Documenting a fun day


  Love when something spontaneous & fun happens around here that comes out of no where & has the whole family involved & having a good time together.   

Our church doesn't start until 1:00 so we have LoTS of time to fill in the morning before we head out the door.  It all started with Audrey, asking me to play hotel with her.  Then the next thing I knew my little "office station" nook off the kitchen turned into the buzzing front desk of a very busy hotel.  
Let me tell you- there were quite the characters that came to check into the hotel.  
{Lots of accents & funny made up names too!} 

I was first to check in. I used the name Miley Humdinger.  {that had a great Southern accent I might add} 
Can't believe I didn't get a pic of me checking in, I think at that point I thought it was just Audrey & I playing a little game. Little did I know!
{The hubby & I even checked in as newlyweds & was given a trip to Hawaii as a bonus} 

I quickly grabbed my iphone to start taking some pics-
 it was just too funny to pass up. 

-Miss Nichole Hills checking in for the day complete with vintage high heels of coarse!- 
Next came in this eclectic dresser.  
Even Mr. Olly was a bit scared when she came around the corner.  We were all in tears laughing so hard!  
{She had to completely take off her scarf, glasses & wig for him to recognize it was only Mace, too funny!}

-Miss Merissa Berrywinkel checking in for a 5 night stay- 

Looks like this hotel is a pet friendly because Mr. Olly is 
checking in for a stay with Sara Heartburnshdee.
{The names they were coming up with were killing me!} 

 Oh.My.Gosh!  Even though she is the oldest & a teenager she is still a kid at heart & loves to have fun with her sisters.  
{Olly didn't seem to be as scared at this hotel guest, Miss 
Julie Falangie who told us all she was filthy rich $$} 

-Miss Falangie taking a break in the lobby & making friends with Olly!- 
 The longer the hotel was in business the more accessorized the guests were becoming. My closet was getting raided & high heels, jewelry & suitcases were all being put to use. 

 They played this for over an hour.  I loved that as it got closer to the time to get ready for church they got more & more dressed for church. 
{But there were still lots of colorful accessories & high heels being worn} 

-I think Olly was really thinking the whole time, WHY is no one taking me outside on a walk.-
 The Hotel officially got named about an hour into the game, The Grand Q.   At first I thought what a waste of printer paper {to print out each & every guest a bill} but then when I saw them having so much fun I didn't think about the cost of paper but rather the joy seeing them play, have fun & be together was priceless to me. 
{we still have lots of signed room receipts to throw away} 

-Sisters having a fun morning together & lots of silly memories made- 
 All thanks to this girl & her big imagination.  Love her personality & fun spirit.  She is always wanting to play games, do an activity or just goof around.  It was a fun day today.  
{Thanks, Audji!} 

She looks quite official behind the front desk don't you think? 

Thanks for letting me share a peek into my world. Hope you've had a wonderful day with your loved ones today too!


To think about....


  I love words!  I look for quotes that inspire & uplift.  I am drawn to simple phrases that spark something inside of me.  I love looking for them in magazines that I read.  I enjoy curling up on the couch to thumb through a new magazine that just arrived in the mail & dog earring pages that I know I want to keep around for inspiration, a recipe to try or simply some neat typography or quote I like.  

Yesterday morning I woke up with a desire to clean out a bit.  I was searching for something in my bedside table 
{that I needed for a lesson I'm teaching today} 
one thing lead to another & before I knew it I was totally organizining every drawer in the table.  I love to go through the magazines I've kept, rip out the pages I've dogeeard, & make a stack of magazines to take to the recycling bin. 
{I do this about every other month.  Don't like the feel of piles of old magazines lying around. I just try to keep the current month around. Although it is hard to toss out some Pottery Barns all the time, my fav!} 

-Some of the things that I found in the pile of magazines & torn out pages.  Especially love #4 & #5 on the page.  I made room for lots of possibilities with my clean out.  Such a good feeling!- 

I really enjoyed looking through the torn out pages & remembering why I wanted to save them.  I took some pics of some inspiring words that spoke to me & wanted to share them with you.  Can't tell you the fire it lite inside me yesterday morning & the inspiration it gave me.  Something about words, typography & colors just really speaks to me.  

