I cant "weigh"-t!!


Just a couple of fantastic things to tell you about that are coming up soon & that I can't "weigh"-t for .... 

1- I'm looking forward to cleaning up this beauty & using it to weigh out some Gourmet Halloween candy 
{that I am ordering in} for the upcoming 
Hollyhocks & Honeybees show!  
I got this great vintage scale from a sweet {& thoughtful} friend who rescued it from an old shed she was cleaning out. She decided to call me to see if I would want it before she sent it off to the D.I. {heck ya!!}  
So glad she called me up & asked- Thanks Patti! 
{Thanks to my sister V, for hauling it down here for me} 
I will love & cherish this for many years to come. If you would like to take a peek at it too be be sure to plan on coming to my Fall show. 

That brings me to the 2nd thing I can't "weigh"-t for.....  
2.  Hollyhocks & Honeybees 
Fall "BoO"-tique 
Thursday Sept. 29th & Friday Sept. 30th
-Mark your calender & be sure to tell your friends!!- 
I will be opening up the H&H doors with LoTS of Spooky, fabulous & spectacular fall decor + I'm asking a few of my crafty friends to bring some of their amazing creations to sell too. 
{by popular demand- wooden cake stands & unique candy jars to fill to the brim w/ sweet treats!} 

3.  & last but not LeaST..... 
Monday morning & the opportunity to be back on 
Studio 5 again- I can't "weigh"-t!!
{super excited for this segment- I have LOVED preparing for it} 
Be sure to set your DVR for KSL Channel 5 at 11:00 a.m.
{if you are local- if not don't worry I will post the link to the show here on my blog} 
I will be talking, sharing & showing ideas for hosting a "woodsie" party or event- my 4 most FaVORITE 
must have's for entertaining. 
{I'm so excited I might just be back Monday morning to tell about a little GiVEAWAY to go along with being on the show}

Hope you have something exciting you're looking forward to & that you can't "weigh"-t to arrive! 



Keeping it real


  This post is specifically for a fun friend of mine who recently packed up her family & moved away from our great neighborhood to Eastern Utah. 
She once did a post on her blog 
{kind of making fun of me but in a good way ;)} 
of how my kitchen island, from pictures I've posted, always looks clean, tidy & straightened up & then compared it with a picture she took of her island 
{the same day} in some disarray. 
{You can see the picture & post I'm talking @ HERE} 

Well..... M take a look at what I woke up to see my island looking like last Tuesday morning.  
{see it does happen in the Quigley home too - haha!}

I was S.i.C.K  last Monday & in bed with my other little sickie Em right by me all day just hanging out in our jammies & watching TV. 
My husband was out of town so not much gone down around here for 24 hours.  I was grateful to have Miss Mace & Audji around to help me out & 
my great {love them to death} next door neighbors that ran to the store to get Sprite for us  & even fed M&A while I was down.  But even with all the help it just goes to show you that when the Mommy gets sick you really notice what she does each & every day, around the house, that just seems to stop when she is sick.
{Who knows how many times I actually wash down that island a day}

Just thought I would share it with you all {and especially you M} 
Glad I'm feeling better! 
P.S. the island was cleaned up shortly after I took that picture with my camera phone. 
{Ahhh... back to normal!}


*Look at this cute little idea I spotted {Here 
so doing this for my girls. 
-photo from the eighteen25 blog- 
{I would have given Miss Mace & Audji lots of punches for helping me last week!} 


Something I live by....

 Some of my FaVORiTE motto's in life are.... 
Everything looks better served on a cake stand
{so true!} 

& Presentation is EvERYTHING!

I mean just look how cute these big chewy Gingerbread Cookies look all snuggled in this vintage wooden tote box lined with patterns. 
Don't you just want one? 
{I love when I get a last minute inspiration that just clicks in my head- tah-dah!}
-these are my Grandma Hall's FaMous recipe & one of my favorites!!- 
This must mean we are in Celebration mode 
at our house today. 
We get the opportunity to host a 50th Wedding Anniversary open house in our yard tonight for 2 amazing & sweet people. They have been wonderful friends, teachers & examples to our family. 
We love them alot & are excited to celebrate with them tonight at our home. 
{now back to the last minute preparations} 
{Thanks to all my sweet friends & neighbors who helped out by making cookies, taking pictures & bringing over chairs & tables} 



What a "HoOt" !!

  Well look "Whoo" turned 13 last week. 
{I can't believe I am old enough to have an official 
teenager in the house}
Happy Birthday Miss Mace! 

