Goodbye... May!


  Wow, has May really come & gone so quickly?  I can't believe it. Just wanted to share my excitement for the 4 WiNNERS that will be coming to the Swap. 

Looking forward to meeting you 
{those I don't already know but soon will} 
& getting our Swap on!  It's going to be amazing!  The Cultivate girls are having our last meeting before the Swap on Monday in my front yard {Yeah, we are doing it picnic style this month around}  Should be fun to sit out on the lawn in the shade & discuss all the little details, can't wait. 

Here are a few of the pics from the drawing.  Check out the Cultivate blog if you want to see if you were one of the LuCKY 4 drawn.  
-How cute is that tin by the way?  Love it!  Thanks to the talented Haley, one of the Cultivate girls, she is an amazing photographer- check out her work- 

Also thanks for all your interest in the Pre-Order items for the Summertime Show
{I better get busy filling orders!}  
You have until the Saturday to place your order by.  
{ want them guaranteed by the Summertime Show to pick up} I have LoTS going on next week so I need to put a cut off date on pre-orders so DON'T WAIT get your order in SOON!! 

Goodbye May & Hello.... June 
{my B-day Month, Hooray! Anthropologie is calling me!}  
& the Summertime H&H Show on June 14th.
{6-9:00 p.m. in gorgeous Mt. Green @ 4011 Lilac Lane} 

Have a wonderful day- I'm off to embrace summer & go to the pool with my girls today.



Happy Shopping- Pre-Order SaLE!!


Here are some items for Pre- Order {Pick-up Only!} that I will have at the upcoming H&H Summertime show on 
June 14th  6:00-9:00 p.m. 

{Have you heard it's only ONE night only this time?}

**By pre-ordering it will guarantee that you get the item & take it home with you that night. 
I'll just place it aside for you to come pick up.   

So without further adieu.. here are just a few of the items that will be for Sale during the Summertime H&H show. 
{don't worry these aren't the only things that will be for sale there is more where these came from- trust me!} 

H&H painted Number Sets {0-9} 
All numbers are about 12 inches tall &6-10 inches wide {depending on the number}  
each will be painted a beautiful color.
{paint colors will vary UNLeSS you specify other} 
They will be bundled into sets of various colors for you to look through & pick out which one you want to take home with you.  

H&H Number set

So many possibilities with this set:
1-kids can play school with them
-What the #'s look like in my home. The perfect spot for the girls to play school. Above the Playroom cutout window under the stairs- 
2- put up in your child's room 
3- display in a playroom 
4- set out an important # for a birthday, your son's Baseball uniform #, daughters soccer jersey # or...  

5- They can also be used as great backdrops or photo props for pics- see for yourself! 
-It looks like even used as a stencil to trace the numbers too- so clever,
Haley @

Perfect clustered together on a mantle or just "plant" one right next to your favorite picture on the shelf.  Love these little blossoms- so much personality & flair! 
{The smallest measures 8 inches & the tallest is 12 inches} 

So darling & so Summer-y!  Bring the outdoors in with lots of colors, patterns & prints to choose from.  Variety may vary- first come first "picked" on the 14th.  
{I'll make lots to choose from- no worries!} 
{Save 2.50 if you buy a set of 3}

-Personally, I want the whole bunch!!  So sweet & charming.  Love all the patterns & colors- 

-WOuld make a great gift for a friend's birthday, a neighbor who needs some cheering up or just to plant in your family room to bring a little bit of the outdoors in!-

Flowers by the bunch 
These flowers {16 1/2 inches tall} come in a set of 3.  These are a fabulous way to really make a statement in any space. 
{color combinations & patterned paper will vary} 

H&h Flowers

-So cheerful, don't you think?- 

The All- American Stripey frames
Choose from a 5x7 or 8x10 sized frame.  The perfect way to capture your favorite snapshot from this fabulous holiday  & display it proudly for all to see.  
{choose from red stripes/blue frame or blue stripes/red frame. Better yet order one of each- Psst...I really think you should!} 
-These are 2 8x10's shown.  Please note that the frame around the opening will vary, they won't look the exact same as these examples.- 

All-American Stripey frames

-Love the traditional look of the red stripes with the blue frame on top.  So Patriotic indeed!!- 

-Oh, there will be lots of other 4th of July things to pair these frames with. Plan to come on the 14th to see exactly what- 
Ok, that should give you just a taste of what will be available at the Summertime Show on June 14th 
{6-9:00 at 4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green} 

Hope you saw something that you liked & want to have in your home or to give to a family member or friend. Questions please feel free to email me at- 

-Thanks for stopping by the H&H shop!- 



A {early} Sneak Peek!


  What I'm up to on this cold, rainy, chilly, blustery day.  
{It's the end of May, right?}  
I guess it's good that Mother Nature is forcing me to be indoors today because I have a lot to do to get ready for the H&H Summer Show coming up June 14th
{Have you marked your calendar yet & called up your friends?} 

-Oh, lots of colors!! I love playing around with all this fabulous paper & thinking up creations.  Fun stuff galore will be for sale at this show- excited to put them all together!-

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  -I'll be back next week to announce some exciting PRE-SaLE items for the Summertime Show. So be sure to check back-



What {We} wore & where {We} went Wednesday!!


