Well would you look at that

Just posted my 1st picture on Instagram!  
You can follow along if you'd like at MQuigBee 
{get it?  Like MQuigley, I thought it was pretty clever. I had to be since every spelling of honeybee & queen bee were already taken, I had to get creative.} 

I will say it was kind of a lot of pressure to try & figure out what the 1st official picture should be. 

I choose it because I've had a stressful past 24 hrs. 
{those of you not in No. Utah don't know we have had a MaJoR snow storm here}  
It started with driving to Miss Mace's Basketball yesterday afternoon {that should only take about 20 minutes} for an hour & a 1/2!  The driving conditions were so bad!  When the girls & I finally got there with 3 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter,  saw the score was 53-8 in our favor & my head pounding {had quite the headache} I just started to cry!  Couldn't bare the thought of getting right back in the car & driving back home.

So we left my car in the school parking lot & the girls & I drove home with my hubby.  Glad my hubby took care of me & could see I was losing it! ;) When we finally got home I was so glad to be safe & sound in our comfy, cozy home. 
{Strange that up at my house we had only had about an inch of snow. Compared to the 10 inches we had just driven in} 

This morning, got up, went to the gym & then my sweet friend {Terra} drove me down to get my car.  We pulled in the parking lot to see this. WHaT?!? 
{thanks Mr. Snowplow} 
-My frozen car!  Literally, it was covered in ice!- 
-the aftermath,  holy snowbank!- 
After much digging, scrapping & saying little prayers we got the car out.  I told her I would buy her lunch as a thank you.  
{She loves a #4 at JJ's just as much as I do}

As we pulled in the parking lot of JJ's {tired, cold & wet mind you} she looks down the road & sees a car stuck & says, "I think that guy is stuck, I'm going to go see if he needs help" In my head I was thinking, WHAT?!? but followed her down the hill.  Another guy got out of his car to help push & we finally got the car out, the driver told us all thanks & we went inside to enjoy our #4's.  
{So grateful for her example of kindness on a cold winter day}

So that's the reasoning behind my 1st Instagram pic.  I walked into my house saw the frame in our mudroom & thought, 
Kindness does really warm the heart on a chilly day. 

Hope you are all safe & warm where ever you are today. 



Julie said...

Instagram is a lot of fun. I found you! I am jswfield if you want to follow me. :)

Tausha said...

Love that you posted this! Happy that you saw a little bit of happiness on such a cold day. A good example to us all! Happy Weekend

Honeybee said...

Thanks friends!