to receive the discount. 
{Thanks, Amy!} 

Happy Shopping friends!  
{This would make an awesome gift for a friend, a birthday present Mother's Day gift or just grab one for yourself, you deserve a little bling!} 



Oh, the places I go- A new favorite shop


  I feel like it's been way to long since I've been on here.  Sorry!  If you follow me on Instagram you know what I've been up to this week. Something wonderful, exhausting, time consuming, busy but extremely rewarding & I wouldn't change the opportunity for the world.  
{Head over & check it out for yourself @hollyhocksandhoneybees} 

I'll post pics about it later but for now I want to share something else with you. Would you look at that adorable pillow?  Isn't it the cutest & perfect for the home of a honeybee. 

-Love the graphic & symbolism of the beehive.  Hard Work+Unity= SWeeT rewards! A great reminder to have in any home- 
I discovered a fabulous website called Latter-Day Home & it has fresh, modern & unique home decor items.  I love it!  The company is actually owned by a high school friend of mine {Go Bobcats!} 
It's been great to chat with him a bit about his new amazing company that he's started.  
{Fingers crossed that LDH will come to the Fall Hive. How awesome would that "bee"! } 

Do yourselves a favor, check out their website & tell them the Honeybee sent you. I love to inform you when anything delights & inspires me.  Latter-Day Home is definitely one of those places. I'm sure you'll want to order a thing or 2 for your own home.  This is next up on my ordering list.  LoVE! 

-Photo from Latter-Day Home
I promise I won't stay away that long again. I have some exciting things coming up to share with you so come back next week. A fabulous new local shop to tell you about that I just discovered today as well as a terrific online shop to show you.  
{+ a coupon code for H&H followers too, yippee!} 
Have a wonderful weekend! 



A Dream House Pin!


  I was wondering around the wonderful world of Pinterest today & came across something that caught my eye & took my breath away.  Oh. My. Gosh!!  Friends, I need this wall in my house.  How cool would something like this be.  Are there any vintage pop bottle collectors out there drooling over this picture like I am ?  

-photo credit

Oh, the amazing possibilities that this picture has inspired. You can bet that I pinned it to one or more of my boards.  I even spy a few of my own bottles lining those shelves in the picture & dreaming of a few of them that I WiSH I had.  So cute.  Check out the curves of those Coke bottles, hello!  Don't make things like they used to that's for sure, & that's a shame!

Happy Saturday everyone. Just had to hop on & share something that simply knocked me off my feet today.
{I'm doing well & made it through the night after the devastating loss by Duke yesterday. Thanks for your concern} ;)



Let the Madness begin!


I love SPoRTS! I've always been that way.  Comes from growing up in a home where my Dad played baseball for as long as I can remember & coached almost every sport in HS for close to 30 years & I went to almost every one of them. Thanks to a good Mom who toted us kids, everywhere.  
So I've pretty much been this way from day 1. 

I tell my husband all the time how lucky he is to have a wife that will sit & watch baseball, golf & go to football or baseball games with him just because it's fun.  
 Have I mentioned on here before that I am a passionate Duke Blue Devil basketball fan?  Well... actually our whole house is true blue fans! 
{I'm grateful to my guy for making my dream come true of getting to travel back to Durham, NC to go to a Duke game not only once but 4 times, thanks babe!} 

-Here I am filling out this years bracket- 
Be honest, how many of you out there even know what March Madness is or what a "bracket" is?  Have you seen your husbands coming home from work with a piece of paper, studying it like it's an exam & feverishly writing things down on little lines that branch out to the center?  
{Don't be fooled, it's not a family history chart they're filling out... it's the NCAA College Basketball Tournament bracket or better known as the beginnings of March Madness}  
I laugh because I was once mistaken as doing family history when actually I was filling out my bracket.  Hahaha! 
-Throwing it back to 2003 when I got to meet the Blue Devil himself at the 1st round tournament games in Raleigh, Duke Won!- 
 If you want to join in all the fun & discover the madness for yourself I'm here to help & get you some brownie points with your husband & kids.  They will think you are really cool if you fill one of these out.  
You can do this today & have a great conversation piece for dinner tonight. 
{ex."Hey, Honey- just wondering who's in your Final 4?"}

