Treat for ME & question for YOU!


  Have to show you an early "TReaT" I got myself a couple of weekends ago at the Scraps of Simplicity Market. 
 {I told you I always find a treasure!}  
Lookie what I came home with.  I absolutely adore it!  

When I saw it, I heart skipped a beat for a bit & I walked away.  Not sure where I would put it, if I really did need it, or wanted to spend the $$ on it but.... then some other ladies came walking by & stopped to admire it for a second & then walked away.  Well that was it!  I didn't want it going to any other home but mine so I went right over & got the tag off of it & said to the vendor, "I have to have this" as I gave him the tag.  
{Thanks to Miss Mace & my friend, E for supporting me in my decision. Isn't shopping with friends the best!} 

So now it is in our downstairs family room & I just love it!  I have been wanting to re-do this room for awhile & I may have just found the inspiration to help me get started. Love the colors.  Wonder what it was used for in the past?  I'm wondering if it was something with the military because of the colors. 


Since it's Halloween I'm curious... What is the one piece of candy that you LoVE to see in your Trick or Treaters stash at the end of the night or that is one you LoVE to hand out?  
{I'll admit I've snuck a treat or 2 from my kids treat pails} 
-Tell me here or hop over to the H&H FaceBook page to leave your comment- 

This is what will be defending our house tonight from Trick Or Treaters as they arrive.  My husband's winning 1,454 lb. pumpkin was sculpted into a fire-breathing dragon thanks to our friend & talented neighbor, Zach. 
{So cool!!} 
-Tonight it will be lit up & breathing "fire" out of it's nose- should be awesome! If you live close by stop by for a photo.- 
Hope you all have a safe & Happy Halloween!



Stripe-y garland Tutorial


First of all let me just say that my thoughts & prayers are with everyone living back East & especially along the East coast.    
Hope you are all safe & sound & bundled up under some warm blankets today. 
{Strange to think that we will have record highs here for Halloween, 75, while it's so crazy back there.} 

Wanted to share something fabulous with you today.  Hopefully you might be able to make your own version of this with a few things you have around the house. 
Look at this adorable black & white garland, that is made out of stripe-y straws.  I just love it!  

Items needed:  
string, bakers twine or ribbon 
pack of paper stripe-y straws 
{you can buy them online or at most party stores}
time & maybe a few band-aids to have nearby

1- cut each straw in half & set aside 
{you will need about between 50-100 straws depending how long you & tight you want your garland to be. I used 75 for mine}

2- Cut the desired length of ribbon, string or bakers twine  for your garland & thread the needle 
{use one with a large eye} 

3- Simply sew the needle through the cut straws 
{being careful not to crush the straw or bend it} 
 you'll get the hang of it.  
*also be careful to not poke your fingers. I had a few injuries & band aids at the end of this project so be careful. Those little straws are tough to get through. 

-Orange bakers twine makes for the perfect color combo- 
4- Keep stitching until all your straws are strung together. Space them as close or far apart as you would like. 

5- tie up anywhere & enjoy!  

Group it with a couple other banner & garlands. You can't have too many banners around the house, I say! 

*-*I can't wait to make one with red/white or green/white stripe-y straw for Christmas using my Glitter Bakers Twine I WoN!  Thanks again Olive Manna!*-*

I saw a straw garland at Gourmet Club I attended awhile ago at my incredible friend Erika's house.  She had made one up with all different colors & patterns of straws- so cute!  Such a fun everyday way to celebrate any celebration or birthday. Thanks for the inspiration, E! 
{can't wait to show you all the pictures from that night- it was so adorable.}

Ok, let the countdown begin- HaPPy HaLLoWeEN from my home to yours!! 



If you're still thinking about it.......

Oops... too late it's over.
Good deals don't last forever you know  

  Today is the last day to pick up any of the fabulous H&H fall items on sale for 30% off! 
To see what there is still available just click the Sale button on the right sidebar. 

