What we're up to around here

Getting these ready to go in the mail {better late than never} actually they're Happy New Year cards so I'm covered ;) 

Miss Mace went into my craft room this morning & whipped out this darling lampshade.  Isn't it the cutest?!  She is one talented & creative girl!!  She is going to use it in her bedroom- I'll post a picture later. 

A close up of the paper posie lampshade.  I loved that she used music paper as the base {so her} & dreamed up & made each of the blooms herself using this & that. 

Ok, now back to boxing up all the Christmas decor, organizing the girls closets, watching the DI pile grow & grow & figuring out what to make for dinner tonight, any ideas? 

?Honeybee wants to know- What are you up to today?



Happy Day!


Yeah, the day {or the BiG night} is finally here- my favorite day of the entire year so much excitement & anticipation.  It's the day when my family gets to load up the car drive to my hometown, give gifts, read scriptures, watch as sweet children act out the Nativity, sing hymns & carols, celebrate the birth of our Savior, be in a home filled with my cousins, aunts, uncles & Grandma, the excitement of the girls putting on their Christmas jammies, the drive back home as Emily looks out the car window for a sign of Rudolph's red nose {which she always spots} & then turning on the TV for a bit to watch Ralphie before going to bed & dreaming of Christmas morning.  
{simple joys!}

  May your days be Merry & Bright
-Happy Holidays everyone-

-My favorite Vintage ornament I have found to date.
Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!- 


A Salty mix to go along with the Holiday Sweets

  If you're like me you love {sometimes a little too much} all sorts of sweets during the Holidays. Sugar Cookies, Chocolates, Caramels, yummy loaves of bread, Gingerbread & the list could go on & on. 
Well the girls & I are making something SaLTy today to balance out all those sweets that are piling up on our kitchen counter.  
{Thanks to so many wonderful neighbors & friends, who are great bakers it looks like, our counter top is overflowing!} 

This recipe is a Christmas tradition that our Grandma GG made each & every year.  The girls & I wanted to make it this year in honor of her- we miss her so much but love that she left all of us so many wonderful lessons, recipes & memories to have forever. 
-Wearing one of Grandma GG's aprons for the day- 

Grandma GG's Scrabble 

2 lbs. Salted Mixed Nuts 
1- 12 oz. package Corn Chex Cereal 
1- 6 1/2 oz. package of Wheat Chex Cereal 
1- 10 oz. package of Honey Nut Cheerios 
1- 6 1/2 oz. Pretzel Sticks 
mix all together in a large bowl{It makes a bunch!} & set aside 

Toss together:
1 1/2 cups Butter 
2 TBS. Worcestershire Sauce 
1 TBS. Garlic Salt 
1 TBS. Seasoning Salt 
a sprinkle of onion & celery salt.  

Pour over cereal mix & toss together until coated well. Spread out evenly on cookie sheets {I used 3} & put into a 225 degree oven & toss every 20 minutes.  Bake for 1 1/2 hours. 
I told you it makes a bunch! 

-My girls with their Grandma GG in her home on Christmas day in 2009- 

Placed in a vintage bread pan it looks so yummy to grab a handful & start munching the salty, crunchy mix.
I love that there are just certain things that really matter & mean something around Christmas time. Whether it's Grandma GG's Scrabble or Baked Eggs she would always make for Christmas day brunch, piling into my Grandma Hall's home on Christmas Eve {all 70+ of us} & watching the young grandchildren act out the nativity, looking at the glow of the Christmas tree in the wee hours of the morning, seeing the colorful retro Christmas tree lights outside or just thinking about our Savior Jesus Christ & grateful for his birth & his life.
It truly is the most wonderful time of year. 


Oh, the places I go {at 4:44 a.m.}

  Happy day before Christmas Eve everyone- hope you are ready for the big day. 
I'm up bright & early {again} thanks to Mr. Olly barking & deciding to wake up for the 2nd day in a row at 4:30- augh! 

So checking emails, FB & Pinterest I've stumbled upon some great new blogs & places to visit & check out for inspiration. 

{really cute ideas for ideas!}

I do love getting up early in the morning {well not this early} & looking at our Christmas tree & the lights- it's so pretty. It makes me a bit sad that this time next week it will be all put away for another season. 

I've also been brainstorming a bit on what will be My O.L.W {one little word} for 2012.  I've had a few words popping around in my head that I'm considering & liking for my motto for the year.  My word for 2011 has been - Flourish & looking back on the year & the experience, opportunities & lessons I've had it's been a great one. Can't wait to re-cap it all in a post next week. 

