Where in the world Wednesday?


  Well... would you look at that?  What is it & where did I see it? Hmmmmm....any ideas? 

When I first saw this I was totally inspired & delighted.  
{maybe it's just the farm girl in me too}  
Thought it was was clever-est thing ever!!

Take a guess- 
Thanks Amy & Becca for playing along
YES, I saw it at Fallow Field Farm this weekend & it's a water trough 
{for you non-farmers out there}  
that was converted to a big water fountain.  It was completely filled with water, & a little bubble in the middle of the tub sent water trickling out all around the edge of the trough.  LOVED it!!  
My parents have one the same size up at there home that we have used for years as a big swimming pool.  I loved it when I was younger & my girls still love & play in it today.  They are heavy duty & a good thing to have around, even if they aren't being used to give animals a drink ;) 



Amy said...

Fallow field farm cause I went there too :) Such a cute place!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Love that! Seriously we need to get dad to make one and build at greenhouse. :)

So glad you called us to come.

Honeybee said...

Wa-hoo you're both right! Love playing this game. Wednesday's are turning into my favorite day ;)