Happy Halloween everyone!
Hope you have a wonderful day full of tricks & treats coming your way. I'm off to celebrate in my girls' 4th grade class at their class party. 

-My sad attempt at a costume yesterday-  funny glasses & a hat. PLUS it is my best impression of the pictures Miss Mace always takes of herself- 
I'll be back tomorrow to announce the details 
for the "BuZZ" about The Hive & WiN GiVEAWAY!! 
& start my 30 days of developing an Attitude of Gratitude
{Hopefully you'll join me too- more details to come} 

Have a SPoOkY rest of the day! 

p.s. this is how our Halloween weekend began- young hooligans! We woke up to this Sunday morning. Oh, to be young again & stay out past 10:30p.m.


My to do list- Check!

Hi everyone-
  Do you ever feel like you are just going from one thing to the next?  I have felt that a bit the last little while so I wanted to share some of the FuN things I've been able to CHeCK off the list.
{it's always a good feeling to accomplish even the littlest thing}

Last week I got to CHeCK off something with my family that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile- hike 
Adams Canyon.  It is a gorgeous {longer & harder than I thought} 3.5 mile hike up to a water fall.  Have any of you out there hiked it?  It was the perfect time of year to do the hike, nice weather, blue skies & of coarse all the trees in brilliant fall colors.  
-Ty & I at the water fall, yeah, we made it!!- 
-Our group for the day the Quig's + 2 good friends!- 

-Ty& I with the canyon behind us- 

The next thing to check off the list was the morning spent down at SPaRK {even just for a bit} My friend Nicole & I went to check it out {we were Sparkettes last year} & just from being in the building for little while you could feel the creative energy. Everything was so fabulous {from what we could see} & we found lots of great treasures to buy from the Market.  
{I'm definitely saving up my pennies to go next year} 
One of the highlights for me was running into Rhonna & Margie in the market & getting a hug from them.
{so wish I would have gotten out my phone for a quick pictures-shoot!} 
Anyway those ladies are just the most creative, sparkly, bubbly people I know. 

Next thing checked off the list was Gourmet Club last night. The theme was Black & White 
{kind of Halloween-y but not} 
It was a great night filled with fabulous friends, fun conversations & yummy food.  I opened up my emails today to see this & wanted to share it with you all.  
{I guess Black & WHite is the in thing!} 
For those of you always asking me about the charming white metal cake stands I have & always use to display stuff on - well.... this is where I got them from. 

Just a few things I've been able to CHeCK off my list lately.  Now onto the next 100 things to do! ;) 

{These are at the top of the list} 
-finally buying Photoshop {& learning how to use it!}
-Shopping day in Park City
-Date night with Ty {here} 
-watching the BYU game {go Cougars!
-Pink Zumba-thon tomorrow with my girls 
-Audrey's last soccer game of the season


*don't forget The {Holiday} Hive is coming. 
Nov. 10 & 11th  
Check back next week to learn how to WiN $$ to spend at The Hive. 


What I'm up to today-


  Just getting ready to host Gourmet Club 
{along with my friend Nicole} at my home in a couple of hours. 
The table is set & now all we have to do is cook the yummy food. 
Can't wait to share all the pictures from the night & the delicious recipes with you {here

In the meantime enjoy this video. 
It's my husband's 994 lb. pumpkin being carved by our very talented friend, Zach.  The pumpkin has been on display up at our kids Elementary School where the mascot is an Eagle. 
All the kids have LoVED having it up at the school.  
{it will be at our home Halloween night all lit up for the night}

Enjoy & HaPPy {early} HaLLoWeeN! 



You're invited.....