Have a wonderful day everyone. I have a few more packages to wrap & deliver today & treats to bake. 
{well.. I guess I'll go get started- the early bird gets the worm, right?}



Some wintery scenes around my home


  Juts a few minutes before my girls are off from school for the Holiday & the sugar cookie baking can begin- Hooray
Since there is very little snow outside my home this Christmas I thought I better look around my house for signs of winter indoors. Here are a couple of cute little spots that make me smile & dream of a white Christmas-

This one is in our guest bathroom.  I love the little scene set in a mustard yellow metal tool box I found at the DI awhile ago.  The base is some old marbles & vintage colorful poker chips with some sparkly snowballs {my favorite things}
mixed in perfect for adding some holiday cheer. 

 You can never have too many bottle brush trees around the house placed here & there- I always say. 

This magical scene is set up in the kitchen windowsill- who knew that waterless snow globes were just as much fun to look at.  {Another {pin}spiration from Pinterest} Each bottle was so fun to create.  I need to be on the look out for some other fun little vintage goodies to finish off each scene.  I used a variety of jars from the ordinary Mason to older blue glass jars & unique ones found at antique stores.

I filled up the bottom of each jar with faux snow, glitter snowballs & even sugar-  I had a blast coming up with each little scene. 

?Honeybee wants to know- Is it going to be a White Christmas where you live? 

I guess it's all how you look at it - if it's not outside that doesn't have to stop you from being creative & coming up with ways of having some white stuff indoors. 



It's a wrap..... {The weekend before Christmas}

I'm back! 
{Sorry, for the last post but I was not a happy camper! So frustrating!!*@!*}
So here is the post that was suppose to go out yesterday.

WHeW!  What a fun party filled, wonderful dinners, time in the BiG city & a night at the Utah symphony weekend. 
Looking back our family was able to be a part of some wonderful festive parties & celebrations that only come around this time of year.   Although it makes for a busy couple of days I wouldn't have it any other way. 

It started off with Miss Mace & I hosting a Soiree at our home. Soiree is French meaning-  n. an evening party or gathering of friends.
It's always lovely to have family & friends from near & far share an evening of Holiday fun with us. 

Miss Mace & a friend of hers made all the cupcakes for the evening.  Here are her famous Mint Choc. Chip cupcakes- they are as yummy as the look!  Delicious mint frosting, choc. chips baked right in- not to mention the mint chocolate drizzle on top.  Great job Mace & Mal! 
 These c-cakes were a big hit too! Spice cake with a cream cheese eggnog frosting- topped off with just about the cutest little cupcake topper ever!  A tiny bottle brush tree placed in a bottle cap & set on top- Delightful! 

To keep with the French theme we served Parisian Hot Cocoa {this stuff is the ReaL deal!}  So easy to make & so delicious to sip on a cold winter evening.  The Hot Cocoa station all set up & ready to serve- it was a hit! 

-French Hot Cocoa- 
{By the way.. this would be a perfect thing to make & give to neighbors as a sweet gift this year }

6 Squares of Unsweetened Chocolate 
1 C. Water 
2 2/3 C. Sugar 
1/4 tsp. Salt 
2 C. Whipping Cream 
1 tsp. Vanilla 
1 tsp. Almond Extract 

Bring water, sugar & salt to a boil.  Boil for exactly 5 minutes & let cool. Using a double boiler melt chocolate until smooth.  When chocolate is melted & sugar mixture is cool combine until smooth. Whip the 2 cups of cream & mix in the vanilla & almond extract.  Fold the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture.  
At this point you can enjoy the hot cocoa by putting 1-2 heaping spoonfuls into a steamed mug of milk {has to be used in milk not water} or you can pour into a plastic container, place in the freezer & store for up to 3 months. 
{the whole wintertime long- perfect!}

{CAUTION- this is so tasty it can also be used as ice cream or just a spoonful of chocolate goodness when you need a chocolate fix. So delicious but dangerous ;)! }


-Just had to show off the fun thoughtful gift I recieved from my friend, T.  She brought me a gift to the Soiree & I set it aside & didn't open it until after the party- Boy, I wish I could have.  I would have poured my French Hot Cocoa into this great personal thermos that she found.  So perfect for the evening! - 
Another favorite Quigley Holiday Tradition is to spend some time at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.   They always decorate their windows with some kind of treasure hunt or story with a treat at the end.  If you haven't done this yet- you must!  It is such a treat our kids love spending time there & taking in all the sights, sounds & smells of the Holidays. 