I think she might just love owls as much as I do 
{she has numerous rings & necklaces of these feathered friends}  
She has wanted to have an owl themed party for awhile now & since her birthday is in the middle of Summertime we decided to celebrate with a Night-Owl party with an outdoor backyard movie. 

Since Miss Mace loves to bake so she made a whole flock of Owl cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. 
{Didn't they turn out cute?} 

 The eyes for these feathered friends are blond Oreos & Nutter Butters with Reese's pieces as the colored part of the eye, their noses were just a Reese's pieces turned on it's side- super easy!!
Mace just loved how they all turned out! 

One of the party activities was everyone making & painting their own Owl Rock Pet to take home with them.  
{see is actually wearing an owl ring}

 Each one of the girls rocks- they turned out so cute. 
{very colorful- I have to say}
The stage is set for the outdoor movie.  These vintage theatre seats came out of my hometown's movie theatre. 
{Lewiston - home of the $1 movie}
The city renovated the theatre a few years ago & my Mom snagged some for us to have. I just love having them to use- they are perfect 
{a bit heavy & bulky to move around but- priceless!}  

 The dessert table all dressed up & ready to have everyone dig in. I'm totally loving & embracing the "WoodSy" theme in just about everything I've done lately. It's so easy & fun to tie into anything you do.  I even wood burned "Whoo.. loves you?" into a piece of wood for Mace to have as a keepsake from the party.
{I signed it & wood burned the date on the back}

 I used a 8 ft. wooden plank {with the bark still on of coarse} as the table runner- super easy & clever! 
{If I say so myself ;) } 
I'm also excited to announce that I will be on Studio 5 next month talking about {& sharing} ideas on how to incorporate wood into your entertaining/decorating.  Yippee!!
{I mean just look at that cute cake stand- love it!} 
 It couldn't be a Movie Night without Popcorn - & LoTS of it! 
Miss Mace loves Popcorn {she gets it from her Dad} & wanted a variety of it for her friends to choose from. We had Carmel, Salty & Buttery {which Mace loves to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on} White Chocolate  & Marshmallow Popcorn to dig into & of coarse stripy straws to stick into their Root Beer bottles.
 Mace & her cute friends that came to the party 
 Happy Birthday to You- make a wish! 
 Let the movie begin- the weather was so nice, not a cloud in the sky & the perfect Summer evening to have an outdoor party. She even let her sisters & their buddy "crash" the party & watch the movie with them. 

 Then to end the night- Glow-in - the- Dark Chalk.  
{I told about this fabulous stuff in an earlier post} 
The girls loved it & had such a great time writing their names, tracing each other on the driveway & coloring on the trampoline {it's washable} at 11:30 p.m. & seeing it glow in the darkness. 
I'm telling you this stuff is Awesome if you are having an outdoor party, neighborhood get together or event-- you need to get some!! 

I thought Audrey's name turned out so cute 
{love that she writes her A as a Star!} 
You can get the idea of how much this chalk glows in the dark- it's so great! 

What a great day celebrating Miss Mace's birthday this year- it started driving home at Midnight from Harry Potter 7 & then ended 24 hours later with her playing outside jumping on the trampoline, drawing with glow- in the dark chalk & being giggly with friends. 



Look what I spotted....

I've been busy getting ready to celebrate {& put together}  my oldest {Miss Mace} 13th birthday party
{I'll be back later with a post & pictures- her party was a "HoOt" }

But I spotted a few posts about her on some 
friends & family's blogs
{Which I thought was so sweet!}  

You can read about Miss Mace {Here} & {Here}
I'm lucky to have such a great daughter who is growing up to be a very awesome young lady!
{Love you Mace!!} 

Happy Saturday, be back with more soon. 
Today our family has been {Here} we get to live in an awesome community with fantastic neighbors,  blue skies, green mountains, lakes & rivers- LOVE it!! 



I may have a problem.....