YiPPee- look what is right around the corner
{besides the chilly weather, daylight savings {yuck!} & snow} 

Is it really that time of year to start dreaming of Christmas & all the sweets, treats & joys that come along with gift giving?  I can't believe it.  
-Be sure to check back the next couple of weeks for Sneak Peeks of what & who is going to be at The Holiday Hive as well as some GiVEAWAYS!
{which are always FuN!} 
-I'm thinking I'll have to do something really, ReaLLY fabulous for The Hive falling on 
11-11-11, that doesn't happen everyday right?!? I'll come up with something ;) - 

Until then enjoy Halloween coming up 
{I still have a mummy costume to create} 
& I'll be back with more info. about The Holiday Hive later.  Just wanted to give you all a heads up so you can plan to come. 



Pumpkins on parade- a peek inside 4011

           EnTeR-  if you dare......
{& feel free to "piN" if you see anything you like}  

  I just wanted to show you around my home on Lilac Lane & how I incorporate pumpkins in my Fall & Halloween decor.  
You saw a little of a sneak peek on the Studio 5 segment last week but here is a bit more.  
I {heart} pumpkins! Can you tell?? 

-The set up on our front porch this year.  I simply adore the blue pumpkins we grew in our garden & of coarse a super easy & very cute "knee high pumpkin" is a great combo- 
-The whole front porch look.  I am really liking all the white in my decor this year. The vintage white scale, old white screen door {which used to hang on my wall in our old home} were given to me by friends- aren't friends who know you well the BeST!  The old chicken feeder, that's filled to the brim with little white gourds I got at an antique sell years ago & keep finding fabulous ways to use it for so many different things.  One of those finds you are so glad you got when you did. You love & appreciate it more & more as the years go by- 

-Greetings in the main entry.  I have fallen absolutely in LOVE with the vintage black typewriter that my husband got years ago.  You might remember first seeing it used {Here} I'm just having so much fun with it.  Also I love the way the glass holder is filled with well used letter stamps that I have had lying around {but didn't have the heart to just throw away} they have been well loved & used so for many H&H products over the years. 
-A little peek at what's on top of the mantle.  I love mixing textures together to create groupings to display.  The brown twine wrapped around the pumpkin, next to the old trophy with a glittered pumpkin placed on top & the old wooden baluster - turned candle holder off to the side & then of coarse Books.
{I don't know what I would do without piles of books lying around to place & stack up here & there

-More of the "famous" knee high" pumpkins placed on the end table in the great room-
Remember- super simple to make 
1- get a pie pumpkin
2- get a great textured black knee high
3- stretch out the knee high & stuff the pumpkin in
4- roll down the knee high around the base of the pumpkin
{add some brown wire around it if you want to got the extra mile} ta-dah! 
-My Kitchen island display this year. Love all the variety on display this year- the mixings of woods, metals & glass with all sorts of colors & levels.  Love it! - 

-An aerial view of a stenciled pumpkin- 

-A look from the great room into the kitchen.  I really like "warty" pumpkins & this one came out of the McQUigley pumpkin patch this year.  Love it paired with all the cream colored candles {in various holders} next to the great metal box that has been well used by me too this year {Here & Here} I also placed some of the old black & white family photos I inherited around the tin. I looks cute!-  

-A sweet little white jack be little pumpkin with a tag & an spring wrapped around the stem to welcome in the season- 
-I used an old pop over pan to display 6 little gourds & pumpkins to set on my mustard coffee table/bench. I like tying to think of ways to use things I already have {in this case- the pop over pan} in a unique & different way that
is a little bit of a surprise- 
Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for stopping by. Only 1 week until Halloween- OoOOh!! 
{2 1/2 more weeks until the Holiday Hive-Yippee!



The GLiTTER goes too.......

Congratulations- Julie! 
{Happy Glittering} 

There is a song that we dance to at Zumba lately that I love 
{you can find it on #51 of my playlist} 
anyway my favorite part of the song is the line that says, 
- Throw some glitter make it rain down! -

So Julie hope you make it "rain glitter" at your house next week, I'll get it in the mail to you on Monday. 
Email me your address please, thanks 

Hope you all have something fun planned for your Saturday- 
I Do!  
I'm off to the Spark Artisan Market with my friend, N & then to the BYU football game for a day date with Ty
Should be a fun day! 