After visiting the Grand we ate at PF Changs.  The girls weren't too sure about waiting the hour & a 1/2 but once they got their lettuce wraps & drinks they were happy that we waited it out.  
{I guess we should eat out more often so they learn patience instead of just Wendy's or Arby's}
Mace & Ty used their chopsticks to eat their entire meal- way to go guys! 
- Audji & I.  I just had to show off my new sparkly top that I got for the Holidays to wear to parties & the symphony

Then it was off to the Utah Symphony for us Quigley Girls. 
{Ty opted to stay out & walk around Temple Sq. for a bit since we only had 4 tickets- what a guy!} 
Oh, my goodness what a show!  It's always a treat to go to the Symphony around Christmas time & hear the wonderful music but this show included the Cirque De La Symphonie. 
The performers were AMAZING!  I loved seating with my girls, listening to the beautiful music & watching in a amazement at the performers & what they could do.  
-A bit of a dark photo of the girls inside Abravanal Hall. The famous blown glass sculpture- 
If you have never been to the Symphony for their Christmas concert you must.  I've had the pleasure of going to many thanks to Ty's sweet Grandma GG giving us tickets & taking family members as a Christmas gift. I've always looked forward to going & I'm sure she would be happy to know that my 3 girls went with her tickets this year & thoroughly enjoyed it.  
{We all thought of her during the performance & miss her terribly}
My absolute FAVORITE Christmas song the Symphony plays each year is Sleigh Ride. 
{Oh, I wish I could just be the guy in the percussion section who claps the wood pieces together to make the whip sound- makes me so happy & brings me so much JoY to hear that song!} 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend & are looking forward to the magical weekend ahead. 

?Honeybee wants to know- what do you like to do in the big city {either SLC or wherever you live} to celebrate the Christmas season?


I'm SiCk! {Not really but kind of}

I just had a post all typed up ready to go- in preview stage & then for some reason lost the whole thing except the 1st paragraph! I was sharing a bunch of fun stuff my family & I did this weekend {Oh, I'm sick!} 
Does it take you forever to do a blog post too or is it just me??  
So anyway enjoy this picture for now- it's lovely & reminds me of a happier time.
-My home all decked out for a party I hosted. Be back with more, maybe once I calm down-
 When I have the patience & energy to spend another hour on the computer I'll be back to share more of our great weekend. 
{now off to do laundry & clean out the fridge :( }



Oldies but Goodies!


  I'm a sucker when it comes to anything vintage {it must be the 70's in me} but it just takes me back to my childhood & wonderful memories.  As I was unpacking Christmas boxes this year I realized that I had started a collection of Vintage Christmas record covers & Golden books. I just adore the colors, design & pictures in the books & on the record covers.  

I love to place the record covers here & there for a bright pop of color & a little nostalgia.  
-By the way notice who made the NiCE list this year}

The books I like to have around & read with my girls or even place on a shelf or the mantle too. 

So you can imagine my surprise when I got this last night from my sweet friend.  I just about died! It was packaged so cute & 2 of my favorites things 
1- Julie Andrews 
2-  Mary Poppins 
{bonus- another record to add to my collection}
Thanks Tex!! You know me so well ;) 

I had a fabulous evening last night with a home full of fun friends & lots of tasty food. I'll be back soon to share pictures & recipes. 
-The hostess after the party with about the cutest, glittery-est ribbon I've ever seen. I just had to make it into an accessory!- 

*{Here} is a cute vintage inspired blog I've stumbled on that is delightful. 


One of my Happy Places


  I {heart} Pinterest! {Have I told you that before?}  It is such a great way to be inspired & share ideas with others. I love to get on there every time I need a creative BooST {which was yesterday!}  Here are a few of my FaVoRiTE things I saw yesterday & by the look of it there were alot of people that agreed with me because they were re-pinned LoTS of times. 

*Oh, one thing I will say is it pays to DiG a little bit deeper.  I have really started to take the time to "find the true source" to get the pins from rather than just pinning from the person you follow {unless they are "the source"}  It's always amazing when I click on the "Pin" & then find the exact blog the image came from what other fabulous things are there to see & I usually pin a bunch more stuff.  
{If you haven't "pinned" that way before try it & I think you'll like it!} 

How fabulous is this cupboard- not to mention the green color. I love it! 
{& wish I had it in my home!}

Are you serious!? How divine is this cake?  You can have your choice-white, milk or dark chocolate. What a genius idea!  P.S. I know that dark choc. is better for you but I'll take the milk chocolate ANYday
Which layer of goodness would you choose? 

What a cute little guy! He just makes me smile.

