Today is the day- GiVEAWAY!!

  Happy August everyone! 

Remember this photo?- 
Well ToDAY is the day that I'm going to tell you all about what I have done with this big truckload of wood I got from the Sawmill last month. I bet you are wondering right? 
{So excited!} 

Be Sure to watch Studio 5 today at 11:00  on Channel 5 
{If you miss it don't worry I'll post a link of it 
here later today} 

If you see the show today{please} leave a comment here to be entered to win a charming set of 6 wooden coasters of your own so that you can have the "WooDSie" feel at your next dinner party.
{Be sure to tell me if it is your 1st time stopping by or 1st time leaving a comment & I'll give you an extra entry ;) } 

Hope you all have a wonderful day- 
I'm off to St5. Better go pack up the car! 
{wish me luck!} 


psst..... for more pictures of the fabulous dinner party 
{along w/ great recipes} that I talked about go {here} 

For more pictures of a wedding reception friends & I got to help decorate for & tie some "Woodsie" elements into go {here} 

For more info about the NiGHt-OwL Birthday Party go {here} 


Teresa said...

Saw you on Studio 5 today. LOVE the cute idea and your woodsie party creations!!!

Jen said...

Hi Melissa,

I just saw your segment on studio 5 and love this idea!! This is my first time visiting and ever hearing of you and I'm so excited to have you as a reference!!

Thanks for sharing!


Sheila said...

It's my first time to your blog. Love the wood ideas! I just did my first wood project last weekend (with my husband's help). It was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...

I just saw your segment on studio 5 and loved the woodsy ideas. I am also visiting your blog for the first time. Fun ideas!!

Karissa said...

This is my first time stopping by and leaving a comment. Your "Woodsie" theme is so beautiful!! I love watching studio 5 to get great ideas like it. I cant wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

good job on studio 5. I love the coasters too!

linda said...

Saw your segment on Studio 5-so fun! This is my first time stopping by...

Tattered Butterfly Studio said...

Loved you on Studio 5. What great idea. Makes me think of fall. Maple Pumpkin soup would look great presented on wood placemat! Darling blog.

Christian said...

Saw you on Studio 5 and loved your ideas! So cute! This is my first time stopping by and I can't wait to check out more of your blog.

Kari said...

Saw you on Studio 5 this morning. LOVE your cute "woodsie" ideas. First visit to your blog- LOVE. Thanks for sharing!

tHe XouMpHonPhACkDy'S said...

Saw studio 5!! Awesome ideas! This is my first Tim visiting your blog and leaving a comment.

Dave n Bre plus thr3e! :o) said...

LOVE how everything turned out at all 3 woodsie events! I loved the personalized burned pieces, so fun! Everything looked perfect and you did great, again!! :)

Honeybee said...

Thanks everyone! It was great hearing from so many new people. I'm off to Zumba & then I will draw out the WiNNeR! Thanks for entering.

Pam said...

Saw you on Studio 5 Loved your segment. This is my first time to your blog. Glad I found it.

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

First time commenter....just kidding. :) I want to win the coasters and have you word burn 'Becca is my favorite sister' in all of them. :) Hahahaha.

You did awesome (once again) on Studio 5 yesterday. So proud of you!

Love you Lissa!