Oh, my heart is aching for everyone in this great state right now.  So much loss & devastation.  I know that everyone will pull together to get through it all & that the spirit of the people of Oklahoma & our nation will rise up to assist, help one another & pray for help & comfort.  

I got a text from my dear friend, LaRae, yesterday afternoon.  Once I looked at the picture in her text {that her daughter took as she headed to the shelter} & read her messages I got chills, teared up & immediately dropped to my knees. Miss Mace & I said a prayer for our dear friends & everyone else affected by this devastating tornado.  

So glad when I got word that her & her family were all safe but so many others are suffering with such loss today. It just breaks my heart. I can't even imagine.  My thoughts & prayers continue to be sent their way. 

Keep praying for Oklahoma everyone. 


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