Winter decor & a simple frosting recipe


  Happy Winter everyone!  With all the snow, below wind chills & polar freezes going on across the country, I thought it would be fun to make the best of it, embrace winter & bring the outside in to enjoy in a cute & charming way. Shared lots of ideas on Studio 5, be sure to click on the link to watch the episode.

 How FuN is this illustration?  Goes perfectly with our new favorite song around here from Frozen, Do You Want to Build a SNoWMaN?  I found this page of charming instructions for building a Snowman years ago in a Country Living magazine, I tore it out saving it to use one day. It looks perfect in this H&H curvy 5x7 frame 
{I love this grey/white print paper- one of my favorites right now!} 
Paired together with a vintage H&H Snow Day frame of my little girl ready to throw the perfect snowball when she was 4.  I put this pic in that frame all those years ago & have never changed it out.  Just too darn cute! I love how it all looks clustered together.  

Just goes to show that frames can be used for just about anything!  So glad I tore this page out while thumbing through magazines one snowy day.  It's one of my favorite things to do by the way.  I LOVE magazines!  Getting together with a few of my favorite people on Saturday to create something else with magazine pages {TRADiTION!!}  I'll post about that later. 

In the mean time if you want more Winter Inspired Decorating ideas go {HERE} One of my most popular blog posts, ever! 

I really do enjoy decorating for Winter! 

Now as promised {from my Studio 5 apprearance}  a recipe.  
This is my go-to, tastes good, everyone asks for the recipe frosting.  It goes great on cakes, sugar cookies & cupcakes & it's super EASY!  I never {I mean NEVER} use store bought frosting because this is just too simple & tastes oh, so much better.  

 No Fancy SCHMaNCY frosting recipe

 All it takes is 4 basic ingredients: 

-1 stick of Butter- softened at room temp. 
{you can use margarine too!} 
-Powdered Sugar 

Start with softened butter, a cup of powdered sugar, a tsp. of vanilla & a TB of milk. Cream together with an hand mixer. 
*Just had to include this pic below to show you that things don't go perfectly all the time in this kitchen but a little mess won't hurt anything! 

The first time you mix it all together it won't really resemble frosting.  Just keep adding sugar, a little bit of milk & occasionally another tsp. of  vanilla until you get it to the consistency & taste that you like. 

Remember I called this a No Fancy Schmancy Frosting.  Well, this might come a shock to some of you but this honeybee uses imitation vanilla, ALL the time!  It works great & as much as we go through this in our kitchen, it pays to get the cheap stuff. 

This next picture is after round 2 of adding, powdered sugar & milk to the creamed mixture.  Looks great but I need alot more frosting in order to frost a cake & cookies. So just repeat the step again.  Adding another tsp. of vanilla before it's all said & done. 
You want it to eventually turn out looking like this.  Soft peaks in the frosting {see in the bowl} when you stick the beaters straight down in & pull up.  One thing about a good frosting is it can't be too runny or too stiff.  It makes it very difficult to frost anything.  So if you're frosting is looking too runny- simply add more powdered sugar, if too stiff add a drop or two of milk. It's that easy! 
*you can easily flavor this frosting too. If you want it chocolate just add a TB or 2 of Cocoa powder. 

Of coarse the BeST part about making homemade frosting is getting to lick the beaters.  My girls love to be around the kitchen during in this part.  YuM! 

Valentines Day is right around the corner you can bet that I'll be making a big batch of frosting.  It is the best to frost sugar cookies with! One of the best ways to spend time with my girls is baking sugar cookies together.  Get a fabulous recipe for them {HERE}

-So excited to use this cute cookie stamp I got at To Market for our sugar cookies this year.  Isn't it the sweetest?-

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully I've given you some inspiration for what to do in your home & kitchen.
Have a wonderful day!



Little Word Tiles


So excited to introduce my latest H&H creation & inspiration with you.  If you read my blog you know how passionate I am about the concept of choosing One Little Word each year to motivate, guide & direct you throughout the year.  The most important thing once you've picked a word is putting it out & making it visible!  A constant reminder of the goals & things you want to strive for in the year.  

