20 things I learned at {Spark!}

Well like I said every night, after Spark, I wrote down 10 things that I learned that day so I would never forget- here they are!
{p.s. thanks for the comments yesterday- I love getting them! Keep em' coming ;) }

Day 1- Spark No. 2

1- I want a NiCE camera!
{I felt a little out of place there, almost EVERYONE had a Canon or Nikon}
I did have fun playing around w/ my point & shot camera during Wendy class. It was fun learning a new thing or 2

2- I enjoyed learning about Wet Felting{I made a colorful bead bracelet- I want to teach my girls how to}
It was also cool to learn from a teacher with a great Australian accent too!

Before & After
{I strung these all together & now have a bracelet of many colors!}

3- I learned how to set the ISO on our little point & shot camera!
{who knew? so fun to learn about something new!}

4-Old clothes patterns are great to decorate with.

5- These always is a color scheme!
{so true, I live by this}

6- Margie is funny & delightful {I really think she should be a stand up comic :) }

This lady just made my *Spark*! She was so sweet, funny & warm, it was like you were long lost friends when you would talk to her. She had a hug for everyone! What a wonderful example of friendship & how you can influence someones life for the better. Such a happy, positive fun person! {I am happy to say that I am now one of her 3,000+ FB friends }

7-Miss Ruby Sue's words of wisdom :){I can't remember them word for word but I will always remember what she said to me & take it to heart. One of those "a-ha" moments for me!}
8-Monopoly {junque game} garlands look very festive & whimsical

9-Can't stop humming the music to Mindy Gledhill's Anchor & California
10- Grateful to have wonderful in-laws! {who let Nicole, her Mom & I stay the night} Love the feeling I get when I walk in their home. They are always lovely hosts. They even got up & made us breakfast the next morning. {how lucky am I?}

Day 2- Spark No. 2
1-Who knew Lamp Shades could be so much fun! {so many possibilities!}

2- Teach Macey how to make & design some big funky {lamp shade} chandeliers to hang above her bed. Let her be creative & make them how she would like.
3-I admire those who think outside of the box. Be Patient & let the ideas come to me.
4- New friendships are fun! I enjoyed connecting with a wide variety of creative women.
5- Photo booths are great! {especially with fake mustaches}
6-I CAN do Photoshop- go from a 0 to a 7 I know it!

7- I want to go buy Photoshop Elements {make a purchase from House of 3!}
8-Nicole is a great friend
9- Cut up plastic plates & dollies make a darling garland.

10-I am now a *Spark-sister!*

What an amazing, creative learning experience! {one to grow & learn from}


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I want to make a lamp shade decoration for my place and when you make those bracelets with the girls, please sign me up. :)

sydney said...

Just want to say...Thanks for letting me come with you and Nicole! I had such a blast! YES, I am so grateful Nicole has such a great friend with the same likes and passions! How lucky to be right next door. We all love the Quigs :)

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Hey spark sister, I can't wait for next year!! It was so much fun to go with you.