Burning a hole in my pocket!


  Got this pleasant surprise in the mail last week {I love mail!} & I can't wait for the month of June to arrive so I can happily go shopping & use it.  I'm planning to go spend the day Oohing & Ahhing over everything in Anthropologie with another June B-day friend of mine 
{who also has her card} 
& decide how I should spend my 15% off.  

I've had my eyes on these for quite some time how
{hoping they would have gone on sale by now but... No} 
maybe that's what I will purchase.  

-Perpetual Blooms Towels- they are so plush & soft!  I broke down & bought me a washcloth way back in December because I liked it so much. I love the vintage look & feel of them. -
By the way if you love Anthro as much as I do & want one of these cards for yourself all you have to do is sign up in the store for one.  Just tell them you want an Anthro card 
{it's NOT a credit card}  
it just tracks purchases you make during the year & gets you fun surprise in the mail one day for 15% off during your birthday month. 

Hope everyone had a terrific month of May
 & here's to a Happy June!!



LaZY fun day- just "pinning" away!

  I am having one of those LaZY kind of mornings, when I am just aimlessly wondering & loving being on Pinterest.
{enjoying it before my afternoon gets busy!} 

I am having the best time "Pinning" & finding so much inspiration galore today.  Somedays not so much but - OOOOoHhh... so much eye candy to see & dream of making & creating one day soon. 
-photo from
I added 2 new boards today-
1- Summer things for the girls 
{need to start thinking of things to keep them busy! Summer begins Friday around here} 


2- 365 ideas for the Swap
{have to start dreaming about #3-right?}
-also from,  guess I love his style!- 
I think my most favorite boards to post {anything & everything} onto is my Entertaining & Creative Inspiration boards.
{maybe that just says alot about me} 

Check all of my Pinboards out  {Here} 

Have a happy day whatever you are doing
{I'm pinning away- makes me :) }



Grateful & HELP!!


  I am trying to look on the bright side of things 
{as I sit here with my cardigan on, the fire place going & wearing my Ugg boots-
 YES, & it's May!!} 
I'm grateful that it was a nice sun shiny day for Audji's last soccer game of the season yesterday.  It was so nice to feel the sun & see a bright blue sky over head for the 1st time in about a week. 
{It doesn't look like that right now out my window as the rain is falling & the skies are grey}
- #7- enjoying a break in the action. Love to see her cheeks a little red & the green grass behind her- Summer!?-

-Em with the bright blue sky behind her- it was a gorgeous day!- 
It was fun cheering on Audji w/ her Grandma's, Grandpa, Aunts, Dad  & sisters.  I got excited a few times {even jumped out of my seat} because she was soooo close to getting in a couple of goals. She had a great coach & a fun bunch of girls to play with this year, it was fun to watch them all. 

Ok, now.... HELP!! 
I have a favor to ask.  Has anyone out there had issues with Blogger since it went down last week?  I have & one problem specifically & I'm wondering if any of my blogging friends out there know how to help me fix it.  

-My problem is that I can't log out of one blog & log into another. I log out of my gmail, blogger everything & then go to sign in with a different acct. {which it lets me} but then when I go to the blog to make a post it still has me logged into my other acct. {AUGH!!} Does anyone know how to fix that?  
If so I would be grateful to hear from you & what has worked for you- THANKS!! 
It's so frustrating!  

Have a lovely day where ever you are- hope you are enjoying some sunshine! 
{disclaimer- I got to take a Sunday nap & when I woke up the sun was shinning- yeah!} 



No. 4 in the books

  Thanks to everyone who came to The Hive No. 4 yesterday & today.
{thanks to all those who waited patiently until 6:00 sharp!} 

It's always fun to see friends, clients & meet new friends.  
-A packed Hive at 6:09- so FuN!!-
I hosted the very 1st Hive Vendor Dine & Shop before the doors opened  & it was fun! 

{The Vendors-The Queen Bee {me}, Leila Bird {Nicole}, Becky, Apostrophy Designs {Tori} & Coralie} 
It gave us all a chance to eat some yummy food, take a second from setting up, visit, shop around & set some stuff aside for ourselves before we opened the doors & were busy, busy. 
-Thanks ladies for coming to The Hive
I'll be posting the yummy, tasty, super easy soup that we had to eat soon.