 The "official" games begin tomorrow so you have time.  There have been a few play in games that have already taken place but don't worry about those just fill in who won & go from there. 
 You can look it up on
{do you know what that stands for? ;)} 

March Madness 101

Go HERE to print out a bracket.  
Grab a pen {I like to write in blue} & start in the upper left hand corner {picking between Florida & Albany} write who you think will win between the two & work down, game by game selecting a team you think would win. 
{FYI- the lower the number by the Universities name the better the team} 
Teams are seeded from 1-16 in each region.  
{So for example Florida, Virginia, Arizona & Wichita State are "suppose" to be the best heading into the tournament} 
*It's ok & sometimes encouraged to pick what they call a Cinderella team, an unexpected sleeper to get into the big dance.  That's always fun to see.  So don't just pick all the 1's.  It RARELY happens that way. 
 {p.s. I think the #3 seed in the Midwest Region looks pretty good}

Go all the way down the left side & then go up to the right hand side & do the same thing all the way down.  Repeat over & over until you get to the Final 4 teams.  From there you'll pick the 2 teams you think would end up in the Championship Game & then one final winner!
{Can you guess who I picked?}  

The fun of March Madness is having the bracket all filled out before it even begins so don't wait & do it round by round just get it all filled out at once. You can base your picks on just about anything.  The colors of their uniforms, {sometimes that's important!} the school's mascot, what state they are from, their record for the year or their history in the tournament.    

Remember it's just for FuN!  It's such a enjoy able time in our family to all gather around theTV, check the news each night & check our bracket.   
{It's always thrilling the years Duke goes far into the tournament around our house, fingers crossed for this year too!}

-Funny pic from last year!  So my girls will put their Duke gear on, grab the pom poms, make up routines as we watch the games & cheer the whole game!  Last year Audrey couldn't find her Duke shirt so she improvised.  Haha, this kid.  She has quite the personality!- 
This does happen at our house each March come tournament time.  Calm, cool & collected at the beginning & then it can get quite "Crazie" around here.  No, I didn't spell crazy wrong, it's in reference to the greatest student body in all of college sports- the beloved Cameron Crazies.  

So that's what March Madness is in a nutshell.  If you've already filled out a bracket or if you fill one out today, I'd love to hear who you pick, leave a comment & tell me.  

Let's GO DUKE!!
-Love this time of year, bring on the Madness-



After The Hive, a re-cap

  Happy St. Patty's Day!  
How lucky am I to this little blog & business of mine that has brought so many friendships & connections into my life.  I never thought when I started this 4 years ago that it would bring so much more into my life, so thank you for reading, following & your interest. 
{Wishing you all lots of LuCK in whatever you are doing today!} 

Now onto recapping another busy, amazing Hive that took place last week. First of all to everyone who came from far or near I want to say.... 
I always get nervous that no one will come & then I open up the doors on opening night & am blown away!  So fun inviting you all into my home to see such amazing hand crafted, unique things. 
-I always have to take a before shot of my island. It's a tradition!  This time around is was bursting at the seams with everything Spring!- 
-My cute daughter right before we opened the doors.  She has become a great assistant & worker bee- 
-As always the delightful candy station all set up & ready to go.  This time bags of carmels & short breads & glass jars ready to snag & give away as gifts or put away until Easter.  If you can resist them that long, they are just too good!-
People ask me all the time, how do I do it well.... did you know there was a manual?  Haha!  I found this book years ago at an antique store & just had to have it.  I set it out at this Hive & it was fun to see everyone's reaction when they saw it.  It normally sits on my nightstand in our bedroom. Love the color, title, everything about it- so inspiring! 
{I WILL own my own bees one day & make my own honey, just wait!}  
-That's me, the honeybee so excited to be hosting another Hive in the house- 

-Everyone getting excited to get in the doors!  So incredibly grateful for all you faithful Hive shoppers.  Makes my heart burst at the seams everytime!- 
-The Hive was "BuZZing"  even at 6:09-Happy Shoppers! 

