An after The Hive tradition


  It's become a tradition after The Hive's doors are closed that I take my little family out to dinner.  I do this as a thank you for letting me take over the house & fill it with lots of wonderful things & tons of amazing friends & shoppers.  

Each time it's a bit different. 
We never go to the same place twice 
{ok, maybe we did once to Training Table but that's just because I was craving a #25 & cheese fries- yum!} 
But I always like to celebrate a successful Hive & thank my family with some fun family time & a dinner out.  

This time we stayed close to home & went to Taggarts Grill. Have you ever been?  It's up past Morgan {about 15 min. from my home} & it is tasty!  When you come to the next Hive you MuST go there for lunch, dinner or just to eat one of their desserts. They are all A.MaZ.iNG!! I know there are a few ladies who come up to The Hive {with their husbands who stay in the car while they shop} just to go out to dinner after at Taggarts. Something to think about! 

I like Taggarts because it has a great menu & something for everyone. Real homey food! The huge {& might I add tasty} homemade rosemary roll that Miss Mace got with her bowl of Spicy Black Bean soup.  My hubby got one too with his pot roast- which looked really good by the way! 

This picture just makes me giggle- Em was comparing her Cheeseburger from the kids menu to Audrey's Bacon Cheeseburger from the big menu that she ordered.  hahaha!  Actually Audrey did pretty good & almost ate the entire thing. 

My order: the French Dip with Fries.  I ordered this for a couple of reasons, #1 the french dip comes on their homemade pita bread & it is good & #2 I think their fries are really tasty.  Not soggy, has a nice flavor & alot of crunch to them. Throw in a side of fry sauce & YuM.E!

 But this.... is really what I had been dreaming about for 3 days during The Hive.  The reward of having a piece of Taggarts Carrot Cake on the last night of The Hive.  Come to Momma!!  A pure pound of heaven- so incredibly good!  

I didn't eat the whole thing by myself {although believe me I could have!}  I shared it with my hubby.  & then ate the rest of it for a Sunday afternoon snack the next day.  

If you've never been to Taggarts you should drive up on a Saturday & go to dinner or lunch during the week with your girlfriends {heads up... it's closed on Mondays}  I especially love to go eat there in the Summertime & sit outside.  There is a beautiful view of the mountains & there are gorgeous peacocks {yes, peacocks} that roam the property.  So fun! 



Weekend Wrap-up!


  Oh, my goodness- where to begin! Still on cloud 9 from a fabulous Hive last week.  It just keeps getting bigger & better with a few lessons learned during the process too. 

Loved seeing so many of you!  Familiar faces, new friends & even meeting a few blog stalkers 
{thanks for being brave & saying hi, we're totally friends now-Hooray!} 

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from the past 3 days. Wish I had more of each of you but I've really enjoyed looking at all the ones that you posted on Instagram #thehiveboutique25.  

-My sweet friend Nicole is the creative genius behind Leila Bird designs.  I love having her be a part of The Hive because she makes the most unique & amazing things. She is a wonderful friend & such a support to me-   

-The best cashiers & candy bagger ever!  My sis Vanessa, Miss Mace & fun friend Terra.  They are so awesome to help me out each Hive. Love you girls!!- 
- A Honeybee sandwich between 2 of the most creative ladies I know!  Such a thrill to have Margie Romeney-Aslett stop by The Hive on Saturday.  I met her 3 years ago at Spark & just fell in love with her enthusiasm & sweetness.  I'm also grateful for the connection I've made with Annie {the maker of all the fabulous wooden signs at The Hive this year} I've shared her blog in the past on here & how I admired her from a far for a looong time before I finally got the courage to leave a comment on her blog one day & we've been friends ever since.  See... a lesson for all you "stalkers" out there- don't be afraid!  Friendships & connections can be made that will bless your life.  - 

-A peek at all the goods in The Hive.  So many fresh, fun & colorful things this time around.  Loved it!!- 
-With my friend, Risa.  You may know her from Studio 5 & her blog Restless Risa & believe me she never does rest.  She is always coming up with something fabulous & creative.  So happy she came to The Hive with her cute kiddos! -

