What's cookin'!

Sharing some seriously fabulous recipes with you today. 
They all come from the Gourmet Dinner Club group that I'm a part of.  I always love to share pictures of the night with you & the recipes too on my blog.  Each Gourmet Club dinner is shared over on it's "official" blog, Delish my Dish, with all the recipes. Every dinner has a theme {chosen by the 2 hosts} that all the food & decor center around. Thanks to my friend Courtney for taking all the photos to capture the evenings. 
-This was was such a fun, colorful night of wonderful food & decor.  So perfect for Springtime when it was held last year. I loved the tangled Thai salad & the shrimp, yummy!- 
I've told you about this group before & I'm happy to announce that you can now easily pin all the recipes right from the blog onto your pinterest boards. All you have to do is scroll over the pictures {on the Delish my Dish blog} to easily pin.  You'll see the "PiN" icon show up as you scroll over the photos. Just click on it & there you go. 
-This Gourmet Club was fun because it took place "Into The Woods" at a family cabin.  We each had our own personal little picnic baskets, it was so charming & sweet!  Not to mention the Blue Cheese Chicken pitas were tasty!- 
-At the themed dinner, "Eat" these Fresh Tomato Flatbreads were so finger licking good!  I totally filled up on these & they were only the appetizer.  So good!!-  
All the recipes are fabulous! I love that you can see pictures of each thing.  Plus, as a bonus you'll be totally inspired by the amazing decor at each dinner.  I'm so fortunate to be part of this group with 12 other ladies who know how to entertain & cook delicious meals. 
- Grilled Ahi with Cilantro Pesto was another one of my favorites from the dinner themed, "Fresh & Flavorful"  So light, fresh & tasty.
I always look forward to our dinners & the amazing decor that goes along with each meal.  It's always so much fun! 

-Also from the "Fresh & Flavorful" dinner, Grandma Gardner's Strawberry Pie with Basil Ice Cream.  Yes, I said Basil.  If you want a fresh & new kind of ice cream try it you WON'T be disappointed, so refreshing & delicious!- 
Go over to the Delish my Dish blog, 
{you can always access it from my blog on the right hand side}  
to search for any of these recipes.  It is really easy to do.  Just start scrolling through the blog, admiring all the yummy food & fun entertaining ideas & "pin" along the way.  I've enjoyed each & every recipe on there. So start pinning & make something wonderful for dinner tonight! 

- I love this picture of a happy diner.  Right after this picture she wanted to lick the plate clean of the Basil Ice Cream, it was THAT good- I told you! Give it a try, perfect for Summertime entertaining.- 
Start pinning & make something wonderful for dinner tonight! 

Bon appetite!



Tausha said...

Amazing food and amazing pictures! Your and your group never leave a detail undone. Thanks for sharing the inspiration! Love ya

Natalie said...

Gourmet Dinner Club! How cool is that :) You made my mouth water. Thanks for being so awesome and sharing all the cool things you do - it is so fun :)

Mimi Sue said...

What a fun idea! They all look delish. Wish more of my friends liked to cook. Mimi