Get on the right bus.... motto for the school year.

I love quotes & boy, if I find a good one you can bet I'll  find a way to display it in our home.  This new found quote of mine I love for a couple of reasons.  It's special because it comes from something that I'm passionate about & the meanings you can attach to it & draw from it to apply in your very own life.  When I heard this said on January 25th of this year I knew I wanted to tie it into our Back to School decor this Fall.  Our upstairs mantel was the perfect place to put it on display! 

This quote comes from Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski {You should know, if you don't already that I'm a HUGE Duke Fan}  & what he shared with his team in the locker room after they won against St. John's in Madison Square Garden that gave Coach K his 1,000 win.  

When he spoke to the team after the win he shared with them something his Mother, Emily Krzyzewski, told him when he was 13 years old growing up in Chicago.  She said, 
"Get on the right bus & be with great people. They'll take you to places you can't get there alone."  
So powerful!!  Of coarse with bus in the quote I immediately thought of going back to school but we can apply it to many things in our daily lives & the choices we make.  

-Thank you to my friend Lynn, from TheUrbanPost, for creating this custom sign for me. It's awesome!  The & and sheild are H&H designs & will be available at The Hive in September.-
Get on the right bus...... might have been literal for a kid growing up in Chicago, using mass transit to get around but she meant something else.  The importance of knowing where you are going, having a goal in mind & going towards good places.  So inspiring to me!  I truly believe in having & setting goals & the power attached to that.  I also appreciate the rest of the quote....... & be with great people.  Isn't that the truth!  You have to surround yourself with others who lift & build you up.   So important to choose friends wisely, good leaders to work for & with & good people to admire &amp others with similar values that will help you reach your end goal.

Coach K shared that with his team & his getting to 1,000 victories.  No easy task mind you.  He acknowledged that he couldn't have done it alone.  He made good choices that brought him to great places & to be around  incredible people.  He couldn't have accomplished all he has by being on his own, he needed others to help him. 

I hope having this saying up in our home will remind our family this year the importance of getting on the right bus & being with great people & by doing so where it can lead you in life. 

So maybe ask yourself, whether you're heading back to the class room or not, what bus are you on, where are you headed? Hopefully you're surrounded by great people who will help you get there. Have a great day!!



How to decorate a mantel - Decor 101


It's that time of year again..... BaCK to SCHooL!!  Seems to come around quicker each year.  Where does Summer go?  Almost time to send my 3 girls back to the classroom & I'm getting our house ready to hopefully get them excited about starting a brand new school year.  It all started off by decorating our downstairs mantel.  Showing off my obsession with vintage school supplies in a old school vibe kind of way.  

I love to decorate our mantels & wanted to show you step by step how you can create something fabulous in your home too on a mantel, shelf or ledge following a few simple decorating steps.  I'm calling it Decor 101 to get us in the spirit of things.  
 1- Start with a clean slate.  I always love to clear EVERYTHING off the mantel, dust it & get it all ready to load up again. 
{I get asked all the time what color is our mantel, I can't remember, sorry.  After the painter was finished.  I scuffed it up, roughed the edges & stained it with a dark walnut stain.}

2- Find one great object to serve as focal point for the center your mantel. In this case it is a vintage school chalkboard I scored at a local flea market for only $20.  SCoRE!  Serves at a great backdrop for everything else. That vintage yummy green color gets me every time. I knew I wanted something positive to write on the board & wrote this saying.  Good reminder not just going back to school but everyday.

3. Get all your "stuff" together. It's always nice to get a group of things together that go with whatever theme you are going for on your mantel, shelf or ledge.  Whether you use it all or not it doesn't matter.  It will save you time in the long run to just see what looks good together.  Always nice to have a variety of things to draw from. 

4.- Create levels!!  This is the best way to add visual interest to any display.  I like to add height to the corners of my mantel.  It kind of serves as a book end to the whole display.  Books are a great way to accomplish this.  I look for books with great titles, art work & color.  Love the stack of these books & what they say.   Look for them at the DI, yard sales, vintage shops on IG are a favorite place for me to find them lately.

 On the opposite end of the mantel I used vintage flashcard boxes to create another level & book end. Vintage records are a great thing to buy if you see one in great condition & has awesome color & artwork.  Some of my favorite things to collect because they are unique & good sized. 

