An after The Hive tradition


  It's become a tradition after The Hive's doors are closed that I take my little family out to dinner.  I do this as a thank you for letting me take over the house & fill it with lots of wonderful things & tons of amazing friends & shoppers.  

Each time it's a bit different. 
We never go to the same place twice 
{ok, maybe we did once to Training Table but that's just because I was craving a #25 & cheese fries- yum!} 
But I always like to celebrate a successful Hive & thank my family with some fun family time & a dinner out.  

This time we stayed close to home & went to Taggarts Grill. Have you ever been?  It's up past Morgan {about 15 min. from my home} & it is tasty!  When you come to the next Hive you MuST go there for lunch, dinner or just to eat one of their desserts. They are all A.MaZ.iNG!! I know there are a few ladies who come up to The Hive {with their husbands who stay in the car while they shop} just to go out to dinner after at Taggarts. Something to think about! 

I like Taggarts because it has a great menu & something for everyone. Real homey food! The huge {& might I add tasty} homemade rosemary roll that Miss Mace got with her bowl of Spicy Black Bean soup.  My hubby got one too with his pot roast- which looked really good by the way! 

This picture just makes me giggle- Em was comparing her Cheeseburger from the kids menu to Audrey's Bacon Cheeseburger from the big menu that she ordered.  hahaha!  Actually Audrey did pretty good & almost ate the entire thing. 

My order: the French Dip with Fries.  I ordered this for a couple of reasons, #1 the french dip comes on their homemade pita bread & it is good & #2 I think their fries are really tasty.  Not soggy, has a nice flavor & alot of crunch to them. Throw in a side of fry sauce & YuM.E!

 But this.... is really what I had been dreaming about for 3 days during The Hive.  The reward of having a piece of Taggarts Carrot Cake on the last night of The Hive.  Come to Momma!!  A pure pound of heaven- so incredibly good!  

I didn't eat the whole thing by myself {although believe me I could have!}  I shared it with my hubby.  & then ate the rest of it for a Sunday afternoon snack the next day.  

If you've never been to Taggarts you should drive up on a Saturday & go to dinner or lunch during the week with your girlfriends {heads up... it's closed on Mondays}  I especially love to go eat there in the Summertime & sit outside.  There is a beautiful view of the mountains & there are gorgeous peacocks {yes, peacocks} that roam the property.  So fun! 



Mimi Sue said...

Can you believe we've never eaten there? It's definitely on our to do list for next month! Mimi

Texie B said...

That food looks delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome write up!
Berk {owner}

BethanyBakes said...

I have never heard of this place! The Hubs and I like to go on rides from time to time so I'll certainly ad this to the "must check out" list. Those desserts are incredible!