Are you as inspired as I was by them? If you were than just don't "Pin" these images off of my blog click on the image & keep clicking until you get to the blog that the pin originated from. {So the real people get the credit} 
*Thanks to Heidi for leaving a comment telling me where the original snowman came from. I guess you hope that someone that "pins" onto their blog gives the proper credit where credit is due especially when you can't go back any further to find any other sources- it happens. 
You are always welcome to "PiN" anything you like from my H&H blog onto your boards. I hope I post pictures that might inspire you.  I enjoy seeing images of my home, decor & pictures of my products popping up here & there on "pinboards".  THaNKs!  It always makes my day :) 

Happy "PiN"ning!
{now who wants to make me that cake & bring it over?... ;) } 



Putting things into perspective....


  Ok, I'm having one of those Bah-Humbug kind of days {maybe it's due to trying not to have sugar today} & to make it worse I went out to get the mail {which is one of my most favorite things to do each day} only to find junk mail starring back at me! Augh... that usually never happens in December {& it shouldn't!} so as I was stomping back into the house feeling a little in the dumps I stopped to think for a bit. 
{1st of all I shouldn't complain because I haven't even made, written or put together a Christmas Card this year & who knows if I will get around to it}

I need to be grateful for: 

-a client {who has quickly become a sweet friend} who brought me a little gift today as she came to the H&H sale. 
-my health that I can walk out to the mailbox each day. I have a dear friend who is suffering right now & she reminds me all the time to be grateful for my health. 
-watching the snow falling outside & paper snowflakes
{& all the scraps of white paper around reminding me of my creative kids}

- a kind neighbor who shoveled my sidewalks & drive-way today for me 
-that I have a warm, cozy house to be in
-my Husbands job that he gets to do something he enjoys 
-this little guy {Mr. Olly} to keep me company during the day
-Peace & safety.... 
the list could go on & on.  Hopefully by typing & getting it out there it will help me snap out of it - we'll see!

Hope you are having a good day & finding something to be grateful & happy about. 



Baking central on Lilac Lane

12.12.11- {Ooh, that will be a fun date to type next year!} 

We are in full Holiday mode in our house & still counting down to the BiG day! Only 13 more days are you ready? 
Day 12- A picture of my daughter Audrey in 2006 baking Gingerbread cookies to put on the Christmas Tree- 
We have made our traditional {from a box} Gingerbread House. Really, I should get up the nerve to make & bake a ReaL Gingerbread House next year especially after the beauties I saw last month in North Carolina. 
See what I'm talking about {here

-Audrey focused on the finishing touches of her peppermint stick log stack- 
-The cutest & freshest smelling roof around- Mint Choc. Chip Gum sticks!- Mmmm! Em had the idea to dust the roof with sugar for the perfect finishing touch to the house-
The girls also got to decorate graham cracker houses yesterday that are now on display on the mantle above the stove in the kitchen.

-Love the colors of these little houses!- 
-Remember the tip I gave you in the last post?  Use household baking supplies as a substitute for faux snow.  Here I used sugar & rock salt- 
The girls & I made these delightful little cookies on Saturday night.  Very festive & fun to make! 

-A full bowl of goodies to use for the cookies.  Love the color combo of turquoise, red & white- delightful!

{To get the cookie recipe above- just click on the picture to be taken to Pinterest & the link}

Miss Mace made this cake for her Aunt's Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Manda!! 

Looking ahead this week:

Audrey, Em & I got invited to a little cookie exchange party {how fun!} We will be making & taking 3 doz. Gingersnap Cookies
{my Grandma Hall's recipe- yummy!} 

Miss Mace has been hired {by me} to bake 3 dozen Cupcakes for a little thing I have this week. She is super excited to do it! Can't wait to taste them. 

I'm also going to be making some French Hot Cocoa to have on hand for the Holidays.  It is super tasty & the ReaL DeaL.  I was given the recipe by a friend a few years ago & always enjoy making it during the winter.  
{I'll share the recipe & pics later this week}

And... last but not least I'm cooking up a H&H SaLE! 
{tomorrow from 10- Noon} 
-A cute wreath will welcome you to the SaLE! There will be some of these for sale too!-
All remaining Christmas items will be marked down 20% 
-Frames, boards, tiny tins, Christmas memory game, paper & yarn wreaths & Holiday blocks will be for SaLE-  
as well as all remaining 2011 inventory up to 50% off. 
-Hope you can come over!- 
Don't forget that Leila Bird will be having a sale too right next door- so hop on over there after stopping by here!
-I just had to mix in a jingle bell on the wreath- because it's one of my favorite Holiday sounds- 
Have a wonderful day everyone! 
?Honeybee wants to know- what are you cooking up for the Holidays?