Sign of a successful show!!
 THANKS to everyone who bought the delicious candy to take home w/ you so I didn't have to eat all 20 lbs. of it by myself- 
hope you are enjoying some today! :) 

-So excited to order in some Gourmet Candy for Halloween & Christmas-
oooh, just wait until you see!!- 

Thanks again & see you next time! 

Oh, & CONGRATS again to Marky the "BuZZ" winner- she got some cute stuff- for FREE just by commenting on the blog.  
-Watch for your next chance to win in the Fall- 


Today is the day {& tomorrow too!}

The Hive is officially here 
{tonight 6-9 & tomorrow 10-Noon}
& there is lots of charming, unique & amazing things for... 


I just wanted to give you a quick sneak peek at some of the Hollyhocks & Honeybees goodness that is for sale- 
Let the Sunshine in with frames, fun boards & charming blocks to decorate your home & welcome Summertime.
{I'm hoping all this will bring some Sunshine, to our neck of the woods, soon!} 

Simple & Sweet Memory game
my kids {& their neighbor friends} have LOVED playing with these- 
{I promised them I'll make them their own set soon}
-the colorful & charming printed papers make these so cute.  Just like all H&H stuff each pack of Memory Cards {14 cards} are each different patterns & colors of paper. 
-Big, chunky pieces for little fingers- 

Big more "card like" pieces for bigger kids to handle. 
{If you would like to order anything you see here leave me a comment or email me for ordering details} 
I'd love to make you some! 

& of coarse tasty treats for SALE & the perfect striped straws to have on hand for a Summer party or  just for sippin' cider through a straw on a hot Summers' Day. 

Just a glimpse of what will be at The Hive
-don't forget there will be clothes & accessories for little ones, charming dresses for girls, ties for little guys, fabulous candy jars, wooden cake stands, fun jewelry, womens clothes & shoes, home decor & much, much more- 

-*For a peek at what Leila Bird is bringing go {here}*- 
Hope to see you there!  

the Queen Bee

Drumroll please........

  The WiNNER of the "BuZZ" about The Hive & win GiVEAWAY $25.00 Gift Certificate is....... 

** Marky *

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog, leaving a comment 
{two or 3}, telling your friends on FaceBook & giving The Hive a shout-out on your blogs.  I have the best friends, family & clients- THaNKS!!

Well back to setting up The Hive!
{tonight from 6-9 & tomorrow from 10-Noon} 


* oh, and I'm going to be posting a sneak peek in a bit too!



  I've been thinking lately how important it is to have Cheerleaders in our lives.  Those people who are always there to  support, encourage & cheer you on. Oh, how I wanted to be a cheerleader when I was little. Don't get me wrong I was,  just not ever an "official" one.  
{I do have a set of blue & white pom poms that I use now , with my girls, to cheer on my Blue Devils & Cougars} 
I got to cheer for my cousins playing football in my Grandparents yard every Sunday afternoon 
{sometimes I really wished they would let me play... but NO} 
I got to cheer at home Basketball games at Sky View High when I was little & stand up with the other 12 cheerleaders, my Mom even made me a darling blue & yellow cheer suit to wear & of coarse like any little girl growing up in the 80's I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader!  I even had the official record with the dance choreography to go along with it that I practiced & practiced. 
Ummm.... this is the closest I ever got to that-  

-Standing outside their locker room in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, with Nicolle & LaRae, a dream come true!  I think we could have made it ;) -
But during the last week I've learned a few things...

Cheerleaders come in all shapes & forms. Whether it is your Mom, Dad & Sisters cheering you on in your
 Up with Kids production of Alice in Wonderland...

