Whoo, Whoo's a little obsessed?


  That would be me!  I can't get enough of these little feathered friends.  I saw a large ceramic one at one of my favorite little shopping spots, The General Store, & was sad to see that it had a SOLD sign on it :(  {My day was ruined!}  But it quickly turned around when I had to go get some supplies for H&H & found these 2 little guys at 50% off, hooray!! 

{photo courtesy of Miss Macey}

It's great to have collections & find little treasures to add to it. {I guess it's a hobby of mine} My collections have evolved over the years it used to be little chairs, cake stands & bumblebees & now I guess its OWLS.  
So I'm a little curious, what do you love to collect right now? 

Off to the BIG pumpkin weigh-off today at Thanksgiving Point. Go McQuigley Pumpkins!!


hmmm... what's it going to be?

Just a sneak peek as to what I have been up to lately. 
{which I am VeRY excited about!}
Lots of scraps of paper, paint on my fingernails, little chipboard letters here & there & dirty paint brushes everywhere.
It must be time for another Hollyhocks & Honeybees show.
{October 7th & 8th}

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks & show info.
Now back to creating!


Favorite {Fall} things!


Yeah, Fall is here! So I'm writing in Orange to celebrate my favorite time of year.
While running errands today I saw a couple of things that caught my eye & I just had to take them home with me.

1-a GiaNT yellow potted Mum
{I absolutely adore Mums, they are one of my favorite flowers}

2- A bunch of "pumpkins on a stick." One of my FAVORITE Fall decorations
{I actually don't know the correct name for them but I love them & get them EVER YEAR!I found these at Costco but I have also seen them at grocery stores}

3- Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!
{I especially love a pumpkin with a great & unique stem}
These sweet little pumpkins actually came out of the McQuigley pumpkin patch along with these.........

Yep, my husband has been growing some BIG pumpkins this year. They will be picked later this week & taken to the official weigh-off on Saturday.
This pumpkin is named- Charlotte's Pride est. weight around 650 lbs. I think she is a really pretty looking pumpkin.
My girls & I by the other big pumpkin- est. weight around 900 lbs.

It's been fun watching them grow. How would it be to not get upset about gaining anywhere from 5-15 lbs. a day but actually getting excited about that, I should have been a pumpkin ;)


20 things I learned at {Spark!}

Well like I said every night, after Spark, I wrote down 10 things that I learned that day so I would never forget- here they are!
{p.s. thanks for the comments yesterday- I love getting them! Keep em' coming ;) }

Day 1- Spark No. 2

1- I want a NiCE camera!
{I felt a little out of place there, almost EVERYONE had a Canon or Nikon}
I did have fun playing around w/ my point & shot camera during Wendy class. It was fun learning a new thing or 2

2- I enjoyed learning about Wet Felting{I made a colorful bead bracelet- I want to teach my girls how to}
It was also cool to learn from a teacher with a great Australian accent too!

Before & After
{I strung these all together & now have a bracelet of many colors!}

3- I learned how to set the ISO on our little point & shot camera!
{who knew? so fun to learn about something new!}

4-Old clothes patterns are great to decorate with.

5- These always is a color scheme!
{so true, I live by this}

6- Margie is funny & delightful {I really think she should be a stand up comic :) }

This lady just made my *Spark*! She was so sweet, funny & warm, it was like you were long lost friends when you would talk to her. She had a hug for everyone! What a wonderful example of friendship & how you can influence someones life for the better. Such a happy, positive fun person! {I am happy to say that I am now one of her 3,000+ FB friends }

7-Miss Ruby Sue's words of wisdom :){I can't remember them word for word but I will always remember what she said to me & take it to heart. One of those "a-ha" moments for me!}
8-Monopoly {junque game} garlands look very festive & whimsical

9-Can't stop humming the music to Mindy Gledhill's Anchor & California
10- Grateful to have wonderful in-laws! {who let Nicole, her Mom & I stay the night} Love the feeling I get when I walk in their home. They are always lovely hosts. They even got up & made us breakfast the next morning. {how lucky am I?}

Day 2- Spark No. 2
1-Who knew Lamp Shades could be so much fun! {so many possibilities!}

2- Teach Macey how to make & design some big funky {lamp shade} chandeliers to hang above her bed. Let her be creative & make them how she would like.
3-I admire those who think outside of the box. Be Patient & let the ideas come to me.
4- New friendships are fun! I enjoyed connecting with a wide variety of creative women.
5- Photo booths are great! {especially with fake mustaches}
6-I CAN do Photoshop- go from a 0 to a 7 I know it!

