What I'm up to today


  Last day of the month so that means changes going on around here.  I like to welcome in the start of each month with fresh new decor put up all around my home.  I've had a blast so far getting ready for June to arrive.  I don't know why but it seems like I haven't really decorated my home in big time for a long time.  
{I think the past 2 Hive's have thrown me off a bit}  
But... I hit my groove last night & couldn't stop.  Finishing up a few places today & then I'll be ready to show you all the full reveal with pics, on Monday!!  I'm loving what it's looking like around here so far.  

-The Before!  Can't wait to show you the after- 
Bring on June- one of my favorite months!  Here's a few reasons why I'm looking forward to it: It's birthday central around here, since it's my B-Day Month I'll be having a GiVEAWAY, I'm also teaming up with some fun bloggers to share some great ideas for the 4th of July coming up.  Lots of fun things to look forward too. Yippee! 

See you soon!  Have a wonderful weekend & be sure to check back next week to see all the decorating pics & hopefully inspire you to change up your decor. 

* I miss hearing from you!  Please leave a comment & say hello.  


Grilling has never been so sweet!


 This just might be the easiest Summer gourmet treat you could ever imagine firing up the grill for this summer & digging into.  
Grilled Glazed Donuts 
{That's right I said Grilled Glazed Donuts!!}
I got the recipe from the May issue of Better Homes & Gardens & decided to give them a try for my girls last day of school- bring on Summer- snack.  
Boy, were we glad we did. They were a super tasty treat.  

-Heat your grill to a medium temperature 
-Place the donuts {bought from a grocery store bakery or from your favorite donut shop} on the grill 
-Cover the donuts with tin foil & leave for about 30 sec. 
{Don't walk away from the donuts!! You don't want them to burn}
-Turn over & repeat on other side for 30 sec. 
- Remove from the grill & serve immediately, all hot & toasty warm.  

 The best thing about these donuts is that grilling puts on a sugary little crust to the donuts but yet they are still warm & doughy inside.  Such a great unusual treat.  I thought I loved donuts before but this just put on whole new twist on them- Yum!! 

-All lined up in the famous vintage chicken feeder, ready for everyone to dig into. Trust me they didn't last long!- 
Give them a try!  They are fun & a great addition to your grilling menu this Summer. Enjoy!! 



Last Day- Summer ahead!


  It's the last day of school for my girls today. Let Summer begin in a little over 2 hours at our house.  
Always excited for the last day of school, no more homework, getting to bed on time, early mornings.  Ready to just have some FuN, playing outside, enjoying late summer nights & being with these kids each day.  

-Here's how they looked off to school today- 

-This shirt caused quite a stir on Instagram this morning.  It's from Target by the way.  So get shopping! Proud of this one & the way she carried herself through the 9th grade- totally shined!!- 
These two make me smile & laugh every morning.  They thought the heels completed their outfits.
{hmmm... I said, No!} 
Audrey told me that she, "totally rocked these heels better than me."  Whatever?!? ;)  I'm going to miss not having this cute countdown hanging up on our wall. It's been a fun addition to the kitchen for the past 30 days.  
- My babies last day of 5th grade & Elementary School.  Makes me so sad :(  Watch out Middle School here they come!- 

Our after school celebration snack was inspired by what I saw in Better Homes & Gardens this month.  Grilled glazed donuts with a Strawberry Basil dipping sauce.  Mmm!  I can't wait to try it & tell you what my kiddos think of it when they get home. 

Here's to Summer!!  Bring it on. 



Summertime Floral Arrangement


  It's that time of year again.  Time for BBQ's in the backyard, family get togethers, neighborhood parties & just plain being outside to enjoy this lovely time of year.  I wanted to share with you one of my FaVORITE go-to outdoor entertaining ideas.  
{actually it can work indoors or out. If you came to The Hive last week you know what I mean} 

- Flowers in a vintage Coleman cooler - 
Have you ever seen anything more simple or sweet?  This arrangement took literally seconds to put together & will produce lots of smiles & is sure to intrigue your guests.  It will have them saying, "How cute is that!"  or "I have one of those at my house", "I'm going to do that at our next family reunion" & my personal Favorite, "I've got to find me a cooler!!"   

Thanks to my hubby for having a vintage cooler/thermos collection {in an array of color} for me to play around with.  I love to find new uses for common everyday things.  
{We've found them at antique stores, the DI & yard sales} 

One great thing about Sunflowers too {from Costco or your backyard} is that they are pretty hardy flowers & will last for weeks if you need them too.  These blooms went from The Hive last week to being used for the HS softball dinner banquet in our yard last night.  