-I mean, who wouldn't want to go out & make your dreams a reality after seeing these fun letters!  Oh, I will be cruising around in an old vintage Ford or Chevy one of these days- mark my words!!- 

 Loved the simplicity of this picture & the quote written on it back in Oct. 2012 & still loved it today in June 2013.  Glad I saved this page & held onto it.  It was a good reminder for the day.  

After thumbing through my ripped out pages & cutting out the images, quotes & pictures I liked this is where they ended up.  A place where I can see them everyday. 
{the window pane, message board/ inspiration board in my closet}
-I adore this space in our home.  Brings me such happiness!- 
One last nugget of wisdom to leave you with today. Sometimes we get weighed down looking at the big picture of things but sometimes we need to just look at the smaller things & the good we do day by day.  

I've also told you before how to use pages, words & pictures from magazines to inspire you everyday {here} It's one of my favorite traditions to do as a family.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Look for something that makes you happy & inspires you today. 



A happy honeybee in the big city

Out & about again today.  This is one of those days I look forward to all year long.  

My sweet friend, {Erika} & I head down to Anthropologie to use our birthday coupon. 
{15% off your total purchase when you sign up for an Anthro card} 
If you adore Anthropologie you should really have one of these cards.  It's NOT a credit card it just signs you up for promational stuff,  notification of sales & brithday coupons each year.  My friend & I have been going down for 3 years now to celebrate our birthday month.  Just walking around that store alone is a birthday treat for me.  I just love it!! Such a creative energy & so much inspiration in that place.  Oh, I'm on a high right now just thinking about it! 

I took a few pics to capture our day at Anthro. with my iphone. {so sorry if the quality isn't the best} 
Always love seeing a red sign with a 4-letter word on it.  We luck out because June is the month of their sale so we get 15% off on top of that. {Cha-CHiNG!}  

Any other June birthday girls out there?  
-I spy... our reflection in the store front windows!- 
Right when I walked into the store my breath was taken away... now I want 3 chandeliers all clustered together hanging in a room.  Not to mention seeing all the bright & joyful colors it just does my spirit good & makes me happy!
{I really should go there every month for some inspiration & creative therapy} 
Loved the top of this tablescape.  Oh, how I wish I could have everything out & displayed so cute all of the time like this.  Love all the yellow too- such a cheerful color. 

Thought this shelf was cool looking.  Maybe I'll have to show my hubby & see if he could make a similar one for our home.  On the tag it said it was an old music shelf.  
{maybe out of an old classroom or off of a tour bus or something} 

 Ok, I have admired, wished & adored this chair for years!  When I saw the 20% sign on it I thought yes, this is the year {+my 15% extra off}  hmmmm..... no.  It would still be a $500 chair.  Couldn't justify it.  Wish it was more like 75% off & then it would coming home with me.  I guess I'll keep on wishing & hoping for it one day.  Love it! 
-Seriously, so charming & cute!  I just love it.- 
Saw this chair too {much better price but still a pretty penny}  so cool!  It looked like it was made of strip binding that had words on it.  Very unique & one of a kind! 
-That's my stash of goods on the chair. Had to free up a hand to take a picture- 

Took this picture of a Puffin cookie jar for my little girl. She loves Puffins! 

Tons & ToNS of dishes, bowls, mugs & glasses for sale.  I have to say this year was the best selection by far of sale stuff.  Do bad I didn't just stick to buying from this table ;) 

 Always love their collection of jewelry. So glittery, sparkly & colorful.  Had to pieces in my hands but decided to get something else instead.  I got a necklace last year that is still one of my favorites to wear. 
Here is my purchase {minus one charming book titled, Just being, Audrey}  Nothing big this time around & no clothes or shoes.  I just went with what I was drawn to that made me excited.  I also got a charming book titled, {Just being, Audrey} I had to get it for my Audrey at home.  It's about Audrey Hepburn & the illistrations in the book are adorable.  It was being rung up at the time of the picture. 
-So excited with what I got:  6 new Latte bowls that were on sale, an adorable wire candle holder that I can't wait to use,  a cookbook that I've wanted for a LoNG time & a fun Summertime activity for my girls- learning a new big word a day- 
I even signed Mace up for her own Anthro card today because as my friend & I were walking around the store we would say things to each other like, "Macey would look so cute in that!", "How cute would this be for Mace" & "Macey would love that!!"  So now she can come on her birthday month & maybe find something fun.  

