Right around the corner- The Spring Hive!


Good Morning, hello & how are you?  
Getting ready, being busy & excited to announce the dates of The Spring Hive.  It's coming right up in a few weeks, March 23-25th.  If you haven't been to a Hive lately, what are you waiting for?  Grab a friend, call up your sister, mom or neighbor & get here!  The Hive is always fresh & exciting, with new vendors every show.  Thrilled to announce that The Spring Hive will "bee" featuring 3 brand NeW vendors to The Hive.  So excited to have them along with some client favorites back for this show.  It will be a breath of fresh air & don't we all need that after a long, cold winter.  
Hope you will plan to "bee" there, I'd love to see you. 

In anticipation of The Spring Hive, I'm giving away 2 of the ever cute & popular H&H Chickies.  So sweet!!  All you have to do to enter is hop on over to my Instagram feed- @hollyhocksandhoneybees
 comment the name of your favorite chick! 
{It can be your Hive shopping buddy, your sweet neighbor, your BFF, you daughter, your kids school teacher, Sister in Law..... anyone!}  One lucky person & "their chick" will receive a cute chickie up at The Hive.  So Fun!  

Hope you'll go over, comment 1, 2 or 3 times & let someone know you think they are the best chick around!  Here's all the info. you need to know about The Spring Hive.  I really hope to see you there.  

Now, off to create & make in the craft room.  So excited to show you what I've been up to.

Have a great day. 
{I really should blog more often, that was fun!} 

P.S.  to see the amazing list of vendors coming this time around.  Just search the hashtag #springhiveboutique 


Saying hello & answering some questions


Hello, friends!  It's been a while to say the least, not even sure if there are any of you out there that still follow along {If so I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment & say hi!}  Just finished up another successful, busy & fabulous Hive this weekend.  I've been thinking about some questions that I was asked several times by my clients, new shoppers & friends.  It's been on my mind & I wanted to get down to the bottom of it so I could answer correctly.  
-A few of my favorite things I created for The Holiday Hive this year. Glad they all went off to new homes- 
During the show I was asked a couple of questions that I thought I better answer.  

#1-  "How long have you been doing The Hive?"  I would always think, guess & then say maybe 5-6 years, I wasn't quite sure.  So I came to the blog to get the for sure answer.   {Glad I was better about updating this back in the early days of my business so I can look back, remember & smile at all that has been done & what has grown over the years.}  I had to go back waaaaaaaay to February 2010 to find my answer & pictures of the very 1st ever Hive.  I have always done shows of just my H&H things but the 1st ever invite other creative friends, 3 vendors to be exact,  to sell along with me came in 2010.  So The Hive is going on almost 7 years.  Think I better come up with a fun little celebration for it in 2017, don't you think?  It's also the anniversary for this blog of mine, too. Definitely need to celebrate some how. 

- Enjoyed looking at this spot for 3 days.  Of coarse some of my H&H board signs, loved my friend Janet's awesome snowflakes, the AmAZiNG floral displays that 3Dotters brought {I had to keep this one for me!}  & the fabulous rustic stars my Dad made.  Loved how it looked tucked into my vintage pop crate with bags of yummy candy. -
Fun to be asked this question so much this weekend & get to have my very good friend {best supporter of H&H from day 1}  Nicolle here to help me cashier all the way from Boise, Idaho.  It was neat to look back at my blog post about the 1st Hive & find a picture of her & I those 6 years ago.

-I think we look good even 7 years later!-
Glad The Hive began all those years ago & the opportunity I've had to host it over the years.  Amazing to see how it has grown & what it has become today.  For all the many vendors who have participated over the years {maybe that's my next thing is to go back & look at everyone that has come over the years}  & for the many, many sweet friends & associations I've been able to gain over the years through hosting this event 3 times a year.  

Question #2-  "How did you do that?" "Did you make those?"  "Where did you get them, I love it!" 
My garlands!!  If you know me, read the blog, follow me on Instagram or have been to a Hive you know that I like to decorate & make it a real event to come too.  Garlands are a fun, easy way to decorate & make a big statement.  I always put them up above my island & out front under The Hive sign to welcome everyone to the show.  
-Always excited to see what this area looks like all set up for The Hive every time. Always different & unique for each show.-
I wanted to create a mini Winter Wonderland this time around for The Holiday Hive so I came up with some garlands to put together & hang up.  So easy to make but I do have a few pointers & info.!  

Balloon Garland- Ok, I LOVE this!  When I saw it posted on the Instagram feed, @ohhappyday I fell head over heels.  What's a party without balloons & garlands- put them together & GENIUS!!  

I got on their website & purchased a pack. {The balloons I got were the 6 inch size} Each balloon has a little tail on the other end so you actually link/tie them together to create the garland.  
- I tied little yarn tassels to the ends for a little bit more charm & effect, like this garland needed it but I thought it looked cute!
You can purchase them here-

The rest were easy DIY garlands, these really made me feel like a kid again. Like I was back in elementary school during art time.  I had a blast making them! 

