You've Got Mail!


  Oh, how I need something cheerful & happy to look at today.  I really feel like I'm in a bit of a wintertime slump lately. {Anyone else feel that way?}  
All the cold weather we've having {& still getting over a cold} makes me just want to hibernate under some warm blankets, watch some TV or a movie & just do nothing! So that's exactly what I did today watched one of my favorite all time flicks- You've Got Mail. 
{Love that show & now I want to cut off my hair like Meg Ryan's & plan a trip back to New York City.} 
One of my favorite lines in the movie is when Joe Fox says, "Don't you just love New York in the Fall? It makes me want to go buy school supplies"  

Well imagine my surprise when I sat down at my computer today & realized I've got mail! I received an email from my friend, Courtney, sharing the pictures from our Gourmet Club {Back to School themed} from last Fall that she took.

The menu for the night but I think my FaVORITE thing of the evening was the adorable garland made out of straws that hung off the chalkboard- so cute! 
It was all so charming & delightful. I could have looked at the decor all night long.  The vintage flashcards, sharpened pencils, lined school paper, stacks of vintage books the whole thing was so incredibly adorable! 
-Has me dreaming of warmer weather & longing to be outside again- 
This is me with my cute friends, the hosts of the dinner, Erika & Angie.  They did a fabulous job of setting the tone for the dinner from start to finish.  Amazing decor & tasty food! 
-Love these girls & how sneaky they are!  They specifically gave me a Orange polka dot napkin just because they knew it would bug the SV Bobcat in me. Little did they know I would be wearing a navy blue shirt, rival HS colors & their alma mater, to complete my outfit-  
You can see more pics from this cute Gourmet night 
{believe me tons of ideas & inspiration} 
over on the Delish My Dish blog. 
{the link is always up on my sidebar- lots of recipes too!} 

This was my fun take away from the night a brown paper sack loaded with recipes & goodies & a giant carmel apple.  I mean..look, at what the stick is for the apple a big pencil- so cute! Those girls thought of every little detail. 

Looking forward to getting together with all these fabulous ladies next week for another terrific Gourmet Club I'm sure.  Such a fun group to be a part of. Great friends, yummy food & always an amazing atmosphere. Don't worry I'll share pics soon. 
-Erika has the cutest patio furniture by the way- so colorful!-

Have a happy rest of the day! 


Valentines garland that's a cinch!


  Whew... what a week it's been at our house. The flu hit! {luckily only 2 of us out of 5 & that's because 1 was in a different country all week} 
We are on the mend & feeling much better.   

I've come to the realization that I should try & anticipate the next holiday a bit sooner {on the blog} than I normally do in the real life.  This is a hard thing for me since in real life on Lilac Lane decor changes on the 1st day of the new month
{I don't know why, that's just the way I like it. V-Day decor will go up this Friday!} 

I've noticed there are many out there sharing V-Day ideas, decor & anticipating gift giving weeks ahead of the before the 1st of the month. So in an effort to look forward just a bit here is a darling garland idea to make.  It is so quick, easy & requires almost no time at all. 
{I made mine while watching Cosby Show re-runs with my girls, they love that show!} 
Saw it in this month's MS Living. You might even have all the supplies you need already in the house. Look closely, can you
Guess... what it's made of?  

- A Heart Zip-Tie Garland- 
Doesn't this tug at your heart strings just a bit- so simple!
  I mean come on, look at the darling shadow it casts when it's hung up. A.dor.a.ble

When I saw it in the magazine I loved it's simplicity & charm. I thought the bright neon colors were a fun twist to Valentines decor too. 

I got my zip-ties at Home Depot. There are all sorts of colors & sizes to choose from.  I got a big pack of fluorescent colors {500 for $10} & bought a smaller bag of white ones to throw into the mix too. 
-Love the pink & white mix- very traditional Valentines!- 

Take a zip tie {I used 8 inch ones}
fold & zip together in place to form a circle-
then just pinch the bottom of the circle to form the point of a  heart
& just repeat, weaving the next zip tie through the formed heart & just keep going & going.... 
{Yep, it's that simple!} 

Make the garland as long as you would like to hang just about anywhere in your home.  They are so easy to make I might just make one for a couple of places in our home. 
{The mudroom, above the kitchen island, family room mantle...} 

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a fabulous week!