- I can't tell you how A.MaZ.iNG this cookbook is!  Alright, I'll be honest I got it mostly to look at the pictures but it is so worth it.  I've followed Katie's blog for quite awhile now & am always intrigued & inspired by her photography.  She truly is an artist & makes food & entertaining look so delightful! Glad to have this now in our home to look at & enjoy.  I'll let you know what I make out of it- 

We ended off the day with a trip to Restoration {Of coarse} & lunch at Blue Lemon {my favorite!}  We decided to share so I  got the Black Bean Ravioli & Erika got the Mango Mint Chicken Salad
{thanks to a recommendation by my friend Brooke that I saw while waiting in line} So glad she hustled over from her gig at Studio 5 just in time for me to see her.  So fun!

Love a happy day spent with a happy friend.  Happy Birthday my dear friend,  can't wait to go again next year!



The flight of this Honeybee......


 - Where oh where has the Honeybee gone?-  
Hello friends!  These kind of posts are my favorite to write.  I love sharing things with all of you that I adore & that make me happy.  Maybe some of them are your favorites too or maybe you are hearing about them for the first time.  Either way I hope it makes you smile or add a place to visit on your to-do Summertime list. 

Last night I went to a fun activity for the women in our church & the theme was, "Favorite Things".  A few sisters were asked to share with the group 3 of their favorite things.  It was so much fun!  I enjoyed listening to each one of them share & was inspired to run out 
{after the meeting was over} 
& grab one of my favorite things.  Imagine my surprise as I approached the store to see big banners hanging up saying 75% off Sale.  Yippee!!  
{Oh, I was getting all of my favorite things that this store has.  I loaded up!}
Run don't walk people to your nearest store!! 
-2 bags full of all sorts of wonderful smelly fabulous stuff!  Love Bath & BoDY Works!- 

It's probably safe to say that this store is my weakness.  I love it all!  Great soaps, lotions, lip glosses, plug ins & this next thing which would for sure make my top 3 things.  The Eucalyptus Spearmint sugar scrub is the BeST thing ever!! I've been using it ever since I was pregnant with our twins & it worked wonders & helped me sleep sound every night... & it still does.  If you have a hard time falling to sleep or relaxing give this a try!!
It was buy 2 get one free so of coarse I had to stock up.
 Then as I was driving home late last night from the mall I looked down & noticed that I had a bunch of favorite things right there in the car with me.  Another B&BW fav is their Mentha Lip Tint lip glosses- oh, gracious!  I have recommended this to sooooo many friends & given it as many a gift, it's that good. CAUTION:  it is highly addictive! {you've been warned!}  I don't know how many of these tubes I have around the house. 
{in my nightstand, purse, church bag, in the car & in my pants pocket at all times!  If I don't have it with me I go NuTS! } 
Some of my other favorite things:  ice water {usually with a lemon slice} I can't drive anywhere without ice to munch on, Orbit gum the light green package & a blue Pilot pen.  I only like to write with blue pens {I don't know why} & the Pilot brand is my fav.  So much so that Santa always brings me a bunch in my stocking each year & Miss Mace gave me a big bundle of them for Mother's Day. 

Today Miss Mace & I went to the city to explore a bit & visit a couple of our favorite places.  Our first stop was to Trader Joe's.  I've only been in North Carolina & Mace has never been before & I thought her inner chef would enjoy seeing it.  I have to admit I fell in love with all the bright colors & labeling.  So cool!!  Such a great place to stroll through & the variety, vibrant colors & fresh scents will have you in grocery market heaven.  
{I still can't get the fresh basil out of my head or my nose for that matter- yummy!} 

-Just look at all those delightful colors & labels. - 
We had a great time looking around & couldn't wait to come back again soon.  Well... that turned out to be much sooner than later.  {I'll explain in a bit}  
Our next stop was another favorite down town, Pottery Barn. Always inspired when I walk into this store.  So many wonderful things for indoors & outside entertaining.  

