I'm a nut!

  I guess you could say that I'm craving NuTS lately!  They are such a great snack & the saltiness is calling my name.  This is what our little "snack station" in the kitchen looks like right now & what you can't see is that Hectors' {the cookie jar} tummy is chuck full of Peanut Butter Choc. Chip cookies. Oh, he is a happy Owl today.   
{-Recipe Below-} 
-A full blown little buffet of salty sweetnes waiting to be eaten my hungry kids after school or guests that stop by for a visit-

Recently discovered these at Costco & they are really good.  Love the combination & different flavors that are all mixed together in the bowl.  Not to mention the pepper punch you get too. Unique & yummy! 

Here is what the package looks like.  I love the combination of cherries in with all the nuts such great flavor. Yum!

Love whole cashews to grab by the handful too.  Looks even tastier set out on the counter in this vintage bread tin.  

Raw Almonds too are set out for a healthy grab-n-go snack.  
{Or if you're like my hubby & I we chop them up & put them onto of our vanilla ice cream! ;)} 

I posted this pic last night on Instagram of some cookies I made to take over & share with our friends.  We get together EVERY Sunday night to watch the Amazing Race together.  It's been a tradition now for a couple of years.  We rotate houses each week & it's a blast.  We love the {S} family!  We always have quite the snack spread set out each week for us to watch the Race.  
{Do you & your family watch it?  My kids love it!} 

There were lots of requests for the recipe so here you go.  They really are great cookies to make- super easy & they always turn out great & look pretty to share.  
So much so that I ALWAYS double the batch!! 
{Got the recipe years ago off of Martha one day- I miss that show!} 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 

1 Stick of Butter
1/2 C. Sugar 
1/2 C. Brown Sugar 
3/4 Peanut Butter {I like to use Chunky} 
    Cream all together & then add:
1 Egg 
1 tsp. Vanilla 
1 C. Flour 
3/4 tsp. Baking Soda 
Semi-Sweets Choc. Chips {I don't measure these I just dump in as much as a I think looks good.} 

Drop spoonfuls of dough onto a un-greased cookie sheet & bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.  
{& thank me later} 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day! 



The cutest Hop Scotch ever!!


  How adorable is this?  I woke up Saturday morning to see this brightly colored creation on our driveway.  My girls drew it while my hubby & I were out on Friday night.  I just love it!  I thought it was so clever to tie in the rainbow not to mention the clouds, sunshine, stars & the moon.  Such a happy hop scotch to play on.  
{Something about colored chalk on the driveway just screams warm summer days ahead- HooRAY!} 

Each of my girls told me what their contribution was. I like when they all work together on a project & I can see each of their creative spirit in it.  It always brightens my day when I see their talents shine.  
{Love each one of them to the moon & back!} 

Hope you all have a bright & wonderful Sunday.  
{My favorite day of the week}  
Ready to be uplifted, inspired & prepared to take on the new week ahead. 



Fleattitude finds!


  I love a good flea market.  Sometimes they are hard to find around these parts but I went to the BeST one last Saturday & can't wait to go back to the next one & the one after that.  
{Oh, yeah I will travel the distance it's that good!} 
Fleattitude takes place down in Pleasant Grove.  The next one is in June & trust me, I've already marked my calender. 
{It's my B-Day weekend & I think my present will be going to it for the day} 

My friend Tausha & I set off bright & early to check it out.  It was awesome!  We could have walked around & around for hours & never get tired of seeing lots of great stuff every time.  I also enjoyed running into lots of friends there too, love seeing people that make me smile.  Fun to chat, look around & admire all the treasures with many of them.  Shopping with friends is always more fun! 

So take a peek at all the goods I found that day.  
I was in heaven!  Love all the things I snagged up to bring home with me. 
Thought all the prices were great & such an amazing variety of all things vintage.  Oh, it made me so happy!  Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era because I love it all but then I'm glad I was born when I was so that I could appreciate all the old things more.  

You know I love a vintage pop bottle. This one is my first black one for my collection, my sweet friend bought it for me.  How nice is that?  Love friends that "get" you.  