5- Add a personal touch. I always like to add photos to my decor, just makes it feel homey that way. This is a frame I made years ago & a picture of my 3 being silly & cute at a back to school photo shoot.  They are some of my most favorite pictures of them.  INVEST in photos of your kids & family.  They will be treasures for years to come.  Adore this alphabet paper & how it looks upon a stack of books

6- Then comes the fun part.... accessorize!  Fill in the blanks, stuff things here & there to create a flow from one side of the mantel to the other.  You want your eye to start at one end of a display & travel all the way across to the other side.  This is where you can really have some fun!  I always say you can never have enough, the more the better.... as long as it is keeping with the theme.
Be sure to always set up & step back. Take a minute to look at it, rearrange or see if you like. It's a process.

I enjoy hunting for old clipboards & then putting a fun saying on them, they are fun to create.  They will be for sale at The Fall Hive coming September 17, 18 & 19th at my home in Mountain Green.  Watch for some info, times & giveaways as it gets closer.
-Got this vintage ruler in Vermont this summer & I've been smitten with brass apples lately too.  Purchased all of them from social media, via Instagram & Facebook-
-This might oak saying just be one of my favorite things ever.  So stinkin' cute! This was the last piece of the puzzle I added to the mantel, the perfect finishing touch-
Once you're done accessorizing it's time to step back & take another look before you move onto the final step. 
7.- Banners & garlands!  The finishing touch. You can never have too many & there is always a reason to put one up, especially when it comes to Back to School.  I always like to start with a great, grab your attention one to hang up first to start with.
Follow the rule of 3.  One garland on it's own looks good, two ever better & three well.....
FABULOUS!  The more the better. This fun ruler one will be for sale at The Fall Hive along with lots of vintage flashcards you can use to create your own garland if you'd like.  I simply got some string, paper clips & the cutest tiny vintage flash cards & put it all together in a snap!
Love how it all turned out!

Hope this has helped you fill like you can tackle your mantel or space & inspired you along the way too. 

Have a great day. 



Bee inspired mantel


Sometimes things happen that you weren't planning on & it just makes you giddy with excitement!  That's exactly what happened around here yesterday. I got a sudden burst of decorating inspiration, ran with it & then next thing I knew I couldn't stop staring at our newly decorated mantel.  
{My girls were getting annoyed with me a bit, with all my squeaks & squeals of delight} 
-It's been a long time since I've been this excited about something. I just has to share & shout from the rooftops about-   

I know it's not a new month but it certainly is a new mantel that deserves a shout out & will probably replace the red, white & blue next year, on the upstairs mantel at least, for the whole month of July because well, it's just that cute!   

I live in Utah & our state's birthday is kind of a big deal around these parts.  July 24th is a big celebration from the top of the state to the bottom every year.  It's the day that the 1st settlers arrived into the Salt Lake Valley.  I've lived in Utah my whole life & I love all the beauty that surrounds us & especially our state's nickname of the Beehive State.  I think that's where I get my appreciation of bee's & all the hard work they do for all of us.  There are symbols of bees & beehives all over our state & the motto of Industry is tied to a lot of things & rightfully so, bees are the perfect example of industry, working hard & the sweet rewards that come as a result. 

The whole idea for my Beehive inspired mantel started with the vintage state map of Utah that I bought from an Instagram shop a few months ago. I like anything old, cool & of coarse something that has meaning attached to it so when I saw it for sale I just had to snag it.  Glad it's in the center of the mantel, set up on a mustard colored bench & stack of books so it gets all the attention, as it should!  
-Beehives of all shapes & sizes were put on display including a  tiny clay beehive my daughter made for me when she was in the 1st grade, so sweet!- 
With that as the centerpiece & the theme of "bees"  in mind, I wanted everything to be yellow, brown, creme & gold in tones & hues.  My favorite way to decorate is to just look around, see what I already have  & use it! With the theme of celebrating the Beehive State it wasn't that difficult because, as you might know, I'm kind of smitten with everything bee related.  Books, bottles, honey jars, glass jars, lights, hexagons & such were pretty easy to find.  Collections are such a good investment!! They pay off over & over again, so I guess I'll keep antiquing, thrifting & shopping. 