-Be back tomorrow to share a quick & easy decorating project just in time for Halloween-
- A pic of all my kids, a Go-Go Girl, Pop can & a Sassy witch. Oh, & Mr. Olly- 


Pick a # & a question for you


I've had a lot of people asking for a blog post about my recent Studio 5 segment, so as always thanks for your interest & here you go.   
{feel free to "pin" anything you like too}

  I'm curious which of the 5 things that I shared on the decorating segment did you like best, that had you thinking to yourself, "Hey, I could do that" or "I have some of those I could use" or an idea that you just couldn't wait to Pin to one of your boards.  

The  7 1/2 minutes for the segment always goes by way too fast that I can't get in all the information  that I want to share with you.  I always leave going, "Oh, shoot I forgot to say that.So I thought I'd do a little re-cap & share some helpful tid-bits with you. 

1- Graters & glass jars for lanterns.

-The washi tape I got from a great local company called DownTownTape. They have a wide selection to choose from & I got my order lickety-split.  
-If you want to cover your tea light with the tape I would recommend taking a roll into the store with you when you buy so that you can see that they are the right width. It's better to have a clean edge look than have to fold the tape down around the candle. 
 -Use household things for jar fillers to hold up the candles.  Black sunflower seeds for feeding birds work great for Halloween {get at Walmart} or dried black beans & then just change it up with some popcorn kernels, split peas or dried beans for a more autumnal feel.

-Great because they can be used for inside or outside decorating.
*just be careful handling them after candles have been burning because they are very, very HoT!  
2- Finding Unique decorating opportunities 
{well...just look up!} 

 -Look around your home for other fun places to decorate for the Holidays. A great place is light fixtures. I like to follow the rule of 3 when decorating. Use 3 different kinds of banners, swags or garlands all in contrasting colors & textures & just mix them together.  It's more appealing to the eye that way.  
{Really, this is so fun & easy to do!} 

-So easy to change up & decorate for any holiday! 

- I really should do a post one time showing you all different ways I've decorated for events, parties & celebrations using these lights, love them!-

3- Black & White Photos 
-Oh, I can't get enough of these! 
-If you don't have any original old photographs you can search online for some to print out & photo shop or keep your eye open at antique stores & even the D.I.  I have seen old photos there before.  Kind of always makes me sad to see someones family heirlooms for sale.  But if you see them snag them & take them home to be part of your family. 

-So many fun possibilities with this project!

 4- Vintage Typewriter
{sometimes it's fun to just spell it all out!} 
-Dangle a spooky spider off a black & white photo- I'm having so much fun with those!- 
-Enough said, adorable! Do you have one? It sure makes me grateful for laptops because this thing weighs a ton!
-To keep it up through Thanksgiving just ask your family to share at least 7 things they are grateful for & type them all up & display for all to see.  
-I love how it looks set up on the large disk of wood.  Makes it feel really fall & outdoor-sie & perfect for this time of year. 
-Since my typewritter is long been retired I just find a cute typewriter inspired font on my computer & print it out.  If you have one that is still in working order consider yourself lucky.

5- Store front inspired wooden panels 
{make a statement or two!} 

 -I was inspired for this project on our family vacation up to the Oregon Coast this summer. I loved all the weathered wooden signs telling passer buyers what was for sale, if they were open or closed.  So I decided to really make a statement this Fall season to all our passer buyers & trick-or-treaters.
- I used an old 8ft. by 18 inch wooden garage door panel I bought from a friend.  You could use old shutters or just a wide piece of wood.  Cut it to the size that would work for your home. 
-I painted the one side black & left the other side the original wood color. 

-You can stencil, paint or get vinyl to add to the panel.  I choose vinyl & ordered it from Buzz Graphics. I simply emailed them a picture of the panel, gave them the dimensions & they sent back several choices of designs to choose from.

