From the recipe box: No Knead Bread


  Today I'm sharing one of the easiest & tastiest comfort food recipes I know.  I was introduced to this beautiful bread a few years ago & have been making it ever since. This is such a great bread to make when you want to make homemade bread but don't really have the time, impress your dinner guests or give to a neighbor. There is nothing hard about this recipe other than just some planning ahead.  I like to mix it all up, leave over night & finish it the next day.  

3. C. all-purpose flour. 
{For wheat bread substitute 1 or 2 C. of wheat flour, just depending on what you like}
1/4 tsp. Instant Yeast
1 1/4 tsp. Salt

In a large bowl combine flour, yeast and salt. Add 1 5/8 C. warm water, and stir until blended, dough will be shaggy & sticky.  Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let dough rest at least 12-18 hours at room temperature. {The ONLY hard part about this recipe is remember to plan ahead}

Dough is ready when it's surface is dotted with bubbles. {as above, this was after 15 hours} Lightly flour a work surface & place dough on it, sprinkle it with a little more flour, fold over once or twice. Cover loosely with plastic wrap & let rest 15 min.
Using just enough flour to keep dough from sticking to work surface & fingers, gently shape dough into a ball. Generously coat a cotton towel {NOT terry cloth} with cornmeal.  Cover with another cotton towel & let rise for 2 hrs. 

At least 1/2 hour before dough is ready, heat oven to 450 degrees. Put a 6-8 Qt. covered pot in oven as it preheats.  When dough is ready, carefully remove pot from oven  {CAUTION remember the pot is hot use hot pads} Slide your hand under towel & turn dough over into pot, it may look like a mess, but that is ok. Shake pan once or twice to evenly distribute the dough.  Cover with lid & bake for 30 min., then remove lid & cook for another 15 min. more or until loaf is beautifully browned. Cool on a rack.


This is wonderful paired with a yummy soup {We like this one!} or hot saucy pasta or a dinner salad.  You can't go wrong with it & it always looks so pretty.  Served it up on this vintage paper cutter that I bought at The {Fall} Hive.  Makes for an interesting bread board, don't you think.  



Sporty Decor- football


It's that time of the year!  Whether you love it, like it or tolerate it it's football season!  Now a days it seems like it's on everyday or night of the week.  I LoVE it!  Part of the reason I do is that I have been around football my whole life, literally.  Do you remember the movie, Remember the Titans & the cute little girl that is always with her Dad, going to games, practices & drawing up plays?  Well.... that was me growing up.  My Dad was always involved with coaching football at our local high school, Sky View.  So I knew all the players, their positions, the plays & of coarse all the cheers from the cheerleaders too. I spent countless hours in the stands, at practices & on the football field when I was younger.  So it's no surprise that I would love to celebrate this time of year & bring sports into my home decor. 

As much as I get a love of sports from my Dad, he got it from his dad, my Grandpa Hall.  I have always loved this picture of my Grandpa.  Isn't it the coolest?  He played football back in the day & this was a picture taken for his Preston High yearbook.  I wanted to enlarge it & put it out for all to see.  I checked out Tiny Prints & it couldn't have been easier to upload, order & print this vintage photo onto canvas & have it shipped right to my home.  When I got it & opened the box I was so pleased with the quality of the print, the sharpness of the image & the great color even though it was a very old photo.  I immediately found a place for it to display.  

Come inside our home, I'm opening up my decorating play book & showing you how to create some winning looks in your home this football season. 

I used my Tiny Prints canvas photo & other sports themed items to recreate a Sporty Decor feel in our home.  This is great if you have kids playing football, you're a college football fan, NFL fan or even just to get excited for the week leading up to the Super Bowl {I mean what's more American?} One thing I always tell people, when they ask me decorating advice or about my style, is look around & ask yourself. 
1) what am I passionate about?
       2) what do I already have in my home I could use? 
3) what personal photographs could I use?
If you follow those 3 things it will always feel personal & authentic to you & your space.  I like to try incorporate those elements into any space I decorate. 

 Here is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.  I love chalkboards & have a bunch of them,  so I grabbed a piece of chalk & drew a play.  Old School vintage feel, I love it!  I also have lots of vintage trophies lying around so I grabbed all the football themed ones I had & set them out too.  This is a photograph of my Dad, #61, when he was an offensive lineman at BYU.  Incorporated what I love, what I have & personal photos.  CheCK! 
{I had to call up my Dad & have him talk me through drawing up this play. Great Daddy/Daughter moment!}  

-Two of my favorite men in my life, Grandpa Hall & my Dad doing what they love- 
A side shot of my vintage football display.  Fun using an old trophy to stick in a well used, worn leather football to place on the corner.  Great way to book end it all.  One thing I love about that football {& others you'll see later} is that they came out of my HS where my Dad coached for more than 30+ years & was the Athletic Director for 17 years.  