Creating an inspirational collage


It was Project {Creative} Central around here yesterday. 
  So fabulous! Really, I look forward to this day all year long, It's one of my FaVORiTE things.  It takes place one day in January & is a great way to ring in the new year, free your mind &  let your creative spirit soar!  
{Can you tell I just love it?} 

-Embrace the Day- love the quote on that magazine page!-
I have been doing this creative activity for YeaRS.  Thanks to my hubby giving me the idea of making an inspirational collage each year.  I enjoy looking back on the past ones I've made.  It's kind of like my year in picture form. I can see what my goals  & aspirations were that specific year.
Well... you know what they say the more the MerriEr! 
For the past 2 years I've been sharing this day with my 3 girls, sisters, nieces & nephew.  It's a great way to spend an afternoon together.  You learn so much about each other through this activity.  It was so cute to see the kids rip out pages of magazines to give to each other, because they know they would like a word or picture, to use in their specific collage.  It was fun to see what interests everyone has & see what goals they are working towards in the new year. 

I love the whole FRee SPiRiT feel of doing this.  
Just let yourself go!!  
{sometimes that's a hard thing}

First things first... start with piles of your old magazines & plenty of scissors & glue sticks. 

-Everyone brings some magazines with them to contribute to the pile. Thank goodness my nephew came with some magazines that he likes!-

-My nephew, Davis, excited & ready to get to work!- 
  Take a bunch of old magazines, look through them & rip out anything that speaks to you... whether it's a colorful picture, a great saying,  creative typography whatever & set them aside in a pile. {You'll look at them again a bit later} If something specific speaks to your heart just go with it & see where it takes you.   
-Miss Mace & I ready to start thumbing through some magazines & seeing what speaks to us this year.  I was really drawn to colors & pictures this year.  So inspiring!- 
-So fun to watch this 3 cousins visit & chat through out the whole day.  Loved seeing their creativity shine! - 
-Lots of sports pictures for this kid! He was also nice to look for basketball & gymnastics pictures to give to his cousins-

Looking through magazines & seeing unique typography & colorful images makes me swoon!  This is a picture of a page that inspired Miss Mace to use in her collage this year. 
{She loves cake decorating & baking} 
-Even little ones can get excited to do this activity.  My cute niece, Bella, working so hard on her collage-
-Everyone having a fabulous time! -

Remember what I said about letting go & embracing the free spirit of this activity.  Well that goes for clean up too.  Just leave all the scraps & ripped up pages to clean up at the end.  Don't crumble your creativity by stopping to clean up.  
{we start with a couple of small garbage cans by the table but once there full just make piles & clean up later}
Sometimes this is hard for me to let this go but it's easy to clean up all together at the end. 
-What a beautiful mess!- 
 Of coarse you have to have food & snacks to keep everyone happy.  I ate way to many of these cake batter munchies my sister brought- so good & bad at the same time. 
-Em's lunch, I thought she was pretty clever that she used her utensil compartment as her treat compartment instead.  Haha!- 
 Miss Mace taking a swig of my new favorite soda, Honey Lemonade, so good!  Can't wait to serve these in the Summertime on a nice hot day.  
{Love me some pop bottles & when I have a thought for an event in the works... EEeee!} 

 After lunch, back to work finishing up the collages.  This is a fun project {that will take most of the day} don't put a time limit on your creativity.  Go with the flow & see what happens, but I would plan on at least 3-4 hours if not more.  
 Once you have a pile of pages in front of you to work with it's time to start going through the pages & start cutting. Saving only the things from the page that you would like to use in your collage.    
-My pile of goodies. Can you see my word for 2013?- 
 Don't worry if you look at something a second time & don't love it or if it won't fit on your page or work with your collage.  I still end up throwing away a few things from my saved pile that I wanted to use but then when I laid out everything it just didn't work. Be open to change & see what your creative eye will take you. You might be surprised! 