- We {thanks hubby!} hung up the panel by screwing in some hooks into our porch beam & then securing 2 eye hooks onto the panel itself to hang up. 
- The best part is, take it down after Halloween reverse it & stand it up for a Thanksgiving message.  2 uses in one- love it!
 Place some cool gourds & pumpkins around the sign & there you go, all ready for the remainder of the Fall season. 

Ok, there you have it.  A few of the things I forgot to mention on the air.  Hope you liked something that you saw & want to do some decorating of your own. I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment telling me if #1,#2,#3,#4,or #5 inspired you. 

Thanks- have a wonderful night. 
{oh, by the way it has snowed about 12 inches at my house today & it's still coming down! It's going to be a chilly Halloween this year}


What a day!


I finally have some time to catch my breath & tell you about the exciting day I had on Tuesday. 
{Glad I typed this all up before we got word that school's were cancelled today because of SNoW!!  My plans have changed just a bit ;)} 
It was a busy, eventful day that challenged, surprised, energized, inspired & delighted me to say the least.  Here are a few of the highlights. 

After I had got the kiddos up & off to school, packed everything for my Studio 5 segment & loaded up the car I decided to quick check my email before heading out the door & boy, was I glad I did.  Because lookie at what I WoN!! 
{have you ever seen anything more Fab.u.lous?}
-I saw this amazing bundle of sparkle & twine & just couldn't contain myself.  I shared it all with you on the H&H FB page, entered the drawing on Olive Manna & WoN!
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!- 
& it's on it's way to my house right now. Thanks so much, Natalie!! I cannot wait to make something fun with this. 

Next up was Studio 5.  I love being able to go on this fantastic show.  Every time I'm asked to participate it thrills me beyond belief.  
{Little me, on TV- I mean come on!} 

-These are my NEW, FAVORITE Halloween decorations.  Had such a blast playing around with them all.- 
It's always a pleasure to go one & share things with others that just make my heart sing.  LoVE getting to create! 
{Here's the segment if you didn't get to see it or you live outside of the state} 

Lucky for me I had an assistant for the day to go have along with me to drive me down to SLC, help carry in boxes, keep me calm, take pictures behind the scenes.  
Thanks Ty, you are the best- love you!

  We had to run some errands while we were in the city so we looked around, I did some boot shopping {holla!} & I got to check out the NeW Anthropologie store at City Creek.  
{Hello.... inspiration!  Just walking up to that place makes my head spin, love it!} 

-This is the outside of the store- all different planks of weathered wood- 

-I'm always amazed at their creative window displays & this one with hanging, green colored, string wrapped rocks was amazing to look at. Can't wait to see what they do for Christmas- 

-Thought this bench was cool looking- inspiration!- 
Oh, did I mention boot shopping
-Thanks Ty!- 
{what a guy, I'm one lucky girl!} 

As I thank you {for all his help & the boots} I took him out to lunch at one of our favorite places California Pizza Kitchen.  The 1st time we ever ate there was on our honeymoon in San Diego 12 years ago.  We ordered the Cobb Salad & Chicken Thai Pizza- Yum.E

Something else that made my day was all the sweet texts, emails, calls & FB messages that I received from so many friends & family.  It really just made me so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life who cheer me on.  I loved hearing from each of you, 
thank you so much! 

Oh, & to top it all off I went to my 1st Norwex party.  I've always heard about how great the products are so I decided to check it out.  I'm so glad I did!  I purchased just a basic pack of clothes, came home started cleaning & couldn't stop!  I was having so much FuN!
{yes, you heard me right I was cleaning!} 
I got a smudge, stain, I don't know what it was but I know I tried ALOT of things to get it off the back of my stainless steel  back splash & guess what... the wonder micro cloth+Ty's super scrubbing skills got it off like it was nothing. 
{Hallelujah!! So excited!}  
I even had to call up my friend, N, to tell her how much fun I was having scrubbing the kitchen late at night.  

Have a wonderful day! 
{I'll be inside crafting & trying to stay warm} 



H&H Halloween SaLE!!


