Here's to a wonderful & fantastic year!

I am going to miss saying Twenty-Ten.  I have really liked the sound of it. But here is to Twenty-11 & all it's possibilities. 
 I love to reflect each New Years Eve & think about the past year, accomplishments, failures, things I want to improve on, goals checked off the list & others to add to the list for the next year.

In January I picked a word that I wanted to focus on & kind of guide my thoughts & actions for the year ahead.  The word I choose was- Stretch.
Here is why I choose it {as recorded in my journal}
I always feel better after I stretch in the mornings or go to Yoga class.  I choose this word because there are always things I can do better, reach a little higher & extend a little further to accomplish.  I like that is was an action word because I need to do better at getting all the little ideas out of my head of things I want to accomplish & put them into action. 

Just one little word but as I think back it sure had an major impact on me for sure. 
Here is just a little sampling of some of the ways I "Stretched" in 2010
{unfortunately at this time of year I think I have stretched my waist band a little bit too- crap!}
-was asked to be the PTSO President for the Middle School
-went on a zip-line for the 1st time in my life to celebrate Ty & my 15th anniversary!
& I would do it again in a heart beat & could have kicked myself for not being brave enough to do it sooner especially while we were in Jamaica
{those who know me well know how BIG of a thing this was to do}
-accepted a church calling to play the Organ in church
{have NEVER played before in my life but quite enjoy it now}
-was featured on Studio 5 in November
{so fun & I hope, HOPE to do it again.  Courtney if you are reading- call me ;) haha!}
-Organized, planned & put together The Hive
{2 others followed- see you in 2011}
-Started club Cultivate with 3 other talented amazing friends
{helped plan the 365 Swap- so fun!}
- Attended *Spark* wa-hoo! 
- oh & maybe one of the biggest & hardest stretches was finally starting a BLOG!

Just a few things that I am proud of having done this year. 
 Now on to thinking about my 1 little word for 2011
hmmm, so many possibilities.  I have it narrowed down to a few &
I'll let you know the word in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone!
{Happy B-Day to my Shmoopy today too # 38}



A Soiree 2010 re-cap

Since it is snowing outside my home right now & the kids are all out playing in it,  I thought I would blog since I have a second.  I wanted to share some photos of the Soiree I hosted a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to my amazing friend, and backdoor neighbor, Rachel I have all these fabulous pictures of the night.  Thanks Rachel- you can check out her photography here

Like I mentioned a post or two ago a Soiree is- an evening party or gathering with friends.
I got the idea to host an ornament party from a lady that hosts one every year in her home for neighbors & friends in Mt. Green. I decided to take it a step further & bring my friends together from near & far.  Since we had recently moved up here, when I started this 3 years ago,  & friends up by us didn't know the friends we had in Layton & vice versa I thought a Holiday Ornament Soiree would be the perfect way to get them all together under one roof. {I WISH my roof was bigger to accommodate alot more!} 
  It has been fun to watch new friendships & connections be made through this party.

Oh, how I LOVE to entertain & throw a party
Everyone was asked to bring a dish to share & we had a wide variety of tasty things!
{I provided the sweets, treats & drinks}

A few of my friends who made the long trip up to Mt. Green- thanks friends!

-Marce & Lesa on the chairs

-Sheryl, Becky & I 

-Terra, displaying the yummy buffet, as I jumped in the picture 

- A pile of gifts just waiting to be snatched
                                                                     {I will say that everyone brings all their ornaments wrapped up so pretty & festive!}

Miss Mace & some of her buddies from Layton- Hannah & Brin
{They were also the official coat hanger uppers, picking out the winning #'s of the drawings & announcing
the drawing winners} Thanks girls!

 Dennette & Mindy

I'm so sad I didn't get in on this picture- dang it! 
Here is everyone showing off their #'s for the drawing. 
Each person gets a number & that is the order in which they get to pick their gift. 
I used old dominoes, # tags & some scrapbook paper #'s.
Poor Nicole got #1 {1st to pick & to be stolen from} & Cindy showing the winning # of 30 {meaning she was last to pick so she could steal any ones ornament at the end & make them pick a new one- which sadly was ME!} 
I still ended up with a good sparkly snowflake to add to my collection.