It's safe to say that my new favorite thing to collect is pennants.  I'm smitten with them!  Some are vintage some are new but I've told myself that whatever I get they have to come from somewhere I've been.  It's been such a fun collection to start & I'm excited to see how many more I find.  I made this garland just by pinning the pennants to a piece of fabric.  Loved the way it turned out! As you can see more vintage trophies hanging out in the background.  Love to mix & match them all together, too cool not to.  They are not just for white elephant gifts anymore people.  Grab them & hang onto them, I'm telling you!  You'll find a way to use them. 

 I've always wanted to have a sports vibe in our downstairs family room. Mainly because this is where we all huddle around on Saturday afternoons to watch football, week nights to watch basketball & cheer for our favorite teams through out the year.  {Go BYU & DUKE}  I have to start collecting some stars too because I have quite the little Dallas Cowboys fan in our house too. 

Since we love to watch & have season tickets to all the BYU home games I thought it would be fun to write down their entire schedule & put it out on display for all to see. Important that we schedule our calendars so we don't miss a thing. You know, priorities!  

Just have to give a shout out to my Dad. I took him a bunch of chalkboards, from my collection, & he drew plays on all of them for me.  I love that he actually wrote out what the play was called, he still remembers.  These are treasures for me to have out.  So many wonderful memories of him coaching, letting me tag along, Friday nights watching football with my family & cheering on the Bobcats.  

One more place I love to decorate is the stair ledge by our stairs.  I have shared this space many times with you over the years.  Thought the picture of my Grandpa looked great here too tucked in between chalkboards of all shapes, sizes & colors bookended by more trophies.  A great spot leading down to our family room where we all gather to watch sports as a family. 

With a few basic things you can create any kind of winning kind look. Be sure to incorporate what you love, what you collect, photographs & you'll always come out on top.  Hope this has inspired you. More on Sporty Decor coming soon. 
I can't help it, so much to share! 



Pennants, family, cornfields & trophies... a week in pics.


   Hi, happy Saturday!  I wanted to quickly check in  & share a few of my favorite pics that I posted on Instagram this past week. Hope you like what you see & that something might inspire you. 

-Nigara Falls, Canada, Duke University {Go Devils!} Buffalo, NY & Salt Lake City, Utah - 
It's safe to say that I am completely smitten with & have found a new current passion for pennants!  I love vintage & new ones.  Just something about them, they scream Old School to me & you know I like that.  I made this banner to hang up during The Hive last week & just can't bear to take it down so it's still up. I do have a rule though:  I only buy pennants that mean something special or are from a place we've been.  It's always good to start out with a rule or I could have a banner 35 ft. long by now, if you know what I mean.  

Something else I'm completely head over heels with is this display that is currently up over my stove in the kitchen.  Again, more decor for The Hive but lots more to come on this Sporty Decor idea next week.  Can't wait to share!  Be sure to come back & take a peek. 

My 3 girls had the amazing opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime event with 16,000+ of their friends last week.  Click {HERE} to see what they were a part of & what they celebrated.  Pay close attention at the end, you might just see a familiar face.  Such a proud Mom! 

A little yummy treat to take to some neighbors.  We dressed up some Krispy Kreme glazed donuts with a red sugar glaze, sprinkles, a pretzel stem & a air head leaf & delivered them for a late night treat.  Just because & to celebrate the fabulous Fall season that is finally here.  Hooray! 

I took a day road trip up to where I grew up last week to visit my sweet Grandma.  I also took a drive around our families farm & just had to pull over & take a pic of the corn growing in my Dad's corn field. The colors were just gorgeous! 

For the past 2 years this trophy has been in our home & today it's going to a new home.  I will miss it.  My husband has been the Utah State Giant Pumpkin Growers champ the past 2 years, he took the year off this time so giant pumpkins for us this year. Heading to the weigh off today to see who the new champion will be. 

Hope you have fun plans this Saturday.  Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful weekend. 



All the "BuZz" from The Fall Hive


  Time to re cap another eventful & successful Hive Boutique.  Gets bigger & better every time.  Thanks to EVERYONE who came.  Hope you all left with a few new fabulous things.  There was lots to see this time around.  Thanks to my wonderful friend, Courtney, for coming over & taking some pics for me.  I always get caught up & forget to take pictures so to have a talented friend to hire is so worth it to have memories from the night.  

A giant chalkboard on the porch welcomed everyone to The Hive & all the info. they needed to know was  all spelled out.  

Had to rope off the porch this time because there was so much vintage goodness spread out all over.  LoTS of good stuff!  There were lots of happy shoppers, let me tell you. 

 One of the sights that always thrills me & makes me a little bit queezy too.  ALWAYS a line up out front to get into The Hive.  Thanks so much for all those come early, faithful shoppers.  So impressed that this year people were even bringing their own shopping bags in with them.  SMaRT! 

I always like there to be a focal point in The Hive.  Each & every time it varies from show to show.  This time around it was stacks & stacks of rounds.  All shapes, sizes & textures filled with sweets, treats, this & thats.  Loved the way it turned out. 

 A few pics of some of the H&H things I had in The Hive this time around.  Love to be inspired & create things that are coming up so this time it was all about Fall, school, Halloween & Autumn.  