 - I love to collect old candle sticks & vintage bobbins.  They are the perfect solution to add height, interest & create levels to any space. Be on the look out for them, they are out there!- 

 These hexagons are so fun!  I asked my friend, Michelle, to make some custom ones for me, using vintage rulers I had been collecting. I wanted to use as decor at The Hive
{The boutique I host in my home- next one in September}  
I love how this one shows off some specific towns in Utah that I grew up by & frequent often. Such a perfect little touch!  

- a stack of books with a nod to this state, bees & hives- 
-You know that I love & talk about how important levels are to anything you decorate & this stack is perfect to set the state map of Utah up on.  How awesome is this College yearbook of my Grandma Hall's, from Utah State University, titled the Buzzer.  When I saw it I just had to ask her if I could have it. - 
-A lot of things up here on display have been gifts given to my by family & friends.  That always makes things extra meaningful. This glass beehive is a beautiful jar & I stacked it up on top of a old heavy plastic coaster I picked out of a junk yard, thought it worked well with the color scheme I wanted-  

 Can't get enough of these hexagon shapes, I might need to have my friend make me up a bunch more! More is always better, right?! 

-This vintage pop bottle was an awesome find & the little salt shaker looks so sweet tucked right next too it. Of coarse to keep things balanced & looking proportional on the mantel the pepper shaker is on display on the other side- 

When I stepped back & got to admire the entire mantel I was in LOVE!  So many of things I honor, cherish & adore up on display.  It just made my honeybee heart oh mine want to burst out of my chest.  It's the little things in life, right?  Simple things that really makes us happy. I can't imagine taking it down in a few weeks, so I think it might stay up a little longer than July 31st. Simply too sweet to take down anytime soon. 

 Now, just to keep it real like I said earlier when inspiration hits you have to go with it & if everything gets cleared off the mantel in a hurry. Clean up had to wait a bit yesterday until I stopped staring long enough at the mantel to put it all away, happy to say it all is now.

Hope you have a beautiful day!  Thanks for stopping by the blog & taking a peek inside our home here on Lilac Lane.  


Birthday bedroom makeover reveal

Wanted to share the details about the super secret surprise that has been in the works for quite some time. My hubby & I worked on our twin girls room remodel for their 13th birthday this month. 
-This little guy was just as happy to get this room done.  He was ready to get back to sleeping with his master on her new bed. He kept an eye on the whole project & would like to come in & see what the hubby & I were up to all the time.-
They have talked, dreamed & wanted to change their room up for awhile now. But as you can imagine with twin girls there were A LOT of ideas, colors & thoughts of what the room should be.  It was just too much!  It got to the point that we were never going to decide on anything to do & the whole project just kept getting pushed back because we {the 2 of them & I} could ever decide on anything.  Then a light bulb moment happened a few months ago when we were in D.C. It was such a game changer that I even wrote about it.   

I just decided if we were ever going to change their room I needed a plan!  I recruited the best helper I knew, my hubby, & together we gave ourselves a time limit {their B-Day} certain responsibilities each of us would be in charge of, a theme & went for it.  I'll be honest in my head I thought we could do it all over a weekend & surprise the girls, ahhh- NO!  It was way bigger project than I thought so I'm glad we gave ourselves plenty of time. 

I collected quite a few inspirational pics from Instagram to start me on my way.  One of the first things I saw that I KNEW had to be incorporated into the room were these pillows from Hello Apparel.  
-So Audrey, our night owl!-
Hello...... these covers describe my girls exactly!  They've always been this way ever since they were teeny tiny. We have one night owl & one early bird. This was just the beginning point of the room & the first things bought that made me giddy about redoing their room.  
-So Emily, except the teenage years are changing her a bit. She's liking late nights more & more-
I also found some cute black & white star sheets at Target & early on & ordered sheets & the duvet cover from Pottery Barn Kids.  I soon realized I had a theme for the room going on without even knowing it.  
-Follow your heart & reach for the stars-  

Before I could make up the beds though the first step was paint the room!  Paint & I have a love/hate relationship, which might sound weird since I paint stuff all the time but the thought of getting a gallon of paint to cover a large space just seems to paralyze me for some reason.  The first idea I proposed to my husband he shot down. I wanted to paint the whole room white.  Ceiling, molding, trim, doors everything stark white.  The whole concept I had for the room was a crisp, clean modern space so I thought white was an obvious backdrop & a great blank canvas.  When he didn't buy into it & I know I wanted something very light to compliment the other colors that were going into the room {black, grey, brown, & white} We stopped by the Home Depot, on our way to something else, stood in front of the big wall of samples, looked at a few colors, decided on one & walked out.  I could have NEVER done that on my own. I would have gotten 6 samples, went home to test, think about, look at, think some more before I settled on one.  Nope, not this time we saw Campfire Ash{Behr Brand} liked it & went with it. 