One of my favorite things that I created this year.  You can never have to much LuCK around the house, I say. 
-A Hollyhocks & Honeybees creation- 
Use #40 for my famous vintage chicken feeder, holding the most adorable Springtime colored candles.  So charming to look at! Those bottles are the sweetest! 

Another H&H display set up.  So bright & cheerful. You know I love frames, blocks & pretty things to go along with them.  
I made lots of little word tiles.  Hope you got one to take home with you! If you'd like to order a special custom one just send me an email, thanks!

Candles displayed in a cool vintage metal basket.  Lavender & Thyme what's more warmer days ahead than that combination.  Smells heavenly! 

Another pic of the Sweet set-up.  From the tip top of the magnolia blooms to the orange pom poms on the table cloth this centerpiece of The Hive was so inviting & adorable to look at.  Made me smile!  The table cloth came from my Grandma Hall's house, I love it! 
Of coarse it can't be a Hive without a bunch of garlands dripping from the lights over the island.  Such a simple easy way to decorate & let everyone know there is something special going on! 

-You can never have too many garlands hanging up! The more the better! - 

-Thought this little display was so charming with all the color combos going on.  Simply delightful!- 
The beautiful flowers for The Hive were brought to you by the lovely ladies at To Market.  They were beautiful! If you haven't been into their shop {In Kaysville} give yourself a treat & go in this week. Tell them the Honeybee sent you.   

-To Market 5 So. Main in Kaysville, Utah- 
Just another pic of the set up.  Wooden chicks, bunnies, dainty ceramic nests, frames, colorful blocks & of coarse unique little Easter treats served up in vintage metal egg cake molds.  All set out on this fabulous table cloth which is a another vintage score from my Grandma's house.  
It's always a bit sad to see another Hive come & go.  But it's always sweet to look back on it too & see the new friendships & connections formed & all the wonderful memories attached to it.  Thanks to the fabulous vendors who participated this time around.  Didn't get a picture with all of them but grateful for each one of them sharing the time & talents with everyone who came.  Thanks, friends! 

-Amy {PinkParlorDesigns} Tausha {SassyStyleRedesign} Amy {Vintage Fern} & Me {HollyhocksandHoneybees} Missing BaaBaaWool & Bake it Pretty- 
Everyone asks me what my house looks like after a Hive so I thought I'd share some pics after everything is cleaned up, packed away & put back into place.  
Not much different except a little less full.  All my furniture basically stays in the same place.  Yes, I leave garlands up & displays above my island.  I don't take down everything just because The Hive is over.  There is always something on my island, maybe not fresh flowers all the time but there is always a centerpiece to look at & admire.  My "Creeper" usually stays out all the time.  

I walked back into my kitchen after taking some stuff out to the garage & just had to take a picture.  In this picture are so many of my favorite things- my vintage Honey Bee beverage box above the cupboard, garlands, fresh flowers, cupcakes made by Macey, greenery in this case homegrown wheat grass in the window sill, sunshine streaming through & a window cracked just a bit to let the fresh air in.  Ahhhhh, a beautiful sight! 

THaNKS again to all those who came to The Hive, my heart is full & grateful. If you didn't make it this time around I hope to see you next time.  If you'd like to be on The Hive mailing list just send me your email & I'll add you to it. 
Have a wonderful day! 



Oh, happy day!

The {Springtime} Hive has finally arrived!  
Doors open tonight at 6:00 sharp & stay open until 8:00 
The Hive will be "BuZzing"  Friday 10-3 & Saturday 10-2. 

-4011 Lilac Lane in Mountain Green- 
Just a little sneak into The Hive.  Can't wait to see what all the other amazing vendors bring along with them.  So excited.  Hope to see you there! 



Must "Bee"


  It must "bee" getting close to The Hive because the blog posts have started to become few & far between.  Sorry, about that.  Somedays I wish I had an assistant, 10 extra hours in the day & an extra set of hands to get everything done that I would like to.  When it gets down to crunch time it seems like everything that gets done is just what has to get done. 