I posted a few pics on Instagram last week of my own little word & something I was creating & sending to 3 brave souls who commented & shared their word for 2014.  I had such a great response & interest in the word tiles that I decided to post them up for custom order. 
{Get one made of your OLW for 2014} 
-These are a few examples of ones I made up for 4 of my friends. What's your word for 2014? - 

Aren't they charming!  Inspired by old Scrabble tile holders, each H&H word tile measures 7 inches in length.  
{includes tax & shipping} 
To order simply comment with your Paypal acct. & tell me what your One Little Word for 2014 is.  
*please note letters will vary in shape, style, size & color.
Tiles will start shipping out Feb. 3rd. 
You know I am excited to create these if I'm using my beloved letter collection to make them.  
-Here's my One Little Word up on display in my craft room.  Glad it inspired me to get up & MoVE into action - 

Have a great weekend & let me know if I can create a little word tile for you to have in your home. Thanks friends! 



Flourless PB CC Oatmeal Cookies


  Tonight I get to show a bunch of youth from our church how to make these fabulous cookies.  Oh, my gosh they are so good!  Glad this recipe makes a bunch because I'm sure these hunger teenagers will devour them.  Love this recipe because it has just about everything in them except the kitchen sink & oh, ya NO flour either!

Flour-less Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal cookies- 
{Yep, all that good stuff!} 

Disclaimer: This recipe makes a BuNCH!  So either make it with freezing some or sharing them with friends & family in mind or just simply 1/2 the recipe. 
{I heart to share!}

6 Eggs 
2 C. Sugar 
2 C. Brown Sugar 
1 1/2 tsp. Corn Syrup {*you can substitute with molasses} 
1 TB + 1 1/2 tsp. Vanilla 
2 sticks of softened Butter 
-mix well together & then add:

3 C. of Peanut Butter {I like chunky!} 
4 tsp. Baking Soda 
9 C. of Oatmeal 
24 oz. Choc. Chips {milk or semi-sweet} 

Place on an un-greased cookie sheet & bake for 8-10 minutes at 325 degrees. Cool & enjoy! 

So chewy, yummy & loaded with goodness. 
Give them a try- I know you'll love them!


Inspiration Happy place!

What's inspiring you today?   Take a look at what I'm loving lately.  Anything from decor, cooking, DIY projects & Holiday ideas. Valentines day is just around the corner, can't wait! 

-Oh, those big orange blooms have me dreaming of warmer days & fresh cut flowers from the yard.  Hope the Groundhog pops up in a few weeks & tells us all that Spring is on it's way.- 

You can get to my Pinterest page {HERE} or by clicking on the sidebar too.  Love for you to follow along & let me know if you're pinning so I could follow you too. 

Have a Happy Day! 
{It's a new Duck Dynasty tonight so I guess I should say a Happy, Happy, Happy Day! Oh, we love that show!}  



Yes, it's true!


  I get asked this question all the time.  "Are you in a commercial?"  "Hey, I think I just saw you on TV?"  Yes, it's true I'm in an American First commercial that you may have seen if you're local.  I laugh all the time at the emails & texts that I get. Usually late at night or on the weekend.  Apparently they like to air during the local news, Jazz games at in the previews at the movie theatre.  

It all started when my daughter, Audrey, told her Dad at the first of last year that one of her goals was to be on TV by the time she was 12. 
{This girl has some BiG plans, let me tell you!} 

We have a friend in advertising & talked to him & he said if he had anything come up he'd let us know.  Well.. something did come up but they needed adults to do it & people to sing.  So thanks to Audrey's big dreams I got roped into being on the commercial too. It was fun to spend the day with her.  She has always LoVED the camera & the spotlight so she was willing to skip out on school for a bit to pursue one of her dreams.  

Watch the clip & see if you can spot us.  There are 2 commercials out there but this one is short & sweet. So take a look! 