*also I just realized that I never announced the winner of the cute glittered postcard {that I talked about here}  well... the winner is Michelle!  
So a cute postcard is heading to Texas ya'll - YiPPEe!


Recap Studio 5- Pumpkins!!


  Here is a link in case you missed watching it this morning.  
{Don't forget to enter the GiVEAWAY below}  
-You can never have too much glitter lying around the house-

Feeling a bit better having the segment over with today- it's always stressful preparing for & then over with so quickly.  I always enjoy being invited, going down to Studio 5 & running into friends along the way. 
{loved your wreath segment today T!} 

Thanks to Miss Mace for being my personal assistant for the day & tagging along with me. She was a great help! We celebrated with lunch at the Bun Basket on the way home & then watched last night's Project Runway episode together- oh, my gosh! 
{p.s. I want V or J to win!}
-another Studio 5 appearance in the books- so much fun! Thanks Mindy & the rest of the Studio 5 team-

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Sharing the Love & Studio 5!

Glitter GiVEAWAY! I wanted to give one lucky person a chance to make their own Glittered Pumpkin to have around all fall long.  

So there are a couple of ways you can enter- 

1-Watch Studio 5 today at 11:00 a.m. on Channel 5
2- Leave a comment telling me what was your favorite pumpkin idea I showed on the show today. 
3- Become a follower of my Blog 
4- If you already are a follower- just leave a comment

I will draw one lucky person tomorrow morning to receive a 1.5 oz. jar of Martha Stewart Glitter. 
{probably a glorious Orange color} 
**if you leave a comment to enter would you please either have your comment linked to your email so I can get a hold of you or leave your email in your comment so I can contact you or better yet- just check back tomorrow to see if you are the WiNNER. 
{So many times I do a contest & then can't get in touch with the person who won to send it to them} 
-Some other glittered pumpkins in a display that didn't make it on the air today. Too cute not to share- I'm LOVING the glitter stripe pumpkin- 

Ok, I'm all packed & ready to head off to the Studio 5!
Hope you like what you see. 
{fingers crossed} 



One of my FaVORiTE things- tutorial


  I wish I could say the title of this post in my best Oprah-isc voice! I loved to watch her FaVORITE things show each year. 
{By the way are you watching her Lifeclass on OWN?  I love it, lots of good lessons to learn} 

Ok, now back to one of my FaVORITE things to do in the Fall. 
I absolutely adore glittering pie pumpkins to use in my home decor throughout the season. 
{* FYI- watch Studio 5 tomorrow at 11 for more pumpkin decorating ideas I'm going to share} 

**Glittered Pumpkin Tutorial**

Step 1-  Select a cute little Pie/Sugar Pumpkin
{Yes, it is a ReaL one, I don't like using fake pumpkins & gourds. They are only about $1} 
Wash & dry it well before you begin

Step 2- Get your Glitter ready.  
I only like to use Martha Stewart Glitter or Art Glitter.  The glitter is super fine & extra sparkly- trust me the extra little bit you'll spend {or WiN- details to come} is worth it! Plus, the glitter really goes a long way.  
{By the way- Art Glitter has 100's of colors to choose from} 

Step 3- Grab some Modge Podge 
{liquid love- I use this all the time!} 
& a foam brush

Step 4- Don't forget to have a tray or a wide piece of paper to set your pumpkin on to collect all the glitter that falls off when glittering.  You want to be able to save every last little bit of glitter to use again for your next project. 

 Step 5- You're ready to Glitter!
Brush one side of the pumpkin completely with a light coat of Modge Podge & then sprinkle on the glitter.  Be sure to cover every nook & cranny of the pumpkin
{it looks cuter that way}
Just keep applying glue & sprinkling with glitter until it is completely covered & let dry. I like to use any color of orange glitter, dark brown or even a light pink/champagne color for the pumpkins.  I like to have a diversity of colors of pumpkins to use in my Fall decor. 
{I have even used a glo-in -the dark glitter before for some FuN!}

Step 6-  Display, sit back & enjoy! 
One place I HaVE to put a glittered pumpkin up every year is on my upstairs mantle I love when the light comes in through the windows in the afternoon & hits it just right & it just sparkles! 