-I always love setting up & getting ready for The Hive.  My island is such a great focal point for the entire event- 

-Thanks to Bake it Pretty my green cupboard had never looked so cute!  I wish I could just shut the doors & keep all those colorful goods inside.  Hope you all got something fabulous from this cupboard to use for your next upcoming party or celebration.  I know I loaded up!-

After each Hive I take a minute to sit down & jot down a few ideas, thoughts & lessons I've learned from this one that I can carry over to the next Hive.  I'm already excited to be thinking about the next one.
{One lesson learned: buy more candy!  Still can't believe that
30 lbs. of candy was gone in the first 2 hours of The Hive. There's alot of sweet tooths out there- but it is SoOoO Good!}

Ok, the WiNNER of the Instagram $25 dollars to spend at the next Hive giveaway is.....


{Congrats... Constance!  There'll be $25 smack-a-roos waiting for you at The next Hive. Probably in the Fall sometime!} 

Thanks so much to everyone that posted pictures of The Hive.  I loved seeing groups of friends, items you bought & pretty things you admired. It was nice to sit down, put my feet up at the end of each day & look at them. Gave me such a "BuZz" of energy & a grateful heart.  So glad you love coming to The Hive & thanks for sharing about it with others.



A few things....


  Another great day in The Hive.  Met some new friends, cute ladies who traveled the distance in the snow
{Salt Lake & Draper... see people it really isn't too far away to come to.  I promise!! } 
& cute little kiddos that came along with their Moms.  
A really, fun day!  

A few items of Hive business: 
#1-  Oops.... just saw this sitting lonely by my front door.  Don't know who's it is.  If it's yours, I'm sure you're missing it already.  Email me & I'll set it aside for you. 

#2- Leila Bird made some of these beautiful blooms today, made out of Parisian paper 
{that's right all the way from Paris! Ooh-la-la!!}
many of you wanted to purchase them last night from her display so she decided to make some up to sell. They are darling & certainly one of a kind! 

#3-  Bake it Pretty just dropped off some darling striped & chevron colored cupcake liners & polka dot boxes.  So cute! 

#4- This busy bee is off to go make up some new frames to put out tomorrow- better get to work! 

Ok, I think that's it.  The last day of 
The Hive is tomorrow 10-3. You won't want to miss it.  
-Hope to see you tomorrow!!- 


I'm still "BuZz-ED"

{photo courtesy of my friend, Janelle.  She took it & posted it on Instagram at #thehiveboutique25 to be entered for a chance to win $25 at the next Hive!} 

Whew... what a night at The Hive last night.  I had a a hard time falling asleep so much energy & excitement! Thanks to everyone who came- such a great time!  So appreciative for you all & the hugs, chats & things you do for me & say.  Really they all just make my day & keep me going.  

 I wanted to post some info. about the shirt I was wearing last night.  I got so many questions about it & nice compliments. I really was flattered that so many of you thought I stitched on the lace sleeves to my shirt, I wish I could do that or even think of doing that but... um, no!  I bought it that way ;) 

I bought it from Downeast 
{one of my favorite stores} 
& good news you can order it online too.

The Hive goes again today from 10-2 & tomorrow 10-3. 
{New stuff arriving each day!} 

*Don't forget if you come, take a pic of anything of The Hive & post it on Instagram at #thehiveboutique25 you'll be entered for a chance to win $25 to spend at the next Hive- so fun!  Thanks everyone who has posted pics all ready, I love seeing them all!



Sneak peek- inside!

  Happy day!  The inside of The Hive is bursting with tons of goodness & bright, cheerful colors.  Welcome Spring 
{Hip, Hip HooRaY!} 

Come inside & take a peek.  There is something for everyone- trust me.  Bowties & t-shirts for little guys, sweets, jewelry, hair accessories, frames, home decor, the most darling baking supplies, pop bottles complete with flowers & my most FaVORITE hot pads EvER courtesy of Vintage Fern.  They are the best, love them! 