Once everything is cut out start playing around with the layout of your collage taking the pictures, words & shapes you have & placing them here & there. I attach all my cut outs onto a piece of card stock cut to the size of a binder I use everyday.  That way it will fit right into it & I can see it everyday. Do whatever works for you it might just be putting it all on a piece of paper to hang up somewhere, on a journal page or in a scrapbook. 

-Playing around with all the cut outs I have for my collage.  Sometimes it takes a while to get it laid out just like you would like.- 
 Here are some pictures of the finished art work & it really is art!  I love watching every ones faces lite up as they show off their finished collages.  Each one is unique & really says alot about each person, what they love & inspires them. 

- A couple of D's collages. He had 2 others, front & back, I'm glad he loves doing this!-  
-Cute Bella Beans & her pretty pink collage. - 
-Audji's for 2013.  She came up to me & said, "I think this is my favorite one I've ever done." Her words for this year are Sparkle & Shine. Love this girl!- 
-Telling each other about their finished work- 

-Miss Em's all precise & perfect! She spent alot of time cutting out little details- 
-Miss Mace is like me, no way to fit all the goodness onto 1 page so why not make 2. One to go in the front of a couple of binders.  Loved the words she choose to use on hers- 
-Even this tiny tot got into the fun, thanks to some help from her big sister.  She loves, cows, pancakes & Minnie Mouse.
So cute Layla-

The whole gang {minus photographer, Becca} showing off their collages for 2013.  Let the year begin! Hope these pages inspire us throughout the whole year. 

Can't really describe the feeling this project brings into my life each & every year.  I guess I'm a visual person & I'm inspired by beautiful, colorful things.  I love getting to spend quality time with my family as we do this each year & learning something new about each one of them every time. 

-Last look at Miss Mace's pages.  Loved her layout! Describes her pretty well in pictures. One talented & incredible kid who is growing up way to fast for her Mom- 
 Hope this gave you something pretty to look at & think about doing. It's the perfect activity to do on a winter day when all you want to do is stay inside & do something fun. 



Popcorn + Marshmallows= Yumm!


  Little did I know that a year ago I would post something that would be "PiNNed" more than a whopping 6,000+ times 
{& that's just what I know of!}  
There are probably lots of families  & friends making & enjoying Marshmallow Popcorn out there.  

Have you tried it? If not what are you waiting for?!? ;)   
Did you re-pin it?  

It was such a fun post to type up. I love when things come easy to talk about & share when it's really something that I adore. You can see by the pictures in the post that we are passionate about popcorn in our house.  I thought I would repost it again for those of you who might have missed it the 1st time around.  It might just be the thing you are looking for to make this weekend for treat. So gosh darn good!   

Let me know if you try it or if it already a new family favorite that you make regularly now.  


- A Vintage H&H blog post - 


  Happy National Popcorn Day everyone! 
{we LoVE popcorn around here- it's one of our main food groups}
We even have a popcorn drawer in our kitchen that stores the packs of buttery goodness & even a bin solely dedicated to it in our pantry- funny, but so necessary! :) 
{don't believe me... here is proof!} 

-Well loved & used individual popcorn containers.  You have to have enough on hand for all the friends that come over for a snack-

-Love these window drawers in my kitchen- so fun!- 
We probably have popcorn almost every single day, the girls love to have it as a snack after school, when we watch a Basketball game on TV or just while watching a movie.  Our favorite everyday kind is good old fashioned 
butter & salt.
{thank goodness for microwave popcorn- so easy & fast}

But when it's a special night {or National Popcorn Day} this is what we make. 
This recipe has been a Hall family favorite {thanks Mom} for a long time. It's been fun to share the recipe with college roommates, in-laws, friends & neighbors over the years & everyone loves it! 