Loved all these red, white & blue pillows. All of them were on sale except the one I wanted. Dang it!!  I'll just have to check the after the holiday sale I guess. 

Our next stop was a cute little corner consignment shop called, Emilee Jayne. It sits in a quiet neighborhood in Salt Lake. {8th East & 8th South to be exact} 
The road it's on is so charming.  I love it! I purchased some old spice tins & brought them home to display in my wire rack in the kitchen.  They fit right in with the retro feel & bright colors.  Reminds me of the spices that filled my Mom's cupboards growing up. 

All this shopping & driving around can make you hungry.  Miss Mace & I purchased a PB&J chocolate bar at Trader Joe's earlier so we opened it up & starting nibbling on it.  Oh.MY.GOODNESS!  We loved it so much we had to go back to purchase some more to take home.  Yep, second time to Trader Joe's in one day. Probably a good thing we don't live closer.  Really... go give them a try. It's a creamy peanut butter chocolate bar with a tart raspberry jelly inside.  Divine!! 
-The Hit of the day!!  PB&J never tasted so good! By the checkout registers & they are .99 cents- 
This is the stash we brought home with us from Trader Joe's {plus blueberries, basil & 3 candy bars too!} 
My baking cupboard looks so much cuter with these colorful containers in it.  

We stopped of for lunch at one of our happy places.  Plates & Palates in Bountiful. {390 North 500 West} it's in a strip mall type building, but don't let that throw you off. Oh, if you haven't been there for lunch you must.  I promise you won't be disappointed!  Everything is made fresh right there in front of you.   Mace went with a Southwest Turkey Panini & I got the Tomato Basil Pine-nut Penne salad. 
{Just had to after craving basil after being at Trader Joe's} 
Fresh Basil is the best! 
{Going to make one of my favorite things with it & share it soon. Stay tuned} 

After lunch we stopped by a place that is quickly becoming a favorite destination- Station Park in Farmington. 
{right off the freeway}  
It's the nicest, cleanest & newly put together shopping center.  Check it out if you haven't already.  Movie Theatre, yummy restaurants, great shopping, Harmons, Famous Footwear, Home Goods & Maurices.  
{I got the cutest bracelet there. You know I love a great accessory!} 

Whew... I'm exhausted.  Time to go make dinner! Hope you enjoyed this peek into what I've been up to lately.  Don't forget to check out Instagram @mquigbee for more pics of my days & creations. 



Another Color Combo


Just had to share what I was up to yesterday.  Since I've been talking about color I wanted to show you one of my all-time favorite color combos.  I grew up surrounded by these colors my whole childhood & school years.  My Dad taught & coached at a High School that's colors with light blue & yellow.  I loved it!  My Mom even made me a little cheerleader suit {when I was younger} so that I could cheer with the "BiG" cheerleaders.  It was so much fun!  I even dreamed of going to UCLA one day because I loved the colors so much.
{hmmm... that didn't happen ;)}  

Anyway.... long story short I made a similar frame last year & sold it & have wanted one ever since for our home.  Once in a blue moon I actually find time to make something for myself.  
{I usually just pick through what's left after a show to see what I want to keep for myself}  
This adorable frame has been on my bucket list to make for a long time!  I don't know why it's so hard to make things for myself but it is.  

Can't wait to put a picture of my family in it.  It's the perfect colors to have out with the rest of my Summertime decor.  So bright & FuN! 

Have a happy rest of the weekend.



Splash of color!


I'm totally crushing on ColoR lately!! I love color in every aspect of my life.  Just makes me happy!! It's really what inspires me when I create, in my home decor, even the food I eat. But the one area where color sometimes lacks is in my wardrobe.  I'm usually just a plain jane, kind of dresser.  Jeans & a solid colored shirt & I'm good to go.  Well... not so much anymore.  

I'm loving colored jeans right now.  
{I know, I know... old news but not for me! I just jumped on this bandwagon.} 
Having so much fun mixing & matching colors together lately.  Here are a couple of my favs! 
-Love this fresh color combo of Emerald {color of the year, hello!} Navy & mint. So might say a lot of color but I adored it!! -

This next color combo I have NEVER {& I mean NEVER} worn together in my life.  If you know me well you'll understand why Orange & Navy were 2 colors never allowed in my house growing up.  {Still not acceptable by my Mom} These 2 colors just didn't mix well with my beloved High School's Blue & Yellow. 

