7 Fabulous ideas for the 4th of July- blog hop


Today is so exciting!  I'm thrilled to announce that H&H is part of it's 1st ever blog hop.  I've teamed up with some of my favorite blog friends  {that I meet at Snap} to bring you:

7 Blogs, 7 Projects  & 
7 Times the Fun

Each month we'll be teaming up to bring some fabulous inspiration your way.  This month it's all centered around the 4th of July!

Not sure what to bring to that BBQ?  Want that perfect red, white and blue decoration?  How about what to wear?  We have got you covered!

1. Melissa of Hollyhocks & Honeybees.

2. Emily of The Benson Street 

3. Candice of She's Crafty

4. Ashley Flats to flip flops

5. Adrienne of Free Time Frolics

6. Andie of  Maybe I Will 

7. Kaylynn of Among the Young 

 Are you ready for some 
DYNAMiTE inspired decor?

Hi everyone, my name is Melissa thanks for stopping by my blog on the 7 fab friends blog hop.   I'm sharing something fun & festive for our theme this month- a Stripey Straw Garland.  
Here's a little tid-bit about me- I LoVE the 4th of July.  It's one of my most favorite days of the whole entire year.  I like to celebrate it with a BaNG every year & this simple garland is the perfect accessory for any get together on the 4th.   

This is a really simple project to make for your 4th festivities.  There are just a few basic things required for this garland.
What you'll need: 
-a pair of scissors 
-a some stripey straws 
{in red, white & blue of coarse}
-bakers twine or string
-a wide eyed needle 
-& a little bit of time!  

Once you have all your supplies gathered Step 1 is to cut each straw in half. 
{you will need approx. about 75 straws, then cut them in half,  for a 6ft.garland}  
You can find these straws just about everywhere now.  Party supply store or search for them online. 

Step 2 is to thread your needle & start attaching each straw {one by one you don't want to crush the straw}  to the string, alternating colors & watching not to jab your fingers.  {OuCH!}  You might do that the 1st couple of times & then you'll learn to keep your fingers out of the way.  Those little straws are surprisingly tough so you have to push a little hard to get it through. 
Keep on stitching the straws on until you have enough on the line to make a full garland.  The more the better I always say.  
 I love the way it looks- like a big string of firecrackers just ready to lite, cover your ears & enjoy the show.
{P.S. DON'T set fire to this garland no matter how cute it looks- it's not the real thing, I promise!}   

The best part about this garland is when you pick it up it twists & turns into a fabulous shape.  So fun, dimensional & unexpected!! 

Here it is hung up in our kitchen ready to welcome in the festive holiday in style.  
I always like to hang garlands, banners, ribbons & just about anything in this spot.  It's such a cheery place to decorate & makes a statement. 
 So eclectic & fun! 
Looks even better paired with this charming USA wooden garland I made.  

If you'd like a chance to WiN this USA garland  leave a comment & I'll draw out one lucky winner on Monday & send it your way to help you celebrate the 4th in style. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back to Hollyhocks & Honeybees soon for more decorating & entertaining ideas. You can also follow along on FaceBook or Instagram at @mquigbee for lots of other ideas.   
-Happy Hopping!- 



Natalie said...

LOVE it!!! Totally looks like firecrackers

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

Way cute garland! It really looks like fire crackers.

Andie Thueson said...

Love the garland, so clever and fun!! It would look amazing on my front porch or mantel!!! I hope I win!!

Anonymous said...

so so cute. It all looks great. I hope that I get picked for the USA banner.
Angela L

cjeffery said...

Thanks for sharing all your darling ideas! Love the garland,

Steph said...

Super cute! I love patriotic decor.

Dave n Bre plus thr3e! :o) said...

Always love looking at your cute blog posts. You are a talented woman!! I too love the 4th of July!! The USA banner... I LOVE it, and love you for giving it away!! :) I hope I win!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and LOVE this garland. Would look amazing on my mantle!!!!

Aunt Bea's Treasures said...

YOu are so patriotic and bubly...not to mention talented! I love the clever idea and the words assembled in presenting the idea. It is really a frugal way to decorate and the end product is so exspensive looking. thanks for sharing.



Texie B said...

Those are super cute!!

Vanessa Hall said...

That banner is so cute!! The 4th of July party wouldn't be complete without it. I love AMERICA!!

Marky said...

Love the straw garlands, makes me want to go get out my July decorations!!

JenBowles said...

Can't wait to add this to my 4tH of JuLy decor! ;) Truly I LoVe this banner Melissa....another fantastically FuN and adorable creation made by the Honeybee! :)

Debbie said...

Love the straw garland! You always create such cute stuff!

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