  Okay, it's actually an obsession! 
What is it about seeing a cute, sparkly, big, over the top ring??  I see something I like & just have to get it.  I do like having a "statement" ring to wear. 
{I like to wear just a little something special some days}
- My fun ring collection {minus a few} The flowered looking ring on the bottom of my ring finger is my STAPLE everyday ring- I absolutely adore it!  I am also loving wearing the big green flower one lately & the rounds of fabric one too. You can never go wrong with turquoise ones any day of the week either!- 
Well... I had to go to Target today & saw the thick black sequiney ring & just had to have it. 
{I'm wearing it tonight to see Harry Potter 7.2 at 9:00- wa-hoo!!} 
I'm heading out tonight with my 3 Sisters, Mom & Miss Mace to celebrate Mace's Birthday Eve with dinner & a movie.  
{Way to go finishing up Book #7 just in time Mace} 

Mace & I made a pact a long time ago that 
{since we were way late starting to read the Harry Potter series} we wouldn't see the movie before we had read each book 
{the books are ALWAYS so much better!!}

So glad we did it this way & I would recommend that to any of you out there who haven't discovered the world of 
Harry Potter yet. 

Anyone else out there excited to see the Deathly Hallows?  
Can't wait to see it all on the big screen & hopefully see how it all ends 19 years later.... All is Well.
{Yeah- for Harry!!} 



This usually NEVER happens.....

  Yes, I know it is the middle of July 
{& I should be embracing the Summer & Sunshine} 
but I am in the crafty kind of {staying inside} mood!
I usually NEVER get ahead of myself but lately I can't stop thinking about & being inspired for the Fall season 
{& my FaVORITE H&H show of the year-  the "BoO"-tique} 
I've loving dreaming of Spooky, Scary & FUN 
Halloween & Fall things to make.  


Maybe I'm in the Fall-ish mood because I got 2 catalogs in the mail yesterday for Back to School clothes & the cutest Kids Halloween costume catalog ever - Chasing Fireflies
{I just wish it was ALOT cheaper! My kids love to look at it & start imagining what they want to be for Halloween}

That's all for now--back to the craft room!

F.Y.I- the H&H "BoO"-tique show will be in late September or early {early} October. If you would like to be on the mailing list so you get all the details- please email me @ 


Oh, the places I go {Special Edition}

  I love to share favorite places that I like to go whether in the blogging world or the real outdoor world
{does that make sense?}  
I wanted to share a few places my husband & I went on Thursday night to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. Maybe they will be new places to you or maybe they are on your favorite list too. 

For dinner we went to Gabor Brothers in Layton
It is a tiny little restaurant on the corner of Main Street &    Cross Street.  It has really great tasting Italian food & we love to go there. It's nice to find someplace you like to go that isn't a chain restaurant, which is getting harder to find these days.  
{To be honest the atmosphere is really quirky & different, but don't let that stop you the food is fantastic!} 
*heads up for the guy standing right inside the door, it gets me every time even though I know it's there- once you go you'll know what I mean ;)
 Tyler ordered the Zupa {their house soup} it is really good with sausage & potatoes
 I got the salad with the house dressing.  I like this salad-it has craisans, cucumbers, pepperoni & the house dressing is the BeST! So if you go try it be sure to order that. 
 This was my dinner- Pasta Rosa 
{penne pasta with lots of veggies & sauce} 
& a breadstick.  Their breadsticks alone are worth going there. DE.LI.CIOUS!! 
 Ty got the Italian Combo sub.  Oh, my gosh it was huge!  We usually go here for lunch so it's just a 6 inch sub but for dinner it's a Big one.  

After a quick trip to Target to get a few things
{and walk off our dinner} 
we went here for dessert- 

 We LOVE coming here & ordering our favorite- Quigley concoction which is -  
A concrete {vanilla custard} w/ coconut, almond & choc. chips- yummy!! 
We grabbed 2 spoons & went out to the picnic tables outside to enjoy the nice summer weather. 
-P.S. I thought Nielsen's was just a Utah thing but I think it is at least in Virginia & Las Vegas too- 

 Since it was a warm Summer evening we had to eat fast before our custard melted all over. It was a great dinner/dessert date with my hubby to celebrate 16 years. 
{Love you Ty!} 

Who out there has had a Nielsen's custard before??  If you have I'd love to hear what is your favorite custard treat to eat there. 

Ok now for some new blogs & websites I am loving checking out lately- 

Happy going new places! 
{Thanks to those of you who have found your way to my blog lately & have left a comment.  I love hearing from new friends!!} 


*oh, one last stop I forgot to mention - I went to a local saw mill on Saturday morning- Ti-i-i-mber!! 
{I am working on a project- I'll tell you all about it soon} 


An "Event"ful weekend


  This past weekend was jam packed with fun, fabulous events & activities that I wanted to share with  you. 
{So bear with all the photos!}

Friday July 1- My 1st ever Decorating "GiG
I had a blast dreaming up the decor for this "Anthoropologie" inspired Wedding Shower party. 
Lucky for me I had a great assistant to help me with all the details start to finish {& she LOVED every minute of it} 
Thanks Mace! 