? Honeybee wants to know- have you ever glittered a pumpkin before?  
{they are not only great for your home decor but make great little gifts for a neighbor or friend- I have given many away in my day} 

I was in line at the supermarket last week & the cashier asked me what I was going to make with the pie pumpkins I was buying- when I told her I was going to glitter them she couldn't believe it but she wanted to make some too.  Maybe she'll see the blog & try to make one herself.  If you haven't made one before I hope you give it a try- it's super easy & you'll love having it up until Thanksgiving too- trust me! 

-Remember to watch Studio 5 tomorrow on Channel 5 at 11:00 a.m. {if you live in Utah- like me} & then check back on my blog for a chance to win something to help you with your next glittering project- 
{don't worry if you live out of state I'll post the link & you can still enter the GiVEAWAY} 

Off to finish up some last minute details- 



What I wore Wednesday


  I totally embraced the Fall season today by wearing an orange top, cream sweater, grey cardigan 
{I love this cardigan, it's so soft & light- thank you DownEast.  I love all their stuff!} 
 & put on my brown riding boots & headed out for the day. 
{I don't ride horses but I thought that sounded official ;)}

I got up this morning at 5:45 a.m. to go to Zumba- which is always so much fun!  I love getting up early {when I do} & hitting the gym & being home by 7:00 a.m. to get the kids off to school & start my day. Ahhh..... so much better than going to the gym at 9:00 a.m. but not able to start the day until 10:45 at the earliest once I've showered & got ready. 

I heard something that totally hit me today {at the scripture class I attend} we were having a discussion about choices & somebody said- there are 2 types of pain we can experience in our lives 

1- the pain of discipline 
{getting into a routine/habit, doing everyday & what we are asked or want to do} 
2- the pain of regret
{when we don't do the things we know we can & should do} 

 I sooo feel that when my alarm goes off at 5:45 in the morning, it's dark outside, I'm warm & comfy in bed & I don't want to get out of bed & go to the gym {so I choose to stay home} BUT then later in the day I totally regret not getting up & exercising.  I need to remember the POWER I feel once I go & how I feel through out the rest of the day.

Have a good night- back with some exciting stuff tomorrow! 



Oh, I needed this!


  I came home today from getting my hair cut, colored & curled {Thanks Tex!}to find a package waiting for me on our front porch. 

{Really, I feel like I just got a big boost of Creative Juices when I opened the package} 

Look at all this fabulous paper I ordered to create wonderful Holiday decor with- YiPPEEI mean just look at the combination of Reds, Greens, Blues, Mustards & Turquoise- 
I'm as giddy as a kid in a candy store! 

I'm super excited now to start designing for the
-Holiday Hive- 
Yes... you heard me right the Holiday Hive
 {a sweet little boutique
is coming & will be here before you know it!! 
The 10th & 11th of November to be exact so circle your calender, call up all your friends & check back for fun GiVEAWAYS & such. There will be some super charming things available & some new faces to The Hive too- yeah! 

But.. before I get too much in the Holiday spirit I need to enjoy the Fall a bit more & I get to do that on Studio 5 this Friday @ 11:00.  
I sure hope you can tune in-
I'll be sharing {& showing} some of my favorite tips for decorating Pumpkins.  
{It should be fun!}

Just wanted to share my JoY today! Isn't it funny how some colorful vibrant papers can just make your day?  
{At least it did for me today- I love color!!}

I'll be back to show you want I'm dreaming up with it- in love with some of the papers & dreaming up wonderful frames, holiday memory cards & much MORE!

Happy Joyful Day!