-Here is some Hollyhocks & Honeybees Goods- 
-please, PLeaSE come get some- I don't want to eat it all myself ;)-  

-I've made it easy for you to start your own pop bottle collection!  Mis match bottles in a 6-pack. I've saved you lots of time & money ;) + they come with flowers & a couple bottles of PoP!! - 
-Colorful, cute magnets- love them!- 
-Bake it Pretty-
-Oh, my goodness! Such cuteness, those berry baskets are killing me- yep, saved me a couple of packs!- 

-More Hollyhocks & Honeybees goodness!- 
-Wooden table runner {bottle & flowers included!} -

-Annie West designs-
-Oh, deer!!  Such cute signs!- 
-Leila Bird creations-

-Vintage Fern's stuff-

Come over & see for yourself.  
ToNiGHT 6:00-8:30 
Friday 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00-3:00 p.m. 
4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green

Off to keep walking aorund my house & filling up my shopping cart- too many fabulous things! 



BuZz- BuzZ!!

  Happy 1st day of Spring!  
I'm totally feeling ready for Spring with all the gorgeous colors I have in my home right now as I'm setting up for The Hive. 
So excited to have so many fabulous vendors come & share all their great goods with all of you. 
Hope you can come it's going to be fabulous! 

There have been so many great pics shared on Instagram lately that I thought I better hop on the blog & share a few of the H&H ones with you. 
{Get on Instagram & search for #thehiveboutique to see more!} 

-Of coarse lots of blocks!  Some of my favorite little things to decorate with- 

-Rolls of fabulous, fun washi tape for Sale!  You can never have too many rolls, right?- 
 Remember the color for 2013 is Emerald.  Some really fun ways to add a touch of green to your home. 

Hmmm.... Hello!  
The cutest little things I ever did see. Totally in love with this curvy 5 letter word in all sorts of bright cheerful colors. 

Lots, lots more where that came from.  
Come check out Hollyhocks & Honeybees at The Hive. 
Thursday night from 6-8:30 
Friday 10-2
 & Saturday 10-3
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green- 

Off to finish off all the final touches for this charming event.  
-Hope to see you at The Hive!- 



Party on......

 So thrilled & happy to announce that 

is going to be at The Hive this time around!  I don't know about you but adorable & practical entertaining, party & baking supplies just bring a smile to my face. 
{just like Miss little Bake it Pretty herself} 
 Oooh, I'm already making my shopping list of what I think I should stock up on. We love to bake in our house!   
{So far it's a pretty long... list!!} 

Here's a little peek of what will be for sale during The Hive

-Darling colored berry baskets.  Oh, the gifts, sweets & treats you could give away with these beauties-  
-I love a cute, little container!!- 

-You can never have too many darling cupcake wrappers around & I need a lot with Miss Mace in the house.  She is always baking & making up something sweet!- 
This is just a sampling of what Bake it Pretty will be bringing to The Hive.  Be sure to come check out all the other cute supplies she will be bringing.  I'm sure you won't leave empty handed.  

The Hive {Springtime Edition} 
Thursday the 21st {6-8:30}
Friday the 22nd {10-2} 
Saturday the 23rd {10-3} 
@4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green 

Hop over to Bake it Pretty's blog for more inspirational ideas.  



To-Do List

 Monday, Monday!  
I really do enjoy Mondays. I like sitting down late Sunday night or early Monday morning & making my to-do list out for the week. I always write on lined paper & with a blue pen. I don't know why, that's just how I roll.   
{Needless to say this week has a whole lot of to-do things listed}
So I thought if you were like me & planning out your week you might want to jot this down on schedule. 
{tell your friends to so they can plan to come along with you} 

-The Hive will be held at 4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green- 

This will be hanging on the front door of welcome everyone to The Hive & to remind everyone of the hours
{No early birds allowed- if you come 15 minutes early you'll just have to wait outside until the doors open ;)}

