A happy honeybee in the big city

Out & about again today.  This is one of those days I look forward to all year long.  

My sweet friend, {Erika} & I head down to Anthropologie to use our birthday coupon. 
{15% off your total purchase when you sign up for an Anthro card} 
If you adore Anthropologie you should really have one of these cards.  It's NOT a credit card it just signs you up for promational stuff,  notification of sales & brithday coupons each year.  My friend & I have been going down for 3 years now to celebrate our birthday month.  Just walking around that store alone is a birthday treat for me.  I just love it!! Such a creative energy & so much inspiration in that place.  Oh, I'm on a high right now just thinking about it! 

I took a few pics to capture our day at Anthro. with my iphone. {so sorry if the quality isn't the best} 
Always love seeing a red sign with a 4-letter word on it.  We luck out because June is the month of their sale so we get 15% off on top of that. {Cha-CHiNG!}  

Any other June birthday girls out there?  
-I spy... our reflection in the store front windows!- 
Right when I walked into the store my breath was taken away... now I want 3 chandeliers all clustered together hanging in a room.  Not to mention seeing all the bright & joyful colors it just does my spirit good & makes me happy!
{I really should go there every month for some inspiration & creative therapy} 
Loved the top of this tablescape.  Oh, how I wish I could have everything out & displayed so cute all of the time like this.  Love all the yellow too- such a cheerful color. 

Thought this shelf was cool looking.  Maybe I'll have to show my hubby & see if he could make a similar one for our home.  On the tag it said it was an old music shelf.  
{maybe out of an old classroom or off of a tour bus or something} 

 Ok, I have admired, wished & adored this chair for years!  When I saw the 20% sign on it I thought yes, this is the year {+my 15% extra off}  hmmmm..... no.  It would still be a $500 chair.  Couldn't justify it.  Wish it was more like 75% off & then it would coming home with me.  I guess I'll keep on wishing & hoping for it one day.  Love it! 
-Seriously, so charming & cute!  I just love it.- 
Saw this chair too {much better price but still a pretty penny}  so cool!  It looked like it was made of strip binding that had words on it.  Very unique & one of a kind! 
-That's my stash of goods on the chair. Had to free up a hand to take a picture- 

Took this picture of a Puffin cookie jar for my little girl. She loves Puffins! 

Tons & ToNS of dishes, bowls, mugs & glasses for sale.  I have to say this year was the best selection by far of sale stuff.  Do bad I didn't just stick to buying from this table ;) 

 Always love their collection of jewelry. So glittery, sparkly & colorful.  Had to pieces in my hands but decided to get something else instead.  I got a necklace last year that is still one of my favorites to wear. 
Here is my purchase {minus one charming book titled, Just being, Audrey}  Nothing big this time around & no clothes or shoes.  I just went with what I was drawn to that made me excited.  I also got a charming book titled, {Just being, Audrey} I had to get it for my Audrey at home.  It's about Audrey Hepburn & the illistrations in the book are adorable.  It was being rung up at the time of the picture. 
-So excited with what I got:  6 new Latte bowls that were on sale, an adorable wire candle holder that I can't wait to use,  a cookbook that I've wanted for a LoNG time & a fun Summertime activity for my girls- learning a new big word a day- 
I even signed Mace up for her own Anthro card today because as my friend & I were walking around the store we would say things to each other like, "Macey would look so cute in that!", "How cute would this be for Mace" & "Macey would love that!!"  So now she can come on her birthday month & maybe find something fun.  

- I can't tell you how A.MaZ.iNG this cookbook is!  Alright, I'll be honest I got it mostly to look at the pictures but it is so worth it.  I've followed Katie's blog for quite awhile now & am always intrigued & inspired by her photography.  She truly is an artist & makes food & entertaining look so delightful! Glad to have this now in our home to look at & enjoy.  I'll let you know what I make out of it- 

We ended off the day with a trip to Restoration {Of coarse} & lunch at Blue Lemon {my favorite!}  We decided to share so I  got the Black Bean Ravioli & Erika got the Mango Mint Chicken Salad
{thanks to a recommendation by my friend Brooke that I saw while waiting in line} So glad she hustled over from her gig at Studio 5 just in time for me to see her.  So fun!

Love a happy day spent with a happy friend.  Happy Birthday my dear friend,  can't wait to go again next year!


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