Deep breath.......


Hello friends, I know what you're thinking a blog post, she actually sat down & wrote a blog post. Hahaha, yes, I did!  I did because I want to share something very close to my heart. I've decided that sometimes you need to be grateful for the opportunity, the journey, walk away & look ahead to something new. 

Many of you know & many of you have been to The Hive, a charming little boutique,  that I host in our home.  It started a little over 7 years ago, wow, that is crazy to think about.  It started as an idea, something very small that has continued to grow & develop into something that I'm very proud of.  I've learned a lot over those 7 years. It's also brought some satisfying rewards & wonderful connections into my life. I've learned about friendship, kindness, loyalty, integrity, disappointment, frustration, gratitude, faith & appreciation just to name a few.  It has been a wonderful thing to be a part of.  I've enjoyed opening our home to many of you as shoppers, or who have come to set up as vendors & have all left after each show, being counted as my friends.

-Surprisingly, this isn't an owners manual on how to run & operate a boutique. It was something I figured out on my own. But the title has always been just too perfect!- 
The last year I've been feeling a little tug from my gut saying that it's time for something different. By different I mean, stepping away from hosting The Hive in our home.  Change is a scary thing, walking away from something that is successful seems like a crazy thought but sometimes it's best to listen to what you're being prompted to do, trust that there is a purpose & a meaning behind doing so.  

I'm not saying that there will never be another Hive ever again, I'm just saying that there are no plans to do any more after this year. I feel the need to recharge, rethink & in the words of Eliza Hamilton, "Take a break!"  I hope it is something I'll want do again. I love to host, create & have enjoyed meeting so many of you in our home.  I hope The Hive is something that I'll crave doing again, truly miss & one day be giddy over planning & thinking about again. The last little while though, it hasn't felt that way.

I remember reading in Joanna Gaines' book, The Magnolia Story, something similar she went through. Shutting down, walking away from something that she loved & was proud of, her first little shop.  Now, I'm not saying what happened to her next would happen to me but I remember reading that & appreciating the fact that someone successful once thought about, struggled with trying to figure out about a business question that was similar to what I had been thinking about. It made me realize that it's ok to stop for a while, take a breath & see where it takes you.

So I'm taking a big, deep breath & a step ..........

I didn't want to type all this out, share the news after the Holiday Hive this year. After all, you deserve to know what is going on with my little boutique, it is because of you that it has been successful over the years.  That being said, there are two fabulous Hives coming up September 21st-23rd  & November 9-11th that I will put my heart & soul into.  If you haven't been to The Hive for a few years, come & take a look at how it's grown, if you were just here at the Spring or Summer Hive this year I'd love for you to come again.  Soak up the wonderful vendors, their creative products, the always festive decor & enjoy the last Hives. 

There is a fantastic line-up of vendors coming to The Fall & Holiday Hives.  I'm so honored that they would choose to come & sell their goods at The Hive.  I'll always be indebted to the wonderful vendors who gave The Hive a try, whether it might have been their first show or as seasoned pro's. They may have participated only once or became Hive regulars over the years. Each & every one worked so hard to create wonderful, unique things & curate the most incredible collections of products for clients to shop from.  I appreciate each & every single one of the vendors I've had in our home over the past 7 years & it's been many.

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for embracing, shopping & supporting The Hive over the years.  The greatest joy I've had, honestly & truthfully is opening our front door on opening night & seeing so many of you standing patiently to get in.  Familiar faces always standing right in the front, you know who you are, & many new faces that tagged along with a friend or sister for the first time.  It was always a priviledge to welcome you in, meet you & realize you chose to spend your valuable time being at The Hive.   I was always so touched!  I've met so many dear friends, thanks to The Hive, that I will be forever grateful for.  The best cheerleaders, supportive family & sweet friends that I can't thank enough.  

Thanks for your patience as The Hive went through some growing pains, I can honestly say that I never received more than a couple negative comments or feedback about The Hive in the 7 years. Which says a lot about the quality of people that came to The Hive's.  I feel very fortunate about & grateful for the kindness of all of you.  That really means the world to me that I was surrounded by such wonderful people.  I'm sure there were some frustrations of waiting in line, waiting to check out & trying to get in & around to see everything but overall everyone was happy for the experience & really sweet in their comments & replies so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I would always smile when I got a comment on IG or a comment on my blog saying that coming to The Hive was on their bucket list. Isn't that the sweetest thing?  I would always think, seriously, this little boutique that pops up from time to time, seriously?! I always felt so touched & honored by those messages.

Even as I type this, I can't believe I am writing this stuff down but at the same time it feels right too. I know that something will come out of this that will be for my growth. Your kindness, support & sweetness over the years is what has always kept me going, thinking & dreaming about, "the next show."  So THANK YOU!! I'm excited to see what comes from this break & what awaits in the future.

Over the next few months I am going to savor every moment of hosting The Hive's & be grateful.  Hope to see you at either The Fall Hive, The Holiday Hive or heck maybe even both.

With much love & gratitude,