Collection/Obsessions- Part 1, Sparkle & Shine


Hello!  Excited to start something new on here.  Since I'm trying to work my way back into posting regularly & I thought I needed something to be a recurring theme, something that I have a lot of to share & maybe inspire you along the way that I could do consistently.  I've decided to start a weekly series called, Collection/Obsessions.  Sharing with you a few of the things I love.  

-Some of my newest finds out on display. I've found all these at the Hive over the years.  The middle AWESOME bell glass jar & cutting board where my most recent from The Spring Hive. }  

The 1st Collection/Obsessions I want to share with you is GLaSS!  
If you follow me on Instagram {@hollyhcocksandhoneybees}  you might have seen the hash tag I use quite regularly showing off the things I'm currently collecting & obsessing over.  You can hop on over to Instagram & take a peek for yourself  #collectionobsessions of what I'm talking about. 
These next few pics are all things currently up & around in my kitchen. No staging needed! 

-Newest cookie jar, also snagged at The Hive- 
I'm kind of enchanted by it!  I think it started with my glass pop bottle fascination & has grown from there. It's hard for me to go into a antique shop & turn down or walk away from any kind of vintage glass cake stand, old cookie jars, vintage Bell jar or cool shaped containers. Glass seems to  always intrigue me for some reason.  Something very unique & original about them.  
{In fact, as I'm typing right know I'm thinking about a vintage glass jar I saw at an antique store & left behind. It's been a few weeks ago that I saw it so..... maybe I need to go see if it's still there & bring it home with me. }  

-Our kitchen snack station! Love this mix, so much. Charming & cute all at the same time.  Looks like we're low on Almonds too!-
I like to mix glass into anything I decorate with around the house.  Love it paired with wood & metal, goes so well together.  Maybe because it's clear it looks beautiful mixed in with just about anything.  It always enhances what it's set next to. 

-Glue glass is pretty!- 
What I really wanted to share with you is our glass cupboard, it sits right above our dishwasher & is probably the most used cupboard in the whole kitchen.  Maybe your house isn't like ours with a bizillion cups lying around at the end of the night.  I look around & think, where did all these glasses come from & why can't everyone just use one glass during the day?!  Hahaha.  Anyway, lets just say this cupboard gets a lot of use!  Wanted to show you a peek inside of it.  
{This is where my collection/obsession comes into play} 
-Hi Hector!- 
Just a few kinds of glasses on display.  They are used for all sorts of things from everyday, ice cream, orange juice to desserts.  Lots of variety to choose from in this cupboard.  Let me tell you a little about each kind & what we usually use them for, row by row.  

Juice glasses {really jelly jars}-These are just dainty & cute.  Love putting them out each morning for the girls to drink from before they rush out the door for school or to serve OJ in on the weekends.  Simple & sweet glasses + they serve as jam jars if I'm in a pinch & the batch was bigger than I thought!

Everyday- nothing fancy about these guys, just get the job done day in & day out.  

Fancy Everyday {Dinner Glasses} - these cut, designed glasses are when we have dinner all together as a family or when guests come over.  Something a little more fancy than the plain regular glasses.  Plus, two of my daughters like to have ice water in these, only these glasses, right before bed time. Go figure!
{Got these from IKEA & really, really like them!} 

Tall Mugs w/ Handle- My hubby & I bought these after our trip to Finland.  We were served hot chocolates in them & it opened our eyes to this sweet drink being served in a whole new way.  We love hot chocolate around here so we had to get some.  {Found these at WorldMarket} Don't get me wrong we drink other stuff in these as well, not limited to just hot cocoa drinking but that's their main purpose.  

Heavy Duty, BiG glass mugs-  Traditionally our go to, sit down watch a movie or show, fill to the brim ice cream mugs.  Usually they're filled with mint shaved choc. chip ice cream topped with chopped almonds.  {That's just how we roll around here!} My hubby will also use these for his oatmeal in the morning.   But other than that, these don't get used for anything else.  Kind of funny how things just find a knack of what they should be used for.  

Blue short glasses- our game day glasses.  Inspired to get some after visiting Duke University & eating at the Bull Durham Lounge.  Plus, we like blue a lot around here so those are just occasional fun drink glasses.  

Tall Goblets- We're not wine drinkers but need these for a few special occasions in our home, mostly our traditional candlelight Valentines Day dinner. These seem to just elevate the water or soda pop, being served in them, to a higher level.

Glass dessert shot glasses- these are fun to serve little tastes of dessert or juice in.  I'll be honest, they haven't been put to too much use over the years but the girls have had fun with them.  I bought them after going to a Gourmet Club dinner with friends & being served 3 desserts, a different mouse in each one.  It was so fun, I thought I need to get me some of those.  Something fun about eating out of a unique container.  

