Time to create a "BuZz"


It's time to start creating a "BuZz"  about The Holiday Hive that is next week.  {Oh, I still have a lot to do!}  
Kicking off the week before by announcing the Hive 5 GiVEAWAY.  I'm going to announce 2 lucky winners that will be allowed into The Holiday Hive 5 minutes early on opening night.  If that isn't a prize enough, you also get to bring a friend with you.  How fun is that? 

If you've ever been to a Hive before you know what a special opportunity it is to get in before the swarm of customers.  I did this for the first time at The Fall Hive & had such a blast with it I wanted to do it all again.  

To enter you need to go to either Hollyhocks & Honeybees FaceBook page or Instagram @hollyhocksandhoneybees for all the details.  It's super easy to enter. You need to comment, tag a friend, like & share, that's it!  You have until Wednesday night {the 5th}  to enter & 2 lucky winners will be announced on Thursday morning the 6th. 

Oh, what the heck!  If you want a chance to enter, leave a comment below & I'll throw your name into the mix.  GooD LuCk!  Thanks for sharing & "BuZz"-ing about The Hive. 



Simplify & savor the season

  Hello... friends!  
I hope you have been enjoying the fall season in your neck of the woods where ever you are.  I have throughly been taking it all in this year.  We have had a magnificent fall in Utah this year.  October has been so good to us!  If you follow me on Instagram you've seen that I just can't get enough of the beautiful fall colors, leaves & being outdoors this season.  

It truly has been a season to savor & do simple things that bring joy & laughter.  I wanted to share a few of the things I've delighted in lately. This is the perfect season to start collecting memories rather than things. 
{You know how I love to collect just about anything but moments are really what matter the most & make for the best collection} 

-Love this picture of Miss M, totally describes how I've been feeling later.  Breath it all in & enjoy!  Glad she asks me to snap pics of her all the time.  She comes up with the best photo shoot ideas!- 
The sound of playing in the leaves.  I can't remember a time that I've seen my girls have so much fun playing in the leaves with their friends, cousins & each other.  It has been a joy to grab the camera & snap pictures of them outside, enjoying the sunshine, blue skies & colorful leaves.  Glad that they have taken the time to play & have fun & given me the chance to enjoy it all right along with them.  
 Fall leaves.... is there anything more beautiful?  The mountains have been beautiful this year.  They almost look like a water color painting, brush strokes of orange, yellow & reds just brushed on everywhere.  This pile of leaves made my heart skip a beat last week. I was raking them up for my girls, neice & nephew to jump in & noticed it was in the shape of a heart. Of coarse dropped everything & took a pic.  Beautiful memory of a delightful day spent in my hometown. 

-I'm so grateful for a little shutterbug in our family who leaves me beautiful shots like this as surprises on my phone.  Thanks, Em- 
Last week my husband planned a little day road trip for us to go explore & find some beautiful fall leaves.  It was such a great day!  Nothing big, nothing grand just a car, map quest plans, sack lunch from Subway, oatmeal raisan cookies & perfect company to make for a wonderful day.  Hope this is the 1st of many leaf date drives in our future.  A perfect example of just savoring & enjoying to the fullest. Grateful for the time he planned & the memories made.
-We found the most charming wooden bridge by a tiny river & golden leaves.  It was beautiful.  Can't believe that a few miles away, lots of elevation gain we were in inches of snow & freezing. Brrrr.... not ready for winter just yet- 
Family time is truly the best time.  I love when we spend time as a family just doing nothing but it quickly turns into something & treasured memories.  This past week we have had lots of family time during fall break from school. A trip to Grandma's house, playing in the leaves, working as a family in our yard, taking a short hike to a lake in the beautiful woods by our home, hosting family get togethers in our home & enjoying lots of yummy food too.  None of these things took a lot of planning or time to accomplish but I'm so glad we took the time to do them.  Didn't turn them into a big thing to do but kept it small & simple to be able to relish in & throughly enjoy. 
-Walks around the block with Mr. Olly are the best.  Grateful for this furry guy & how he has helped us prioritize some quality family time morning & night- 
What I'm going to try {& sometimes it's hard} to keep in mind as the hustle & bustle of the holidays approach, is what's important. Remember that it's the simple things that really matter & memories made are the best gift of all.  Whether it's playing in leaves, going on walks, making snowballs, reading a book together, sitting around the fire, baking cookies or making pies it's the little things that bring the most joy. I know that sometimes I over look them or think that they have to be grander than they need to be. 
{Usually stressing myself out in the process too.}  
It's a hard lesson to learn.  I recently told a friend, I want to do everything but I'm learning that I just can't.  Sometimes that it's tough to say no to the things that I really, really want to do but it's better in the long run to simplify.  Planning on enjoying & savoring this year. 

Glad that I came across this book & planner by Connie Sokol, if you're local you might know her from her appearances on Studio 5, I always like when she is on.  She is full of energy, wisdom & always has great insight.  The little planner she has published is a great way to prioritize & think about what you want to accomplish heading into the holidays.  I know that it has made me think & had me start prioritizing just a bit so that I'm ready when all the business & craziness hits.  