Love the Summertime & the chance to be outdoors. Hope you get to enjoy warm days & late nights.  Let Summer begin! 





Oh, my heart is aching for everyone in this great state right now.  So much loss & devastation.  I know that everyone will pull together to get through it all & that the spirit of the people of Oklahoma & our nation will rise up to assist, help one another & pray for help & comfort.  

I got a text from my dear friend, LaRae, yesterday afternoon.  Once I looked at the picture in her text {that her daughter took as she headed to the shelter} & read her messages I got chills, teared up & immediately dropped to my knees. Miss Mace & I said a prayer for our dear friends & everyone else affected by this devastating tornado.  

So glad when I got word that her & her family were all safe but so many others are suffering with such loss today. It just breaks my heart. I can't even imagine.  My thoughts & prayers continue to be sent their way. 

Keep praying for Oklahoma everyone. 



Hive re-cap


  What a SWeeT weekend I had.   I enjoy putting together a Hive, working with all the amazing vendors & getting to see many of you {some for the 1st time} in my home.  I really am so grateful for this blog & my business that has brought so many wonderful people into my life that I wouldn't have met other wise.  I call this picture "Honey for my Soul" because it makes me smile every time I look at it.  I wish I had a picture of each & every one of you who came to The Hive.  
{Thanks for sharing all your pics on Instagram at #thehive25 for the giveaway. It was so fun seeing all your pictures & knowing that you love coming to The Hive too!} 

-Maybe if you look close enough you might see some friends you know- 
As much as I look forward to seeing {hugging, chatting, laughing & spending time}  friends that I've know for awhile I love meeting someone for the 1st time who has been a blog follower for a long time. It means the world to me when you come up & introduce yourself.  Instant connection & friendship made!! 
 {Thanks for taking the courage to come to The Hive & for saying hi to me} 
It makes me sad to think of waiting until the Fall until I see most of you again.  But I enjoy staying in touch with you all through texts, email, FB & Instagram.  It really is so easy now a days {WOW, that makes me sound old} to stay in touch with friends far & near.  So fun! 

-Everyone coming into The Hive- 
Here is a peek at my stash of goods I got at The Hive.  Loved the variety that there was this time around.  Grateful for amazing vendors who come & share their goods & want to be part of The Hive. I was just getting ready to put it all in its new place but I thought I would give you a peek. 
-Can you tell I love vintage things?-
The old mirrors are so random & fun!  Some are from old vanities while others just to cruise down a road somewhere on a car.  Don't know what they'll be turned into yet but loved thinking about all the possibilities so I just had to get them. 
I always have to get some note cards from Vintage Fern. They are just too charming not to get.  I like sending cute cards to friends. 
-Love the diamond material on the owl card, so cool!-

Cool old drawer from 3 Dotters.  Looks like it could have been an old card catalog drawer or something.  Can't wait to see what new life this takes on in our home. 

Thought these beads would make a fun banner or garland of some sort.  Not to mention the cool old Bingo cards- so fun! 

Love, Love, Love vintage trim.  I use them as garlands to hang up.  Adds such a fun decor element in our home.  Thought this green could be used for lots of seasons & holidays.  The mercury glass ornaments are for my Holiday ornament collection.  

I don't know why but I've been drawn to old wedding cake toppers lately.  This cute couple just seemed to say let me stay here with you when I saw them out on display.  So sweet!  Love starting a new collection, can't wait to add to it soon. 

Thanks for coming to The Hive & if you weren't able to come this time around don't worry I have some good news for you.

 First of all, you can come to Whisperwood & Co. tomorrow {Main Street in Bountiful} to shop alot of the same H&H goods that were at The Hive.  Really, some cute, fun, Summertime stuff!  
{If you come in from 10:30- 2:00 tomorrow you'll even see me!!} 
 Second, for sure plan to come to the next Hive.  
Mark your calendar for Sept. 12,13 & 14th
{Love the Fall Hive, it just might be my favorite!!}  

Have a wonderful day!


Busy Bee!!