We loaded up our car {believe me it was PaCKED!} & headed down to Layton to the most quaint, charming backyard ever & set up this- 

The backdrop- I absolutely loved the old fence & trees-  The perfect spot for a casual party.  I set up the buffet table with a variety of frames on the top of the table & then stacked tin, glass & wooden cake stands through out the frames. 
{wish I would have stuck around for the party to get pictures of it all topped with yummy food}

Miss Mace & I had lots & lots of these blooms to place here & there.  They were made out of cupcake wrappers, the yellow pages, books  & coffee filters.  Here we put them on the sides of the buffet table & also tucked a few on the dining table around the yard to tie it all together. 
Just a little **Bling** for the evening.  I was given this porcelain hand from my in-laws for my B-day. They found in at an antique store & thought I would appreciate it 
{which I do, they know me well} 
A little bit of history it was used to dip into latex & to form latex gloves- 
FYI- its a size small. 

Just a shot of one of the tables topped with yellow blanket, an old wire basket stuffed with an old paper patterns & a set of candlesticks {mismatched of coarse} & some fragrant peonies in an old honey can. 
This fun table packed alot of color- from the soft patterned bed sheet table cloth & the bright colored scarf 
{yes, it's one of my ANthro finds} 
& a wooden carved bird perched on top of a stack of books & the amazing turquoise wooden carry-all stuffed with more old patterns & book pages rolled up. 
Another fun table- I love the yellow flower pattern on this old sheet & all the colors of the old globe & the little owl & baseballs thrown in for fun inside an bright colored frame. 
I love to collect unique & old bottles.  They can be used for so many things- in this case simple & sweet vases they are sitting inside a H&H frame with a paper made flower taped to it. 

And this is how we rewarded ourselves for a job well done- a cherry ice cream slushy for Miss Mace & a Cherry D.C. for me.  Very refreshing!! 
{If you would like to ask me about decorating your next party or any other info. just email me to get more info.

Saturday July 2- Up to the clear blue skies of Park City to decorate for Talisker's BiG 4th of July Party.  It was so fun to see all the Red, White & Blue up there- so pretty & patriotic. 
I get these opportunities to help decorate for these fun events thanks to my friend, Matt, the master mind behind it all. This year the theme for the party was all things USA. So each food booth was dedicated to a specific region in the U.S.- California, Memphis, Texas, the South &  Louisiana 
The food all sounded A-Mazing! 
{wish I could have stuck around for that but it's like $250. a plate & you have to be a member- dang it!} 

The darling & fresh Farmer's Market booth- I got to work on this with my friend Becky. It was so fun playing around with all the produce & stacking it in baskets of wire & wood & creating levels 
{the key to ALL presentation, in my opinion!} 

You can't have a BBQ without thinking of Texas!  Lots of rope, bandannas & of coarse a great old saddle set up on the side. 

A quick picture of the kids station.  I loved the old trike & little bell with the sign- Let Freedom Ring- so cute!  Happy Birthday America! 

Thought this little arrangement on the table was colorful & cute! 
My fun decorating friends- Sheryl & Becky.  We always have such a great time together & this time we got a free tan to go along with all the decorating- even better! 
Monday July 4- Up to my little home town of Lewiston to celebrate with family & friends.  This has to be one of my most favorite days of the year.  I love this country & all that it offers. I love to see our flag flying & singing the national anthem- it always bring tears to my eyes. I love to put on my Red, White & Blue outfit & make sure the girls all have something festive to wear. I love to watch the parade go down the street & see lots of family & friends. 
-I'm proud to say that I have only missed 1 Lewiston 4th of July in my 37 years & that was because A&E were only 1 month old- 

-My family with my sweet Grandma Hall on main street in beautiful downtown Lewiston.  Love everyone in this picture & my hometown!! -

We rushed home just in time to party with some of our friends & neighbors & enjoy a fantastic BBQ.  There was so much yummy food to choose from. 

- our porch with Old Glory flying proudly- 
-My amazing friend Nicole, the hostess for the BBQ, made everything so fabulous.  Fun banners hung around the house & she made all these festive tags for all the food.  I loved this one with the jewels- so cute! 
 -Then it was time to mark your spot to watch the fantastic FiREWORK show. Mace, Hy & Yoda are ready for the show.  It was a perfect way to end the day- love fireworks!! 

Hope you all had an fun-filled "Event" ful 4th of July weekend too.