Oh, the places I go {Special Edition}

  I love to share favorite places that I like to go whether in the blogging world or the real outdoor world
{does that make sense?}  
I wanted to share a few places my husband & I went on Thursday night to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. Maybe they will be new places to you or maybe they are on your favorite list too. 

For dinner we went to Gabor Brothers in Layton
It is a tiny little restaurant on the corner of Main Street &    Cross Street.  It has really great tasting Italian food & we love to go there. It's nice to find someplace you like to go that isn't a chain restaurant, which is getting harder to find these days.  
{To be honest the atmosphere is really quirky & different, but don't let that stop you the food is fantastic!} 
*heads up for the guy standing right inside the door, it gets me every time even though I know it's there- once you go you'll know what I mean ;)
 Tyler ordered the Zupa {their house soup} it is really good with sausage & potatoes
 I got the salad with the house dressing.  I like this salad-it has craisans, cucumbers, pepperoni & the house dressing is the BeST! So if you go try it be sure to order that. 
 This was my dinner- Pasta Rosa 
{penne pasta with lots of veggies & sauce} 
& a breadstick.  Their breadsticks alone are worth going there. DE.LI.CIOUS!! 
 Ty got the Italian Combo sub.  Oh, my gosh it was huge!  We usually go here for lunch so it's just a 6 inch sub but for dinner it's a Big one.  

After a quick trip to Target to get a few things
{and walk off our dinner} 
we went here for dessert- 

 We LOVE coming here & ordering our favorite- Quigley concoction which is -  
A concrete {vanilla custard} w/ coconut, almond & choc. chips- yummy!! 
We grabbed 2 spoons & went out to the picnic tables outside to enjoy the nice summer weather. 
-P.S. I thought Nielsen's was just a Utah thing but I think it is at least in Virginia & Las Vegas too- 

 Since it was a warm Summer evening we had to eat fast before our custard melted all over. It was a great dinner/dessert date with my hubby to celebrate 16 years. 
{Love you Ty!} 

Who out there has had a Nielsen's custard before??  If you have I'd love to hear what is your favorite custard treat to eat there. 

Ok now for some new blogs & websites I am loving checking out lately- 

Happy going new places! 
{Thanks to those of you who have found your way to my blog lately & have left a comment.  I love hearing from new friends!!} 


*oh, one last stop I forgot to mention - I went to a local saw mill on Saturday morning- Ti-i-i-mber!! 
{I am working on a project- I'll tell you all about it soon} 


Candice said...

Congrats on your anniversary!!! 16 years together is wonderful!

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Love Gabor's. Happy Anni. I can't wait to see all of your creations with that car full of wood.

blog n' tell said...

Okay I am hungry now! That all looks so yummy...I am dying to see what you are going to do with that wood! What an adventure to go gather it!

Natalie said...

We just had our 15th anniversary this month -time flies, huh? - we L-O-V-E Gabor Brothers. The tortellini with grilled veggies is great too. Love your posts!