Thanks to Connie I'm giving away ONE free copy of her book Simply & Savor that also includes the planner.  How awesome is that?  
To learn more about the author or if you can't wait for the giveaway & want to purchase your book now follow the links below.  

  • Join Connie for her first "Virtual Book Club". Do you want to work personally with Connie to set goals, get feedback and read her book together? Email Connie at ( and put BOOK CLUB in your message. She will be choosing 8 women to participate. 

  • Don't want to wait for the giveaway? Purchase your copy of "Simplify and Savor the Season" right now. Click here.
  • Purchase "Simplify and Savor the Season" any time during the month of October and receive a FREE Simplify and Savor Planner. The perfect way to keep your holidays on track.

Hope you find the time to savor & simplify, look for the little things & enjoy time truly with the things that matter most. 
{Something to think about!} 



Pages of inspiration!


  With all the technology in the world I still get giddy when I get magazines in the mail.  This day 3 of my favorites arrived, it was like Christmas!  Do you still love thumbing through magazines?  If so want are your favorites?  I'd love to hear.  

-My wish list always grows a mile when I get a Sundance catalog.  Seriously... the style is amazing! I want it all!!
Here is some images that got me excited & got my heart racing & my head spinning with ideas from Martha. Hmmm... I've never thought of having a collection of dice but maybe I should.  How cool is this display?  Love all the colors, size & scale of these dice.  What a fun collection to have & you all know I love to collect things!! 

It's always a treat turning each page of the Sundance Catalog but to find this on the very last page was a unexpected surprise. How stinkin' cute are these one of a kind repurposed & recycled reindeer?  The red bottle cap nose is what got me & just look at those gorgeous legs. WoW!  Might just be the cutest things I've seen in a very long time.  Adding these onto my Christmas Wish List for sure! So creative & charming!  
{I think I need a whole team of reindeer ;) }

Ok, just a quick little look at some fabulous inspiration I've spotted lately.  Hope you are looking at pretty things that make you excited, thinking about creating, collecting of saving your pennies.  
{Rudolph will be mine one day, I promise!} 



It's beginning to look a lot like.......


  There's a feeling of magic in the air.... time to start spreading the news about a few fabulous things all about the most wonderful time of the year. 
 {It will be here before we know it!} 

First up,  The Holiday Hive is just around the corner.  Mark it on your calendars & plan to come.  Love that each Hive is filled with unique, one of a kind products created by local amazing vendors.  There will be a fresh new feel to The Holiday Hive & I hope you come check it out.  
{Stay tuned for more info on The Hive 5 & how to enter to WiN the chance for you, & a friend, to get in 5 minutes early on opening night!} 
-Make sure to follow @hollyhocksandhoneybees on Instagram for lots of sneak peeks & info on how to enter The Hive 5 giveaway!- 
 Next, have you seen the adorable festive TaDa Home Decor collection, O' Night Divine yet?  It is the perfect thing to get for your holiday home this season.  Head on over to TaDa's website to learn more about this collection & how to get it shipped right to your door.  The perfect thing to put on your Christmas list this year.  
{Psst... don't wait to long to order & miss it!} 

What a fantastic box of goodies!  Can you believe that you get all that you see here all packaged up, shipped to your door & ready to decorate any space in your home in seconds.  Love the idea of instant decor each month!  
{Be sure to check out TaDa's November Collection, because it's fabulous too!} 

Have a wonderful day.  Be back more this week sharing lots of other favorite things for the Holidays. 



From the recipe box: No Knead Bread


  Today I'm sharing one of the easiest & tastiest comfort food recipes I know.  I was introduced to this beautiful bread a few years ago & have been making it ever since. This is such a great bread to make when you want to make homemade bread but don't really have the time, impress your dinner guests or give to a neighbor. There is nothing hard about this recipe other than just some planning ahead.  I like to mix it all up, leave over night & finish it the next day.  

3. C. all-purpose flour. 
{For wheat bread substitute 1 or 2 C. of wheat flour, just depending on what you like}
1/4 tsp. Instant Yeast
1 1/4 tsp. Salt

In a large bowl combine flour, yeast and salt. Add 1 5/8 C. warm water, and stir until blended, dough will be shaggy & sticky.  Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let dough rest at least 12-18 hours at room temperature. {The ONLY hard part about this recipe is remember to plan ahead}

Dough is ready when it's surface is dotted with bubbles. {as above, this was after 15 hours} Lightly flour a work surface & place dough on it, sprinkle it with a little more flour, fold over once or twice. Cover loosely with plastic wrap & let rest 15 min.
Using just enough flour to keep dough from sticking to work surface & fingers, gently shape dough into a ball. Generously coat a cotton towel {NOT terry cloth} with cornmeal.  Cover with another cotton towel & let rise for 2 hrs. 

At least 1/2 hour before dough is ready, heat oven to 450 degrees. Put a 6-8 Qt. covered pot in oven as it preheats.  When dough is ready, carefully remove pot from oven  {CAUTION remember the pot is hot use hot pads} Slide your hand under towel & turn dough over into pot, it may look like a mess, but that is ok. Shake pan once or twice to evenly distribute the dough.  Cover with lid & bake for 30 min., then remove lid & cook for another 15 min. more or until loaf is beautifully browned. Cool on a rack.