-Nicole, Rachel, Janet, Mandy, Cindy & Melinda-

I love this picture of everyone visiting, chatting & laughing in my kitchen.  That's what this whole night is about. 
I'm grateful to have so many fabulous friends around me who inspire me each & everyday by their examples & how they live their lives. 
& last but not least Mandy showing off her little scrumptious chocolate cupcake- so yummy!

Another wonderful Soiree in the books- can't wait until next year.
I already found some great ornaments {on sale-yeah!} to give out next time.

Happy Wintery day everyone!

**Oh, one last thing this was the ADORABLE invite Rachel designed for me.  I totally loved it & it set the mood for the whole evening- fun, festive & full of charm.  Thanks again Rachel- you talented lady!!


A fabulously fun friend day!

Today was a great day!
Thanks to my terrific husband, Ty, for watching the girls all day while I got to go after Christmas sale shopping with 4 of my dear friends.
-I WISH I had taken a picture of all 5 of us together- darn it!  I guess we'll just have to schedule another play day soon ;) -

1st stop- Kneaders in Bountiful
{yes, in Bountiful off the 2600 South exit}
I love having friends with great ideas!  Thanks to my friend, Sheryl, for telling us about the amazing Chunky Cinnamon French Toast while we were holiday decorating up at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel last month.  We decided it was a MUST to start our day off here.
Oh, my heavens!  What a tasty, yummy comfort food this was.  I can't wait to take Miss Mace back for breakfast one day because it combines all of her FaVoRiTE things- Cinnamon, Strawberries, Whip Cream & French Toast.

-This is how I started the day {the photo DOES NOT do this delicious dish justice!}

2nd stop- Trolley Square   

-2 of my FAVORITE stores side-by side, Pottery Barn & Restoration so convenient! -

3rd stop- {a NeW place for me} Jolley's Drug Store

-a charming little shop & pharmacy on 17th E. & 13 So. in SLC-

4th Stop- Anthro!

-I LOVED the window display {as always}& thought that these cute pinecones made out of flower shapes of corrugated cardboard strung on wire were so fun!-

5th stop- Bed of Roses in Farmington {no pics}
6th stop- Secret Haven in Farmington {no pics either, I was getting worn out!}
All my GOODs!{best of all - 50% off or more- wa-hoo!!} 

 Oh, the joy all these little things were to find! 
Lots of SNoWFLaKes to add to my collection & some new fabulous ornaments too.  I found a few to give away at the next Soiree, yeah! How sweet is this little chilly Snowman friend I found {at Secret Haven} 
I saw him & just had to get him.

I guess I am a sucker for anything vintage looking, made out of tinsel or pipe cleaners, anything that glitters & most of all that are unique & make me smile! 
{like the charming little wire star with glass snowman & the Restoration ornaments that were only $1.99- HELLO!!}

Thanks E, B, S & J for a fabulously fun day!


* I would love to hear about any other unique & fun places that you like to go & shop. If you have one you love leave a message & tell me about them- thanks!


Too sweet!

Hope you have a Happy Merry Christmas!

Got this from Anthropologie today & it was just to cute not to share with you all.
-I'm hoping after a drive up to Lewiston today, another Hall family Nativity is performed, Santa arrives, presents have been opened, baked eggs at Grandma GG's for Christmas brunch, a trip down to Alpine & carols have been sung that I still have some energy to go here on Monday-
{meeting up w/ some friends & breakfast at Kneaders- even better!}

  LOVE to hit the after Christmas sales, I'm not a big black Friday shopping person but just something about getting wrapping paper & cute holiday decor on sale makes me happy!
-hoping to find some bottle brush trees & vintage ornaments to add to my collection-

Hope you all have a joyful weekend!



Just wanted to wish you all......

 A splendid & festive Holiday Season
-hope I get these postcards back in time from the printer to get in the mail tomorrow
{I'm cutting it close, I know!}

{M} & family



 -I really would like to learn French-
{I have wanted to for some time now}

-Here are a couple of French words that have meant something to me this week- 
Soiree-  noun, a French word meaning an evening party or gathering, typically in a private home for conversation & music. {I love the meaning of this word, it's one of my favorite things to do}
I hosted a Holiday Ornament Soiree at my home this week with some friends from near & far.
I'll have some more photos to share soon - thanks R!

