Inspiration in the city, brought home


I got a big taste of spring & loads of fresh inspiration while in the city one day recently that I want to share with you.  I love when inspiration hits you at unexpected moments, don't you? 

So I have this friend that loves Trader Joe's, we went together once & it's kind of become a fun outing for us to drive down to Salt Lake together, shop & then grab lunch somewhere.  We're both kind of foodies {her more than I} but both appreciate good food & willing to try new places.  We also have a little side kick who tags along with us, my friend's daughter, M.  She is such a cutie & the best little cart pusher for me, every time. 
-Such a great display of Delicate Arch, use of license plates for signs & honoring Utah. Very cool! - 

Trader Joe's is always inspiring & has tons of eye candy galore.  From it's decorations, packaging & products. 
-Inside out, yes please!- 
 I just couldn't walk away from these when I saw these. Carrot cake in cookie form, genius & scrumptious! 

After shopping at Trader Joe's we always work up an appetite.  Over the years we've enjoyed pistachios & blackberries on pizza {ate here more than once, we liked it so much!} brunch, toast with delicious unique jam, fancy hot cocoa's so we are always up to try anything.   We found a foodie spot right down town called, The Rose Establishment.  
-The awesome neon sign was the 1st clue this place was unique!The Rose is located at 235 400 W. in Salt Lake City- 
Right when we walked in I was in awe.  So much to look around at & take in.  One thing that makes me happy is when old spaces, buildings are turned into something new & fabulous.  
-Everything in this picture!  The old wood, the floors, subway tiled walls, vintage glass. I could go on & on!- 
This corner, very cool!  Different styles of flooring, neat & unique shelving unit. Something about mixing wood & metal together is such a classic look!  Even the restroom sign was neat & PS I wish I would have taken pictures of the bathroom.  It was an old elevator shaft turned bathroom, awesome!  
 Still thinking & dreaming about this corner!  Modern, fresh yet vintage & classic.  Just everything about it. I now want a round table, mismatched chairs & subway tiled walls.  

After looking around, taking pictures & wanting to sit at every table in the restaurant, just to take in a different view, we ordered.  This is definitely a hip, foodie place.  I went with the ham & cheese sandwich which came with a very different but tasty tarragon, sweet pea spread.  My friend had an interesting beet sandwich & little M go the most fancy, schmancy PB & J. Different but all really tasty. 
{should've taken pictures of our food but didn't, oops!} 

 Little known fact about me- whenever I see words on the floor, I'm going to stop & snap a picture of them.  I don't know what it is but I enjoy it.  Maybe it's just taking the time to recognize & take note of something rather than just quickly skipping by, little M just decided to jump! 

-Didn't get these but next time I'm going too!  Looked delicious!- 
On our way out after lunch we just had to take a picture of the vintage sign out on the sidewalk.  

 Love taking the time to try something different. Seems to always turn out delightful. Now time to take that inspiration home & apply it.   

When I got home, unpacked & looked at all the fresh, yummy stuff I bought at Trader Joe's I thought it would be fun to have a salad bar lunch with a few of my friends that I exercise with 4 mornings with each week.  

I don't know about you but lunch time is the hardest for me!  I want to eat healthy, I really do but it's hard to make something fresh for just one person during the day, sometimes can be a lot of work so I usually just grab what ever is easy & convenient.  I NEED to do better!

This Salad Bar lunch was just what I needed!  Lots of color, options & friends to eat with.  I provided all the greens for the salads & everyone was asked to bring a few of their favorite toppings for the bar.  
-Use # 45 for my vintage chicken feeder.  Just lined it with some sheets of parchment paper & piled it high with lots of greens.  LOVED how this turned out! It's all about the details. - 

I also contributed to the toppings, I couldn't resist.  Served them up in a vintage mini bread pan.  Each in their own compartment, ready for dishing up.  
-What's your go- to, must have salad topping?- 

My salad!  So good & loaded with lots of yummy, healthy things. PS- the Godess Salad Dressing from Trader Joe's is delicious! 

Hope you enjoyed this post about my recent travels & lunch dates.  Wishing you all a tasty! 


The Hive- application info.


If you've ever wanted to "bee" a vendor at The Hive, it's your lucky day. I have 3 shows coming up & looking for a few new fresh faces to add to the mix of already great recurring vendors.

The Hive is a gathering of local makers & creators all under one roof, ours! It's a charming market that is open a few times a year.  Since it's in our home only a handful of vendors participate making it a quaint shopping experience. I carefully invite vendors that I think will go well together for each show.  I pick "a theme, a look"  that I want each show to have & then select vendors that go along with what I have in mind so that The Hive is cohesive & vendors goods play well off one another.  This is the 7th year of The Hive, it has grown so much over the years!

>>>The 1st Hive up is the Summer Celebration Hive {this is NEW!} This show is in conjunction with my business turning 17 years old this year.  I can't believe it! Thinking back on sawing, painting & sanding in our basement, of our 1st house 17 years ago,  & it's grown into much more than I could have ever imagined so I want to celebrate it.  The show will "bee" the evening of June 16th & Saturday June 17th.

>>>Other Hives I have coming up are some of my favorite! Love the seasons they coincide with & always very anticipated by shoppers.  The Fall Hive {Sept 21-23rd} & The Holiday Hive {Nov. 9-11th} These shows FILL UP FAST so even though they are a ways off, please still apply now.  Deadlines to apply: Fall- Aug. 1st & Holiday- Oct. 1st. 

A few basic facts about the Hive: Each Hive has an entry fee attached {Varies by show} & 12% of your total sales is kept. The Hive is a central checkout. Which means you only have to come set up & take down.  I try to use as much of the furniture, in our home already for vendor space, but you may be asked to bring something for your set up, as well.

If you'd like to apply here's what I need from you- 
-Send 3-5 pictures of items you make & would bring to The Hive as well as a short description of your business to my email, honeybee58@gmail.com {*If you're interested in the Summer Celebration Show, hurry the deadline to apply is May 9th} 
-Instagram or website 
-Please indicate which Hive or Hives you are interested in applying for.  

If you're selected, I'll send you an entry form to look over, fill out & return to "bee" part of The Hive.

Thanks for your interest!  Look forward to hearing from you. Now I'm off to start working, dreaming & preparing for The Hives coming up.  Lots of ideas in my head!