Treat for ME & question for YOU!


  Have to show you an early "TReaT" I got myself a couple of weekends ago at the Scraps of Simplicity Market. 
 {I told you I always find a treasure!}  
Lookie what I came home with.  I absolutely adore it!  

When I saw it, I heart skipped a beat for a bit & I walked away.  Not sure where I would put it, if I really did need it, or wanted to spend the $$ on it but.... then some other ladies came walking by & stopped to admire it for a second & then walked away.  Well that was it!  I didn't want it going to any other home but mine so I went right over & got the tag off of it & said to the vendor, "I have to have this" as I gave him the tag.  
{Thanks to Miss Mace & my friend, E for supporting me in my decision. Isn't shopping with friends the best!} 

So now it is in our downstairs family room & I just love it!  I have been wanting to re-do this room for awhile & I may have just found the inspiration to help me get started. Love the colors.  Wonder what it was used for in the past?  I'm wondering if it was something with the military because of the colors. 


Since it's Halloween I'm curious... What is the one piece of candy that you LoVE to see in your Trick or Treaters stash at the end of the night or that is one you LoVE to hand out?  
{I'll admit I've snuck a treat or 2 from my kids treat pails} 
-Tell me here or hop over to the H&H FaceBook page to leave your comment- 

This is what will be defending our house tonight from Trick Or Treaters as they arrive.  My husband's winning 1,454 lb. pumpkin was sculpted into a fire-breathing dragon thanks to our friend & talented neighbor, Zach. 
{So cool!!} 
-Tonight it will be lit up & breathing "fire" out of it's nose- should be awesome! If you live close by stop by for a photo.- 
Hope you all have a safe & Happy Halloween!



Nicole Garner McConkie said...

The drawers are so fun. what a fun find. Your house looked so cute last night with the big pumpkin. I keep forgetting to ask you what you guys are doing with the pumpkin now. Can't believe we had nearly 400 trick or treaters!!! If theses numbers keep up we are going to have to start handing out crappy cheep candy.

Honeybee said...

Thanks Nicole, I can't believe this is the first time your seeing it. Thanks for chatting with me on the phone while I cleaned it up a bit. Talking with a friend always makes time spent more delightful!

Marci said...

oh that is too cool...old metal, swoon.
i didn't think that pumpkin could get any cooler but it did!! that rocks.