Sale's over- sorry, if you missed it. 

  Hello friends!  Did you see Studio 5 today? I hope you liked some of the ideas I showed & that it got you into the Halloween/Fall spirit of things.  
-If you didn't get to see it you can watch it by clicking {Here}- 

I love decorating for for this time of year & since I had a few things left over from The{Fall}Hive I thought I'd see if any of you would like to get some to add to your decor. 

After The {Fall} Hive SaLE!! 

-A Home SPooKY Home frame- $14 now ONLY $9.80-
So here is what is still filling up the H&H shelves & it's all 30% off until the 29th or until it's GoNE! 
-If you like something you see 
{since it's limited to what is on hand}  
email me to tell me what you want & then I'll take it off the shelves & mark it as sold-  
-5x7 H&H Black scrappy frame- $16.80
-Long Block- $4.20
-Home SPooKY Home black frame- SOLD!
-5x7 H&H Scrappy orange frame- SOLD!
-Glittery crow on a mustard wooden stand- SOLD!
-School book turned Mini Chalkboard- $4.20 {2 available}
-#31 Set- $15.40 {2 available choose grey/black stripe or black print & orange}

-Halloween home scene- $8.40 
-Home SPooKY Home grey frame- $9.80
-Home SPooKY Home black frame- $8.60
-4x6 green/white stripe curvy cut out frame-SOLD!
-8x10 Black curvy cut out frame - SOLD!
-4x6 curvy cut out star print frame- SOLD! 

-Glittery Crow on black & white paper disk- $6.30
-Spooky house wooden set- $11.20 
-Home SPooKY Home orange frame- SOLD!  
-Boo board- SOLD!  

-Glittery Black spider webs in vintage embroidery hoops- $5.60 {2 available}
-8x10 double Black & White frame-SOLD!{I told you ;) !!}
-Spooky House set- SOLD!  {choose from black chalkboard set or black & white print set}

-Don't forget about Thanksgiving-
-Turkey Lurky {with coffee filter feathers}- SOLD! 
-Small blocks -$2.80 each {3 available}
-Long blocks- $4.20 each {choose between white pumpkin patch, 2 available, or Happy Thanksgiving}
I don't think this cute stuff will hang around for too long.  
{Email me at}

Thanks for stopping {shopping} by.  
If it's your 1st time to my blog- Welcome!  I'd love for you to follow along either here or on FaceBook.  
Hope you come back soon! 



Something "Grate"

I'll be on Studio 5 {TODaY}  at 11:00 on channel 5 for all you locals out there.  Tune in to see some charming decorating ideas I'll be showing that not only work for Halloween but transition fabulously into Fall. 

I've had a lot of fun dreaming up some new projects & thinking outside the box a little bit using some things that I had just lying around in a new way.  I love when you find a useful way to use something ordinary in an extrodinary way. 

These metal goodies are one of my absolute FaVORiTE Halloween decor accessories- be sure to tune in tomorrow & I'll show you how these make for a "grate" porch display on  Halloween night.

-Yes, I have a vintage cheese grater collection.
Who doesn't? ;)} 

Ok, off to pack & get ready for a trip into the city tomorrow. Hope to hear from you soon! 



Has me dreaming.....


  Oh, my goodness!  Just had to share what I found with you in my in box today. If you are looking for something to make you giddy, start dreaming & wishing of a white winter that won't be too far away take a minute to flip through the pages of the Restoration Hardware baby & child Holiday catalog.  

So inspiring & delightful!  It makes me want to go grab my Ugg boots& put them on right now, pour a hot cup of cocoa & curl up on the sofa in front of a roaring fireplace.  
{Oh, not to mention start filling out my wish list to send to Santa ;)} 

Just click on the link below to be taken to the catalog page that will send you over the moon with delight! 

Oh, sit back & enjoy!  Happy day. 
{By the way 64 days until Christmas}