-Will be so fun to put out around Halloween with some orange bottles- 
I just liked this tin.  Poinsettias have always remind me of my Grandma & this looks like something that she would have used back in the day.  I tucked it away in the Christmas boxes but can't wait to get it out this Holiday season. 

Vroom, Vroom!!  I've always wanted an old metal truck to use for displays & stuff.  When I saw this one I just had to drive it home with me.  Lucky for me the vendor had just marked the price down on it that day. {Cha-Ching!} 

How cool is that Coca-Cola crate I bought too!  Oh, I have some big plans for this beauty.  In fact I showed a sneak peek over on Instagram last night & so far it's my most popular pic I've ever posted!

Old stationary/office supplies always makes me smile.  I use them for tags, notes, recipe cards & just about everything. I great steal at only a $1. 

You've probably been noticing the backdrop in all of these pictures.  I haven't seen one of these in years!  I remember my Mom having one to cut fabric out on.  But I'm using it in its new life as a backdrop or a divider screen.  I've had so much fun using it already this week.  
{This too had just been marked down- Score!} 

Now to my next favorite thing.  If you follow me on Instagram {& I really think you should ;)search for mquigbee}  You saw how I used this old mechanics roller on Sunday night.  Actually, I don't know what the "official" name for it but as soon as I saw it I thought to myself, this would make a great table runner/island centerpiece.  Oh, I'm in LoVE!!  This is going to be one of those found treasure that I will use & love having around for years.  Thanks to my friend at Jenn at 3Dotters for selling it to me.  

Such a cool piece of oldness.  Love the worn details on it.  I'm sure it was used a ton back in the day. 
Next... this metal, expandable magazine or file folder rack.  I've been wanting one of these for a long time too.  
{By the way how cute is the cover of this months Country Living?  The stuff inside is just as good too!} 

I'm also a sucker for anything kitchen vintage & metal.  I don't know what I'll use these little molds for but at a $1 each they just had to come home with me.  

Just posting all these pictures brings me so much JoY!  Are you like me, do you love vintage stuff?  I'd love to hear from you.  Which of my goodies do you like the best?  

Have a great day! I'll be back soon {seems like I can't stop posting lately!}  to share one of my families favorite things to do together that ties in perfectly with this post.  Maybe you & your family enjoy it too. We'll see!



One of my favorite places!


  I love sharing my favorite places with you all. This one is one of those gems that just makes me happy right when I walk in the door.  Seriously, I could spend hours in this store & never get tired of looking around.  It has inspiration galore everywhere you look not to mention lots & lots of things to purchase. 
{It is a little price-y but sooo fun to look around & keep a running tab of things to my wish list} 

If I lived closer I think I would stop in at least once a week for a creative burst of energy. So much eye candy to look at, such a delightful place to visit. 

-Dear Lizzie is in Highland, Utah in Utah County- 
I snuck away from Snap during the lunch hour break with my friends {Tausha & Candice} one afternoon to check it out.  Both of them had never been there before & I was thrilled to introduce them to one of my favorite places.  Happy to report that they loved it as much as I did & were blown away by all they saw. 
-Such cute friends.  Love my near & far blogging buddies. One from right here in Utah & another from Tennessee!- 
Believe me we could have stayed in there for hours!  Everywhere we looked we saw something else inspiring & creative decor.  They found some fun treasures. I'm sad to say that I walked out of Dear Lizzie's empty handed 
{everything I wanted was $80+, why do I like the big things??}  
but hopefully I'll be back in there soon to make a couple of purchases.  

Of coarse we had to get a cupcake to make the trip complete!  Just had to take a picture of the darling china plate it was served on. Each of us got a unique plate, love eclectic stuff.  {P.S. The cupcakes are so good!} 

Saw this book in the store & it pretty much sums up for me my weekend at Snap.  Lots to start thinking about, dreaming about  & planning it out to make it all happen!  

 I have a notebook full of lessons I learned, cards of people I met & lots of plans for my business & blog.  So grateful I got to participate at Snap & got to steal a lunch break away for some shopping right down the road. {Perfect!} 



My head is spinning!


