Latest obsession- vintage pop bottle crates


Hi friends!  So excited to share with you something that I'm just simply giddy about, Vintage Pop bottle crates! -3 of my favorite things collided to create this happy display.  Doesn't it just make you smile? 
{Vintage Pop Crates + Vintage Pop Bottles + Flowers}

This display was a result of getting to host my daughter's last HS dance, 20 teenagers, for dinner in our home.  So the decor I wanted it all to be happy & colorful.  It was a fun time.  Life is busy & since then I've had a lot on my mind lately- a Senior who's about to graduate & all that comes with that & being in charge of a girls camp for 306 girls at the 1st of the Summer.  It seems like I've just always had lists & not so fun things to "have" to do & get done rather than just enjoyable, creative things.  So when I thought of putting together & being in charge of the two teacher meals at my daughter's middle school I thought- what was I thinking?!? One more thing I HAD to do & just check off the list & get over with.  Then something happened that put a spark in me & made me feel like I hadn't felt in awhile.  
{One thing I learned early in life, thank goodness, was to surround myself with happy, positive & good people.  I'm so grateful for friends who are always willing to help me.} 

As my friend Courtney & I, were setting up the potato bar for the teachers we also had to put out the dozens of homemade cookies.  I brought a cute metal yellow tray that I've had for years & we decided to put the cookies in that.  I had also brought some of my vintage pop bottles with freshly cut spring flowers in them for the tables. I transported them, up to the school, in my newest vintage pop bottle crate that I scored in upstate NY last month. 
{If you follow me on Instagram you heard all about this.  My favorite carry on luggage to date!} 

We were getting ready to go, packing things up when my friends son, asked what he should do with the pop crate?  My first thought was,  just take it out to my car & I'll take it home & bring back with me the next day when it was time to bring the bottles home.  My friend said,  
"See if the cookie tray will stack on top of it" 
It sure did & looked awesome, a perfect fit.  Ta-da!  It was an awesome, idea. So much so, that we just had to get a picture.

-D, M & little M, the cutest helpers around so willing & happy to help.  Everything was fun to them, setting up chairs & putting out centerpieces. Loved having their assistance, made it easy & delightful.

So glad she suggested doing that because it was like a light bulb moment for me.  I have just been so overwhelmed by things lately that I wasn't even thinking creatively at all {I've really missed that feeling!} so grateful she had the inkling of thinking of that.  I've discovered a new found love for something I love to collect & now want to find LOTS MORE!

-Who wouldn't want to snag a cookie off this cute display?-
Nothing floats my boat more than entertaining & using things I love to make something special.  When I discover a new way to use something vintage it just makes me happy!   Crazy that something so simple can just make my spirit soar, does the heart good to think outside the box a little.  

So the next day for the teacher meals we were serving a nacho bar & homemade cinnamon rolls.  The pop crate & cookies was so cute I thought well what about the cinnamon rolls too. At first I thought of taking them out of the pan & displaying in the same yellow tray, but thought the dough might dry out a bit, so just left it on the cookie sheet & guess what..... it fit perfectly on top of the crate.  

My head is now spinning with all the possibilities of using this when I entertain this summer & what can be stacked on top. 
-The teachers were in for a real treat!  Yummy stuff to keep them going during all their parent teacher conferences.  They deserve it!-

You know that it's all about presentation with you entertain & layers, layers, LAYERS are the biggest thing to make everything look more appealing.  

-Seriously, so easy to make a big impact!  All you need is a pop crate, cookie sheet full of something yummy, set the sheet on top & wa-lah, you have a great display piece.-
Looking forward to many more opportunities to my vintage crates to use.  Glad I snagged my newest one for only $15 while antiquing in Upstate NY.  Still can't believe it, such a steal. It stole my heart the moment I saw it & I knew I couldn't leave it behind. So glad I didn't!  Oh, the possibilites!!   

 Have a great weekend. 



I love cookie dough, no Joke!

 I'm not a big April Fool's jokester but when I tell you that these cookies are the BeST, I really mean it.  Bonus, is that there is NO FLOUR at all in it.  NO JOKE!!  It's the perfect thing to make on this silly, fun day.  Cookies that are great without the usual cookie ingredients.  Go ahead give it a try & dig into the dough & take a nibble or two before it goes into the oven.  I struggle EVERYTiME! Cookie dough is my weakness.

Flour-less Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal cookies- 
{Yep, all that good stuff!} 

Disclaimer: This recipe makes a BuNCH!  So either make it with freezing some or sharing them with friends & family in mind or just simply 1/2 the recipe. 
{I heart to share!}

6 Eggs 
2 C. Sugar 
2 C. Brown Sugar 
1 1/2 tsp. Corn Syrup {*you can substitute with molasses} 
1 TB + 1 1/2 tsp. Vanilla 
2 sticks of softened Butter 
-mix well together & then add:

3 C. of Peanut Butter {I like chunky!} 
4 tsp. Baking Soda 
9 C. of Oatmeal 
24 oz. Choc. Chips {milk or semi-sweet} 

Place on an un-greased cookie sheet & bake for 8-10 minutes at 325 degrees. Cool & enjoy! 
Have a great weekend everyone! 


