Better late than never!!


  This goes to show you how on the ball I am I almost completely forgot about sharing some H&H stuff with you that will be at The {Fall} Hive tomorrow, Friday & Saturday.  
{Psst.... this is one of your last chance to be entered into The Hive $25.00 gift certificate so be sure to leave a comment!}

Ok, I already showed you some of the goods I'll have at The {Fall} Hive earlier {Stripe-y, Jekyl & Hyde frames, Home Spooky Home frames & book paper wreaths & #31 sets }
but here is a peek at some new things from H&H that you'll see at the show. 

-Halloween frames, fun blocks to put out just about any where, not to mention the book cover mini chalkboards- adorable!- 

-Fun & festive wreaths to either hang on the door or over a mirror in the hallway or just hang off a hook.  P.S. the little spiders glow in the dark, OoOooOh!- 

-It wouldn't be a Fall show without these popular feathery friends.  Gobble, Gobble!- 

-A wide selection of Home SPooKy Home frames in lots of colors & styles-
 Ok, very excited to have these for SaLE at the Hive.  My vintage chicken feeder is one of my MoST FaVORITE things to set out on my island, table or bench & fill up with whatever.  
{You've probably seen it used to hold old baseballs before & featured on Studio 5 as a floral display} 
So many uses for these wooden wonders! Thanks to some old barn wood from my home town they are available to you too! 

-An apple a day keeps the Dr. away!- 

-Oh, they would be so charming for a Thanksgiving table display. Filled up with gourds, pumpkins or rolls or bread. Lengths & sizes will vary- 
 If you missed out coming to The Hive {on location} this Summer & missed out on getting your hands on a bark table runner- don't worry, they will be at The {Fall} Hive.  You can either place candles in them or the pop bottles 
{that I sooo love} filled with flowers.  You decide!I love having mine out on the table this time of y ear. 

-Love the glow of the candles against the rough wood- 
LoTS more things to so come check it out! 
Ok, off to do a few last minute touches & such.  But before I do I just have to say that I have the BeST H&H followers & FaceBook friends.  THaNK YoU, THaNK YoU for all your sweet comments & for "BuZZ-ing"  about The Hive.  I look forward to seeing you all.  Hope you can make it to the show. 
{t-24 hours} 



Nicolle said...

Oh man, is anyone else driving 4 hours to The HIVE??! Call you on my drive. Can't wait.

Natalie said...

Such Cute Wooden Creations!!! Getting super excited for it. Crossing my fingers :)

Anonymous said...

I will take one of everything H and H
Love it!
Angela L

Anonymous said...

I love how the turkeys have coffee filters behind them
Angela L

Anonymous said...

I love the chicken feeders and love the logs with the candles? Can't wait to see everything!
Angela L