Perfect Memorial Day treat!


 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Giving you a tasty recipe to take to any family get together, BBQ or treat night.  Simple & sweet, the best kind of dessert!

This is a very easy recipe to make & always puts a smile on everyone face that eats it.  It is the perfect dessert to serve anytime during the summer.  Nothing better than cherries to let you know that Summer is in full swing.  

-Do you spy the heart shaped dough in the cookie?- 
Growing up this was a recipe my Mom would always make when feeding a big crowd, going to a pot luck or family party. I recently baked it for a get together with friends in our backyard. It was a hit! Everyone liked it, including Martha. 
I believe my Mom got the recipe from a friend of hers & we've been baking it up ever since.  If cherries aren't your thing you can substitute them for apples or blueberry filling as well.  It takes just as good. 

Cherry Bar Cookie
1 3/4 Cup Sugar 
1 Cup Butter 
4 Eggs 
1 t. Vanilla 
3 Cups Flour 
1 1/2 t. baking powder 
1/2 t. Salt 
1 can cherry pie filling 

  Mix sugar & butter together well.  Add in the eggs & vanilla. Once all combined add in the dry ingredients until blended well. Spread half of the dough onto a big cookie sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Spread pie filling over the dough.  With the remaining dough drop spoonfuls over the pie filling.  Bake for 35 minutes in a 350 degree oven. When cool drizzle with glaze over the top. Perfect to cut up into squares & eat or serve with ice cream. 

Yum, Yum, YUM!  This is a super sweet summertime treat.  It's like a cookie, pie & bar all rolled up into one.  Love a good recipe that is scrumptious but takes no time at all to make.  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  Bake up the Cherry Bar & tell me what you think. 
  I love to hear from you. Have a great day. 




BuZZ- BUzz! Early bee shopping event details!


 Excited to announce that tickets are now available to purchase for The Summer Hive early bee shopping event.  This will take place on Friday night, June 24th from 7-9 p.m.  You must have a ticket to get in.  Proceeds from the event will go to Alex's Lemonade Foundation a charity that is close to my heart.  Shoppers will enjoy early shopping, sweets & sipping on lemonade.  Going to be a fun Summer evening!  If you'd like to join in on the fun, go HERE to purchase your ticket.

My girls & I first learned about Alex's Lemonade Foundation 4 years ago.  My girls always enjoyed putting together little lemonade stands every summer so we thought we might as well give to a good cause & make memories at the same time. To celebrate our summer birthdays {June-July}  we thought we'd give back by organizing a lemonade stand & giving all the funds to Alex's Lemonade Foundation.  You can read more about this incredible organization & sign up to host a lemonade sale of your own this summer.

-The Quigley Girls Care lemonade stand from 2013-

-Such a sweet way to give to a deserving cause.-
If you can't make it to the Early Bee Shopping Event on June 24th, I hope to still see you at The Summer Hive on Saturday, June 25th from 10-4.  Going to be a fabulous show!  Really excited about the vendors coming.  Remember... you can hold & host a lemonade stand of your own this summer & give to Alex's Lemonade Foundation

Hope to see you soon! 



In the works & around the corner

Hello..... just so you know! This is coming in June & it's going to be fantastic.  You won't want to miss it. 

The 1st ever Summer Hive Saturday June 25th 10-4 with a SPeCiaL Early Bee shopping event the night before, more details to come soon. Thrilled with the vendor line up that is coming, you won't want to miss it.  

Happy Wednesday! 


May flowers


Lately it seems like I'm been embracing simplicity.  I love to decorate & change things up around our home but with so much else going on around here lately it seems at times too overwhelming to even think about. 

I've discovered the easiest thing to do that really packs a powerful punch of color & cuteness to your home decor in just around 5 minutes flat!  

All you need is:
-Bunch of store bought flowers  
{I recommend the white daisy's. Cheap & hearty flowers. They'll last for week's so WiN-WiN} 
-Fresh cut flowers from the yard for a splash of color
{Tulip season- hooray!} 
-Vintage glass pop bottles 
{Really, anything that you have, that is similiar, that can go together to make a large grouping. } 
-Cut flowers & trim leaves. I always do this when I buy from the store, I think it helps they stay fresh much longer.  Always cut in varying lengths too. 
-Fill bottles or containers up 1/2 way with water. 
-Place flower/s into each bottle or container 
-Set up where ever you'd like- a mantel, shelf, on your island or down the center of the table.  
-Step back & enjoy! 

Such a charming instant decor that will last for awhile.  The tulips won't last as long as the daisy's will but just keep picking fresh flowers & changing them often. A great way to celebrate the season, all the colors & beauty that the outside has to offer. 

Have a wonderful week & remember.... Keep It Simple.