 After the paint was done we called our awesome friend who just happens to be an electrician & asked for some help installing this light up wooden arrow. He installed it up above the closet, hid the wires & connected it to their closet light switch.  Wa-lah!! Makes for a great low light for the girls & easy to turn off & on. 
-Olly likes the new light display too!-
The girls didn't have bed frames so I knew that was the next big purchase. I looked & looked for ones I wanted & luckily saw a picture of the beds I've been looking for on Instagram & searched Target online & ordered them.  

They are called the Tilden Metal Bed.  Love the simplicity, vintage yet modern feel they have.  PERFECT!

The hubby & I then took a trip down to IKEA, because I had a $20 gift card burning a hole in my pocket hmmmm.... that didn't last long {it never does right?} but we got a lot of good stuff.  Both their dressers, photo gallery wall stuff, pillows & a few other accessories. Putting together the beds & dressers was quite a task but one that we enjoyed doing together. Nice to have to do two of everything though because we would take a bit putting together the first one but knock out the second in no time! 

  He also cut up some wooden triangles to set on top of the dresser for the girls to use to organize & show off their jewelry.  What a guy!  This was an idea that really inspired me in the Urban Outfitters in D.C. & got the juices flowing on the room redesign project. Easy, clean & simple idea! Just used scraps of wood we already had in the garage.

I'm sure the gallery of photos will be filled up in no time. These girls love to take pictures & have fun with family & friends so I'm sure their will be a pic of every fun Summer activity. 
Above the dressers I hung up some butterfly fabric in a frame that we saved from their old room, a darling 8x10 picture of my girls & this beautiful handmade art work from my friend, Jamieson. You can find her on Instagram at @hellpsunshineshop  I love the saying, such a good reminder & I hope one that will great my girls each day as they get ready. 

I enjoyed filling up the top of their dressers with this & that & soon learned that one girl is much more of a collector than the other, we need to work on that.  It was a bit of a stretch to find stuff to put on one of their dressers but w did. 

-Succulents & sand collection can't go wrong with that.  Glad the girls savor & treasure their trips to the sea-
-My little nature lover!  She is always finding & appreciating all that is around her. She finds beauty in the outdoors, I love that about her.  Oh, & she has a bearded dragon named Golden Boy so this spray painted lizard was perfect for her. -
While he was finishing up on a few of the details in the room I wanted to repurpose a few of the items that they had had in their room forever.  I saved the black frames that hung over their beds, A&E red letters & their fun red lamp.  I bought some black spray paint {Which I'll admit have never really used before but oh boy, now I'm a believer!!}  & changed the look of the letters & lamp in no time.  To give the lamp a little bit of an edge, I simply ripped off the lamp shade, just kept the bare bones of it & bought a vintage looking bulb to jazz things up a bit.  Looks really cool if you ask me & was done for little to nothing.  

Oops... I almost forgot to mention their awesome display boards above their bed.  They are pegboards that we got from Lowe's that were already painted white, bonus, & had them cut to size at the store.  Brought them home put them up above their beds.

{Be sure to remember to leave space behind the pegboard.  Attach 2 inch boards, to the top & bottom of the pegboard so you can accommodate the peg hooks} 

The newly painted letters got put into place using awesome & time saving 3M velcro strips  
{If you have not used these before to hang up stuff in your home RUN & get some- life changer!!}  
& some peg hooks to hold medals & a vintage wood hanger to show off each girl over her bed.  I bought these hangers from an Instagram shop as well @smokeandsage. 

I didn't want to totally fill up this space with stuff right off the bat, I wanted the girls to be able to display & show off what they would like too.  We'll see what makes it's way up there, I'm sure it won't take long.     

I hope this will be a happy place for my girls to come relax in, chill out & grow into for the next couple of years.  By the looks on my girls faces when they opened the door on their birthday we accomplished just that.  

Excited to see what project the hubby & I want to tackle next. We sure had a great time & make a pretty good team if you ask me.