This is wonderful paired with a yummy soup {We like this one!} or hot saucy pasta or a dinner salad.  You can't go wrong with it & it always looks so pretty.  Served it up on this vintage paper cutter that I bought at The {Fall} Hive.  Makes for an interesting bread board, don't you think.  



Sporty Decor- football


It's that time of the year!  Whether you love it, like it or tolerate it it's football season!  Now a days it seems like it's on everyday or night of the week.  I LoVE it!  Part of the reason I do is that I have been around football my whole life, literally.  Do you remember the movie, Remember the Titans & the cute little girl that is always with her Dad, going to games, practices & drawing up plays?  Well.... that was me growing up.  My Dad was always involved with coaching football at our local high school, Sky View.  So I knew all the players, their positions, the plays & of coarse all the cheers from the cheerleaders too. I spent countless hours in the stands, at practices & on the football field when I was younger.  So it's no surprise that I would love to celebrate this time of year & bring sports into my home decor. 

As much as I get a love of sports from my Dad, he got it from his dad, my Grandpa Hall.  I have always loved this picture of my Grandpa.  Isn't it the coolest?  He played football back in the day & this was a picture taken for his Preston High yearbook.  I wanted to enlarge it & put it out for all to see.  I checked out Tiny Prints & it couldn't have been easier to upload, order & print this vintage photo onto canvas & have it shipped right to my home.  When I got it & opened the box I was so pleased with the quality of the print, the sharpness of the image & the great color even though it was a very old photo.  I immediately found a place for it to display.  

Come inside our home, I'm opening up my decorating play book & showing you how to create some winning looks in your home this football season. 

I used my Tiny Prints canvas photo & other sports themed items to recreate a Sporty Decor feel in our home.  This is great if you have kids playing football, you're a college football fan, NFL fan or even just to get excited for the week leading up to the Super Bowl {I mean what's more American?} One thing I always tell people, when they ask me decorating advice or about my style, is look around & ask yourself. 
1) what am I passionate about?
       2) what do I already have in my home I could use? 
3) what personal photographs could I use?
If you follow those 3 things it will always feel personal & authentic to you & your space.  I like to try incorporate those elements into any space I decorate. 

 Here is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.  I love chalkboards & have a bunch of them,  so I grabbed a piece of chalk & drew a play.  Old School vintage feel, I love it!  I also have lots of vintage trophies lying around so I grabbed all the football themed ones I had & set them out too.  This is a photograph of my Dad, #61, when he was an offensive lineman at BYU.  Incorporated what I love, what I have & personal photos.  CheCK! 
{I had to call up my Dad & have him talk me through drawing up this play. Great Daddy/Daughter moment!}  

-Two of my favorite men in my life, Grandpa Hall & my Dad doing what they love- 
A side shot of my vintage football display.  Fun using an old trophy to stick in a well used, worn leather football to place on the corner.  Great way to book end it all.  One thing I love about that football {& others you'll see later} is that they came out of my HS where my Dad coached for more than 30+ years & was the Athletic Director for 17 years.  

It's safe to say that my new favorite thing to collect is pennants.  I'm smitten with them!  Some are vintage some are new but I've told myself that whatever I get they have to come from somewhere I've been.  It's been such a fun collection to start & I'm excited to see how many more I find.  I made this garland just by pinning the pennants to a piece of fabric.  Loved the way it turned out! As you can see more vintage trophies hanging out in the background.  Love to mix & match them all together, too cool not to.  They are not just for white elephant gifts anymore people.  Grab them & hang onto them, I'm telling you!  You'll find a way to use them. 

 I've always wanted to have a sports vibe in our downstairs family room. Mainly because this is where we all huddle around on Saturday afternoons to watch football, week nights to watch basketball & cheer for our favorite teams through out the year.  {Go BYU & DUKE}  I have to start collecting some stars too because I have quite the little Dallas Cowboys fan in our house too. 

Since we love to watch & have season tickets to all the BYU home games I thought it would be fun to write down their entire schedule & put it out on display for all to see. Important that we schedule our calendars so we don't miss a thing. You know, priorities!  

Just have to give a shout out to my Dad. I took him a bunch of chalkboards, from my collection, & he drew plays on all of them for me.  I love that he actually wrote out what the play was called, he still remembers.  These are treasures for me to have out.  So many wonderful memories of him coaching, letting me tag along, Friday nights watching football with my family & cheering on the Bobcats.  

One more place I love to decorate is the stair ledge by our stairs.  I have shared this space many times with you over the years.  Thought the picture of my Grandpa looked great here too tucked in between chalkboards of all shapes, sizes & colors bookended by more trophies.  A great spot leading down to our family room where we all gather to watch sports as a family. 

With a few basic things you can create any kind of winning kind look. Be sure to incorporate what you love, what you collect, photographs & you'll always come out on top.  Hope this has inspired you. More on Sporty Decor coming soon. 
I can't help it, so much to share!