Saying hello & answering some questions


Hello, friends!  It's been a while to say the least, not even sure if there are any of you out there that still follow along {If so I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment & say hi!}  Just finished up another successful, busy & fabulous Hive this weekend.  I've been thinking about some questions that I was asked several times by my clients, new shoppers & friends.  It's been on my mind & I wanted to get down to the bottom of it so I could answer correctly.  
-A few of my favorite things I created for The Holiday Hive this year. Glad they all went off to new homes- 
During the show I was asked a couple of questions that I thought I better answer.  

#1-  "How long have you been doing The Hive?"  I would always think, guess & then say maybe 5-6 years, I wasn't quite sure.  So I came to the blog to get the for sure answer.   {Glad I was better about updating this back in the early days of my business so I can look back, remember & smile at all that has been done & what has grown over the years.}  I had to go back waaaaaaaay to February 2010 to find my answer & pictures of the very 1st ever Hive.  I have always done shows of just my H&H things but the 1st ever invite other creative friends, 3 vendors to be exact,  to sell along with me came in 2010.  So The Hive is going on almost 7 years.  Think I better come up with a fun little celebration for it in 2017, don't you think?  It's also the anniversary for this blog of mine, too. Definitely need to celebrate some how. 

- Enjoyed looking at this spot for 3 days.  Of coarse some of my H&H board signs, loved my friend Janet's awesome snowflakes, the AmAZiNG floral displays that 3Dotters brought {I had to keep this one for me!}  & the fabulous rustic stars my Dad made.  Loved how it looked tucked into my vintage pop crate with bags of yummy candy. -
Fun to be asked this question so much this weekend & get to have my very good friend {best supporter of H&H from day 1}  Nicolle here to help me cashier all the way from Boise, Idaho.  It was neat to look back at my blog post about the 1st Hive & find a picture of her & I those 6 years ago.

-I think we look good even 7 years later!-
Glad The Hive began all those years ago & the opportunity I've had to host it over the years.  Amazing to see how it has grown & what it has become today.  For all the many vendors who have participated over the years {maybe that's my next thing is to go back & look at everyone that has come over the years}  & for the many, many sweet friends & associations I've been able to gain over the years through hosting this event 3 times a year.  

Question #2-  "How did you do that?" "Did you make those?"  "Where did you get them, I love it!" 
My garlands!!  If you know me, read the blog, follow me on Instagram or have been to a Hive you know that I like to decorate & make it a real event to come too.  Garlands are a fun, easy way to decorate & make a big statement.  I always put them up above my island & out front under The Hive sign to welcome everyone to the show.  
-Always excited to see what this area looks like all set up for The Hive every time. Always different & unique for each show.-
I wanted to create a mini Winter Wonderland this time around for The Holiday Hive so I came up with some garlands to put together & hang up.  So easy to make but I do have a few pointers & info.!  

Balloon Garland- Ok, I LOVE this!  When I saw it posted on the Instagram feed, @ohhappyday I fell head over heels.  What's a party without balloons & garlands- put them together & GENIUS!!  

I got on their website & purchased a pack. {The balloons I got were the 6 inch size} Each balloon has a little tail on the other end so you actually link/tie them together to create the garland.  
- I tied little yarn tassels to the ends for a little bit more charm & effect, like this garland needed it but I thought it looked cute!
You can purchase them here-

The rest were easy DIY garlands, these really made me feel like a kid again. Like I was back in elementary school during art time.  I had a blast making them! 

Silver Pipe cleaner Garland- Buy a pack of pipe cleaners, any color.  For the smaller chain, I cut the pipe cleaners in half & simply formed a loop & twisted the ends.  The larger chain was just a normal sized pipe cleaner. 

Marshmallow Garland- So fun, a little sticky but would I do it all again, absolutely!  If I made more, which I'm sure I will, I would let them sit out longer for sure before I even attempted to stitch them together.  Open up a bag of big marshmallows, spread them out on a sheet cake pan, let sit for at least 4-5 days {the 1st attempt I did on the 2nd day still way too sticky!} get a long strong needle, thread a strong twine through it {make sure needle has a big enough eye} & simply start threading through the marshmallow.  Might be a little gooey inside even though the marshmallow shell is tough,  if too sticky wait another day or two.  

Pom Pom Garland- Had a pom pom maker so I just put my girls to work as they sat & watched TV a few times.  They enjoyed making them & I enjoyed tying them together on a string of sparkly bakers twine. 
So glad I was asked the question & spent some time today researching, finding the answer & going through old blog posts, walking down memory lane & being inspired along the way too.  

Paper Chain- You can't go wrong with this stand by.  Classic & timeless, not to mention super simple to do!  

Wishing you all the happiest of Holidays ahead.   Hope to take the time to get on here to chat & share with you more often.  It's just so gosh darn easy to just share things on my phone but I really do miss this form of communication.  I'll try to do better. 



The Holiday Hive!


What's coming up!  Hope to see you there, it's going to be a festive filled show.  So excited to have 10 amazing vendors, along with H&H, in The Hive.