T minus something hours {who's counting!}  I am actually- a lot to still do but so excited about The Hive.  I wanted to share a few things with you before I get to busy & crazy within the next 24 hours & forget to tell you. 
-Loving this hexagon app I just added to my iphone- the perfect way to "BuZZ" about The Hive. I'm sure I'll be playing around with alot more pictures once all the vendors get here.- 

I've been wanting to tell you about this for awhile.  This is our family's NeW favorite show to watch.  It's on the History Channel & it follows 2 guys {Frank & Mike} on their adventures around America as they pick through people's collections.  They are funny too!  
Really, a great show to watch together as a family.  
{These kind of shows are getting harder & harder to come by}  
It's great entertainment & educational too.  Plus, I wish I could follow them around to all the awesome places they find to buy "rusty gold".  If our family ever saw their van driving down the street I think we would all freak out!  It would be so fun to run into them.  Mike & Frank come "picking" in Utah!! 
Anyway... the reason I was tying this into the post about The Hive is when they stumble upon, come across or meet someone with a terrific stash of junk & stuff to look through & buy items they call it a "honey hole"  Well... I think The Hive is going to be a "honey hole"  of lots of sweet stuff this weekend.  Be sure to come check out The Hive & watch American Pickers if you haven't yet. 

2- Something new to The Hive {just in time for Father's Day gifts} is these great wooden keychain/oil holders. Each is turned & created by my hubby, Ty, in his wood shop.  They really are a unique gift to give your husband, father in law, grandpa or missionary.   
-Variety to choose from all the wood is from amazing places from around the world- so cool!- 

**Congratulations to Constance for winning $25 to spend at The Hive this time around.  You could win $25 to spend at The {Fall} Hive just by taking a pic of anything or anyone while at The Hive & posting it on Instagram to #thehive25.  
-Winner will be drawn & announced after The Hive- 
Don't miss your chance to WiN!! 

*The {Fall}Hive coming....Sept. 12-13 & 14.*  

Back to work- lots to do!! 
Hope to see you soon. 



Hip Hip Hooray!


  Look what's on it's way!! The cutest little boutique.
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green-
Directions on the sidebar  

LoTS of fabulous vendors will be in The Hive
There is sure to be something for everyone. 
-Tents for little ones 
-Chalkboards galore! 
-Frames & home decor
-Sweets & treats! 
-Father's Day gifts 
-Summer dresses for girls 
-Vintage finds 
-Ice cold pop & much, much more! 

Sneak peeks all week on Instagram at #thehiveboutique



To Mother's everywhere...


  Happy Mother's Day everyone.  I was really touched by this video & wanted to share it with all of you out there.  Grateful for the privilege of being a Mom & for the Mother who raised me. So blessed to have wonderful examples around me in my life everyday of what being a Mother means. As I watch my friends, neighbors & family members.  So uplifted & inspired by wonderful women that I watch & learn from their examples.  

My favorite line from the video: 

Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother. 

Watch, grab some tissues & enjoy.  

-Hope you all have a wonderful day-



News to share!

  I'm so excited & I just can't hide it !  
{Is anyone else singing the Pointer Sisters with me right now? } 

Time to shout it from the tent poles! {Instead of rooftops, get it? ;)} Thrilled to announce that my sweet friend Amy from PinkParlorDesigns is bringing these adorable tents up to The Hive next week. These would make the perfect little shady spot for your little ones during the Summertime. So Cute!! Hope to see you all at 
The Hive {May 16.17 & 18} 

-Cute little one under the tent, not included.
She's already taken!-
Seriously... How cute are those tents.  I had a sweet friend comment on FaceBook today when she saw this photo that she was suddenly had the urge to go grab a book & sit down outside& read.  I'm not a big reader but it sure has put me in the mood to do that too!  
These would be so great pitched in the backyard for your little ones & their friends to sit under not to mention one or a couple of them at Grandma's house.  How fun would that be?! So many fun adventures & possibilities with these cute colorful things.  So happy Amy will be at The Hive {her first time coming}  She is adorable inside & out.  So glad I got to meet her & become friends at Snap last month.  

Ok, that's all for today.  Kiddos are almost home from school so time to get off the computer.  Talk to you all soon or better yet I hope to see you all at The Hive. 
{It's going to be the BeST one yet, I can feel it!!}

Thursday May 16 {6-8:30 p.m.} 
Friday May 17th {10-4} 
Saturday May 18th {10-2}  



Graham Cracker Cookies


One thing I love about this blog is being able to share with you the simple everyday things that bring me joy.  
Sharing one of my quick go-to treats that's a cinch to make & can be shared all Summertime long, Graham Cracker Cookies. I love making these for my kids & all their friends playing out in the yard.  Maybe you grew up with these cookies to in your home like I did.  So many childhood memories tied to these sweet things. 