Marshmallow Popcorn 
2 bags of microwave popcorn {non-butter if you can} 
1 C. brown sugar 
1 C. butter {2 sticks}
1 bag BIG marshmallows 
-all the goodness in the pot just ready to mix & mingle all together- 
 Melt butter and brown sugar over medium heat. Stir in marshmallows until melted. Pour 1/2 of popped popcorn in a large bowl & pour 1/2 of the marshmallow mixture in & stir well together. Then add remaining popcorn & marshmallow- it's easier to mix that way. 
-DoNE- ahhh... liquid goodness!- 
{trust me you will- I'm not even that big of a marshmallow fan but I am when it comes to this- Yum-E!}
It's better to eat when it's warm & gooey but if you can't get to it for awhile or want to leave some for the next day just be sure to cover with plastic wrap.


What's for dinner tonight!


  Wanted to share with you one of our families FaVORITE dinners with you.  {Oh, I love anything to do with Honey!} 
I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday & heard from so many people who wanted to give it a try.  I got the recipe from my friend Suzy, when she taught an amazing nutrition class, last year.  She taught at the gym I go to for all my exercise classes. 
{Love Lone Tree Yoga!

I learned so much from her & tried many new things in my diet & with my cooking.  I especially loved this recipe for Honey-Lime Pork Enchiladas. I have served it many, many times & every time I do everyone loves it. 
{So tasty & healthy for you too!} 

Thought you might like to give it a try this weekend or for planning your Super Bowl feast that will be before we know it.  Plus, it makes a lot- so even better! 
{Oh, these would be great addition to any party} 

Honey-Lime Pork Enchiladas
1.5 lbs pork, cooked and shredded - {I just place the pork in my crock pot, sprinkle with salt & pepper & let it cook all day.}
1/3 c honey
1/4 c lime juice, freshly squeezed
1 Tb chili powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 (10 oz) cans green enchilada sauce

Equal parts mixed together of:
Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Cheddar cheese, shredded

Wheat tortillas, about 12

Fill tortillas with shredded meat and desired amount of cheese. Roll and place in dish. Pour sauce over enchiladas and sprinkle with cheese & chopped jalapenos if you'd like.   Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Then turn on broiler and place enchiladas nearer the top of oven. Let it broil until cheese is slightly brown and crispy.
{Dig in & enjoy!} 

For more recipes on healthy eating go to Suzy's blog 
Trust me they are all worth a try! 



Beat the blues!

  Hello... friends!  
Today has kind of been off to a slow start for me 
{which usually I'm an up & at em' kind of person} 
but I think all this negative degree cold, chilly weather is getting to me.  Makes it hard to get up & move! I just want to hibernate in my jammies all day. It's too cold outside to want to go anywhere & to getting ready just to stay home is kind of boring.  
{Anyone else out there feel the same?}  

But I didn't want to sit around all day so I decided to out of my PJ's, get dressed, put my make up on &some earrings {because that always makes me feel complete for the day!} amp; do SOMETHING!  I thought of what would make me happy 
{accomplishing something} & just do it. 
So I looked around the house and noticed this.....

Did anyone else's house look this way after this past weekend? Gotta love kids playing outside in the snow but I don't like the trail of wet gloves, snow pants, boots & hats that seem to stick around & leave such a mess.  

I got out the mop, bucket & some Lemon scented Pine Sol 
{my FAVORITE cleaning stuff- smells so fresh & clean} 
& decided to get to work.  

When I was little I loved coming home from school, walking in the front door & smelling Pine Sol.  I don't know why but I always loved when my Mom would mop our kitchen floor.  
To come home to that was such a homey, pleasant thing for me I guess. Hope my girls feel the same way today when they walk in the door

So I'm shaking off the winter blues today & mopping all my floors today, cranking up some tunes & having a ice water with lemon slice to keep me going & get to work.  
What are you doing to make it through the winter blues?  I'd love to hear. 
{off to work!!}