Get to the PoinT!


  I LoVE a garland! No matter the season there is ALWaYS a reason to hang up a banner.
{Quickly becoming one of my life's philosophies!} 
Just look how cute this is to welcome in Lucky Day which is right around the corner.  
{No pinching allowed in this house, we're 1/2 Irish!} 

This year I thought it would be fun to hang up some glittery, shimmery gold.  I went to the party store {Zurchers} & purchased a fringe garland. {for about $7}  Brought it home & it just looked a little plain & sad. It didn't have that PaZaaZZ I was hoping for so I decided to give it some edge & jazz it up just a bit.  
Disclaimer:  You will learn AlOT about me in these next pictures. I'm a crafter not a sewer so my rotary cutter is used for all sorts of things besides fabric. 

-How to make a gold fringe garland with some edge!- 

1. I left the garland attached to the packaging so it made it easier to cut through {a-ha!} & it kept all the garland intact. 

 2. I cut of 1/2 of the inner cardboard packaging so I could more easily cut through the glitter strands but still had something firm to hold onto to cut. 

3. I lined up my ruler to the center point & outside edge of the triangle I wanted to create.  

4.  Just start cutting!  I had to push fairly hard to get through all the layers & strands but it worked! Once that side was done I just repositioned my ruler to the center again & lined up the other outside edge of the triangle. 

 5.  Ta-Dah!  A fresh, updated gold garland with some future gold confetti strands to use later. {Bonus!}   
To finish it off, hold up the garland & give it a "hair cut" with a pair of scissors.  Cutting off some loose long strands & trimming it up a bit.  

* I will say that after I got it done & opened it up I decided to re wrap it all & cut off a another inch or so. I liked the look of a smaller triangle a bit better than a longer one.  

-Oh, If you still can't get enough of garlands & banners.... Here are links to past posts of mine where I've shown more ideas on decorating with them. Take a peek!
Also {Here} is the link to a Studio 5 segment on a little shin-dig my friends & I host. It talks about how easy it is to decorate an event using garlands. {Fun- ideas!} 

A fabulous event is the perfect reason to hang up a garland so mark your calender for a charming little boutique coming up
The Hive
Thursday, March 21st {opening Night!} 6-8:30
Friday, March 22nd 10-2 
Saturday, March 23rd 10-3  
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green- 
 I have a hunch there will be lots of garlands hanging up. 
{psst.... I'm the one in charge of decorating!}

Come check it out, see the amazing vendors that will be selling their goods & bring a friend or 2 along with you.  I love to make new friends & I'd love to meet YOU!! 

Thanks for stopping by. 
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Katrine said...

I'm excited to come to the Hive. The main reason I'm coming is I'm hoping to meet you and Annie. But of course, I always want to buy something cute for my house!

Anonymous said...

Good Job on Studio 5 Melissa. Can't wait to see all of the fun stuff at the Hive. I always go home with great one of a kind treasures. Angela L.

Natalie said...

Melissa - I LOVE how you cut the metallic banner. You make dollar store stuff look SOOOOO cool! The end of the rainbow is looking pretty sweet!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Yea! You did awesome. :) I love the End of the Rainbow banner. I forgot to tell you last week how much I loved the Marquee this month. :)