Hope you have been seeing some sneak peeks on Instagram of what's coming to The Hive.  Some really fabulous stuff.  You can see for yourself searching #thehiveboutique 
-Over the moon excited to have these adorable jelly jar candles for sale at The Hive this time around.  They are in the most cheerful Springtime colors & smell fabulous too.  Great for your home or to sneak into someone Easter basket this year {maybe your own} or to give to a friend.- 
Some really exciting news coming on Opening Night for all of you who live out of state & can't make it to The Hive. I've been thinking outside "the box"  a little on how to include you all & let you experience a little bit of what The Hive is all about.  
{Stay tuned.... More info & details coming Thursday!} 

Ok, back to tackling the to-do list that seems to be a mile long. 
Hope to see you this weekend. 



My broken heart & Hector's broken head


  For those of you who know me well or who read my blog you know how heart sick I am by this picture.  {Poor Hector!}  This happened on Sunday afternoon & I was heart broken!  I was reaching in the jar for a sugar cookie 
{darn that sugar & these cookies they are the BeST- recipe HERE} & his head slipped out of my hand & broke into  7 pieces.
{Could have been worse it could have been 100 pieces}   

I posted it on Instagram & one of my sweet friends posted - "Owl, pray for Hector"  So sweet.  I got so many kind, nice & funny comments from caring friends.  I even tried to joke that Hector had a splitting headache but I felt bad even saying that.  Really, so grateful for lovely friends who knew I was sick over this little guy.  

Once the shock of what just happened was over I called my neighbor & ran over to her house to grab some e6000 & got to work repairing Hector.  
{Thanks for having that on hand, Nicole} 
With the help of Miss Mace we were able to take care of Hector right away. I'm happy to say that the operation went well, Hector rested comfortably & has been recovering nicely.  

He has been put back under glass where it all began. 
{For safe keeping for the time being.}
 Read more of how Hector came into our home, HERE
 Don't know if he'll permanently stay on display & live a life of a "fancy" cookie jar or not but I think his days of being used as an everyday cookie jar are over. I just can't bear the thought of something else worse happening to him. 

Here's a closer pic of this cute little guy.  You can see the crack in his head 
{the chip was there when I bought him so I don't feel bad about that} 
This is now his good side, the back doesn't look as good.  But he is still a happy face to look at. 

It really is the simple things in life isn't it.  Who knew that a cookie jar could bring so much joy into our kitchen.  I know I shouldn't love "a thing" as much as I do but if loving Hector is wrong I don't want to be right.  

-From a photo shoot I did last year with my friend.  Hector got into the action- 
Thanks for reading & humoring me for a bit.  I know there are much more worse things going on in the world today but on Sunday afternoon this was a little tragedy in our house.

Hope you have something in your home that fills you with joy & brightens your day.



Sneak Peek- Hive prep

Happy March everyone!  
Excited for Spring to come soon & to start seeing all things green & fresh.  I've been seeing alot of that lately as I've been in the craft room busy creating lots of things for 
The {Springtime} Hive coming up next week. 
{Are you coming? I hope so!} 
Snapped this shot late last night as I was up crafting away. 
These horseshoes are one of my most favorite H&H things to make. They are just so fun & cute. 
{I say that alot don't I?}  
-Can't wait to show you want these end up turning into.  Adorable! Tapped in each of those nails by hand, a labor of LOVE- 

Every batch I make of these magnets makes me love them more & more.  Just when I think the colors, patterns & groupings can't get any better, they always seem to.  How cute would a pack of these look on your fridge or magnet board.  You can grab a set for yourself at 
The {Springtime} Hive 
Thursday March 13th- 6:00-8:00 p.m. 
 Friday March 14th - 10:00-3:00 
 Saturday March 15th- 10:00-2:00   
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green, Utah- 

Such happy springtime colors to welcome in the season.  I'll keep posting peeks of the H&H goods here & on Instagram. For a peek at all the other vendors goods be sure to look at #thehiveboutique 

Hope to see you at The Hive!
{bring a friend or 2 with you}