Ice Cream Sundae Glasses- Ok, these are the real deal!  Don't these just take you back to going to the ice cream shoppe, waiting at the counter  & digging into drippy, gooey, yummy ice cream with whip cream & a cherry on top?  It does for me!  I saw these at the D.I., yes the D.I., & snagged them up. 
{D.I. stands for Deseret Industries & is similar to Salvation Army} 
 {I ALWAYS look at the glass aisle, I've found many a treasure on those shelves}  
I think they cost me only .50 cents each. They have been so great to have in our home & serve up yummy ice cream sundaes & shakes in.  We have extra long spoons to go with them too to make it easy to eat.  

We also keep our "guest dinner ware"  in this cupboard as well, up high, that we use quite regularly as well as our everyday bowls & dessert sized mismatched plates 
{Also, scored at the DI. All random & mis matched but great to serve toast, muffins or pastries on.  They always look great set out on a table too.  Fun splashes of color for the table.}

-This cupboard gets quite the workout during the day.  Glad Hector is close by to keep a watchful eye on things too. - 
So, there you have it, my 1st in a series of Collection/ Obsessions.  Comment below & tell me if you have a thing for glass, if there is something I should be collecting related to the subject too, I don't want to be missing out on something I should have. Plus, It will be keep me going on this blogging thing knowing that someone out there is reading.  

Have a great day everyone! 



I shared, now you share!


Had such a great time sharing ideas for Teacher Appreciation last week & enjoyed it so much. I'm kind of missing not being in the school twice a day, taking stuff up & down, leaving treats, notes for teachers & finding ways to serve.  Fun to add a little bit to the energy of a high school with all it's hustle & bustle each day.  
{It's the teacher in me I guess, I miss it!} 

-Always great to be invited into the Studio & in front of the camera's.  Always grateful for the opportunity to share ideas & things that I love.- 
It got me thinking.... I want to hear from YOU!  I want to see what YOU do for your teacher appreciation weeks or gifts you give your teacher at the end of the year.  I want to see what else is going on in your children's school to inspire me!  So please comment below or email me about what you've done or what you're going to be doing.  I'd love to share them on here in another post & keep the ideas flowing of ways to show gratitude & thanks.  

Looking forward to being inspired by you all.  


*PS- if you missed my Studio 5 Segment you can watch it here


Yay- I read a book!

4. 19.17- 

Hello again!! I'm slowing trying to get back into this blogging thing.  Not sure why I typed this up at the 1st of the year & didn't hit publish but as they say better late than never right!  

So..... one thing about me, I'm not the biggest book reader.  I don't know why, I guess I'd just rather be up & doing than just sitting & reading.  But, when a book grabs me & I get it done in 2 days, it's a good book!!  Yay, I've already read a book in 2017. I say this year is off to a great start already! 
{Not promising ready many more books but happy to say I've read 1 in the 1st week of the New Year.}

When my kids asked me for suggestions, of what they could get me for Christmas, this was always something on the list.  When I didn't receive it for Christmas, which was totally fine I decided to just order it for myself.  It came, I opened & read, I smiled, I was inspired, I remembered, I took notes & was completing delighted!  What a wonderful read.  

I love the show Fixer Upper, I love Joanna & Chip, I love their story & even more so after reading the book & learning their back story.  Such an incredible & inspired couple.  So many things that I read made me stop & think, something similar happened to me or I've done that or I've felt that & really made me stop & think about my own life & my Heavenly Father's plan for me.  

I highly recommend reading it!  It's charming, sweet & just down right good.  Happy that my oldest is reading it right now & enjoying it as well. 

There were times in the book that made me stop & think a bit. A few of my favorites were

Her experience to meeting Chip the first time.  Made me remember the seeing Tyler for the 1st time, in our singles ward up at Utah State University, he was teaching Sunday School, I walked into the room looked at the boy wearing glasses up at the front of the class in his shirt & tie & had the strong overwhelming feeling that he would be my husband. I remember thinking, what?!?  But sure enough it was true. Followed that prompting & feeling, got to know him, asked him out on our 1st date & 9 months later we were married.  

- You know it's a good book when you read it with a highlighter or pen & mark it all up.  This is just one of the many things underlined.-  
Neat to learn that Joanna hosted shows/ open houses in her home.  Just like me!!  That was fun to learn.  I love opening up our home & inviting everyone to The Hive a few times a year.  