-Audrey got the part of Cinderella {a dream come true for her} & she did a great job!-
Cheerleaders can be a Grandma & Aunts that come to support you, watch you up on stage from their front row seats & bring you flowers that just happen to be your favorite color!  {so thoughtful!} 
-Audrey with Aunt Becca, Manda, Grandma Hall & Aunt Vanessa- 

Cheerleaders go the extra mile - My fabulous sister Becca not only brought flowers for Audrey that night but gave some to Miss Mace for having the courage to run for Student Council, Emily for finishing 5th in her state tumbling meet & me for appearing on Studio 5.  How sweet is that!  {Thanks Becca, that made all of our night!}

-I have them now in a cute honey can in my craft room- 

 Cheerleaders take the time to come support 2 of their students in a play... Thanks Miss Sheanshang.  That was so sweet of her to come.  {Gotta LOVE teachers!!} 

-Audery with Miss S. & her best buddy & fellow Oscar winner, Jane-

Cheerleaders are thoughtful and send you good luck wishes, texts, comments on FB, emails all week long & even call before you go LIVE on TV.  They want to see you succeed & cheer you on from the sidelines. 
It helped me to know {and helped calm my nerves a bit} that so many friends & family were thinking of me & wishing me well.  It was also fun to know that there were little "viewing parties" all over watching me, how nice! It was sweet to hear from so many family & friends when I got home & even the next day too. 
-This Cheerleader on the left sent me little pointers &  helpful hints throughout the week on what she has learned from her many appearances on Studio 5- thanks T!- 
Cheerleaders send letters.  Last week I got several cards from friends that made my day! {I love mail!} One SWeeT friend wrote to say she would be watching & that she would even say a little prayer for me that day- a Cheerleader for sure!  

-My terrific friends & {Cultivate} girls,  Becky & Sheryl at the 365 Swap- 

Cheerleaders cheer for everyone... I watched 2 of my friends do something that really touched my heart by doing something for Miss Mace.  Miss Mace ran for Student Council at her Middle School last week & found out Friday that she didn't make it.  She was a little sad but seemed ok with everything.  Later that afternoon my sweet friend, E, brought her over a bag of little treats & a nice card telling her what a amazing girl she is, it meant alot to her. {and me}  Later that same night another friend, N, gave her a sack of her favorite things {Lemon drops} & a cute note to go along with it.  These little acts of kindness meant the world to her because she looks up to both of them so much!  
I 'm grateful to have Cheerleaders in my life that not only care about me but what is going on with my family as well. 
{What a blessing!} 
-A few of my Mt. Green friends!- 
Last but not least my biggest Cheerleader in life 
{he won't like me calling him a cheerleader but oh, well} 
my husband Ty.  He was the one who told me I could go onto live TV & do well, he believed in me, drove down to the studio with me, helped hang up banners in the studio & was my camera man for the day. I thought it was so sweet that when we got home from KSL he emailed the link of the show many of his friends & business associates {most live out of state} to tell them about it.  It made me feel happy to know that he was so proud of me. Thanks Ty for always supporting me & encouraging me to go after my dreams- I love you! 
-Here we are cheering on the BYU Cougars at a home game, love to spend my Saturdays in the Fall here with Ty-
So on that note... 
Rah-Rah-Rah, I'm cheering for all of you who have entered the "BuZZ" about The Hive & win GiVEAWAY!  
{a BIG cheer for all of you have have left your very 1st comment- on my blog- way to go, I'm proud of you!} 
You still have until Wednesday at Midnight to enter- 
GooD LuCK! 



A Sweet {little} Boutique coming your way.... & WiN!!

Yay, so excited for The Hive No. 4 
There will some new vendors coming too {which is always fun!} 
So for those of you who have asked to have a little bit more things for boys & who have tried & tried to buy my cute wooden cake stands you will be very HaPPY!! {wink,wink}

Don't worry there will still be lots of fabulous jewelry, darling dresses for girls, unique hair accessories, dessert platters, darling candy jars, fabulous frames & home decor galore! 

Are you excited yet?  I hope so & something to make it a bit 
more SWeeT- a chance to win a 
$25.00 gift certificate 
to spend at The Hive! {wa-hoo!} 

All you have to do to win is help me create a  
"BuZZ" about The Hive 
Here are details on how you can enter- 

1- Become a {NeW} follower of my blog for 5 entries
{yes, you heard me 5! Just make sure you leave a comment telling me you are- my newest follower!}
2- Leave a comment on my blog for 2 entries
{I LOVE comments}
3- Post it on your blog or FB page for 3 entries 
{be sure to leave me a comment & a link to your blog so I can read your blog & also check on you ;)} 

and finally....
4- If it is your first time commenting on my blog you 
get 5 entries!! 
{Yes, I'm bribing you , haha! It's not scary just try it. Be sure to tell me you are a first time commenter to get all the entries you deserve!} 

-You have until Wednesday May 18th at Midnight to enter- 
There are LOTS of ways to earn entries this time around for "BuZZ" about The Hive & win GiVEAWAY! 
{thanks everyone for helping me spread the word} 

Happy "BuZZ"ing & have a wonderful weekend!