  Oh, my blog friends it's been too long since I've chatted with you.  My head is literally spinning from all of the amazing things I was able to be a part of & having a to-do list that is a mile long it seems.  

I had a fabulous time at Snap {a blogging conference}last week.  I met tons of new friends, was inspired beyond belief with so much terrific information not to mention lots of ideas for H&H. Like I mentioned there is a long to-do list to start tackling!  
-Everyday was a party at SnaP!- 
When I got home & looked through my pictures I realized that I hadn't really taken too many pics of the Conference itself.  I guess I was too busy taking it all in!  I shared a few pictures on Instagram but I thought I would share some here too.  

One of the highlights of the Conference for me meeting fellow bloggers.  I loved when someone would come up to me & introduce themselves & tell me that they love my blog.  WoW!  That meant the world to me.  I loved getting to give them a hug & become instant friends.  I even got to meet one sweet friend you follows me all the way in Tennessee, she has always been so kind & it was a pleasure to finally meet her face to face & get to hang out with her.  

There are so many things I took away from Snap but one thing I'll never forget is what my adorable roommate, Desi {from the 36th Avenue} told me.  She said something to the extent of that know matter how big you are or the "numbers" are on your blog the only thing you can take with you {like in life} is the relationships the connections that we make.  So true!  Friends that I've met through this blog mean the world to me.  They have brought lots of joy into my life, inspiration & happiness that otherwise I wouldn't have had the pleasure of having if it wasn't for this little blog of mine.  

-My fun dinner table friends on the 1st night.
The top 4 are my fabulous new friends from Idaho:
Andie,  Emily, Ashley & Adrienne.  
The bottom pic is me in a roomie sandwich!  
Tausha & Desi- 

-Fun times at the late night pajama party!  Some really amazing girls in this photo!- 

-Busy taking notes in the Branding class. Good Stuff! Lucky Red Hen sitting in front of me with her awesome hair.- 

-One of my favorite quotes given at the conference.  Saw so many wonderful examples of this quote being true at Snap- 

-My cute fabulous friend, Amy.  Instant friends, 1st time Snappers & fellow bloggers learning how to make it all work.  Watch out world!!-

Excited to put into practice all the helpful tips, great advice & blogging tricks that I learned last week.  You may start to notice a few changes appearing on H&H in the next couple of days.  Change is good!!

-Blog post, CHeCK!  Yeah, one thing crossed off the to-do list & only about 34 more to go! - 




I'm off to this creative conference- so excited!  
So if you don't hear back for me for a couple of days on orders this is why.  Thanks to all those who have placed an order so fun, it makes my life so much easier & plus, then it's waiting for you at The Hive 
{May 16.17.&18}

Excited to share all the fun with you all when I get back from Snap.  Of coarse you can follow along with me on 
Instagram @mquigbee.  
{I'd love it if you would!} 



Back with more... Pre-Orders!!


  I'm back with the Day 2 of pre-orders.  Don't forget if you see something you love or want pre-order it email me to ensure you get on the order list.  Orders need to be placed by April 26th! There will be some on hand during The Hive but I'm not promising how long they will stick around before they are all gone! 
{Then you'll have to order & wait until more are made, so better to do it NoW!}

**To Order email me at  I will print out your order & send you a PayPal invoice to pay.  The items you ordered will be set aside during The Hive for pick up.  If you would like to order something to be shipped let me know & I'll calculate the shipping & add it to the invoice. ALL orders need to be received through email & paid at time of order- thanks! Orders need to be placed by April 25th. Please don't text me or comment about your order on FaceBook, it's just so hard to keep track of things that way- email only!** 

Hello - $12.95 {yellow, white, tourqoise or coral} 

Summer- 16.95 
{Yellow, red, orange or blue} 
*this is a pick-up only item. Not available for shipping! 

Even better put it all together.....

Hello...summer $29.95 
{includes hello, 3 dots & summer} 

Mix & match colors for a fun colorful combination.  The style & colors of the dots will vary.  If you already have an hello but want to add on the rest. 
... & Summer only- $17.00 
*pick-up only item, not available for shipping. 