{High School rival colors & since I'm a Bobcat through & through it's a big thing to put these colors together. I'm sure some of you think I'm nuts but those of you CV out there will know what I mean} 
-Really had fun wearing this color combo yesterday taking A&E to a matinee yesterday afternoon.  I liked it so much I'll wear it again soon. Shhh, don't tell my Mom or sisters! ;)-

I guess I love a good bracelet too.  Seeing that the same one appeared in both photos.  That is one thing I absolutely adore is a good accessory. Can make the whole outfit & the bigger the better.
So I'm curious... What are you "crushing" on lately?  Is there a color combo out there that is just floating your boat right now?  If so I'd love to hear. 

Have a great day- try adding a splash of color when you get ready today. 



I spy with my little eye....


  Got a happy text from my friend Texie that made my day!  She shared some pictures of a decorated shelf in her house.  I love seeing H&H items in my clients homes & how they are put to use in spaces.  It makes me giddy & keep's me doing what I love to do.  

-I spy... an H&H flower up on top, fun ferris wheel wood block from the Summertime Hive, a double matted frame,
the hello.... Sunshine block.  Love it!! -

Then look at how darling her shelf looks all red, white & blue & ready for the 4th of July!  She put that banner she just won {yesterday in fact} to good use already.  It looks darling dangling off of her shelf.  I love the eclectic look & combining all sorts of this & that's to get the look you want.  How cute are those well worn baseballs & her coke bottle turned vase.
{you know I love old baseballs & a glass pop bottle} 
-I spy... an H&H star block, there's that fun ferris wheel print again, & the USA banner that I gave away on my blog.  Thanks to everyone who entered by the way.- 

Thanks Tex, for sharing pics of your cute home with me.  I loved seeing your creativity & how you decorated with  H&H in your home.

Have a great day everyone.  Hope you were inspired.  Now go decorate a fun space in your home.



On a sugar high & we have a winner!!


 What a fabulous filled day I had yesterday.  I'd love to tell you about it & why I forgot to announce the WiNNER of the USA garland yesterday. Oops... I guess I was too busy having a blast! 

I actually had to work yesterday {on my b-day} but that was ok because look who brought me lunch & stopped by to say hello.  I also had a sweet friend come by & bring me a little gift & a eclair.  So thoughtful & sweet, thanks {D}! 
Made the time fly by. 
-Really you SHOULD stop by Whisperwood & Co., so many wonderful things inside not to mention a bunch of H&H items. Then take a stroll up & down the Main Street. It's filled with delightful shops & yummy places to eat.  Perfect way to spend a day with friends. We got sandwiches from Vito's & cookies from the Bun Basket.  Perfect lunch!- 
After work I thought it would be fun to take all the girls with me to get a pedicure. Time to get the toes ready for Summer! It was a nice way to wind down from an already busy day.  An afternoon well spent. Ahhhh! Pure bliss. 

I'm such a lucky girl! 
 Came home to see this darling cake sitting on the island for me {made my Miss Mace} & this adorable metal vintage yellow chair sitting on my front porch from Ty.  Not to mention visits from some of my besties, & all the emails, Facebook messages, texts & Insta love I received from everyone - such a great day!! Thanks so much.  I'm truly blessed to have amazing, thoughtful & sweet family & friends in my life.

- How cute is that chair & that little tiny cake!! Complete with it's own handmade topper of coarse.  It was as good as it looked too.  Thanks, Mace!- 
 This is how my day ended.  Yep, I ate cake at 10:35 at night, curled up with Ty to watch the newest episode of American Pickers.  Great way to end a terrific day with my guy watching my new favorite show! 
{I'll go to the gym in the morning!} 
-Chocolate cake, my FaV!-

Ok, now for the drumroll.... the WiNNER of the festive USA banner is.....

 Texie B!!!  
{Congratulations- friend!}

Getting more & more excited for the 4th of July, such a fun time of year.  Don't forget you can stop by Whisperwood & Co. in Bountiful, Utah for lots of great H&H 4th of July decor.