-Miss Mace & I getting ready to host the Soiree-

La Bonne Vie- noun, a decadent little patisserie of confections @ The Grand America in SLC.
{WATCH this charming little promo- I LOVED all the design that went into it- so delightful!}
We spent the weekend here & had a wonderful time celebrating the Holidays in the City.  I think this may have to become an annual tradition for the Quigley's.  We rode Trax to Temple Square to see the lights, ate a delicious dinner & breakfast at the Grand, swam in the pool & played a delightful game of ABC's in the Grand shop windows.
{if you're in SLC this week you have to stop in & play for
 a tasty treat from La Bonne Vie}

Au Revoir!

*Just wondering how many of you out there can speak a second language- if so say hello by leaving me a comment in that language, S'il vous plait. {please}


The Quigley halls are decked!

I have always laughed at the phrase- Deck the Halls because my maiden name is Hall.
{No, we never did deck each other growing up}
 I wanted to give you a quick glimpse at our home
during the Holidays.
This year has been really FUN to decorate. It all started when my husband told me that he had had enough of the white lights on the Christmas tree {14 years} & he wanted to put colored lights up this year. Although I was hesitant to give in- I have LOVED them! 
{Thanks Ty for making me see the light! {colored that is ;)}
So to embrace the new theme I tried not to put anything up where it has been before.  Some spaces were easy & others a bit more of a challenge but I am happy with the outcome.

HaPPy HoLiDaYS everyone from my home to yours!
-Fun new finds on my kitchen island & charming candy containers on the countertop & I love my tin signs up above the stove-

-an H&H glittered house in a sprinkling of glittered white little snowballs- love these!-

-Our kitchen table a little of this & that. My favorite new holiday decor the wonderful candlesticks w/ hanging colored ornaments. Found these at the Gatehouse in Orem-

-The 2010 Quigley Christmas tree-

-This year I displayed my little house collection & bottle brush trees up high on my childrens chair collection
I have loved the way they have looked.  I usually have them up in my little windows in the great room- so this was a change but I LOVE it-

-Peace on Earth & in the homework nook-

-a little mix & match in the mudroom area-

-Another winter village up high on the chairs-

-one of my FAVORITE places to decorate each season- the stairway
I love putting an eclectic collection of whatever here-

-How SWeeT is this picture of my Mom visiting jolly old St. Nicholas-

-Our downstairs mantle.  I love the colors here- mustard, red, turquoise & greens.  Fun & Festive!!-

-This vintage bulletin board is soon becoming my favorite thing in the house {maybe it's the school teacher in me} but I enjoy changing out the contents each month & filling it with the girls artwork, photos & fun little finds.

-The Famous Friends & Family door from Studio 5-
-I just had to throw this one in for my friend in Boise- she always wants to know what my mantle looks like.  Well here you go N- all spruced up for the Holidays.  I love the sparkly old German glass glitter Merry Christmas sign up top & all the red poinsettias around- so Christmasy!
Thanks for stopping by- come again!


How SWeeT!


Anyone who knows me well knows that-

1- I LOVE to get the mail each day!
2- appreciates a hand written thank you note
{which are usually displayed for a week on my window sill}

Well look what I received in the mail today
{along with a few Christmas cards. Isn't getting the mail this time of year so fun??}

It was a SWeeTest little thank you note{loved the darling art on the front to}from a new friend, Heather, of Happy Chippy Junk
{a.k.a- the "BuZZ" about The Hive $25 winner}
Thanking me for the cute necklace & hair clip she got to pick out as the winner. 
Oh, Heather you made my day!  Thanks for the thanks :) 
I also loved that she addressed me as Mrs. Hive in the note- cute!

Oh, the little things that make me happy  :) 
-Hope you have had a good day too-


*Heather wrote up a cute little blurb about The {Holiday} Hive on her blog too- check it out!
{look for post- yesterday looked like this}
** WOW, I just discovered that this little blog has been viewed over 1,000 times- thanks for stopping by!


After The {Holiday} Hive & {I don't want to store it all}
SaLE today from 9:00-11:00 a.m.
ALL remaining Christmas 20% off & all other 2010 inventory up to 60% off!

at the Hollyhocks & Honeybees store
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green- 



My little wintery version


3 bags of flour + 2 bottle brush trees + an old scale = a little Anthropologie in my own kitchen.

-Dreaming of a white Christmas, where has all the SNoW gone??-


*p.s. I {heart} comments too as much as I {heart} Anthropologie ;)