Splash of color!


I'm totally crushing on ColoR lately!! I love color in every aspect of my life.  Just makes me happy!! It's really what inspires me when I create, in my home decor, even the food I eat. But the one area where color sometimes lacks is in my wardrobe.  I'm usually just a plain jane, kind of dresser.  Jeans & a solid colored shirt & I'm good to go.  Well... not so much anymore.  

I'm loving colored jeans right now.  
{I know, I know... old news but not for me! I just jumped on this bandwagon.} 
Having so much fun mixing & matching colors together lately.  Here are a couple of my favs! 
-Love this fresh color combo of Emerald {color of the year, hello!} Navy & mint. So might say a lot of color but I adored it!! -

This next color combo I have NEVER {& I mean NEVER} worn together in my life.  If you know me well you'll understand why Orange & Navy were 2 colors never allowed in my house growing up.  {Still not acceptable by my Mom} These 2 colors just didn't mix well with my beloved High School's Blue & Yellow. 

{High School rival colors & since I'm a Bobcat through & through it's a big thing to put these colors together. I'm sure some of you think I'm nuts but those of you CV out there will know what I mean} 
-Really had fun wearing this color combo yesterday taking A&E to a matinee yesterday afternoon.  I liked it so much I'll wear it again soon. Shhh, don't tell my Mom or sisters! ;)-

I guess I love a good bracelet too.  Seeing that the same one appeared in both photos.  That is one thing I absolutely adore is a good accessory. Can make the whole outfit & the bigger the better.
So I'm curious... What are you "crushing" on lately?  Is there a color combo out there that is just floating your boat right now?  If so I'd love to hear. 

Have a great day- try adding a splash of color when you get ready today. 



Kara said...

I'm loving the red and yellow color combo. Being a CV gal, I know the internal terminal of mixing rival colors! Have a great day!

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

It's ok Melissa, I've started wearing navy and orange together too. It's hard not to since they look so cute together.

Anonymous said...

I get the dilemma too! EVERY time I put navy and orange together I stop and think to myself that the Halls would be upset with me :) I am loving your color combos though. I haven't quite jumped on the color band wagon yet. I only have a pair of coral capris...need to get some more color :)

Jessy J

Honeybee said...

Hahaha, so glad some of my CV friends understand what I'm saying. You guys make me laugh. Thanks for the comments- have a great day! :)

Vanessa Hall said...

I am disappointed in you three. :( MC colors, really?!?! "We are loyal and true to our white and our blue. Fight on you Bobcats." :)