Pretty fun!  What made it ever better was sharing the screen with a few of our neighbors & friends too.  Even though Audrey & I just hung out in our kitchen & didn't get to go to the beach or out to the movies it was still an awesome experience. 
{Thanks, Mighty Clever!} 



Flight of the Honeybee- To Market


 One of my favorite things to write about is when I discover a new, fabulous place & I get to share it with all of you.  I stumbled upon this great little shop last week & haven't stopped thinking or talking about it ever since.  
{That's a good sign because it means it's fabulous!} 
-5 North Main in Kaysville.-

The first time I went in To Market I met one of the owners, Melanie. It was great talking to her & getting to learn a little bit about the story behind the store.  I walked around {& around & around again} & looked at all the unique & fabulous pieces they had in the store.  I spotted something for each of my girls & hubby to give them for Valentines day. So excited!
{I can't show you what I got though, because they read the blog ;) But I'm happy about the gifts I bought & can't wait to give them on Feb. 14th}   
-So excited about my finds that I posted about it Instagram when I got home & was reunited with my phone- 
When I was in the store I realized that I had forgotten my phone at home & couldn't take pictures. {augh.. I was so mad!}  Luckily my daughter had a private tumbling lesson the next night,  just down the street,  so I popped back into the store to take some pics to share with you all. 

-Check out this ribbon wall art that they have on the wall.  The love month is on it's way!- 
When my 2 girls, hubby & I walked into the store we were greeted by the other owner, Holly. I introduced myself & told her I was in the store the night before & just had to come back.  She said to me, "Do you have a blog?" I said, "Yes" & she then asked, "What is it called?"  I told her & she turned her laptop around {that was on the desk} & it was opened up to my blog.  How cool is that?  I was so thrilled!  We both laughed & then begin to chat & visit.  
{Really, so many funny little coincidences, connections that I truly believe I was suppose to met both her & Melanie.  It's kind of weird actually all the small world things that we have in common, but really, really cool at the same time}  
It was a fun to get to know her as well as my girls shopped the store. They have a fantastic selection of vintage things as well as new.  A great mix! 

What makes me very excited to tell you about this store is that not only does it have a great inventory but inspiring decor as well, everywhere you look.  Oh, that really gets me!  It's like getting something 2 for 1.  Melanie & Holly have put fabulous little touches everywhere around this incredible space.  You might have to walk around a couple times like I did just to take it all in. 

-I really, really want this map.  Better save up my pennies!  It's gorgeous!- 

I wanted to mention that not only does Melanie & Holly run this store but they also paint & refurbish furniture. They paint things to sell at the store &  paint things for clients too. 
{Something to keep in mind if you're wanting something in your home repainted} 

 Loved this simple floral arrangement on top of a table.  Pretty glass jars of all shapes & sizes filled with greenery & blooms. So sophisticated & charming.  They also do floral arranging too.  Seriously, these 2 ladies are multi faceted & amazingly talented! 

Ok, this might just be my favorite thing in the store.  When you go in make sure to look up!  There are 3 amazing custom light fixtures that are incredible.  A glitzy, sparkly chandelier in a old metal tin that the inside has been painted gold.  So cool & interesting!  They cast the most amazing shadows on the walls too.  Love these! 

A little blurry but I just had to get a picture of the GiaNT LOVE letters that are above the door.  Wouldn't you just love to have these in your home or at a party.  So fabulous.  Oh, I forgot to mention they also do weddings too.
{I'm amazed at all that they can do! They do it all}  

-Mace & Audrey had a great time shopping with me & found the cutest little stackable rings to take home with them- 
 Thought this sliding workable door was awesome in the back of their store.  Behind this door is where they paint the furniture & things, very cool. 

I'm so glad that I have somewhere to check out while my daughter is at tumbling every week now.  I'm excited to see what To Market has new & unique each time I go in. I'm sure I'll always be inspired by something they have in there. 
 You should stop by the next time you're in the area.  
To Market
 5 North Main in Kaysville 

Hours:  11-6 
Wednesday- Saturday 
It's been fun getting to know Melanie & Holly.  They both came up to my Clean it out & Make room sale {which was so sweet of them} & when they came in we discovered even more funny little connections that we had to each other &  learned that some of my clients are their clients, which was fun.  
{*Hoping to have them help me out with something at The {Springtime} Hive that is coming up soon... March 13, 14 & 15th to be exact.  Stay tuned & mark your calendars!} 

Happy Shopping!  They're open tomorrow until Saturday so head in there! Tell them the Honeybee sent you. 
-You can check out their FaceBook page {Here} - 



Come & get it- SALE!!