Silver Pipe cleaner Garland- Buy a pack of pipe cleaners, any color.  For the smaller chain, I cut the pipe cleaners in half & simply formed a loop & twisted the ends.  The larger chain was just a normal sized pipe cleaner. 

Marshmallow Garland- So fun, a little sticky but would I do it all again, absolutely!  If I made more, which I'm sure I will, I would let them sit out longer for sure before I even attempted to stitch them together.  Open up a bag of big marshmallows, spread them out on a sheet cake pan, let sit for at least 4-5 days {the 1st attempt I did on the 2nd day still way too sticky!} get a long strong needle, thread a strong twine through it {make sure needle has a big enough eye} & simply start threading through the marshmallow.  Might be a little gooey inside even though the marshmallow shell is tough,  if too sticky wait another day or two.  

Pom Pom Garland- Had a pom pom maker so I just put my girls to work as they sat & watched TV a few times.  They enjoyed making them & I enjoyed tying them together on a string of sparkly bakers twine. 
So glad I was asked the question & spent some time today researching, finding the answer & going through old blog posts, walking down memory lane & being inspired along the way too.  

Paper Chain- You can't go wrong with this stand by.  Classic & timeless, not to mention super simple to do!  

Wishing you all the happiest of Holidays ahead.   Hope to take the time to get on here to chat & share with you more often.  It's just so gosh darn easy to just share things on my phone but I really do miss this form of communication.  I'll try to do better. 



The Holiday Hive!


What's coming up!  Hope to see you there, it's going to be a festive filled show.  So excited to have 10 amazing vendors, along with H&H, in The Hive.  



Back to School mantel


It's that time of year again!  Time to sharpen the pencils, pack the back packs & get new shoes.  This year has been a little different in our house this year.  2 headed off to their 1st year of high school & 1 headed off to her 1st year of college.  Not going to lie, it's been a little tough for this Momma this year.  Hard to see your kids growing up but at the same time, very exciting too.   So as I thought about the theme/message I wanted them to take with them into this new school year it came to me one day while I was listening to music.  

Thank you Lin Manuel Miranda & the Hamilton soundtrack.  Please tell me you've heard it.  If not, get it, you won't regret it! {The link is to the clean version, that's what I ordered. It takes out a few of swear words}  I especially love it with my History major back ground but you don't have to love history to appreciate the music & the story of the life of Alexander Hamilton.  Listen to it, it will change your life for the better!  

We got the soundtrack a few months ago & have been listening to it Non-Stop {a song actually in Act. 1}  & I love that the girls find themselves singing the songs through the day as they are in class, not just in History I might add, that they hear a word & it triggers their brain & they start thinking of the lyrics to the songs of Hamilton.  So fun to know the impact that music can have.  

Back to my Back to School theme- it came to me when I was listening to, My Shot {If I had to pick one song, & that's tough, that I love the best it would be this one}  it encompassed everything I wanted my girls to take with them as they venture into new horizons this school year.  New schools, new friends to make & new opportunities to seize.  

If you haven't heard Hamilton, here is a you tube link to the 1st thing I ever saw/heard about this phenomenon called Hamilton.  It was from when the cast was invited to the White House to preform.  I love watching it & seeing each performers personality & how passionate they are about what they are singing. Especially Lin Manuel Miranda, ALexander Hamilton,  I can't imagine the thrill of singing something you wrote & being surrounded by a cast singing the words you wrote.  Amazing!  Such a powerful song, with a great message.  

Fun to look around my house & see what would fall into the Hamilton theme I had going on.  Of coarse I love to use old books in my decor anytime.  They are great to stack, create levels & add visual interest.  This book cover stood out to me because it reminded me of a song in Hamilton where George Washington is sining to Hamilton & saying, "History has it's eyes on you."  The eyes of the world was certainly on our nation during that time.  Liked how it tied in. 
 A book about American Government certainly ties into the theme too.  Liked the navy blue color, very revolutionary.  I like to look for books that have great color, spines & art work.  The thing about books is that they are usually relatively inexpensive to buy.  I think all of these I've featured on the mantel have been bought for just a few dollars each. 

-Another great book, The what ever child should know Library, titled, Heroes.  Thought the founding fathers certainly fell under that category.- 
 Books just add such great color & interest to any kind of display. Give them a try next time you decorate, I think you'll be hooked.  

If you read my blog, follow my Instagram {@hollyhocksandhoneybees} You know I am pretty smitten with anything that is vintage & that means trophies.  So I thought it would be fun to throw these into the mix of this mantel.  Goes with the theme of working hard, achieving goals, being a part of a team.  I grabbed all the ones that I've bought over the years as well as a few that my hubby & I earned in our younger years.  If you have old trophies, get them out, show them off be proud of what they represent. 

-Brought back fun memories of serving on the student council in my Jr. High. Trying out for that, which was scary at the time, but glad I didn't throw away my shot to be involved in the school.-  
-Hubby earned this at a summer basketball camp, I guess that's where my girls get their great shooting skills from.-
 The underlining theme in the song, My Shot, is to rise up.  Rise up when things get hard, rise up when it's time to take a stand & inspire others around you to do the same.  Fun that this is written on a lit up light box {@mycinemalightbox} because it creates a great glow in the evening & early morning hours when we are all in our family room.  Makes it stand out in a special way.  Not to mention catching a sparkle off of all the gold trophies surrounding the sign.