New Month & a New Mantel- GIVEAWAY!


Top of the mornin' to ya friends!  Hope you welcome in this fresh new month with excitement.  I know I am!  So ready to start seeing green, freshness & hopefully some luck along the way too.  Wanted to let you know about something fabulous I was LuCKY enough to be a part of.  

-So fun to my my LuCK board featured in all the cuteness!-
My friend, Lynn, asked me to be a part of a mantel GiVEAWAY she was putting together.  I jumped at the chance to team up with 4 other fabulous shops.  Check out all this adorableness!  All the details & how to enter this #IrishLuckGiveaway is over on my Instagram, @hollyhocksandhoneybees so jump over there, check it out & enter.  GooD LuCk, hope one of my readers will WiN! 

Off to prep for The Spring Hive that's happening this weekend.  Hope you're coming. 



It's official- I'm a new Mom!


Don't you just love getting to check off something from your bucket list?  It's such a great feeling & it's always good to have goals written down.  Last year I was able to cross off seeing the Northern Lights in Finland & in December being able to purchase & distribute 3 bumblebee colonies, through Heifer International, to women through out the world in December.  These bees would help them obtain a better life & much needed income for their families & economy to their villages.  Thanks to many of you who helped this cause during The Holiday Hive. 

This year is off to a pretty sweet start in the crossing off department as well.  I've always dreamed about having a beehive & guess what, now I do. Yay!!  
-It's official, paper work signed & delivered.  Now just need to frame & put up on display in the craft room.  Hope I know someone who makes cute frames ;)-
 The best part about this new adventure & hive is that it's maintained by two fantastic sisters, who make up the charming company of Queen Farina 
{Oh, by the way- they'll "bee" at The Spring Hive March 3-5}  
& I just get to enjoy the sweet rewards in the Fall.  I donated to "Adopt-a-Hive" through their website & my happy honeybees will be up roaming in the fields & farms of my homeland, Cache Valley, producing yummy honey. 

When you adopt a hive through  
Queen Farina, you get to:
- name the Queen Bee of your Hive 
-get certificate of Adoption 
-Receive pictures of your hive & bees throughout the year
-get your choice of a jar of honey or fresh honeybee comb right from the beehive in the Fall. 
{*All the details are on their website} 

 Of coarse I choose the frame of fresh honeycomb,  just sounded interesting & I think of keeping the frame around to remember the year by.  Such a wonderful thing to be a part of, I'm so excited & looking forward to it!!  

I named the Queen of my hive after my daughter, Macey.  {Sure I'll be doing this for a few more years so that the other 2 get a bee of their own too.} 

I thought about it for awhile on what to name her.  I wanted it to really mean something special to me.  I thought of a lot of amazing examples, who I love that I could have named a Queen after but decided to go with my first born. She is someone I am very proud of, has worked very hard the last couple of years & is reaping the rewards this year.  I knew she would enjoy making something delicious with the honey from the hive & last but not least someone who, sad to say, will be leaving our hive soon when she graduates from HS this year. 
{Oh, my momma heart just about can't take it!} 
 She seemed like the obvious choice to name my 1st Queen after, love you Macey! 

So glad to know that the honey & my bees are happy up in the land that I grew up in.  It makes this whole thing that much more special to me knowing where the honey will come from.  Can't wait to enjoy it this Fall with family & friends.  

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get up there & see the bees in their natural environment, at least once.  I'd love to watch & learn from them.  

To learn more about adopting a hive for yourself "bee" sure to check out  Tell them the honeybee sent you. 
-Their website is so dreamy & charming! -

Have a wonderful day & remember, Save the HONEYBEE!! 


Right around the corner


Already dreaming of happy colors, chicks, bunnies, sweet treats, springtime decor & lots, lots more.  Mark your calendars & plan to "bee" there. 

More info. coming soon.  Stay tuned & "bee" sure to check out the hashtag #theSpringHive for some sneak peeks of the good stuff that will be there. 



Love month!


Love is in the air & on the mantel!  Love this month & all the sweetness that comes along with it.  All the kindness, show of affection & loveliness is just so lovely to see. 

When it comes to decorating our mantel upstairs, I think I have seen the light!  I love having something up there that lights up.  It's my favorite thing to turn on in the morning, for just a little glow & the last thing to turn off at night.  

Found this cute little marquee light up heart at Michaels & it was 40% off, hello!  I'll take it & I also took the metal & wood heart that's next to it too.  I just couldn't pass up a great deal & cute new decor!  To add a splash of color behind the metal wood heart, I just cut & taped a piece of pale pink scrapbook paper I had.  Like how it looks.  

Simplicity is always best.  This sweet display took only minutes to put up & will be a pretty thing to look at all month long & remember to Be Kind & say I Love You!