THaNKS to everyone who came & made my first clearance sale a success.  My storage room thanks you too!  Enjoy all your fabulous new {bargains} stuff!! It was so fun, I'll think I'll have to do it all again next year.  

Good Morning everyone!  Wanted to quickly give you a sneak peek at all the goods that will be for sale during the Clean it out Make room clearance sale today from 10-Noon.  Come in through the red door when you get here. 
{Sorry for the bad lighting in the pics- took me a lot longer than I thought to set up last night} 

Oh, my gosh- I've got a lot of great stuff & at some really great deals too.  I've NEVER marked down H&H stuff before, this is a first.  I just can't store it all & need to make room for all my 2014 things that I'm dreaming of creating.  There is a large selection of everyday as well as holiday items.  
-All plaques only $10 & boards, frames & decor all priced to go!- 
Frames, decor, blocks, stickers, books, boards, letter blocks, unfinished letters, painted numbers.. I could go on & on.  H&H frames are as little as $10- today only!  

Since Christmas was just here there are lots of Christmas items to come grab & stick in your stash for next year to decorate with.  All at move em' out prices too. Cha-CHiNG! 
-It is what it is. NO orders will be taken on any Christmas or Winter items that you see- 

Just because I couldn't help myself from having some current seasonal items in the house a limited selection of Winter & Valentines decor will be for sale also for you lucky ones that come to the sale today.  
-NO orders on Winter items! Sorry. I went through my stash of papers I had & used it all up so I  can't make any more.  Sad I know but they are still super cute. Come get something!- 

-Just because we LoVE the movie, Frozen so much in this house I just had to make a board.  Do you want to build a snowman.... sing along! - 
-Blocks, frames, winter plaques & boards- everything you need to decorate the mantle- 
Ahhh, Valentines Day!  The Love month is just around the corner so I had to make up a few things just for that. 
-Frames, magnets, & more.  This little pink & white frame with the metal XOXO's is one of my favorite things I've made ever!  I have one up in my girls bathroom & it's out year round with a picture of one of my girls in it. I adore it!- 

-Of coarse my latest obsession & LoVE H&H magnets.  Oh, these Valentines ones make my heart swoon! Comes in a pack of 6. The sweetest 6-pack you'll ever pick up- 

Ok, I hope this has enticed you to come to the Clearance sale today from 10-Noon.
4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green. 

Have a wonderful day!


Clean out & make room SaLE!!


A new year= NeW things to try.  For the 1st time ever I've decided to have a clean-out clearance SaLE! I thought it would be fun!  I need to move stuff, make room & I'd love to give it to you at fabulous prices. This coming 
Monday the 13th from 10-Noon at my home in Mt. Green. All remaining H&H 2013 inventory will be marked down to 50-75% off.  
{Got to make room for lots of great new stuff coming in 2014} 

-4011 Lilac Lane in Mountain Green- 
A wide variety & sizes of frames, H&H boards, H&H plaques, blocks, unfinished wooden letters, H&H 2013 Christmas items, home decor accessories & much more will all be on sale! 
*New {Limited} Winter & Valentine H&H 2014 collections will be for Sale. Come see what I have before it all goes to Whisperwood next week*  

Hope to see you at the clean out & make room SaLE!
{I'll try to post pics as it gets closer} 



Snow inspired decor + a blog hop


As much as I love putting up Christmas around the house each year, I look forward putting it all away, clean up the clutter & have a fresh clean start going into the New Year. I like to decorate for Winter a bit around here & finding ways to incorporate the cold, white fluffy stuff into my decor in unique ways.  

Come inside my home & take a peek at a few of my favorite ways to celebrate Winter. 

