Collection/Obsessions- Part 2, Vintage pop bottles


It's no secret that I adore vintage pop bottles, I've proclaimed my love for them before.  So it should be no suprise that they are the next installment of my blog series, Collection/Obsessions.  Showing them off in a few spots in our home this Summertime.  

I think my crush on them is something sentimental.  My Grandparents owned & operated a little gas & grocery store, I was able to grow up, play, visit, shop almost every singe day & when I was older I eventually got to work at the store.  I remember the glass bottles, the old vending machine in the store that you had to put quarters into to get a bottle of ice cold pop.  I remember my cousins & I discovery how yummy it was to pour a pack of salted peanuts into a bottle of Coke.  Drink all the pop & then crunch the peanuts at the end. I remember helping customers unload, from their cars, the empty crates of pop bottles to turn in for a refund.  Lots of memories associated with these vintage things.  Reminds me of a simpler time & happy memories of my childhood. 
-I think the bottle that started it all.  This came from my Grandma's house, she saved the 2 liter glass bottles & filled them up with water for her food storage.  She was cleaning out her pantry one day & was going to throw them out, so I snagged one. It's now on display in my wire hutch in our kitchen nook -
  My obsession started several years ago & continues still today, in fact I received two new/old cool bottles for my birthday on Saturday. My collection still is growing!!  

I found some fun ways to show them off around the house this month. Adding some pops of summer color around here. Come inside & take a peek.  

 The mantel all decked out for the Summer.  I have so many fond memories of drinking a bottle of pop on a hot summer day, sitting under the shade of a tree, riding in the tractor or truck, while watching a baseball game or just with my friends on a nice Summer night. So it seems appropriate that they should be up & out on display for all to see.  I've had a few people walk over, point to one & say, "I remember those,"  or "Where did you get that?  That was my favorite drink"  Fun conversation starter for sure. 

-Love all the color & uniqueness of each bottle.  These have been collected from all across the country.  It's been a fun to collection to put together.- 
-The other side, more splashes of color & cool graphics!- 
-These cool 1974 bottle was given to me by a sweet friend for my birthday one year.  74 is my birth year & she knew I LOVED pop bottles.  Happy to say now that I have been to Baylor.  Fun trip with my hubby to Waco  a few weeks ago.  {More to come on that, soon!} Saw LOTS of these bottles while antiquing in Texas, glad I already owned one, wasn't tempted to grab one. - 

A few of my favorites!  The Beehive Beverages one, well it's a favorite because I love everything about it.  The POPland I thought was super cool because I found it, at an antique store, in Arizona while on a family trip.  Loved the cactus & the great memories associated with that fun trip.  Love when I find sentimental souveniors to bring home.  

  I like this unique way to show off my bottles in our kitchen.  I place them in my wooden chicken feeder & have them out on the kitchen island.  Seems to show off their graphics & labels perfectly.  I've put flowers in them before too, it makes a great centerpiece on the island.  
-Another fun bottle with a neat graphic & colors. Got it because it reminded me of my Dad, he loves to whistle.- 

There's one more way I've decorated the house using my vintage pop bottle collection but not going to show you it quite yet.  To see you'll have to come to 
The Summer Hive this weekend.  
Friday 7-9 p.m. & Saturday 10-4.  
{Don't worry, if you live out of state & can't make it I'll post pics on here to show you} 

So many fabulous vendors joining me this time around.  Check out #thesummerhive17 for all the sneak peeks. 

Hope to see you there this weekend!