Latest obsession- vintage pop bottle crates


Hi friends!  So excited to share with you something that I'm just simply giddy about, Vintage Pop bottle crates! -3 of my favorite things collided to create this happy display.  Doesn't it just make you smile? 
{Vintage Pop Crates + Vintage Pop Bottles + Flowers}

This display was a result of getting to host my daughter's last HS dance, 20 teenagers, for dinner in our home.  So the decor I wanted it all to be happy & colorful.  It was a fun time.  Life is busy & since then I've had a lot on my mind lately- a Senior who's about to graduate & all that comes with that & being in charge of a girls camp for 306 girls at the 1st of the Summer.  It seems like I've just always had lists & not so fun things to "have" to do & get done rather than just enjoyable, creative things.  So when I thought of putting together & being in charge of the two teacher meals at my daughter's middle school I thought- what was I thinking?!? One more thing I HAD to do & just check off the list & get over with.  Then something happened that put a spark in me & made me feel like I hadn't felt in awhile.  
{One thing I learned early in life, thank goodness, was to surround myself with happy, positive & good people.  I'm so grateful for friends who are always willing to help me.} 

As my friend Courtney & I, were setting up the potato bar for the teachers we also had to put out the dozens of homemade cookies.  I brought a cute metal yellow tray that I've had for years & we decided to put the cookies in that.  I had also brought some of my vintage pop bottles with freshly cut spring flowers in them for the tables. I transported them, up to the school, in my newest vintage pop bottle crate that I scored in upstate NY last month. 
{If you follow me on Instagram you heard all about this.  My favorite carry on luggage to date!} 

We were getting ready to go, packing things up when my friends son, asked what he should do with the pop crate?  My first thought was,  just take it out to my car & I'll take it home & bring back with me the next day when it was time to bring the bottles home.  My friend said,  
"See if the cookie tray will stack on top of it" 
It sure did & looked awesome, a perfect fit.  Ta-da!  It was an awesome, idea. So much so, that we just had to get a picture.

-D, M & little M, the cutest helpers around so willing & happy to help.  Everything was fun to them, setting up chairs & putting out centerpieces. Loved having their assistance, made it easy & delightful.

So glad she suggested doing that because it was like a light bulb moment for me.  I have just been so overwhelmed by things lately that I wasn't even thinking creatively at all {I've really missed that feeling!} so grateful she had the inkling of thinking of that.  I've discovered a new found love for something I love to collect & now want to find LOTS MORE!

-Who wouldn't want to snag a cookie off this cute display?-
Nothing floats my boat more than entertaining & using things I love to make something special.  When I discover a new way to use something vintage it just makes me happy!   Crazy that something so simple can just make my spirit soar, does the heart good to think outside the box a little.  

So the next day for the teacher meals we were serving a nacho bar & homemade cinnamon rolls.  The pop crate & cookies was so cute I thought well what about the cinnamon rolls too. At first I thought of taking them out of the pan & displaying in the same yellow tray, but thought the dough might dry out a bit, so just left it on the cookie sheet & guess what..... it fit perfectly on top of the crate.  

My head is now spinning with all the possibilities of using this when I entertain this summer & what can be stacked on top. 
-The teachers were in for a real treat!  Yummy stuff to keep them going during all their parent teacher conferences.  They deserve it!-

You know that it's all about presentation with you entertain & layers, layers, LAYERS are the biggest thing to make everything look more appealing.  

-Seriously, so easy to make a big impact!  All you need is a pop crate, cookie sheet full of something yummy, set the sheet on top & wa-lah, you have a great display piece.-
Looking forward to many more opportunities to my vintage crates to use.  Glad I snagged my newest one for only $15 while antiquing in Upstate NY.  Still can't believe it, such a steal. It stole my heart the moment I saw it & I knew I couldn't leave it behind. So glad I didn't!  Oh, the possibilites!!   

 Have a great weekend. 



I love cookie dough, no Joke!

 I'm not a big April Fool's jokester but when I tell you that these cookies are the BeST, I really mean it.  Bonus, is that there is NO FLOUR at all in it.  NO JOKE!!  It's the perfect thing to make on this silly, fun day.  Cookies that are great without the usual cookie ingredients.  Go ahead give it a try & dig into the dough & take a nibble or two before it goes into the oven.  I struggle EVERYTiME! Cookie dough is my weakness.

Flour-less Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal cookies- 
{Yep, all that good stuff!} 

Disclaimer: This recipe makes a BuNCH!  So either make it with freezing some or sharing them with friends & family in mind or just simply 1/2 the recipe. 
{I heart to share!}

6 Eggs 
2 C. Sugar 
2 C. Brown Sugar 
1 1/2 tsp. Corn Syrup {*you can substitute with molasses} 
1 TB + 1 1/2 tsp. Vanilla 
2 sticks of softened Butter 
-mix well together & then add:

3 C. of Peanut Butter {I like chunky!} 
4 tsp. Baking Soda 
9 C. of Oatmeal 
24 oz. Choc. Chips {milk or semi-sweet} 

Place on an un-greased cookie sheet & bake for 8-10 minutes at 325 degrees. Cool & enjoy! 
Have a great weekend everyone!