What else is on my to-do list today:
-loads & loads of laundry
-grocery shopping
-last minute H&H shopping for supplies & such
-work on remaining Hive decor
- Buy bunches & bunches of flowers for decor
{spring is in the air- hooray!}
-Announce the Instagram Candy WiNNeR!
{follow along @mquigbee for sneak peeks & GiVEAWAYS!}
-Get our new dishwasher installed!!
{hallelujah! After 2 weeks of hand washing I'm ready for a break.  Makes me grateful for those handy machines that make life a bit easier}

Whew... I think that's enough for one day.  Hope you have a successful day too tackling whatever is on your to-do list.
Hope to see you at The Hive.



Lookie there!


Hope you all had a LuCKy day today.  
Here's my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

3 cute, spunky, smart, creative, talented, beautiful girls.  Lucky to be their Mom & have them as my friends.  Love them a lot.  Also loved how they rocked their green socks to church today. 
{Love to give little gifts for every holiday!} 



First up to The Hive.....

3.15.13- Please welcome, my sweet & talented friend Amy with Vintage Fern. If you've never seen her vintage handmade goods before you deserve it to your self to come & see them. I promise you won't leave empty handed. So charming!
 Hey there Hollyhocks & Honeybees readers!  
I'm Amy and I am the creator behind Vintage Fern.
I have three daughters (one is now a teenager!!!) that keep me busy along with always 
having some sort of project in the works.  I love to go thrift shopping and my favorite store is Anthropologie.   I also love to cook and bake, I guess that is why my sink is always 
full of dirty dishes.   My favorite part about what I do is that I am able to make my own hours 
so I can be there when my husband and girls need me.  
And I have always had a need to create things, it is just part of who I am. 

I have fun new garlands that I will be bringing to The Hive.


Something else new are these ribbons made from vintage linens.

And I will also have some of my regular items like dish towels, girls dresses and skirts, 
bags and lots of other things!

I've been a busy Bee getting ready for The Hive, I can't wait!
For more sneak peeks and bits of my life you can follow me on instagram  I am @vintagefern


What we've been waking up to


    My husband came up with the idea of making our 3 girls a big breakfast every morning before school.  
 This is something new & different in our home. We usually don't have a sit down, eat all together, hot breakfast every morning.  Usually just cereal, smoothies or toast was the basic everyday around here. Because #1 is on the bus at 7:00 a.m. & the other 2 leave for the bus around 8:10. 
{Our breakfast today- Waffle Wednesday!} 
-He even sets a place for me to eat with the girls.  Loved that he sliced the strawberries this morning, he's the BeST!- 
So when he told me his idea it surprised me a bit. First of all, he doesn't really cook & I thought to myself, "Ok, great this will probably last a couple of days"  but here we are on day 8 & it's still going strong. He's even laid up in bed at night researching new recipes to make for the girls on line & writing down his own grocery shopping list. {what the what?!?}
-A great way to walk out the door to HS every morning for this one.- 

-Happy, hungry girls- 
One thing I know about my husband is when he does something he does it right!  No half way stuff, he is all in to a project when he sets his mind to it.  {Love this about him!} 
That being said this isn't just an ordinary breakfast it is complete with place mats, glasses, nice dishes.  
{which are set out every night before bed to cut down on the prep time for cooking & getting breakfast all ready} 

-He sets out the girls vitamins every morning too.- 
He doesn't just give the girls yummy food but also gives them some spiritual food as well. Each  morning he gives the girls & I a little spiritual thought for the day.  
{We all have loved it!} 
-Vitamin C & D as well as some scripture power is a fabulous way to set out for the day!-

Todays message came from Matthew 6:20-21, a good powerful message to think about.  That's also found in the Book of Mormon.  {3 Nephi 13:19-20} 
We had a great discussion with the girls about these scriptures this morning.  

So grateful to have him in my life & for all the sweet little things he does for our family everyday & especially in the mornings now.  It's such a fantastic way to start off all of our days.  
{Thanks, Ty!  Can't wait to see what you cook up tomorrow}