7- I want to go buy Photoshop Elements {make a purchase from House of 3!}
8-Nicole is a great friend
9- Cut up plastic plates & dollies make a darling garland.

10-I am now a *Spark-sister!*

What an amazing, creative learning experience! {one to grow & learn from}


*Spark* photos & 39


I wanted to share some photos from *Spark* that I attended this past weekend. There was so much to see & take in. Even the building itself was decorated! I can't imagine the time it took to do that, let alone the amount of chalk it took to create it, but it was so fun to pull in the parking lot & be greeted by the chalk art. I loved the giant letters with the lights around them, they looked so cute at night.

The ladies in charge, Margie, Rhonna & Liz are super talented & creative. The worked so hard to put this all together right down to the tinest detail. The Main Hall was AMAZING! When I turned the corner to walk into it the first time it almost took my breath away. So much fun, whimsy, colorful decorations hanging from the rafters. I mean who thinks to hang a vintage pink bike from the ceiling-darling!

I loved this paper "chandelier" made out of just strips of colorful scrapbook paper & sewn together, darling.

Each table had it's own centerpiece, old typewriters, monopoly boards & playing pieces, vintage records, old cameras it was just so fun to see.{by the way these are taken with our little point & shoot camera but after taking a photography class I asked Santa to bring me a NICE camera. Hope he delivers- wink, wink! }

You can see much better {professional looking} photos on the Spark website or get linked to other photos from there.

I think I will post tomorrow about what I learned at Spark. I made a list of 10 things each night so I wouldn't forget a thing, it was such a great experience.

Last but not least I got to share the weekend with my neighbor, friend & now *Spark*-Sister, Nicole & her Mom, Sydney. Nicole & I had been talking & planning on going to this for a year & we were so excited! It was fun to be with someone that enjoyed every second & appreciated every little detail of the weekend. Thanks Nicole!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the terrific & talented other women that I met from all around the country. I was amazed at all their talents & creations.

Can't wait for next year!

**Oh, I'm excited to say that I noticed I got a new follower today! Yeah- sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there. Thanks Lynsie #39 follower :)


A little girl with GR8 BIG plans!


Oh, I can't stop humming, singing & toe taping to all of the words of Mindy Gledhill's music!! {listening to it in the car today made errand running a treat!}What she shared with all of us that night was so inspriational & a true testament to never giving up on your hopes & dreams & believing in your self. It was an absolute pleasure to sit outside at an outdoor concert & listen to her sing at *Spark*
{I'm sad I didn't take any pictures of her singing in her fishnet tights & slip on Converse shoes :) }

Anyway, Anchor, is a delightful CD that I just want to share with all my friends. Actually the new song I added to my playlist is one of her's that she said has special meaning to her. She actually wrote it with a certain person in mind- NieNie. Such a wonderful song with a sweet message.
Come back later & I'll be posting some pictures that I took at *Spark* this weekend.


Mark your Calender!

Hollyhocks & Honeybees Fall
"BOO"-tique 2010
Thursday, October 7th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Friday, October 8th from 10 a.m - Noon
at 4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green

-Lots of spooky, festive & unique decor for Fall will be on sale-
Be sure to tell your friends & family to mark their calenders too.
{photos courtesy of my talented friend Rachel}
Ok, now the date is out there-time to start creating!! :)
{be sure to check back for upcoming show info. & maybe a sneak peek or 2}
Oh, how I LOVE the Fall!

Packing my bags!


I'm so looking forward to going & getting my creative batteries charged! {boy, do I need it} I can't wait to see what **Sparks** something inside of me.

Just pictures of the decor alone have got me all giddy! I've been waiting along time for this weekend-yea!!

First things first off to 25th street in Ogden today to get our family pictures taken {thanks H} & then to Farr's for an Ice Creamy Treat :)
p.s. Thanks Ty for watching the kids this weekend, love you!


Some colorful Accessories!


If you're like me you might have a few things that you just love! Something that can just make your day when you use it or wear it. For me it is putting on a colorful necklace or getting out some of these to put around the house & decorate with.
A great accessory is a MUST & can make all the difference.

Well....... look what I spotted on a photography blog. H&H number sets & benches being put to good use. Aren't these pictures great? I just love them & think that they look fantastic!
{if I say so myself}

If you would like to order any benches or number sets email me or you can order some at my upcoming show in October.
Augh... a month away I better get busy.
{details to come soon!}

Happy September everyone!