In the kitchen I love to decorate using staples that I have on hand as a snow substitute.  Sugar, rock salt, flour are great. {They look just about the same but don't melt, which is a good thing}  

-Perfect little whimsical winterscape. I spy.. Hector, the cookie jar,  too- 

If you follow my blog you know that I really like to decorate my island each month with a fabulous centerpiece of some sort.  I like to place whatever I create on my amazing "creeper", it just makes a great base for just about anything.  Now I know if you have little hands still around your house this probably isn't something you'd want to place out in the line of vision or that's easy access to get to.  But I'm absolutely swooning over this "faux winter scene".  I found this little bags of flour at my local grocery store 
{feel madly in love with the turquoise color}

stacked them up on top of the creeper & then sprinkled "snow" {aka flour} on the bags & just let it cascade down as it would like.  Then I simply added some bottle brush trees to the freshly fallen "snow" to complete the picture.  Adorable! 
{You could easily do this in the counter of your countertops that is higher up for little fingers} 

I also used sugar to create a mini winter wonderland down the center of my table.  It looks so perfect nestled up against the glittered houses & among the trees.  The glittered balls are some fun accents to the sugaring snow. 
-Another "creeper" put to use.  Love these old things they make the best table runner, ever!-
Fill up bottles & jars with sugar, salt & flour to create the illusion of snow & place here or there, high & low. 

Of coarse you can't be in my kitchen on Lilac Lane without seeing a cake.  
{Oh, I like them to gosh darn much!}  

Love how this "faux" Snow Summit Cake turned out.  Wouldn't this be a fabulous addition to any winter Birthday party or family dinner.  So great & yummy to look at.  This particular cake is Red Velvet with a cream cheese snowy frosting.  Now this is my kind of snow! ;) 

I simply baked up 2 cake rounds & to create the snowy summit I cut off the top of one cake {on a angle with a serrated knife} & set it aside.  I placed the other cake on top of the cake stand, generously iced the top & then placed the other cake {with the angled top} on top & then smoothered it with the frosting.  I'm so happy that these kind of cakes are in style right now.  I've made "rustic/naked" cakes for years 
{meaning not the entire cake is covered with frosting}
because my hubby isn't a huge frosting lover. 
{What?!?  How are we still together? I guess opposites really do attract ;)} 
This is a great way to still create a pretty cake & have enough frosting to satisfy any craving.  

Now out of the kitchen for some winter themed table top decor.  It helps to decorate for the winter when you have a fantastic snowflake collection to draw from. I used to put out all my snowflake ornaments for Christmas but realized a few years ago they were worthy of their own time to shine. So they started appearing after all the Christmas had been put away, I like it much better that way.  

Here they are all nestled in some fake snow in the vintage chicken feeder 
{I think this is use #39 if you're following along, I absolutely love this antique score I found!}

On the opposite side of the room I put down a handmade doily that my Great Grandma made {thought it looked like a giant snowflake} & then placed all sizes & sorts of candles around the table.  

I mixed the white, cream & blue since it reminded me of Winter.  We lit them all on New Years Eve & it was simply magical. All the glittered white balls came from craft stores a few years ago & the old jelly ring I found at the DI, makes for a great candle holder don't you think?  

See more inspired SNoW ideas from my other fabulous blogging friends.  Such great ideas!! 

Snowflake Craft by Kaylynn from Among the Young 
 Snowball Recipe by Adrienne from Free Time Frolics 
 How to Run in Cold Weather by Andie from Maybe I Will 
 Organizing Winter Gear by Candice from She's Crafty 
 Getting the Most out of your Leggings by Ashley & Meegan from Flats to Flip Flops 
 Snow Wreath by Emily of The Benson Street Snow Inspired Blog Hop.jpg

Hope this has inspired you just a bit to bring the outdoors in or... at least the idea of the outdoors in.  Such a beautiful time of year to celebrate & enjoy.  For more decor ideas for Winter go {HERE

Happy Winter!  Follow me on Instagram @hollyhocksandhoneybees for more inspired ideas & ways to create a beautiful decorated life.