To-Do List

 Monday, Monday!  
I really do enjoy Mondays. I like sitting down late Sunday night or early Monday morning & making my to-do list out for the week. I always write on lined paper & with a blue pen. I don't know why, that's just how I roll.   
{Needless to say this week has a whole lot of to-do things listed}
So I thought if you were like me & planning out your week you might want to jot this down on schedule. 
{tell your friends to so they can plan to come along with you} 

-The Hive will be held at 4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green- 

This will be hanging on the front door of welcome everyone to The Hive & to remind everyone of the hours
{No early birds allowed- if you come 15 minutes early you'll just have to wait outside until the doors open ;)}

What else is on my to-do list today:
-loads & loads of laundry
-grocery shopping
-last minute H&H shopping for supplies & such
-work on remaining Hive decor
- Buy bunches & bunches of flowers for decor
{spring is in the air- hooray!}
-Announce the Instagram Candy WiNNeR!
{follow along @mquigbee for sneak peeks & GiVEAWAYS!}
-Get our new dishwasher installed!!
{hallelujah! After 2 weeks of hand washing I'm ready for a break.  Makes me grateful for those handy machines that make life a bit easier}

Whew... I think that's enough for one day.  Hope you have a successful day too tackling whatever is on your to-do list.
Hope to see you at The Hive.


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Nicolle said...

Meliss, I can't believe your dishwasher was broken. Isn't this the 2nd one...? Just checking out the blog. I love it, I'm gonna be folding again tonight and getting ready for my primary meeting.