Stacks & stacks of colorful decorative benches.  They ALL went home to happy homes & will hopefully be used alot, more to come for the Holidays..... stay tuned! 

Love these next couple of pics because it's what I like to call "the calm before the Swarm"  I have all my team of helpers come a few minutes early to get informed, check things out & visit for a bit before it gets busy.  Grateful for all these amazing family & friends who help me pull off such an event.  Couldn't do it without their help! 

Did something new this time around.  I hosted a GiVEAWAY for 2 lucky ladies + a friend each to get into The Hive 5 minutes early to shop.  Since you saw the pictures of the line out front you know what a PRIZE this is.  So great to see the response & excitement over this.  5 minutes is a big deal!  So glad I have these pics of the 1st ever winners of The Hive {5}  maybe we'll have to do it again. 
-Be sure to follow @hollyhocksandhoneybees on Instagram to hear all about it & info. to enter for The {Holiday} Hive-

-Debbie & her daughter, Melissa- 

-Megan & her friend, Kisha- 
Once the 5 minutes was up the Hive quickly filled up with excited shoppers.  Thanks to the awesome vendors who supplied The Hive this time around with such amazing stuff.  
-Tausha Hoyt, Nicole McConkie, Janet Wilkins, Dana Engemann, Jennifer Reed & TaDa Home Decor- 

-What I like to see, a full Hive!  Buzzing with excitement!- 

Opening night is always such a fun night but I always say that Friday & Saturday are just as great.  They are because there is still a lot of stuff, it is less crowded, you can walk around, take your time & really see what is here.  Vendors usually re stock a bit too {Shhh....don't tell anyone ;)}  This year I had several people come back for a 2nd look on Friday morning, so fun to see.  A BiG shout out to these two friends, who came to help me on Friday morning when it was so busy that I needed some extra hands to help.  Thanks so much Angel & Stacie, you guys saved me!  So fun to see Friday of The Hive just as busy as opening night.  

I think this amazing chalkboard, made by Leila Bird, sums up perfectly what I want to say as I think back on The {Fall} Hive 2014 edition.  THaNK YoU to all who come from near & far to this charming little unique boutique that is only open a few times during the year.  You really make my heart full. I love the connections & friendships I make & the energy I feel every time I host a Hive.  
Thanks again, so much.  Looking forward to having another one very soon. 
{Info. to come- be on the lookout.} 



A favorite combo

9.16. 14- 

Let me just say, I love what I get to spend time doing. I love creating!! Going into my craft room & spending a day is so fun for me.  I've been so busy lately {hence my absence from blogging} getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year {for me anyway} The Fall Hive. Hope you have been following along on Instagram to see what I've been up to. {@hollyhocksandhoneybees}
As always one of my favorite combinations to play around with & inspire me is: vintage finds & pretty papers.  These teeny tiny vintage gold frames & old school, fall & halloween papers did just that.  I took this sweet little frames, gave them a few H&H touches & now they are the sweetest little things.  I'm smitten with them!  These & many others will be for sale at The Hive this week. 

Also at The Hive will be the triumphant return of Hollyhocks & Honeybees decorative benches.  I know some of you have been waiting FOREVER to get your hands of these so "bee" sure to come to The Hive to snag one up to use on your kitchen island, on the mantle or on a bookshelf. So many uses for these fabulous benches.  Grateful to my awesome hubby for designing, cutting out & putting these together & my kids for helping me paint so that I have a whole bunch on hand. 

Another combination I've always loved is frames with chunky wood & pretty papers.  Again, you just can't go wrong. So cute they are SCaRy!!  

Lots & lots of H&H #31 sets, they are always a popular purchase & a must have in any home to welcome in the month of Trick or Treaters!  

I hope to have a minute or two before The Hive to share more pics.  Hope to see you there.  Thanks for stopping by, have a great day. Don't forget to enter the GiVEAWAY over on Facebook for a chance to get into The Hive 5 minutes early + a friend!  



Hello.... September!


  So many of my favorite things rolled up into one day.  New Month starting on a Monday plus being a Holiday to boot, does it get any better than this?  Lots of fresh new starts to think about today.  Nothing like turning over the page on a calendar & starting off on the right foot with a brand new whole week ahead. 

What is it that you look most forward to during the month of September? Is it changing leaves, crisp apples, football games, warm soups to enjoy.  Well, I just told you mine now I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment!  
{Pretty please, I've missed hearing from you!} 

I also realized that I never posted the link to the Studio 5 segment that I did a few weeks ago.  It's all about decorating for Back to School.  I loved putting it together & sharing ideas. Thought it was funny that I actually said this on the air...

But you know what it really is.  I just love old stuff, junk, treasures whatever you want to call it.  It just never goes out of style!  Here's the link to the segment, hope it inspires. 

Have a awesome month ahead!  Lots to do & enjoy, love the Fall, simply the best!  See you at The Hive Sept. 18, 19 & 20th.