This line:  Live everyday like it's a Saturday! 
I'll admit sometimes Saturday's aren't my favorite, there is no schedule, usually there's something to run off too but other times it's just plain fun, we're all together & get a lot accomplished.  When I read that it just made me stop & think.  I think that's what a good book is suppose to do, right. 

Seemed to read this at the right time since my hubby & I are facing some decisions, trying to be brave & see if it's the way we should go.  It's both exciting & scary at the same time.  This book seemed to help all those nerves I had & realize things will be as they are suppose to be.  Also, the power of prayer & divine guidance & inspiration.  It was nice to think back, reflect on those times, in my life, where I know I received help & guidance. 

A trip to the Silos is definitely a bucket list item for me.  Staying at the Magnolia House would be sweet too.  Getting to see Chip & Jo around town or at the Silo's would be the cherry on top.  
Guess I better keep working, creating, hosting Hives & save my pennies to get there.  

I think it's actually quite appropriate actually that I decided to post this today because it's Joanna's birthday.  She is an inspiration to so many & just seems like a gosh darn, sweet, down to earth person. Hope she has a wonderful day.  Glad they wrote this great book about their life & journey.  Read it if you haven't yet. You won't regret it. 
{If you've read it comment & tell me which parts stood out to you}  



Teacher Appreciation week ideas


Fresh from my appearance on Studio 5 & there are always things, tips & more info. I wanted to share but never seem to have enough time to get it all out during the segment.  I hope these ideas inspire you & want to sign up to help with Teacher Appreciation week at your school, in one way or another.  There are LoTS of you can serve & give to make it a wonderful week for the teachers.  

The biggest tips I can give you.  
1- Involve parents, let them know your plans & needs.  There are many willing to help by donating things you need. 
2- Communication! Let the students, parents & community know that something special is taking place in the halls of the school this week.  The more that know the better! 
3- Have FuN!  It's the little things, touches & details that make it exciting each day. 

First thing is  first, Decor!  Blow the teachers away with decorating their teacher lounge area.  Make them take notice & knock their socks off with something great greeting them as they walk in first thing Monday morning.  They will quickly learn that there is something awesome in the works for them during the week ahead. 
 Choose a theme or overall feel you want to create to carry through out the entire week.  I chose to use my collection of light boxes 
{Yes, I have 3 in my house alone.  They vary from my BiGGIE 16x20 sized one from @ShopBrightBox to a medium sized from @CinemaLightBox to a teeny tiny @HeidiSwapp sized one. You can never have too many} 
I also called a few of my friends to borrow there's too. The more the better! They really made a bold statement & great impact in that room.  Bright inspirational quotes & sayings lit up for all to see! 

- Loved this saying!  Perfectly appropriate for the teacher & served up on a lightbox to read-
 Garlands galore!  The best go to, quick, easy way to add color & fun to any space in no time at all!  I like to hang up at least between 3-5 garlands in a space.  You can never have too many.  Just make sure you contrast colors, size & textures for a wonderful display.  Anything goes when it comes to garlands! 

-Enjoyed creating this lettered one.  Went perfectly with the lightbox letters & only cost about $4 to make!-

The best part about this garland {that I didnt' get a chance to explain on the show}  is that by using the folding technique on the cardstock, to recreate a flap or ledge, is being able to simply set the letters on a string or ribbon, it's not a permanent thing.  You take rearrange letters, spell something different & even reuse that ribbon.  Nice to know that it can be used over & over again! Wha-lah!! 

-So fun to look around my house see what I had that I could use to capture all the things that teachers at a High School are involved with.  Not just teaching in the classroom but extra curricular activities & subjects they teach.  Tried to get a variety of things to represent them all & somehow it just all looks good together. 
-Liked putting the vintage tennis rackets in with rolling pins complemented each other well & represented a wide range of HS activities!- 

One great tip I forgot to mention regarding my light boxes is if you try to spell out something & don't have enough letters- use a dry erase marker.  It works great!! It will show up, help you finish spelling out the word & easily wash off the light box when you're done. 

Another great garland idea is a thank you card garland!  These are unwritten cards, just opened & placed on a string.  Simple & easy to do, under 2 minutes tops!  This was hung up above the teachers cubbies {their school mail station, where they received gifts & treats throughout the week} it was a perfect spot to hang these up & add some charm & color. 

Operation: Afternoon SuGAR rush!  Such a sweet thing to do & the MORE the better here again as well.  Reach out to parents & have them sign up to bake & bring 2 doz.  homemade cookies or brownies.  
{I kept track of what they were bringing so we had a good variety to choose from} 
When they arrived I took them off their paper plates & out of plastic baggies & displayed them using a variety of things.  Created levels by using pop crates, cake stands & pedestals to display the treats on.  Tucked cookies into cookie jars, vintage baking trays & baskets.  All to create a pleasing display.  

