Just my style-


  I mentioned last week that I'm excited to know that there is an official term for the style of decorating I'm loving right now... Juxtaposition. 

I wanted to show you a spot in my home where I see that style coming through loud & clear!  It's just the right mix of metal, style, wood, leather & some vintage finds- such an eclectic hodge podge mix. It started off with a lampshade I had had lying around for YeaRS down in my basement & every time I would pass it I would think to myself, 
"I really need to do something with that"  
I liked the style of the shade just not the fabric anymore.

So I jabbed a pair of scissors into the fabric & ripped & tore it until it was all off
{super easy to do- although I did feel a bit bad doing it}  
& found a great base at Target put the wire shade back on top & WaH-LaH new life to this lamp & instant style to our family room.  

Love looking at this spot in our home each day. It makes me happy. 



gillar girl said...

This is sooo cute--love it! I recently found a shade similiar to this one at DI for $1! I've got a little spot planned for it in Ava's new room :)

Honeybee said...

Thanks Tiffany, that means a lot coming from an "official" decorator. Just knowing we are on the same wave length makes me feel like I'm on the right track!! :) Thanks for the comment.