 -You can never have too many trophies around right?  I don't think so, the more the better.-   

Hope this mantel & home decor has inspired you to decorate your home for this special time of year.  Certainly something to celebrate & enjoy seeing motivating, inspiring & powerful sayings around as your students are coming & going every day.  

Hope everyone in your home has a great school year!! 



Tis' the season, almost, Sale!


Thanks for your ORDERs!! Happy to start to get to work on these for you all. 

Hello. Already looking ahead to & planning The Fall/Holiday Hives.  They'll both "bee" here before I know it.   

I'm listing a few of my always popular H&H things for pre-sale so that you are guaranteed to get them, if you've been wanting some for awhile, here is your chance!  I'm offering them at a discounted price for a limited time only! 
*Items will be marked back to their regular prices for purchase at The Hive.  
Items will be pre-paid for & available for pick up ONLY at either The Fall {Sept. 15-17th} or The Holiday Hive {Nov. 17-19th} By pre- ordering it is guaranteeing that you get your hands on some for sure! 
-You have until Tuesday, July 26th. to place your order.-


Also, please note that as with everything I create each item will be unique & one of a kind.  Even though they look alike, each item will be slightly different, that's just how I like to do things.  That being said when you pick up at either of The Hives, you'll have a bunch to look through & choose which one you like best. 

Thanks, so much.  Hope you have a wonderful rest of the Summer.  See you at The Fall Hive Sept. 15-17th, it's going to be a fantastic show.  Fall is my favorite! 

Thanks I appreciate you & look forward to creating things for you.  Remember orders need to be placed by the 26th. 



I Scream, You Scream!


Do you know it's National Ice Cream day tomorrow?  A perfect reason to throw a SuNDAE party.  Sharing all the fun details & photos from an ice cream bar I held a few years ago.  Hope it inspires you to do something sweet tomorrow to celebrate. 

Ice Cream Sundae Bar party using my gigantic industrial sized muffin pan. I love giving new life to vintage finds.  Fills me with such JoY! 
Have you ever seen such a thing before?
{If you ever come across a giant muffin pan, grab it!  Fun times & great uses ahead I'm sure}   
-Got these adorable ice cream cups & spoons at Orson Gygi's in SLC.  The perfect touch to the Ice Cream party- 
When I bought this pan a few months ago I wasn't quite sure what to use it for but came up with this yummy idea one afternoon. I started brain storming of all the treats, toppings & sweets to fill up each compartment of the pan with.  The perfect things to send any bowl of ice cream over the top 
{sprinkles- of coarse, crushed oreos, butterfingers, M&M's, toasted coconut, gummy bears, cashews & the quintessential sundae topper a cherry for on top.. just to name a few}
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin-

Once every compartment was full all I needed to add was a gallon of Ice Cream & some cute kiddos willing to come over & start creating yummy masterpieces. 
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin-
Just look at those cute faces! I think somebody was really excited to start digging into all that sweet stuff! 
 {It must have been the gummy bears..or just the sight of SUGAR!} 
A shout-out to these girls awesome Mom for taking such great pictures of our fun night in the backyard. 
 Thanks, Courtney! 
{see more of her amazing food pics on the Delish my Dish blog
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin- 
The colorful, filled to the brim, organized tin in the center of the table ready for the party to start.  Trust me, it didn't stay looking this neat very long. 

Fun sitting back & watching what each kid went for. Lots of expected combinations & some pretty unique ones too.  But every last drop of ice cream was gone in their cups, you can bet on that! 
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin- 
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin- 
Can't get enough of the darling pics of the tray holding all the ingredients for the ice cream sundaes.  Salty, sweet, gooey, crunchy & of coarse all yummy! 

                                                                                         These 2 girls held still long enough for me to get a picture of their sundaes before they started chopping down. What patience!  
{Thanks A & M} 

Of coarse no Ice Cream Sundae is complete without smothering the top with a delicious, hot, gooey sauce so I'm sharing a fabulous recipe for Chocolate Sauce with a SPiCY kick.  This stuff is so good & goes perfectly with chopped up almonds & lots of toasted coconut 
{Can you guess what kind of sundae I made?} 


Spicy Chocolate Sauce 

Combine: 3/4 C. Semi-Sweet chocolate chips
1/4 C. butter
1/2 tsp. ground chili pepper 
1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon in a sauce pan & warm up.  

Cook until butter is melted & chocolate is smooth. Gradually add 1-5ounce can of evaporated milk {2/3 C.} Stir frequently & bring to a boil.  Reduce heat, boil gently over low heat for 6 minutes.  Remove from heat, cool slightly & serve immediately so it's quite warm. Drizzle over vanilla ice cream & ENjoY! 

Oh, my goodness that sauce is amazing.  yuM! So simple to make & so glorious. Give it a try, I'm sure it will be a staple for all your ice cream sundae's from now on. 

Thanks for stopping by!