One of my favorite places!


  I love sharing my favorite places with you all. This one is one of those gems that just makes me happy right when I walk in the door.  Seriously, I could spend hours in this store & never get tired of looking around.  It has inspiration galore everywhere you look not to mention lots & lots of things to purchase. 
{It is a little price-y but sooo fun to look around & keep a running tab of things to my wish list} 

If I lived closer I think I would stop in at least once a week for a creative burst of energy. So much eye candy to look at, such a delightful place to visit. 

-Dear Lizzie is in Highland, Utah in Utah County- 
I snuck away from Snap during the lunch hour break with my friends {Tausha & Candice} one afternoon to check it out.  Both of them had never been there before & I was thrilled to introduce them to one of my favorite places.  Happy to report that they loved it as much as I did & were blown away by all they saw. 
-Such cute friends.  Love my near & far blogging buddies. One from right here in Utah & another from Tennessee!- 
Believe me we could have stayed in there for hours!  Everywhere we looked we saw something else inspiring & creative decor.  They found some fun treasures. I'm sad to say that I walked out of Dear Lizzie's empty handed 
{everything I wanted was $80+, why do I like the big things??}  
but hopefully I'll be back in there soon to make a couple of purchases.  

Of coarse we had to get a cupcake to make the trip complete!  Just had to take a picture of the darling china plate it was served on. Each of us got a unique plate, love eclectic stuff.  {P.S. The cupcakes are so good!} 

Saw this book in the store & it pretty much sums up for me my weekend at Snap.  Lots to start thinking about, dreaming about  & planning it out to make it all happen!  

 I have a notebook full of lessons I learned, cards of people I met & lots of plans for my business & blog.  So grateful I got to participate at Snap & got to steal a lunch break away for some shopping right down the road. {Perfect!} 


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Mimi Sue said...

I love this store too. But you're right, a little pricey. A fun time to go is when it's all gussied up for Christmas. Amazing. Looks like you had lots of fun at SNAP. Mimi