-Served on a dainty pedestal, of coarse! Entertaining 101 everything looks better served on a cake stand.
-This Honeybee's motto. 
They really are a simple, yummy treat.  The best part is you probably have all the ingredients you will need in your home already.  Graham Crackers & Frosting & that's it!  As simple as that sounds I do have a few tips when putting this goodie together. 

#1- The frosting must be homemade!!  
{it really is the best- no substitute for it & easy to make}
I use a simple buttercream frosting recipe of just butter, powdered sugar, vanilla & milk. I don't really use exact measurements {or I would share them with you all} I just mix until it looks & tastes good.  
Start off with at least a 1/2 stick of softened butter, pour in 3/4 cup or so of powdered sugar a splash of vanilla & a couple TBSP of milk & go from there.  
Keep mixing & adding sugar, vanilla & milk until you get a taste & consistency that you like. 

#2-  Try it with Chocolate Frosting- Yum!!  Same recipe as above but add cocoa powder for a chocolatey taste. One of my friends even said she makes it with chocolate frosting between 2 saltine crackers.  Never tried it but the salty/sweetness sounds good to me. 

#3-  Serve them chilled!  I love to make the frosting ahead of time & put it in the fridge for a while.  Spread the chilled frosting inside the crackers for a cold treat.  
{This is a great way to use up extra frosting left over from sugar cookies or decorating a cake} 

#4- Make up a bunch to eat now & later.  Set some aside 
{if you can hide some & not be tempted to eat them}
because they are even better the 2nd day.  The graham crackers get a bit soft. 

#5- Most of all sit back & watch the smiles on faces as they eat these cookies & Enjoy

Embracing the warmer weather & looking forward to lots of days ahead filled with Summertime fun.  
Hope you are too.  Give these cookies a try & tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you. 



What's cookin'!

Sharing some seriously fabulous recipes with you today. 
They all come from the Gourmet Dinner Club group that I'm a part of.  I always love to share pictures of the night with you & the recipes too on my blog.  Each Gourmet Club dinner is shared over on it's "official" blog, Delish my Dish, with all the recipes. Every dinner has a theme {chosen by the 2 hosts} that all the food & decor center around. Thanks to my friend Courtney for taking all the photos to capture the evenings. 
-This was was such a fun, colorful night of wonderful food & decor.  So perfect for Springtime when it was held last year. I loved the tangled Thai salad & the shrimp, yummy!- 
I've told you about this group before & I'm happy to announce that you can now easily pin all the recipes right from the blog onto your pinterest boards. All you have to do is scroll over the pictures {on the Delish my Dish blog} to easily pin.  You'll see the "PiN" icon show up as you scroll over the photos. Just click on it & there you go. 
-This Gourmet Club was fun because it took place "Into The Woods" at a family cabin.  We each had our own personal little picnic baskets, it was so charming & sweet!  Not to mention the Blue Cheese Chicken pitas were tasty!- 
-At the themed dinner, "Eat" these Fresh Tomato Flatbreads were so finger licking good!  I totally filled up on these & they were only the appetizer.  So good!!-  
All the recipes are fabulous! I love that you can see pictures of each thing.  Plus, as a bonus you'll be totally inspired by the amazing decor at each dinner.  I'm so fortunate to be part of this group with 12 other ladies who know how to entertain & cook delicious meals. 
- Grilled Ahi with Cilantro Pesto was another one of my favorites from the dinner themed, "Fresh & Flavorful"  So light, fresh & tasty.
I always look forward to our dinners & the amazing decor that goes along with each meal.  It's always so much fun! 

-Also from the "Fresh & Flavorful" dinner, Grandma Gardner's Strawberry Pie with Basil Ice Cream.  Yes, I said Basil.  If you want a fresh & new kind of ice cream try it you WON'T be disappointed, so refreshing & delicious!- 
Go over to the Delish my Dish blog, 
{you can always access it from my blog on the right hand side}  
to search for any of these recipes.  It is really easy to do.  Just start scrolling through the blog, admiring all the yummy food & fun entertaining ideas & "pin" along the way.  I've enjoyed each & every recipe on there. So start pinning & make something wonderful for dinner tonight! 

- I love this picture of a happy diner.  Right after this picture she wanted to lick the plate clean of the Basil Ice Cream, it was THAT good- I told you! Give it a try, perfect for Summertime entertaining.- 
Start pinning & make something wonderful for dinner tonight! 

Bon appetite!