I spy with my little eye....


  Got a happy text from my friend Texie that made my day!  She shared some pictures of a decorated shelf in her house.  I love seeing H&H items in my clients homes & how they are put to use in spaces.  It makes me giddy & keep's me doing what I love to do.  

-I spy... an H&H flower up on top, fun ferris wheel wood block from the Summertime Hive, a double matted frame,
the hello.... Sunshine block.  Love it!! -

Then look at how darling her shelf looks all red, white & blue & ready for the 4th of July!  She put that banner she just won {yesterday in fact} to good use already.  It looks darling dangling off of her shelf.  I love the eclectic look & combining all sorts of this & that's to get the look you want.  How cute are those well worn baseballs & her coke bottle turned vase.
{you know I love old baseballs & a glass pop bottle} 
-I spy... an H&H star block, there's that fun ferris wheel print again, & the USA banner that I gave away on my blog.  Thanks to everyone who entered by the way.- 

Thanks Tex, for sharing pics of your cute home with me.  I loved seeing your creativity & how you decorated with  H&H in your home.

Have a great day everyone.  Hope you were inspired.  Now go decorate a fun space in your home.



Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

You are making the world one shelf at a time!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Heather, My home would not be as cute without Melissa's creative touch.
Angela L

Honeybee said...

Thanks sweet friends!! :)

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Oh I'm love with the wheel print! It's perfect summertime decor. The shelf looks good with all your goodies on it.