I cant "weigh"-t!!


Just a couple of fantastic things to tell you about that are coming up soon & that I can't "weigh"-t for .... 

1- I'm looking forward to cleaning up this beauty & using it to weigh out some Gourmet Halloween candy 
{that I am ordering in} for the upcoming 
Hollyhocks & Honeybees show!  
I got this great vintage scale from a sweet {& thoughtful} friend who rescued it from an old shed she was cleaning out. She decided to call me to see if I would want it before she sent it off to the D.I. {heck ya!!}  
So glad she called me up & asked- Thanks Patti! 
{Thanks to my sister V, for hauling it down here for me} 
I will love & cherish this for many years to come. If you would like to take a peek at it too be be sure to plan on coming to my Fall show. 

That brings me to the 2nd thing I can't "weigh"-t for.....  
2.  Hollyhocks & Honeybees 
Fall "BoO"-tique 
Thursday Sept. 29th & Friday Sept. 30th
-Mark your calender & be sure to tell your friends!!- 
I will be opening up the H&H doors with LoTS of Spooky, fabulous & spectacular fall decor + I'm asking a few of my crafty friends to bring some of their amazing creations to sell too. 
{by popular demand- wooden cake stands & unique candy jars to fill to the brim w/ sweet treats!} 

3.  & last but not LeaST..... 
Monday morning & the opportunity to be back on 
Studio 5 again- I can't "weigh"-t!!
{super excited for this segment- I have LOVED preparing for it} 
Be sure to set your DVR for KSL Channel 5 at 11:00 a.m.
{if you are local- if not don't worry I will post the link to the show here on my blog} 
I will be talking, sharing & showing ideas for hosting a "woodsie" party or event- my 4 most FaVORITE 
must have's for entertaining. 
{I'm so excited I might just be back Monday morning to tell about a little GiVEAWAY to go along with being on the show}

Hope you have something exciting you're looking forward to & that you can't "weigh"-t to arrive! 



Lesa said...

I will be watching on Monday! Good luck.
My friends and I will be coming to the Fall 'Boo-tique'

Sorry I haven't been by your blog much lately. Summer = busy, busy.

Anonymous said...

From LaRae

I'm "weighting" on something BIg and unexpected. Kraig and I are going to be GrANdParEnts!!! Kylee is due in March

Honeybee said...

Larae, oh my goodness! That is certainly something exciting!! I'll have to call you to discuss soon. Love ya & thanks for letting me know :)

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Such a cute scale, I am excited to see it all set up at your show!

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

I thought that weight machine looked familiar. I'm glad you love it cause nobody wanted at the Wiser resident.

Cultivate said...

Good luck tomorrow!! Can't wait to watch:) Im so jealous of the scale...