-Tasty South American cookies- caramel & coconut, yum!- 
-96 of my Grandma Hall's delicious gingersnaps tucked into trays of a vintage berry box.  So fun!- 
-Vintage glass jar, I purchased at The Spring Hive, & stuffed yummy chocolate chip cookies into.  Below is a vintage bread pan lined with parchment & stuffed full with Almond Joy Cookies, homemade Oreos & Oatmeal cookies.- 
 Enjoyed hearing the teachers & staff walk in & really pay attention to every little detail.  They NOTICED what the sweets where displayed in, they talked about it, it peaked their curiosity & made they say, "Oh, my gosh would you look at that."  "I would have never thought to use that for this."  or, my favorite, "I remember having one of these!"  A little time & effort, doing something different & little details don't go unnoticed! 

-Industrial sized muffin TiN for the WiN!  I didn't know what I would use this thing for when I bought it years ago but it sure served up quite the conversation that bright & early morning.  Looked perfect too stuffed full of giant, yummy muffins! 

Midway during the week I changed up the sayings & quotes on the light boxes.  Wanted to give the teachers something new to look at & think about.  Little changes here & there to make it fresh & new each day. 

Something else I didn't get to talk about but think it is VERY Important!  Is involve the students, however you can during this week.  They are the ones who need to show their appreciation most & get excited about celebrating & honoring their teachers.  Give opportunities for them to serve & help throughout the week, no matter what their ages.  Like I said I was able to do this at our High School last week. So I asked the Student Body Officers, the leaders of the school, to participate as well. They ROCKED it!  Creating a theme a day for the students to participate in, made posters & hung them up in the school & even posted on their Instagram page & wrote on the marquee board out front.   Great way to let the school & community know that there was something special happening this week. 

Always try to finish off the week with a BaNG!  Do something BiG whether it's an assembly, gift, treat or in our case call in the caffeine!  We contacted FiiZ drinks & they brought up there FiiZ truck, parked in outside during the lunches.  The teachers each received a coupon for a FREE 24 oz. drink of their choice.  

 Drinks were on us!  The smallest thing we could do. They deserve that & so much more.  Changed up the light box once again to go along with what we had going that day. 

 Just look at those happy faces!  So great to serve them up in such a fun way! 

What a great week to be apart of, a lot of work but so rewarding to be able to show appreciation in such a big way!  Everyday coming up with ideas & ways to spread a little bit of happiness.  It doesn't have to cost a lot to be able to do some wonderful things.  Glad I got to see the rewards first hand.  

Love teachers & grateful for them! 



Right around the corner- The Spring Hive!


Good Morning, hello & how are you?  
Getting ready, being busy & excited to announce the dates of The Spring Hive.  It's coming right up in a few weeks, March 23-25th.  If you haven't been to a Hive lately, what are you waiting for?  Grab a friend, call up your sister, mom or neighbor & get here!  The Hive is always fresh & exciting, with new vendors every show.  Thrilled to announce that The Spring Hive will "bee" featuring 3 brand NeW vendors to The Hive.  So excited to have them along with some client favorites back for this show.  It will be a breath of fresh air & don't we all need that after a long, cold winter.  
Hope you will plan to "bee" there, I'd love to see you. 

In anticipation of The Spring Hive, I'm giving away 2 of the ever cute & popular H&H Chickies.  So sweet!!  All you have to do to enter is hop on over to my Instagram feed- @hollyhocksandhoneybees
 comment the name of your favorite chick! 
{It can be your Hive shopping buddy, your sweet neighbor, your BFF, you daughter, your kids school teacher, Sister in Law..... anyone!}  One lucky person & "their chick" will receive a cute chickie up at The Hive.  So Fun!  

Hope you'll go over, comment 1, 2 or 3 times & let someone know you think they are the best chick around!  Here's all the info. you need to know about The Spring Hive.  I really hope to see you there.  

Now, off to create & make in the craft room.  So excited to show you what I've been up to.

Have a great day. 
{I really should blog more often, that was fun!} 

P.S.  to see the amazing list of vendors coming this time around.  Just search the hashtag #springhiveboutique 


Saying hello & answering some questions


Hello, friends!  It's been a while to say the least, not even sure if there are any of you out there that still follow along {If so I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment & say hi!}  Just finished up another successful, busy & fabulous Hive this weekend.  I've been thinking about some questions that I was asked several times by my clients, new shoppers & friends.  It's been on my mind & I wanted to get down to the bottom of it so I could answer correctly.  
-A few of my favorite things I created for The Holiday Hive this year. Glad they all went off to new homes- 
During the show I was asked a couple of questions that I thought I better answer.  

