Rumbly in the tummy!

Sorry.... but this GiVEAWAY is now closed.  Don't worry, there will be another one popping up here soon so check back. Thanks, {M}

I happened to notice today that all that's in Hector's belly
 {yes, I named my McCoy Owl cookie jar}
 is little bitty crumbs &amp. I want to make some cookies to fill him up & make him
{not to mention my family & probably some neighbors too} 
a bit more happy. 
-Check out my newest pop bottle my hubby brought home from Guatemala for my collection- 

?Honeybee wants to know- What kind of cookies do you think I should make? 
-*Go to H&H's FaceBook page to tell me & enter for a chance to WiN a $25.00 gift certificate
The Hive{on location} Saturday August 18th. 
{One month from today!  Trust me you'll have an easy time spending your $$- there will be lots of cute things to buy} 

-This is my 1st FaceBook H&H page only contest-very EXCiTiNG!  The winner will be announced on Monday & when I'll be busy making dozens of cookies to fill up Hector's tummy! -

Can't wait to read your suggestions
{P.S. I might have to be asking for some recipes too ;) }
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Staci said...

I know!!! See you over on fb

Honeybee said...

Oh, good- thanks Staci! Grandma Hall's Gingersnaps are the BeST!!

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

I am gearing up to make lots of super cute things for the HIVE {on location}! It will be so much fun to have an outdoor shop. hope to see you all soon,
Leila Bird 's Nest

restlessrisa said...

I think you should make oatmeal crunchies! My mom's recipe ;) You will love them! I have liked you on facebook for a while now :)



Anonymous said...

I think Hector needs some rootbeer cookies. They are so good.


Tausha said...

Homemade oreos! I don't bake cookies, but I can make a mean homemade oreo. Devils food cake mix, shortening. Roll into little balls-bake. Make yummy cream cheese frosting-frost-stick the two together and devour! Yummy!!!