Studio 5 wrap up!

  Yeah, Blogger is finally back up & running {well sort of}  

I am ecstatic to have this blog back up & running to share 
this with you all- 

Yes, that's me representing all the {Cultivate} girls & chatting about the 
365 Swap. 
-for more info. about the Swap go HERE-

Thank you so much for all the texts, emails & calls that you sent me yesterday after seeing the Studio 5 segment.  I was a little nervous but it was nice having my "peeps" in studio with me.  
{Haley, Nicole & my Schmoopie Ty}  
That helped so much, having a little cheering section & support group there!  It was a BLaST & I hope to do it again someday.  I was asked to do this because the producer who came to the Swap, Courtney, was going out of town & wouldn't be able to do the live taping.
{LuCKY for her to go on a trip & LuCKY me that I got to fill in}
When I got her email asking me to do this my heart literally jumped into my throat & I thought, "No, way can I do this" but after talking to Ty & a couple of sweet friends I thought, "Sure, why not, I think I can." 
-chatting with the Co-Host before the Show 
-Last minute preparations & info. from the producer Stephanie
Everyone there was very nice & helpful & it was fun to see all the "behind the scenes stuff" . 
{Especially since I am LOVING watching Season 25, is anyone else watching that??} When we sat down to start the segment & I finally got all situated on the stool, it was nice to see Darin & Brooke fidgeting & wiggling into place right before we went LiVE
{I even told them that & we laughed :) } 
-Deep Breath, here we go- ACTION!- 

-Brooke, Darin, Haley, Nicole & I on the Studio 5 set- 
What a great experience!  I kept thinking all day about my one little word for 2011 that I chose way back in January {Flourish} 
 Wow, this whole opportunity was all that & more for me. 
Enjoyed every minute of it! 
Love this picture- I had been eye balling these cookies all morning long but couldn't even think of eating anything before the show.  So this is Nicole & I chomping on some of Haley's FaMOUS Chocolate Chip w/ a little bit of dough cookies.  She was so sweet & brought enough to share with all the Studio 5 crew & they loved them! These were the little cherry on top of the whole experience for me this & Ty taking Nicole & I out to lunch at Fostina's afterwards. 
{thanks, Babe!} 

A memorable {Flourish} of a day for sure & one that I will soon not forget. 



Yippee, Wa-hoo & CONGRATS to.....


First of all- THANKS to all my Blog buddies for the sweet, funny & nice comments {all 50 of them!} I read, laughed & loved each & everyone.  I wish I could respond to each one of you personally.
{p.s. I could if you set up your acct. to an email- that would be fun if you did- wink!}
-But please know that I appreciate & am grateful for you all-
**Melissa Larsen **
glad to know you like Peonies as much as I do

Ok, one thing done & checked off the list of things to do today
Next up- 
Get dressed & ready for the day 
Meet my {Cultivate} friends in Farmington
Load up the car & drive down to the Big City
Park at the Triad Center 
Find the Studio 5 studio 
Chat with Brooke & Darin 
eat lots of Haley's Choc. Chip cookies on the way home :) 
{she's posting this recipe on the Cultivate blog soon & trust me you are GOING TO WANT this to add to your recipe box- 
Yum to the E!} 
Pick up my kids from School 
Drive Em to Tumbling
Get Miss Audrey ready to play the role of Cinderella in 
{Up w/ Kids play} 
Grab dinner 
Enjoy the show
Get the kids in bed
Post details about the "BuZZ" & win Giveaway 
Finally,  relax with my hubby & watch The Office 

done & probably exhausted :) 

Go {HERE} to see fun pictures of what I'll be talking about today on Studio 5 at 11.