** Special edition of what I wore Wednesday. It's not every day that I have a personal assistant {fabulous daughter} by my side most of the day so I thought we better take advantage of our time in the BiG city & make a day of it. 
{just warning you now- there are A LoT of pics with this post- too much fun to just narrow it down to one or 2 pictures!} 

First stop- Studio 5 
{you can watch the link to the show by clicking on Studio 5}
 Had to take a quick pic of myself at the mirror right inside the Studio doors- get one last look at yourself before you go on LiVE TV!! 

-Navy top DownEast {awhile ago} chunky bracelet DownEast, Yellow pants, The Gap & open toed heels, Target

I'm totally over the moon in love with this color combo lately- Navy Blue, Mustard Yellow & Touriouse- LoVE!  

With the fabulously talented, co-host of the show, Brooke Walker.  She is always so sweet & kind to me.  
{Well everyone is there is, it's always a pleasure to be on} 

My amazing daughter 
{& personal assistant for the day, Miss Mace}  
It was so nice to have her with me all day. She hauled in stuff from the car for the segment, helped set it up, was my personal photographer & buddy for the day.  
Love spending time with her! 
{Oh, just wait until you see what we did!!} 

2nd Stop- RubySnap cookies- right down the street from KSL.  Have you been there before?  If you haven't you should go.  Yummy cookies & so retro & vintage, I can't stand it!  
{I got a Trudy cookie, Mace went with the Zoey & we brought a     Ricki & a Virginia home to share with sisters & Dad}
-Check out their unique & fun menu, {HERE}-  

3rd Stop {on our whirlwind tour in the city} Emilie Jayne 

{down the most nastalgic tree lined street & even a tire swing hanging near by- I loved it!} 
Right when we walked in this consignment shop on 8th & 9th I was in love- it was like walking into a rainbow.  Everything was color coordinated in solid bright color schemes.

 Oh, Mace had the best time in this store. She found one hat & just had to try it on & of coarse pull a typical teenage face.  
{She does this in about every picture she ever takes!}

- the vintage yellow rose hat, I was dying- so cute!-And... another hat 

Just when you thought it was over.. that's right... another hat. 
-Good thing I had the handy dandy cell phone with me at all times to capture all these pictures- priceless & sooo fun!- 
4th Stop- Abode.  This has been another "bucket list" of mine.

 Yes, I told you about finally making it to Ikea last week well I've always wanted to go to this shop too. I've heard so much about it from Leila Bird that I wanted to check it out for myself.  Once again it was more fun having a free spirit, fun loving teenager who is up for anything there with me.  But... instead of hats in this shop we found....

Glasses  & a bright orange suitcase..... 

and lots of vintage {fashion} dresses from long ago.  Actually I think Mace would look great in this style- she could pull it off. We even saw a dress in there that would be a darling dress for the prom, one day. 
{I'm serious... not joking around.  Maybe we should go get it & hang on to it} 

-She could totally RoCK the 70's look-

5th Stop- LuNCH! {we were starving} SMaSH BuRGER!! 

-SMaSH Fries- Yum!!-
 6th {& final} Stop- Orson Gygi's 
I have wanted to take my Cupcake Wars, Top Chef, Chopped watching daughter here for some time now.  She is an AMaZiNG baker & creative chef.  She is always trying a new recipe or coming up with something fabulous to make in our home. I have no doubt that she will wear an "official" chef's coat of her own one day- you go GiRL!  
-Future Top Chef contestant!!- 

What a fun-filled, fast, furious & fabulous day!! 


-Don't forget to enter the Swap giveaway- details in the post below!


Step Right Up....

Ta-Dah-da- DaH!!!
Very excited to announce that the Cultivate girls are giving away 4 tickets to the 365 Swap over on the Cultivate Blog.  So if you missed out on grabbing a ticket earlier this month 
{they were a HoT ticket & sold out lickety split} 
don't worry there is still time to try & come to the Swap.  
4 LuCKY winners will be drawn  {next week} for a FRee TiCKeT to attend the Swap {an amazing event} on June 21st.  
-Go HERE for all the details- 
GOod LuCK, I'd love to see you at the Swap- it's going to be FaN.TaS. TiC!!  
{Check out the official 365 invite, you'll get in the mail if you win a ticket- so stinkin' cute!!}

This time around The Swap is going to be over "the top"  completely different from any of the past Swaps.  That's what I love about doing this with Nicole, Sheryl, Haley & Becky is that we try to come up with new & totally different ideas on how to present the Swap to all who come.  This time around is going to be a party- I can't wait!! 

The 4 lucky WiNNers will be announced on the 
Cultivate Blog  next week.  
{a $10 value- but really worth SO MuCH MoRe!}  


**If you're stopping by the H&H blog for the 1st time- Welcome & THaNKS! {I hope you keep coming back} I'd love for you to "follow" along or if you'd rather "like" H&H on FaceBook.