Sunny days are ahead 
{I can feel it, crossing my fingers & toes!}  
So you might want to do this cute combination too.  
Hello... Sunshine! 

Sunshine set- $26.95
{set includes: hello, 3 dots & sunshine board} 
You pick the color of hello, the dots & sunshine rays will vary colors & patterns.  
Already have the hello & just want to add the rest.  
... & Sunshine block is $14.00 
-Simply in love with this layered sunshine block, just bursting off the board!- 
Hope you've liked what you've seen.  I've been having so much fun dreaming up these & other things for 
The {Summertime} Hive.   Mark sure to jot the dates down on your calendars, in your iphone & on your ipad! 
May 16, 17 & 18th

My thoughts & prayers are with all those affected by the events of yesterday.  We live in such a scary world but at the same time we have so much to be grateful for. I'm always inspired by the stories we hear of heroism, courage & service in times like these.  There is so much good in the world too.  Be that part in your community & home today. 

Hope you have a wonderful day. 


What's in store


In an effort to have more items on hand at The Hive & not have to take orders & make you wait for your H&H goods.  I've decided to pre-sale a few items before the Summertime Hive
{May 16.17.18} 
-This is Day 1 of the pre-sale reveal- 
{I was hit with some late night inspiration & didn't have time to get it done to post before today- so Day 2 coming tomorrow!} 
Trust me there will be lots more H&H things at the show this is just a preview. If you like what you see order now to make sure you get some during the show.
**To Order email me at  I will print out your order & send you a PayPal invoice to pay.  The items you ordered will be set aside during The Hive for pick up.  If you would like to order something to be shipped let me know & I'll calculate the shipping & add it to the invoice. ALL orders need to be received through email & paid at time of order- thanks! Please don't text me or comment about your order on FaceBook, it's just so hard to keep track of things that way- email only!** 

You know what they say, April showers {I really think it's suppose to be rain not SnoW! Not a happy camper today.}
bring May .....

-Have you ever seen anything sweeter- simply adore these!- 
These charming blooms come in a set of 3.  Each one will be uniquely cute & colorful.  The H&H motto is : No 2 will look alike. {love that!} No having the exact same thing as your friend or neighbor.  Flowers will be available for picking at The Hive. They will be already bundled up for you to grab. 

Posies- set of 3,  $26.95 

-These would be perfect to put just about anywhere to bring some cheer to any spot in your home- 

Magnets sets- $5.50 

This will make posting your to-do list, displaying the kids art work or their chore list so much fun.  Magnets come in a pack of 6 & are brightly colored with an array of patterns to choose from.  

And the newest frame design to hit the H&H shelves. Introducing..... the CeLeBRaTiON frame!  
{Bubbling with excitement over these fabulous things!}  
Can be used for any kind of celebration you want to proudly display in your home.  Your latest family vacation, your cute kiddos, birthday party picture, grand kids, hang up in your child's room with a picture of their friends or a family photo in. Oh, the possibilities! So many uses for this super fun frame.  
{style, color, patterns of polka dots will vary. 
No two will look alike.} 
You pick the color you would like for the trim: 
 yellow, turquoise, green, red, white, lt. blue, orange & coral. 

Celebration frames 5x7 size- $24.00
Celebration frames 8x10 size- $28.00

Of coarse there will lots of other great H&H stuff available at The Hive this is just the tip of the iceberg!! 

*Don't forget to email me your pre-order to & I'll send you a PayPal invoice for payment.  Thanks so much! 
Now for some really BiG NeWS!! 
I've pleased as punch to announce that you can soon shop H&H products each & every day!  That's right H&H is now in a delightful store on in Bountiful,  Whisperwood & Co., right on Main Street.  The reason this is huge is this is the 1st time ever that H&H has been in a store, ever! {Yippee!} I'm headed there this morning to stock the shelves with some goods.  So excited about this new business venture. Time to DiSCoVeR lots of new opportunities.  
-Have a fabulous day! Thanks for stopping by the blog-