Little Word Tiles


So excited to introduce my latest H&H creation & inspiration with you.  If you read my blog you know how passionate I am about the concept of choosing One Little Word each year to motivate, guide & direct you throughout the year.  The most important thing once you've picked a word is putting it out & making it visible!  A constant reminder of the goals & things you want to strive for in the year.  

I posted a few pics on Instagram last week of my own little word & something I was creating & sending to 3 brave souls who commented & shared their word for 2014.  I had such a great response & interest in the word tiles that I decided to post them up for custom order. 
{Get one made of your OLW for 2014} 
-These are a few examples of ones I made up for 4 of my friends. What's your word for 2014? - 

Aren't they charming!  Inspired by old Scrabble tile holders, each H&H word tile measures 7 inches in length.  
{includes tax & shipping} 
To order simply comment with your Paypal acct. & tell me what your One Little Word for 2014 is.  
*please note letters will vary in shape, style, size & color.
Tiles will start shipping out Feb. 3rd. 
You know I am excited to create these if I'm using my beloved letter collection to make them.  
-Here's my One Little Word up on display in my craft room.  Glad it inspired me to get up & MoVE into action - 

Have a great weekend & let me know if I can create a little word tile for you to have in your home. Thanks friends! 



Andrea said...

Melissa, these are fantastic! Put me down for one for sure!!! My word is "Better" and my PayPal email is

Honeybee said...

Thanks, Andrea!! I'd love to make one up for you.

Sandie said...

Hi Melissa, I would love to order one of these! I live in Ohio, is that a problem? I have ordered from you before.


Pam T said...

these are cute! I love your eclectic letter collection, it's fabulous. May I order "ALOHA" and my paypal email is

Honeybee said...

Oh, coarse you can Sandie. I love my Ohio friends. Send me your word & Paypal!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love your creations! I would love to have one that says "focus."

My paypal address is--



Lisa said...

Hello !! I LOVELOVELOVE these !! So beautiful !! My word is ACCEPT . And I think my pay pal is

If not shoot me an email & I will try to figure it out again :}


Sue Thoenes said...

Please do my word: declutter
My PayPal email is:
Thank you...

Sandie said...

Hi Melissa,
My paypal email is
My word is hope.

Sandie :)

aborch said...

I LOVE these so much! Natalie Steed sent me here to order.
My paypal is
My word is Become

Anonymous said...

Love this! I want to order 2- my one word is "Blessed" the other I would like to see if you can do two words for me, "Elder Gillett" I know there will be an additional cost for that, just let me know. Thank you- Brooke Gillett

Anonymous said...

Ok this is my third try to comment. Not sure what I am doing wrong. My OLW is. Trust

Thank you. If you got my other comments...I only need one 😉
Thank you and I love this!!!!!

Barbara said...

Hoping these can still be ordered. My OLW is TRUTH

tiffany said...

These are amazing! My word is brave and my email is

Thank you =) Tiffany

tiffany said...

I love these! My word is BRAVE and my email is

Thank you =) Tiffany

Honeybee said...

Barbara, yes you can. I just need your email address. Thanks! :)