My Pumpkin Philosophy 101


It can't be the Fall around our house without some glittered pumpkins lying around.  This year A&E were excited to make the glittered pie pumpkins. 
{Yes,  we use the ReaL thing- don't even get me started on those fake foam pumpkins with stubby stems, yuck! NOT in this house!}
The girls did a great job & we enjoyed placing them around our house, especially picking places where the light will hit them just perfectly 
{of coarse}  

-Found these Scrabble tile holders at a market for .50 each!  CHa-CHiNG!! The deal of the day so I had to buy a bunch- 

  I love it when a new & unexpected way to decorate our home comes into view.  It always thrills me!  Don't you sometimes get stuck in a rut & do the same things over & over again? It's so easy to do that way but it limits your creative spirit too. So try to mix something up around your home- trust me you'll love it!  

That's why I am just giddy over a new display in my home.  {Thanks to my Emily for wanting a change of decor in her room & getting rid of something for me to bring upstairs & discover a new use for.  I love it!} 
-Our new pumpkin & gourd display -

-Placed the chalkboard up on top for some Halloween fun!- 
 Set up in the kitchen nook by the table it's the perfect spot to put these beauties on display.  
{after all they only come around once a year}
It took some squishing & maneuvering to get some of them into place but I just adore looking at them everyday & that we can enjoy them all the way until Thanksgiving. Don't just leave them outside on the front porch bring them indoors to enjoy too!

 This guy just makes me happy!  I guess I just appreciate all the different personalities {yes, they have personalities!}  sizes, shapes, colors & textures of all these beautiful fruits we get to see this time of year.  Maybe getting out of a rut might be buying some blue-ish, warty, bright orange, giant stemed pumpkins or white pumpkins this year instead of the same old jack-o-latern.  A great place to looks is farmers markets or  a quaint corner pumpkin stand & pick out something a little different that will really make a statement & can be a centerpiece all on it's on.  Look for pumpkins with fabulous stems too- that is a must

-Side view of the display- 
I especially love how it reflects in my Mirror, Mirror on the wall.  Remember these?  I decided to hang them up in my kitchen nook on one of the walls & have just been trying to figure out what to place on the other wall & I think I found my answer.  

So excited to see what these wire cubbies will be filled up with next- oh, the possibilities! 

I'm also excited to announce that I'll be on Studio 5 Tuesday sharing more other charming ways to decorate not only for Halloween but  the Fall months ahead. Can't wait.  Hope you'll watch Tuesday at 11:00 on Channel 5.  
{Don't worry, I'll post a link if you miss it or are out of state}



Anonymous said...

seems like i'm always in a decorating rut. That's why i appreciate you creative inspiration. Can't wait to see your fall island display too!
Angela L

Nanette said...

I was wondering if you could share where you found this aWeSOmE display rack. I love your blog and ideas. Thank you for your time...

Honeybee said...

Hi Nanette- I ordered that wire rack in years ago & I'm sorry to say I can't remember where from. I have seen it in Sundance Catalog too.