#1-  "How long have you been doing The Hive?"  I would always think, guess & then say maybe 5-6 years, I wasn't quite sure.  So I came to the blog to get the for sure answer.   {Glad I was better about updating this back in the early days of my business so I can look back, remember & smile at all that has been done & what has grown over the years.}  I had to go back waaaaaaaay to February 2010 to find my answer & pictures of the very 1st ever Hive.  I have always done shows of just my H&H things but the 1st ever invite other creative friends, 3 vendors to be exact,  to sell along with me came in 2010.  So The Hive is going on almost 7 years.  Think I better come up with a fun little celebration for it in 2017, don't you think?  It's also the anniversary for this blog of mine, too. Definitely need to celebrate some how. 

- Enjoyed looking at this spot for 3 days.  Of coarse some of my H&H board signs, loved my friend Janet's awesome snowflakes, the AmAZiNG floral displays that 3Dotters brought {I had to keep this one for me!}  & the fabulous rustic stars my Dad made.  Loved how it looked tucked into my vintage pop crate with bags of yummy candy. -
Fun to be asked this question so much this weekend & get to have my very good friend {best supporter of H&H from day 1}  Nicolle here to help me cashier all the way from Boise, Idaho.  It was neat to look back at my blog post about the 1st Hive & find a picture of her & I those 6 years ago.

-I think we look good even 7 years later!-
Glad The Hive began all those years ago & the opportunity I've had to host it over the years.  Amazing to see how it has grown & what it has become today.  For all the many vendors who have participated over the years {maybe that's my next thing is to go back & look at everyone that has come over the years}  & for the many, many sweet friends & associations I've been able to gain over the years through hosting this event 3 times a year.  

Question #2-  "How did you do that?" "Did you make those?"  "Where did you get them, I love it!" 
My garlands!!  If you know me, read the blog, follow me on Instagram or have been to a Hive you know that I like to decorate & make it a real event to come too.  Garlands are a fun, easy way to decorate & make a big statement.  I always put them up above my island & out front under The Hive sign to welcome everyone to the show.  
-Always excited to see what this area looks like all set up for The Hive every time. Always different & unique for each show.-
I wanted to create a mini Winter Wonderland this time around for The Holiday Hive so I came up with some garlands to put together & hang up.  So easy to make but I do have a few pointers & info.!  

Balloon Garland- Ok, I LOVE this!  When I saw it posted on the Instagram feed, @ohhappyday I fell head over heels.  What's a party without balloons & garlands- put them together & GENIUS!!  

I got on their website & purchased a pack. {The balloons I got were the 6 inch size} Each balloon has a little tail on the other end so you actually link/tie them together to create the garland.  
- I tied little yarn tassels to the ends for a little bit more charm & effect, like this garland needed it but I thought it looked cute!
You can purchase them here-

The rest were easy DIY garlands, these really made me feel like a kid again. Like I was back in elementary school during art time.  I had a blast making them! 

Silver Pipe cleaner Garland- Buy a pack of pipe cleaners, any color.  For the smaller chain, I cut the pipe cleaners in half & simply formed a loop & twisted the ends.  The larger chain was just a normal sized pipe cleaner. 

Marshmallow Garland- So fun, a little sticky but would I do it all again, absolutely!  If I made more, which I'm sure I will, I would let them sit out longer for sure before I even attempted to stitch them together.  Open up a bag of big marshmallows, spread them out on a sheet cake pan, let sit for at least 4-5 days {the 1st attempt I did on the 2nd day still way too sticky!} get a long strong needle, thread a strong twine through it {make sure needle has a big enough eye} & simply start threading through the marshmallow.  Might be a little gooey inside even though the marshmallow shell is tough,  if too sticky wait another day or two.  

Pom Pom Garland- Had a pom pom maker so I just put my girls to work as they sat & watched TV a few times.  They enjoyed making them & I enjoyed tying them together on a string of sparkly bakers twine. 
So glad I was asked the question & spent some time today researching, finding the answer & going through old blog posts, walking down memory lane & being inspired along the way too.  

Paper Chain- You can't go wrong with this stand by.  Classic & timeless, not to mention super simple to do!  

Wishing you all the happiest of Holidays ahead.   Hope to take the time to get on here to chat & share with you more often.  It's just so gosh darn easy to just share things on my phone but I really do miss this form of communication.  I'll try to do better.