Busy Bee!!

T minus something hours {who's counting!}  I am actually- a lot to still do but so excited about The Hive.  I wanted to share a few things with you before I get to busy & crazy within the next 24 hours & forget to tell you. 
-Loving this hexagon app I just added to my iphone- the perfect way to "BuZZ" about The Hive. I'm sure I'll be playing around with alot more pictures once all the vendors get here.- 

I've been wanting to tell you about this for awhile.  This is our family's NeW favorite show to watch.  It's on the History Channel & it follows 2 guys {Frank & Mike} on their adventures around America as they pick through people's collections.  They are funny too!  
Really, a great show to watch together as a family.  
{These kind of shows are getting harder & harder to come by}  
It's great entertainment & educational too.  Plus, I wish I could follow them around to all the awesome places they find to buy "rusty gold".  If our family ever saw their van driving down the street I think we would all freak out!  It would be so fun to run into them.  Mike & Frank come "picking" in Utah!! 
Anyway... the reason I was tying this into the post about The Hive is when they stumble upon, come across or meet someone with a terrific stash of junk & stuff to look through & buy items they call it a "honey hole"  Well... I think The Hive is going to be a "honey hole"  of lots of sweet stuff this weekend.  Be sure to come check out The Hive & watch American Pickers if you haven't yet. 

2- Something new to The Hive {just in time for Father's Day gifts} is these great wooden keychain/oil holders. Each is turned & created by my hubby, Ty, in his wood shop.  They really are a unique gift to give your husband, father in law, grandpa or missionary.   
-Variety to choose from all the wood is from amazing places from around the world- so cool!- 

**Congratulations to Constance for winning $25 to spend at The Hive this time around.  You could win $25 to spend at The {Fall} Hive just by taking a pic of anything or anyone while at The Hive & posting it on Instagram to #thehive25.  
-Winner will be drawn & announced after The Hive- 
Don't miss your chance to WiN!! 

*The {Fall}Hive coming....Sept. 12-13 & 14.*  

Back to work- lots to do!! 
Hope to see you soon. 



Natalie said...

Ooooo - Yeah so exciting. Those hand turned viles are stunning! Love 'em. I'm a big fan of American Pickers too - love all the crazy things they find and how they love to wheel and deal.

mG said...

Hello to you. I noticed your notice about the Fall Hive. Yayyy! How do you become a vendor for this? Thanks so much for the info. I can be emailed at