Hive re-cap


  What a SWeeT weekend I had.   I enjoy putting together a Hive, working with all the amazing vendors & getting to see many of you {some for the 1st time} in my home.  I really am so grateful for this blog & my business that has brought so many wonderful people into my life that I wouldn't have met other wise.  I call this picture "Honey for my Soul" because it makes me smile every time I look at it.  I wish I had a picture of each & every one of you who came to The Hive.  
{Thanks for sharing all your pics on Instagram at #thehive25 for the giveaway. It was so fun seeing all your pictures & knowing that you love coming to The Hive too!} 

-Maybe if you look close enough you might see some friends you know- 
As much as I look forward to seeing {hugging, chatting, laughing & spending time}  friends that I've know for awhile I love meeting someone for the 1st time who has been a blog follower for a long time. It means the world to me when you come up & introduce yourself.  Instant connection & friendship made!! 
 {Thanks for taking the courage to come to The Hive & for saying hi to me} 
It makes me sad to think of waiting until the Fall until I see most of you again.  But I enjoy staying in touch with you all through texts, email, FB & Instagram.  It really is so easy now a days {WOW, that makes me sound old} to stay in touch with friends far & near.  So fun! 

-Everyone coming into The Hive- 
Here is a peek at my stash of goods I got at The Hive.  Loved the variety that there was this time around.  Grateful for amazing vendors who come & share their goods & want to be part of The Hive. I was just getting ready to put it all in its new place but I thought I would give you a peek. 
-Can you tell I love vintage things?-
The old mirrors are so random & fun!  Some are from old vanities while others just to cruise down a road somewhere on a car.  Don't know what they'll be turned into yet but loved thinking about all the possibilities so I just had to get them. 
I always have to get some note cards from Vintage Fern. They are just too charming not to get.  I like sending cute cards to friends. 
-Love the diamond material on the owl card, so cool!-

Cool old drawer from 3 Dotters.  Looks like it could have been an old card catalog drawer or something.  Can't wait to see what new life this takes on in our home. 

Thought these beads would make a fun banner or garland of some sort.  Not to mention the cool old Bingo cards- so fun! 

Love, Love, Love vintage trim.  I use them as garlands to hang up.  Adds such a fun decor element in our home.  Thought this green could be used for lots of seasons & holidays.  The mercury glass ornaments are for my Holiday ornament collection.  

I don't know why but I've been drawn to old wedding cake toppers lately.  This cute couple just seemed to say let me stay here with you when I saw them out on display.  So sweet!  Love starting a new collection, can't wait to add to it soon. 

Thanks for coming to The Hive & if you weren't able to come this time around don't worry I have some good news for you.

 First of all, you can come to Whisperwood & Co. tomorrow {Main Street in Bountiful} to shop alot of the same H&H goods that were at The Hive.  Really, some cute, fun, Summertime stuff!  
{If you come in from 10:30- 2:00 tomorrow you'll even see me!!} 
 Second, for sure plan to come to the next Hive.  
Mark your calendar for Sept. 12,13 & 14th
{Love the Fall Hive, it just might be my favorite!!}  

Have a wonderful day!

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Mimi Sue said...

We were so bummed that we couldn't make it this time! Work schedules wouldn't let us. Looks like you got some great stuff. Mimi