Random party part 1.


  I guess I better re-cap one birthday party before we have another birthday around here. 
{Plus- I need to share the surprise party that was thrown for me! Lots to share} 

This is going back a month but remember me telling you about Audrey & Emily's RaNDoM birthday party?  They came up to me & said Mom, "We don't want a theme or any certain colors for the party. We just want to play & have FuN"  Well that is exactly what that party turned into.  
{Let me tell you it was alot less stressful planning that way}
-A few RaNDoM banners hung up to celebrate the day!- 
I started off the RaNDoM fun by sneaking into their room at Midnight & placing a variety of helium filled colored balloons {remembering their request} 
& scattered them in their room.  Trying to be careful not to wake them up. 
-what do you think of the night vision picture?- 
Each balloon had a 5x7 picture of the 2 of them attached to the end of the string.  I actually saw this idea & pinned it onto one of my pinterest boards & it was re-pinned 3,844 times. 
{That is crazy!  Talk about viral in a day!  It still is pinned quite a bit} 
-Cute memories of my girls!- 

-More pictures of special times shared together- 
**Note to self:  Next time when I do this attach the picture onto the balloon & keep them un attached from the others.  Miss Mace helped me tie them all on 
{while still in big bunches tied together} 
I thought we were being smart that way so it would be easier to take down into their room- NoOOO!  I sat at the bottom of our stairs for an hour untangling them all from each other which was not an easy task - augh!
{So take note & learn from my experience if you attempt this}
-Finally, all untangled & ready to put in their room
The girls LoVED waking up to the balloon filled room & enjoyed looking back on the memories they have shared together in the pictures.  It was a fantastic way to start the day.  So much FuN! 
 ** Note to Self: {wow, I learned a lot with this}  Be prepared for them to wake up EArLY if you do this!  There is no way to contain your enthusiam & excitement when you roll over at 6:00 a.m & see your room filled with lots of balloons!! 

-2 happy 10 year olds ready for a fun-filled day!- 

-Another great use for the marquee board!-

The girls had a blast with their friends just laughing, giggling, dancing, singing, musical chair-ing, limbo-ing & scribbling glow- in-the dark chalk everywhere.  It was a joy to watch them all night.  

-We decorated the outside of the door with streamers, balloons to welcome party guests-

-Em, Audrey & Jane having fun on the tramp- 

-What a cute group of fun friends- 

-Happy Birthday to YoU & YoU!- 

-Crayola glow-in-the-dark chalk, LOVE this stuff!!- 
Thanks to my girls for teaching me a valuable lesson that everything doesn't have to match, be perfect & above & beyond to have fun.  They gave me the opportunity to just relax & not stress out over all the details 
{which I tend to sometimes do} 
but just be present, in the moment & enjoy the random-ness!

TRYiNG something NeW!!  
Leave a comment on any post this week & you'll be entered to win something fabulous & FuN on Friday! 

As a ThaNK YoU 
I want to help you get started on your party planning or just send a little SuNSHiNE your way!  All you have to do is leave a comment on any post anytime this week & I'll draw one lucky person & send them: 

*-a bag of Jolly Ranchers & sucker stickers {these will come in handy with what I show you tomorrow} 
*-pack of 12 blue stripey straws 
*-& a 9ft. frilly banner to put up too! 

Be back to share more from the random party tomorrow & another post to comment on ;) 



Anonymous said...

The first comment - that deserves something right! I loved the balloon and picture idea. Guess I need to repin it to my board. Thanks for the idea and fun pics of your party.

Amber Sargent said...

So adorable! I love this idea! sometimes I get to caught up in the "theme" of the party! It's sometimes the most simple things that make the best memories. I also am going to have to grab some glow in the dark chalk! It would be so fun for Halloween.

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

I'll have to remember all this in the future when I'm planning Madi's parties. I stressed for weeks about what to do for her first birthday this year. I didn't go over the top with anything and ended up going with a pink and green theme that matched a onsie I made for her first birthday pictures.

Honeybee said...

Yeah! I love first time comments. The only thing is be sure to at least leave your name so I can contact you in case you WiN!! {If your comment is linked to your email that is the best & easiest way}

E. said...

I love the picture of them pointing to the marque board.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

That turned out so darling!! I will get overwhelmed with all the little details that I will ditch the effort all together. Although, I gotta say that you do random with flair!

Anonymous said...

Oh Melissa you are so creative and I love that the girls will have so many memories of what you do for them each and every day.

LaRae Chapman

A-Z Expressions said...

Sorry I was the first comment and didn't realize my name was not on it. thanks,