To think about....


  I love words!  I look for quotes that inspire & uplift.  I am drawn to simple phrases that spark something inside of me.  I love looking for them in magazines that I read.  I enjoy curling up on the couch to thumb through a new magazine that just arrived in the mail & dog earring pages that I know I want to keep around for inspiration, a recipe to try or simply some neat typography or quote I like.  

Yesterday morning I woke up with a desire to clean out a bit.  I was searching for something in my bedside table 
{that I needed for a lesson I'm teaching today} 
one thing lead to another & before I knew it I was totally organizining every drawer in the table.  I love to go through the magazines I've kept, rip out the pages I've dogeeard, & make a stack of magazines to take to the recycling bin. 
{I do this about every other month.  Don't like the feel of piles of old magazines lying around. I just try to keep the current month around. Although it is hard to toss out some Pottery Barns all the time, my fav!} 

-Some of the things that I found in the pile of magazines & torn out pages.  Especially love #4 & #5 on the page.  I made room for lots of possibilities with my clean out.  Such a good feeling!- 

I really enjoyed looking through the torn out pages & remembering why I wanted to save them.  I took some pics of some inspiring words that spoke to me & wanted to share them with you.  Can't tell you the fire it lite inside me yesterday morning & the inspiration it gave me.  Something about words, typography & colors just really speaks to me.  

-I mean, who wouldn't want to go out & make your dreams a reality after seeing these fun letters!  Oh, I will be cruising around in an old vintage Ford or Chevy one of these days- mark my words!!- 

 Loved the simplicity of this picture & the quote written on it back in Oct. 2012 & still loved it today in June 2013.  Glad I saved this page & held onto it.  It was a good reminder for the day.  

After thumbing through my ripped out pages & cutting out the images, quotes & pictures I liked this is where they ended up.  A place where I can see them everyday. 
{the window pane, message board/ inspiration board in my closet}
-I adore this space in our home.  Brings me such happiness!- 
One last nugget of wisdom to leave you with today. Sometimes we get weighed down looking at the big picture of things but sometimes we need to just look at the smaller things & the good we do day by day.  

I've also told you before how to use pages, words & pictures from magazines to inspire you everyday {here} It's one of my favorite traditions to do as a family.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Look for something that makes you happy & inspires you today. 



Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Quote #5 in the first picture is exactly what I needed today!! I've been cleaning out the spare room downstairs this week. I've been using it for my craft room for the past 6 years but now it's time to make room for my oldest to have his own space. It's been so overwhelming because I have SO! MANY! craft, scrapbooking, sewing, etc supplies to fit into a very small space. Just need to think of it filling my creative side with possibilities!

Honeybee said...

Thanks Megan, #5 really spoke to me too. It really is true, happy cleaning :)

Mimi Sue said...

I love quotes too. Looking around my house I have a bunch of them. On boards, plates, even on the wall. I think I'll have to go to Anthropology soon. Lots of fun things to look at there. Mimi

Natalie said...

I agree words and quotes can have such powerful impact - great inspiration!